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  1. Doesn't matter what Rivera see in him if Del Rio is seeing something else.Becuase less then 2 weeks ago we gave up a TD cuase we had a guy they view as a down hill Linebacker show blitz the have the responsibility to cover the deep center.If the coaches see him as a downhill LBer which a lot of people do it makes me question the play calling a lot more now as we've givin up multiple TD from him being a Safety or having safety responsibilities.
  2. In the coaches eye we did Also why coaches shouldn't have roster control cause they always see the big fast strong guys as someone they can get the best out of which isn't always the case. But I am honestly excited to see how Jamin plays once he finds a groove being on the field more
  3. Jamie Collins or Brodrick Mckinney or Avery Williamson prob biggest names out there
  4. I don't think he gets the rest of year if we go 1-3 over next 4 for Saints Chiefs Packers Broncos which is possible I think we'd see Fitz back in after the bye to play Tampa
  5. YeahI agree maybe Taylor will stop pressing,felt like he ignored check downs a lot esp on early downs looking for the big play which didn't feel smart to me vs a buffalo team full of ball hawks,I don't want Alex Smith levels of check down but in our offense with the playmakers after the catch we have out the Backfield with Gibson and JD you have to go to it and get some drives going every now and then. Think Taylors future depends a lot on the next 2 games though HAS to beat the Falcons and a win vs a tough Saints Defense would be big for him before we play Chiefs Packers Broncos before the
  6. I really Expect a Snyder-type move for our 22 QB with whoever it is being the face of the new Team name so would expect for us to try to overpay for Rodgers or Wilson if either one gets traded. I just don't like our chances of trading up in draft with teams with more ammo then us and likely picking ahead of us anyways in need of QB and this Draft isn't a loaded QB draft. I could see us going the route of trying to fix a Young failed QB like Panthers are trying with Darnold if Tua, Daniel Jones, or Hurts are replaced with draft picks or trade
  7. 1-2 Just never like the game plans for running QBs we have they seem to make the dline slow done the rush giving them way to much time. Also think the Bills defense esp the safties are good at baiting QBs so expect a couple mistakes from Heinicke.
  8. Ups(in no order) William Jackson-Thaught he looked like what we paid him to be Kam Curl-excellent 1st half though kinda didn't see him in 2nd Terry being Terry Gibson minus the fumble and drop Heinicke looked like a solid backup/spot Starter but will need to be more for this team to be where we want them Downs in no Order Offensive Coaching-The lack of designed plays for Terry or Logan in 1st half was baffling Defensive Coaching-How you going to trust St-Juste man to man all game in key spots then call a east cover 4 on 3rd and 16 with Game on the line and let them set down fo
  9. I Think this is a good match up for us to be honest,Chargers weakest point is O-Line vs our Dline esp interior should be in our favor,also their top 3 Olineman don't seem to be 100% in Linsley,Buluga,and Slater. The only Match up that really scares me is Bosa vs Cosmi could be game changing. But my brain also tells me the me being confident in Washington hasn't turned out to greatly in recent history.
  10. Former player news Reuban Foster is Working out with the Jets today On Possible new Player news Jets are team most mention when talking about Mckinney signing besides us so that could be a good sign for us they are working out other LBers
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