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  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Link to the free course Bumping this since the course opens up today. I plan on doing it but probably won't have time to start until this weekend.
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    We have plenty of cap space next year to re-sign Mahomes, Jones and some other role players. This year will mostly be the same core players minus Fuller and Wisniewski. Breeland is still a FA so I wonder if he's waiting for us to clear some space to re-sign here. This can be done with a Watkins extension/release, Jones extension/trade, or a number of other moves.
  3. 1970s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    The Jerk MP Holy Grail Animal House Up in Smoke Blazing Saddles
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I saw that too. At least here, news stations aren't showing those things.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I think the issue is how long it's taking for people to see the effects the virus will have. Right now, we're staying home and it appears to be for no purpose unless you understand the situation. Once people see the lines for medical care, body bags, and everything else locally, they'll get less antsy imo.
  6. How has your team done in FA?

    Chiefs have done well. We signed 7 players for a total of 6.5mil cap hit. Right now we have $177 in cap space. Yes, one hundred and seventy-seven dollars. We could get more by cutting/trading/extending Watkin, Jones, Sorenson, and others so I'm not too worried about it atm. We have plenty of cap space next year to re-sign Mahomes and more.
  7. 2000s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    We need to go back and re-do this decade. We forgot Grandma's Boy.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Spectrum is offering free internet for students. Here’s a link. Not sure what options there are if they don’t have a computer.
  9. Do you even prep bro?

    That show is a joke and only shows the extreme. No one would watch if it was an every day person storing two weeks of food in case of a hurricane. I'm sure you can learn something from the show, but it may be a 'what not to do' rather than a 'to do'.
  10. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    This post is not meant to be political. Please, no one take it there. Source I hope that people begin to take this more seriously. In the midwest, I have seen little to no photos/video on New York's temporary hospitals or morgue trucks. The checkpoints in Florida were briefly shown tonight. The make-shift care centers may have been briefly mentioned and then ignored. I think people will realize the seriousness once they can see it themselves. Having the president admit that limiting deaths to 100,000 would be "a very good job" should be sobering for people.
  11. Call of Duty: Warzone

    I love Warzone. I just wish the random people that I play with would stop quitting immediately after dying. Give me a chance to collect money and buy you back. I typically have 3+ kills per match (most is 10 iirc) and consistently finish top 12ish. Still no wins though, best I've got is 2nd.
  12. FA KC

    I'm all about comp picks.
  13. FA KC

    He's #4 on our depth chart. I think he'd be a decent #2 at best, which don't get me wrong, teams need. Although, some teams do have some really poor WR depth. An argument could be made that he'd be WR1 on the Jets, Bills, Pats, Lions, Raiders, Eagles, or Texans. So he could be their WR1 but it doesn't mean he'd be a good WR1.
  14. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Going to be quite a bit of recency bias I think... QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Jamaal Charles RB: Priest Holmes WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Otis Taylor TE: Tony Gonzalez LT: Willie Roaf LG: Brian Waters C: Tim Grunhard RG: Will Shields RT: Mitchell Schwartz DE: Derrick Thomas DT: Chris Jones DT: Buck Buchanan DE: Jared Allen LB: Derrick Johnson LB: Willie Lanier LB: Bobby Bell CB: Albert Lewis FS: Deron Cherry SS: Eric Berry CB: Emmitt Thomas K: Jan Stenerud P: Dustin Colquitt HC: Andy Reid Didn't turn out as expected. A couple DE/LB arguments could be made. I'd also almost argue Kelce over Gonzalez. He's on pace to have better stats all around. But it's just a pace and Tony is in the HOF already so he wins.