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  1. I agree, except the Dolphins. I'm not a huge Tua fan though.
  2. Good news: All of the Chiefs and Texans players and coaches tested negative after the game. - per listening to 610 Sports KC Bad news: Source - Chiefs statement
  3. I have zero interest in She-Hulk. But I do like Maslany. Underrated actress for sure.
  4. Is there a date for this? There’s at least 5 games I’d play.
  5. Favorite Team: Chiefs Week 2 Pick: 49ers
  6. I'm guessing those were in a discord I don't have access to? Lay it on me.
  7. I was hoping for some down to earth kind of villains like Zemo in Civil War.
  8. The only thing he has admitted to doing is trying to clear Josh -- a mutineer. Several people had good reason to believe he is scum as well and said so. He has to be. There's no way that you are, but props if you are. This is over when the threats to Nassau are eliminated. I am not a threat, I am with Nassau. It HAS to be Naz. I didn't lead you astray with Josh, yet Naz tried to while also trying to clear him again. It's Naz.
  9. You yourself didn't trust Naz, neither did mwil. We got this far. Let's win this!
  10. @Forge I understand that you find it hard to believe that I'm town, but I am. Note this post as well: We can win this, we just need to finish off the red! Vote Naz!
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