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  1. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    I'd be happy with Murphy in KC. I personally believe that Zach Allen will go in round one and he isn't listed here.
  2. MD4L because I feel like this is some kind of code that I don't get.
  3. Rank the Divisions since Realignment in 2002

    2002 - Raiders (1 seed) Superbowl loss w/ MVP Gannon, Chiefs have OPOY Holmes, Broncos have OROY Portis 2003 - Chiefs (2 seed) and Broncos (6 seed). Holmes sets TD record. Chiefs' Shields gets Walter Peyton Man of the Year. 2004 - Chargers (4 seed) and Broncos (6 seed). Chargers Schottenheimer win COTY. Chargers Brees gets Comeback POTY. 2005 - Broncos (2 seed) lose AFCCG. Chargers' Merriman win DROTY. 2006 - Chargers (1 seed) Chiefs (6 seed). Chargers LT wins MVP, OPOY, Walter Peyton MOY, and sets TD record. I'm bored of doing this. But you get the idea. Each year several all-pros were selected from the division. The only thing lacking is Superbowl wins, which the majority of teams are.
  4. Morey-ball

    Two high powered offenses with defenses who give up yards. See the Chiefs/Rams game.
  5. Chiefs: Daniel Sorensen S, not bad but overpaid for the 3rd safety (top 10) Anthony Hitchens LB, not worth the money so far (top 10) - this also assumes that it works like a post-June 1 cut/trade Eric Murray S JD Moore RB Dillion Gordon TE Deon Yelder TE Another option for me would be Sammy Watkins. But that's only because I hate his contract. But again, it'd have to work like a post-June 1 cut/trade
  6. The Division 2

    The story trailer got released today. It takes place in DC instead of NYC. The first one got a lot better with the expansions and I think many gave up on it too early (but understandably). Anyone planning on getting this?
  7. 2019 KC Chiefs Roster

    What are the players with XXXX in place of the year? Some of them are FA but then you didn't list other FA so I'm not sure. @KC_Guy
  8. AFC Championship GDT

    Just an active roster update... 2 OT, 5 OG, 3 C, 3 TE, 7 WR, 4 RB, 1 FB = 25 offense 3 DE, 2 NT, 5 OLB, 4 ILB, 5 CB, 4 S = 23 defense 1 K, 1 P, 1 LS = 3 special teams For a team that could use more bodies on the defense, we sure like our interior OL and WR. It blows my mind that we've kept Kelvin Benjamin. His highlights include being inactive for 2 out of 5 games which coincidentally goes well with his stats: 5 targets, 2 catches, 26 yds, 1 dropped TD, 0 separation) If Berry can't play or plays and can't finish the game, the only safeties that we have on the roster are Lucas, Sorenson, and Murray. We have FIVE total DL. There's no way that they'll be able to effectively rotate to remain fresh against the run game.