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  1. Well let's see how much better you do in version 4
  2. Trading out of the 1st is tough when you pick top 5. I could see them trading down for more picks though. This year is pretty deep at OL and they need the help.
  3. Yep, Yvonne Strahovski. She does a great job in that role too.
  4. That happens to a lot of shows. Homeland did get better though after the 1-2 season slump.
  5. tbf, the Saints are currently 96+mil over next years projected cap.
  6. These should not be matched up so early. Both are worth a watch.
  7. Zero excuse for that. On a second viewing though, I think he was in a zone coverage. But he still shouldn't be in that position.
  8. Herbert looks good too. AFCW shaping up to be a real competitive division again.
  9. I don't know if I trust our defense here. Clark and Jones need to earn their paycheck this drive.
  10. Yeah, the ball was still in play. If Mahomes had been in the pocket he could have screwed himself out of a grounding call.
  11. Witten didn't have two feet down when he had the ball in the endzone. Should that have counted as possession and a TD?
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