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  1. Think we woulda took Burns at 15,then Aj Brown or Metcalf in 2nd and not took Terry in 3rd Think Rivera woulda took Winfield in 2nd as think his knowledge and way he plays the game woulda had Rivera in love
  2. Part of me wonders if part of the reason Ron isn't sold on Kyle is that not only is Kyle not Loyal to him,the longer Kyle is around the more sway he'll get with our fan base which could make him Dan favorite son over Ron and give all power to Kyle where hiring a loyal gm guarntees Ron stays in full control
  3. I'm assuming 3 is Watson,and I'll agree if you can trade Payne with the picks and get him you do it esp since we would still have Allen,Matty I. Also think realistically we're forced to trade Payne next year anyways no way we ever keep all 4 of the top Dline with new contracts . Back on Target of this thread yes @turtle28I voted
  4. I went QB 4 since it didn't cost any draft picks I'd still take 3 but not sure which of our best players it was as in terms of leadership and skill I wouldn't get rid of Young and Terry where guys like Payne Gibson or Sweat I'd be a little more ok with
  5. He'll go to San Fran and get the Job Meyhew just left. I don't get it its like the if the Chargers where to trade Herbert for Cousins everything you've seen from Herbert is good but you don't know his future like Kyle Smith,Where you've had years of seeing Cousins and him never being elite like Hurney and Mayhew All I can hope for now is I'm 100% wrong on what the future holds now
  6. Olave going back to Ohio State is one wr off the board
  7. I think we'd have by far the best Defense he's ever had and He's good enough to put up #'s on offense that will score that will make the defense even more deadly in turnover when people are forced to pass and we don't get out scored by 100 points in the first half and play from behind all season. I don't think he's a perfect answer by any means,think he's the best realistic option though as we're never getting Watson as we can't send a QB back and TLaw,Wilson and Fields are likely out the picture pick wise.I like Trey Lance but with out current QBs think he'd get thrown in to early either f
  8. in almost 80 less passing attempts he threw for 300 more yards then our QBs this year,while also throwing for 10 more TDs in that time,and while we had more rushing yard then his HBs we only accounted for 1 more rushing TDs so of the 10 more passing TDs wasn't like he was just getting them cause they wasn't running.Also think we could easily bring his 900+ yard 9 TD Wr with him in Free agents He's a clear upgrade to me over what we have now,do I wish we could get a young long term answer yes.Do I think we can get one in the draft at 19 no and the free agent class at QB is bad too. I als
  9. Just don't see Rivera falling in love with a qb without mobility,him and turner have both mentioned that a few talking QB.I Still firmly believe Rivera will trade the 1st for a QB before taking a QB in 1st this year
  10. Think Wade would make a better FS then outside CB
  11. really felt for most of the year Juju would be the guy we could get to take the money and be the best fit to play compliment Terry,but don't think Rivera goes anywhere near him after all the off field stuff at end of season. As Rivera said about Chase Young they love guys who love to play football not guys who love to be football players
  12. Guys going into 3rd contracts are more likely to take less money and go somewhere that improves the legacy unless the money is just stupid overpaid Example if we offered Arob 17 mil a season and Packers offered him 15 mil a season he'd take that 2 les mil play with Rodger and think he'd make it back on the next deal
  13. Think if we get a WR it's more like someone like Samuel unless we get a QB first then we might attract some bigger name WRs.Your not geting someone like ARob to come in and be the #2 WR with Kyle Allen and Hienicke as the QBs
  14. Dang we released SDH know some of us really liked him,Also signed most of practice squad
  15. Think the difference when asking why would they play next year compared to college is TRUST it's alot easier to trust 53 grown man getting paid and most have families and/or homes they go back to and if they don't follow protocals(Like Haskins) can get cut and lose everything,the to trust 90 18-22 year old kids living in dorm rooms with a bunch of other kids that could party or go anywhere. I do think Guys will fall for not playing maybe not far but know atleast some people will question love of the game,then you have to worry about the shape they kept themselves in.Also l
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