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  1. Report: Gruden causing divide in Raiders front office

    According to OTC, the Raiders have 7mil this year, 60mil in 2019 and 124mil in 2020 in cap space. I think they could have made it work.
  2. Earl Thomas anyone?

    The original rumor was that the Cowboys offered a 2nd and the Seahawks wanted more. So who knows what the going rate is now.
  3. Week 4 Picks

    The Rams should win it. But with Peters and Talib out, I think that Cousin could have a nice rebound game. If they were playing, there's no way I could pick against them.
  4. Who Has The Better Offense? Rams or Chiefs

    The Chiefs are currently better than the best Rams offense ever, so Chiefs. 2000 Rams averaged 33.8 points per game. Chiefs are currently at 39.3 ppg. They're about to play Denver, Jacksonville, and New England. So we'll see if they can keep it up.
  5. 2018 Rookie Talk

    I was really high on DeShon Elliott in the pre-draft process. I see he's listed 3rd on the depth chart. Is he just not translating well to the NFL or what?
  6. Earl Thomas anyone?

    I would definitely take him. But I don't want to give up a 2nd or more to get him. I can't even think of a player for player swap that makes sense for both teams.
  7. Week 4 Picks

    Vikings @ Rams - after being spanked by the Bills it only makes sense Jets @ Jaguars Dolphins @ Patriots Eagles @ Titans Texans @ Colts Bills @ Packers - I think the Bills could pull another upset. But I can't pick it. Lions @ Cowboys Buccaneers @ Bears Bengals @ Falcons Seahawks @ Cardinals - I will pick this upset Browns @ Raiders Saints @ Giants 49ers @ Chargers Ravens @ Steelers Chiefs @ Broncos Current Record: 25-21-2
  8. Packers sign CB Bashaud Breeland after Davon House placed on IR

    Well damn. I was hoping Veach would bring him to KC so we could boot Scandrick.
  9. Week 3 Picks

    No one is really doing great. And a little reminder for myself, I'm 25-21-2
  10. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    I can't not post this, especially with his mentor on there.
  11. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    The most impressive part to me is that Nelson didn't give himself a concussion and tear his rotator cuff at the same time.
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Chiefs need to stop turtling in the 2nd half.
  13. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    We play worse with the lead.
  14. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    So Richard Sherman still isn’t out there. Have the announcers said anything?
  15. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Did Sherman retire at halftime?