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  1. Agreed. I think Carman would best fit as an OG with us but could move out to OT in an emergency. We already have that covered between Rankin, Remmers, and Durant.
  2. Honestly not a huge fan of the BPA three. I like Collins the most out of this group. There are easily 4-5 WR I can think of quickly off the top of my head that I'd prefer. Imatorbhebe being one. I like Powell's potential, but it's way to early to consider him imo. I think all are a reach except maybe Hill. I need to look at Meinerz more. I'd rather skip OG/C at this point and pick up a developmental talent later. Agreed, although I haven't scouted Davis and minimally looked at Cox. Agree on BPA. I do like Carman in KC, but I don't think he best fits best at LT. If we do
  3. The Office better than Parks and Rec? Just crown Jeopardy the champ and end this sham.
  4. Hate it tbh. Our top 4 DT are pretty set before we even potentially bring Pennel back. Terrace Marshall, Wyatt Davis, Teven Jenkins, Liam Eichenberg, or Dillon Radunz would all be better imo.
  5. An enhanced frame from episode 8. Only a spoiler if you haven't seen it..
  6. My top four: Radunz - Not BPA imo, but a decent blend of BPA and need McGrone - Should play some but real value is in year 2-3+ Samuel Jr. - Value pick, I think the Brandon Flowers comparison fits Chazz Surratt - Like McGrone, real value will be in year 2-3+
  7. I know it's gotta be over-hyped, but I'm looking forward to seeing who the astrophysicist is. I just had the crazy thought of it being Dr. Doom pre-heel turn. He has a background in science and magic. So it could work and it could start setting him up as the next big villain. Maybe this is how he gets his magic in the MCU. I expect nothing but a minor let down tbh. But my body is ready.
  8. No worries, it looks like I'm the only one high on him. I think he should go 17-25ish in real life. But I wouldn't be surprised if he falls into the 2nd. The depth of this class makes it a little harder to justify taking one in the 1st outside of the consensus top 2-3 guys.
  9. Since we're 9 spots out, here's my top 10 in case I'm not around to give input. Terrace Marshall Jr - BPA right now imo Carlos Basham Jr - Can use a year to improve his skillset, but would immediately upgrade our pass rush Sam Cosmi - LT for the future Walker Little - LT for the future Jackson Carman - Compete at OT or G Josh Myers - IOL depth and take over for Kilgore in 2022 Creed Humphrey - IOL depth and take over for Kilgore in 2022 Dylan Moses - Rotational/situational, starter in 2022 Nick Bolton - Rotational/situational, starter in 2022 S
  10. I'm good with the trade down. There's enough players on my list that at least one should be there in 10 picks. Also good with picking Marshall or Basham.
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