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  1. Not at all. My top 3 unordered is Murray, Brady, and Stafford. I think Mahomes gets back into the conversation as the season goes on.
  2. What am I missing with WR Romeo Doubs? Why isn't he being talked about more? Just the fact that he plays at Nevada?
  3. Nah, pass down the middle and then kicking team sprints on for a photo finish
  4. Jacksonville and Vegas should be going after him and Bienemy imo.
  5. Yes, but no passes thrown his way. The only play that I vividly remember seeing him in was when he did a poor job at run blocking. I'd guess he had less than 10 snaps.
  6. Despite the first half offensive atrocity, it was a good team win. Defense showed up and did its job. That said, I'm nervous for next week. Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, and Julio Jones is going to be a huge test in seeing if the defense has really turned a corner. Hopefully Chris Jones is back and playing primarily DT.
  7. I'd feel a lot better if the starters were taken out right now.
  8. My goodness, Turk Wharton! Don't think I've seen an INT like that before!
  9. Sit Kelce the rest of the game imo. Time for Noah Gray to shine.
  10. Great... Chiefs down to one TE it appears, rookie Noah Gray.
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