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  1. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I had to use him last week with Gronk suspended and Ertz hurt.
  2. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Who should I start? QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX. I'm leaning towards bolded Big Ben, Stafford M Gordon, Kamara, Perine, Elliott Hill, K Allen, J Gordon Gronk, Ertz, D Allen This mostly makes me nervous because my playoffs would ride on four games. I could also drop D Allen and pick up Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods. But I don't think I'd start them over those guys.
  3. The KC Chiefs Roster Analysis (short version)

    2018 is the last year of both of their deals. So by waiting another year we don't have any dead money. If we had extra picks next year I'd be for it. But right now we'd be replacing them with UDFA or cheap guys off the street since we don't have the cap to bring anyone in. Yeah we could gain 15mil by cutting them. But outside of KPL, there aren't really any UFA ILB/OLB that I'd like to bring in from what I have seen so far. But I do agree that their cap hit is way too high. As of right now though, I'd rather ride it one more year with them as veteran leadership/depth. And looking at the UFA class of 2108, there isn't even anyone that I'd want to spend the money on outside of our own few guys. With no cap and no draft picks, we won't have a lot of turnover barring an Alex trade and some cuts. Maybe it's me wanting to see them retire as being only on one team, which is rare in today's sports. Or it could be that I'm tired of all the dead money and I see that we're finally about to be free from most of it.
  4. The KC Chiefs Roster Analysis (short version)

    Alex, no argument there. DJ is tough. He appears to have lost a step. But he still makes splash plays here and there. I think he'd be good to keep around as depth until 2019 when his contract is up. Keep Ragland and KPL as the starters and let DJ spell KPL. Tamba is also a tough one for me. He isn't playing much. But he is still being effective in his limited snaps. Also, assuming we don't keep Ford, our OLB depth is bad. Tamba's contract is also up in 2019 and I wouldn't be mad if we kept him as a rotational guy for one more year. But we definitely need to draft another OLB. Houston-Kpass-Hali-Zombo-Rookie... Still not ideal. But hopefully Kpass continues to improve along with a rookie and then in 2019 we can let Tamba and Zombo walk. Of course, we'd still be down depth. But I can't see us fixing that in one offseason with four draft picks.
  5. The KC Chiefs Roster Analysis (short version)

    I agree with most of this. I want to keep Colquitt though. His contract yearly average is 3.75mil. Hekker is 3.5 and King is 3.3 iirc. Obviously that isn't how it's distributed. But, I think we can extend him to a more team friendly deal. I really think we've been spoiled with him and don't truly appreciate what he does. Remember, after this year we have 2.6mil in cap space according to Spotrac. However, in 2019, we go up to 69.1mil. If we cut some high money guys we'll end up with dead money lowering that cap in 2019 (we have 15mil dead money next yer). I think barring trades our team will look pretty similar next year. The key to next year will be trading Alex and getting that 17mil space.
  6. Giants trade for Luck?

    I think that would be great for the Colts and bad for the Giants. I think Luck is overrated personally.
  7. The Gifted (FOX)

    I've been saving them to binge watch later. I really hope Fox keeps it going.
  8. Walking Dead season 8

    As a non-comic reader, I'll slightly disagree. Carl was boring and needed to go. It's nice that they're killing off a main character. But they still have a ways to go.
  9. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Horrible way to end a game
  10. NFL Play-Off Machine

    So you're saying there's a chance we get to see Mahomes this year?
  11. I've learned that sometimes you just need to let things go and agree to disagree. It's clear you aren't seeing the flaws in your plan.
  12. Raiders v Chiefs

    There was a ton of Raiders fans around KC tonight. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of black in the stands on Sunday. Hopefully it isn't too bad.
  13. Walking Dead season 8

    Not a ton of consistency either. What was with the flashback stuff they showed in the first episode and then never went back to it or expanded on it?
  14. Won't be many picks barring trades. We have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th currently. 5th went to Cleveland for Cam Erving and our 7th to the 49ers for Kenneth Acker. We have an undisclosed, conditional pick for Marcus Cooper from the Cardinals from the 2016 trade. I can't find anything on what it may be, if anything.