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  1. Kinda of a double Edge sword here but here he is covering our 4th round TEs in 1 on 1s at the Senior Bowl Think He's perfect for a Ryan Anderson replacement who gonna to give you plays on STs and mainly be 3 or 4 DE but can also stand up at LB if needed in a pinch
  2. I see Devonta Freeman watching tape Guess I'm not seeing sproles cause Bufallo didn't really use him a lot in the passing game. Think preseason games are going to be very important to if he makes the roster or not,has to make it to where the coaches can't cut him for fear of losing him and keep 4 HBs
  3. Was #35 on Jermiahs board before the combine/workout,think he cuaght the fans eyes after the workout but already had the scouts eyes He had more career College tackles and INTs then JOK did and no one is/was questioning JOK college production
  4. Also think yesterday/this weekend ticked him off sliding so far would expect a DE who was named team captain will use that anger as motivation to get stronger/better
  5. Gimme any of my UVA guys Snowden Poljan Shane Simpson Or ZZ Stop Honestly some really talented guys still out there at almost every spot, QB Newman HB has a bunch like Pooka,Patterson,Jefferson,Hawkins WR has Cade Johnson,Dac Mline,T.Terry,Josh I,Grimes,Coxie and more CB has Brown,Trill,Griffin S has Ar'darius,Ford and Uphoff DT has Marvin WIlson LB has Hilliard and Moses Still picks left in draft though
  6. Two Edge Rushers late kinda surprise esp both of the being on the smaller size but really like the Shaka Toney pick at 1st glance
  7. Another Long Snapper went before him and multiple people had 3 LS going in the 7th due to the lack of offseason and so many unknown on regular players so no guarntee he woulda been there. I hate the pick to cuase I woulda waited or not trade a future pick for it atleast but don't think we know he woulda been sitting around
  8. I agree but it doesn't bother me in the 5ht and later your throwing darts and in the team felt good enough with the board to do it that early maybe with hit a jackpot like with a Kam Curl type dude with one of these 2 pick instead of a Keith Ishmeal guy in the 5th next year
  9. wild part is the 6th round pick is the comp pick they got from us signing Darby
  10. Well I failed to read directions and only voted for 1 Person I voted Davis Mills becuase I think he could be the future QB if his medicals checks out so taking a shot on him in 3rd round is well worth it to me If I could add a 2nd vote it would be for Tyson Campbell as the value at this point would be fantastic Joe Tryon would also be great value real chance he's off the board in the top 40-50
  11. I got the Uralcher comparison from Dan Orlovsky watching highlights of him and they mention Collins compare to Urlacher right before Collins makes a play
  12. I'm Skeptical cause like a tweet on twitter I saw we still dodn't know why Butler didn't play in Pats super bowl a few years ago so doubt they would let it leak.Also think Pats are perfect patsy team to say they trading up cause it makes everyone think if Bellicheck wants him I NEED Him.
  13. they hold it up then we end up being like 3 picks ahead of them on twitter
  14. I went Moore think his value and fit makes him the top choice Grant would be my #2 as He's prob my safest saftey pick
  15. 1st time I've heard of us having Fields over Lance as a target sure it makes @turtle28happy
  16. Can be anything from a player going earlier then projected til someone getting over drafted or under drafted. He are some of mine- If Mac Jones goes 3 to the 49ers he wins Rookie of the year this year-Not a Mac Jones fan but do think he a good Matt Ryan/Kirk type fit in Shanny Scheme and the cast around him will allow him to put up better numbers then Lawerance or Wilson. Moerhig struggles a lot year one and might only be a SS in the NFL-This one hurts me as I think we could take him at 19 and think it will be a mistake,in deep coverage he always seems to be underneath the wr which looks
  17. The Back doesn't scare y'all at all,it concerned me enough to slip him below Collins
  18. I went with Collins think he a big faster better in coverage then Bostic and would be great behind our Dline,Specifically on Pass plays where his height and instincts keeep him near the line where he could pick some of the tipped batter balls by Sweat and Payne. Farley would be my #2 choice 3 would be a toss up between Davis and Cosmi as I think both could be Elite player but think there floors are to low for 19 as well.
  19. I went with the Kicker and Mitchell I like Herbert as well but think the coaches like Smith Williams and Toohill enough they stayed on the active roster all last season that I doubt a 7th rounder. I think we might take a edge in the 3rd or 4th,but also heard there a chance Kerrigan comes back as well
  20. I think the Collins dislike is more a ploy to get him to drop,have seen a few comparisons for Collins to Urlacher who Ron coached and modeled most of his LBers after.Collins played at 260 this year so the 270 doesn't scare me would likely come off in camp. I could be wrong just a gut feeling I have.
  21. I think you have right position wrong player,I think they plan on using Curl and Collins on the field together a lot and will see them at Sub LB in the nickel which is JOK best spot. I think the pick will be Zavien Collins and if he not there Jamin Davis barring something like Darrisaw or Smith falling
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