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  1. Will Doctson Make the Roster?

    Personally feel like the fact Doctson didn't play last week as a huge sign he's making the roster. Also know not agree I don't think Doctson is as much of a bust as someone we never use the way his skill set transfers,His skill set is moreDeep, jump ball/adjust body contested catches,and we use him as a seperation short route guy for the most part which isn't close to his strong suit
  2. #FireBruceAllen

    I don't feel like it's turning on Trent to me more then believing the front office has pushed this to the point at best he plays out the contract then leave(Don't see him resigning) at worse he retire or just stays away and we get nothing for him.Vs maybe getting a pick or two back is better then nothing or a comp pick 4 years away. Again think most fans like me are at the point that Trent and the Front office are broken and it not fixable for this season. Given Choice I'd take Trent on the Team and respect his reasoning for staying away,I just don't see him coming back this season.
  3. Top 5 Things I wanna to see tonight 1.No Injs 2.Who wants the last WR spots Sims,Harmon,Davis,or someone else 3.Young Olineman 4.Any Backup Linebackers stepping up 5.Will someone knock Perine out of 4th HB spot or will he step up like early reports have said Top 5 Players I wanna Watch 1.Haskins 2.Holcolm 3.Moreland 4.Cam Sims 5.Parham
  4. Agree here,would think if this was plan since we signed Bostic coulda done it then.Timing just seems off.
  5. In football terms don't understand the move,esp at start of camp to release a projected starter. As a Fan good riddance his attitude wasn't right off the field to me. Thaughts on why it was done,maybe they need the cap room for Scherff extension or maybe something with a free agent saftey.
  6. This is just a I don't know from me Last season it seemed he gave up play calling early in season with Alex under center and our offense didn't look good with it.After Josh Johnson took over it looked like Jay calling the offense again,and personally believed Alex woulda preformed great in the same gameplan they gave Josh so not sure if its a + for his skill of calling a game or a Negative for not using a better one early in season with Alex. For me him staying or going all depends on Haskins and how they mesh,I don't think Haskins fits the Jay offense Josh,Kirk,and Dalton was good in,but the Mix of the offense we ran with Alex at QB seems like Haskins is a better fit for so it might work great.
  7. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Not a bad thing when you can get the OC smiling this much in rookie camp.
  8. 2019 Redskin rookie mini camp

    Two things I learned from Minicamp 1.That the debate of draft about Qb was never about Haskins Jones or Locke it was Front Office wanting a QB and Jay wanting a Pass rusher.To me it easy in interviews that Jay knows they needed a pass rusher to have a chance to compete this year and him to keep his Job. 2.The Qb Job is prob Haskins to lose,Jay basically said if he mentally keeps up he has good chance to see the field,and I don't think Haskins has a prob there if anything he might have a headstart on Keenum with the Day-O'Connell connection You learn nothing on the field in these camps as prob 1 out of every 5 or 6 players will ever be on training camp roster even less on a reg season rostet
  9. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    I'll start off by saying again I'd love if he could sit first 5 games and avoid Khalil Mack killing Moses and Bellicheck Defense,but don't think its the end of the world if he doesn't. Reason why is hearing multiple people pre draft the Biggest of them being Louis Riddick say Haskins learned and got better in every game he played this year at Ohio State. Part of this might be I kinda want to see him with healthy team not thrown in late in the season with guys off the street on the field,Don't see any spot where he doesn't see the field this year at all besides Keenum getting us to playoffs which I don't think is likley.
  10. Looking beyond 2019

    Why would we lose anything for signing DRC,he didn't play last year thaught it only counted for unrestricted free agents.Know cut players don't count against it.
  11. Brown to the Eagles

    No,players who get cut do not factor into Comp pick
  12. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Patrick Mahomes and Mahomes' dad both give Alex a lot of credit for teaching things to him,so I would say his has the capability and has shown willingness in past to help someone there to take his Job.Would also guess he had a part on Kap being so effective right away in SF replacing Alex. The only question is with the injury how often will he be in the room with Haskins.
  13. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    Should he only if he doesn't win job in preseason,and we winning with him on bench,losing record or if he outplays C and C patchwork QBs he should start. Haskins is in a better spot then most Rookies QBs that get thrown into the starting spot year one in my view. Things he has going for him Good Oline(When healthy) Good Run game and our OC and and his College OC comes from same coaching tree/scheme so he has knowledge of what we want done coming in and not learning everything brand new. In a Perfect world for me in his devolpment would be Sit him first 5 games to learn see speed of NFL without getting thrown into 3 division games and Bears Pats,then Start game 5 vs Dolphins followed be a winnable sched of 49ers Vikings Bills Jets and Lions.
  14. Let’s talk secondary

    Don't be Shocked if DRC ends up as our starting FS. Just reading signs so could be wrong but think they point to the team thinking he could be our guy there. #1 team hasn't really had any visits with top FS guys in FA/Draft #2 Management clearly doesn't love Nicholson if they traded for HaHa last season then add the fight to his story and it goes further down #3 Didn't offer HaHa more to stay as he signed pretty cheap in Chi Town #4 Landon Collins tweeted the othe day for Ramsey to come here to be Lock down with him 24 and 45(DRC)
  15. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    Love the player.If he on pup/Ir this year while recovering and fully healthy next its a good picl. Rather had Impact player now though.