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  1. 1:Sean Taylor 2:Darrel Green 3rd is most likely London Fletcher was/Is a great person off the field,but loved watching him play and lead the defense and adjust them to the offense,remember watching him once cover Young Djax down the slot on a streak at his old age was always such a competitor.
  2. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    Year 3 and 4 should be the target for the wide open window to compete,QB,#1 Wr(Year3),and both Edge Rushers still on Rookie deals
  3. Who you got at WR?

    Also think there is a good chance we end up with a wr not on the team at moment on opening day roster.The WR was so deep liable to see some surprising cuts this year
  4. Agree Also don't think there was a bigger upgrade going from Greg Manusky to Jack Del Rio as DC in the NFL this offseason
  5. Who you got at WR?

    I think we only keep 5 Wrs with all the HBs that might make the team You think backup slot gives Quinn a edge with Gibson and Mckissic at HB who could take some slot snaps.Think it comes down to whoever is best on Special teams for the 5th spot,if there is a 6th WR think it has to be a surprise the blows away the staff in camp or Preseason.
  6. Redskins 2020 Schedule Announcement

    Yuck that sucks as a schedule esp we go from @ Indy on Monday night to @ Jacksonville on Saturday night for our week 3 game considering travel back from indy and travel to Jacksonville on short rest that isn't a lot of time to prepare for what should be a big warm up for a young Team in week 3 of preseason
  7. UDFA Thread

    I still shook no one has signed Hasise Dubios from VA
  8. Redskins 2020 Schedule Announcement

    Seems like a smart idea for NFL allow them to cancel out of conference games if Virus lasts longer Would also Likely mean Borrow vs Chase week 1 for us.
  9. 2 things Don't know if the players woulda signed multi year deals as I'm sure a lot of agents told them with the projected Cap bump next year of new CBA that 1 year 6 mil could maybe be 10 mil next year. Think the 1 year deals worked for the team this year cause it Rivera putting his culture of you have to earn it into the team,and if they see someone like Darby or Davis earn it then get rewarded it helps show that to not only the young guys on the team but other Free agents next year that the team is under new management.
  10. Redskins 2020 Schedule Announcement

    2 things I'd like to see from Schedule 1.Mid to late Bye week 2.Weak games early to try to get Haskins confidence up Prediction Week 1 game will be home vs Carolina Rivera vs Old team,and it would mean less travel within the Pandemic
  11. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    TO me if we could get Jason Peters on a 1 year deal you give him the money ASAP. He would help Charles become not only a better player but a better Professional,Peters would also help Chase and Sweat in Camp as a good pass blocker to rush against.Best case to me is Charles becomes a LT and Lucas takes Moses job at some point. To me there little downside to signing Peters,You get blindside help for Haskins, great Vet leadership for a 4th round LT who need to learn there more to being a player then on the field,and if we suck could trade him at deadline for something then let Charles take over.
  12. I voted for 6-10,so much depends on if Haskins take next step and how big of a step it is. As Weird as it sounds I could see us having a top 5 pick or sneaking into the Playoffs based on how Haskins preforms and we get some what luckier on injs. Know playoffs sound weird but end of last season when Haskins finally started looking better we was up 3 vs NFC East Champ Eagles with under 1 min left game.Also only lost by 5 to the Packers who was in the NFC Championship. Feel Confident the Defense takes a step up this game with the Head Coach and DC both being a lot better game planners then our old DC.Chase should make 3rd downs harder for the opposing teams.Another vocal leader for the young Defense in Thomas Davis should help as well.I just haven't seen enough in Scott Turner,Dwayne Haskins,or the Left side of our Oline to predict the huge jump my Homer heart wants to make.
  13. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I'd hope so too,but think coaches really like Davis
  14. To be fair his ability to get injured is impressive,Read he missed on field drills at combine after injuring elbow by hitting the pole on way down on the Vert jump.