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  1. Coaches that recognize that he isn’t good enough to take them to a Super Bowl? I agree.
  2. Preseason Cut in half

    Just a report I saw. Each team is allegedly getting one home and one away preseason game.
  3. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Just finished the series. I can't believe that I almost didn't watch this. Amazing 9 episode series. Far better than the movie. Regina King was great. Prior to this I always remembered her from Jerry McGuire, Enemy of the State, and The Leftovers. But she killed it. Also, watch The Leftovers if you haven't already. In general, I find Jeremy Irons to be overrated. His voice is unique and he is used for that quite often. But in this, he was great in his role. Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Jean Smart, and Tom Mison all did great as well. Also, Damon Lindeloff is damn good at his job. People hate on the Lost ending, but he's damn good at TV dramas.
  4. Preseason Cut in half

    They have to re-do them in some capacity. The Chiefs were scheduled to be on the road in weeks 2 and 3. If each team is getting a home and away, the current schedule obviously won't work.
  5. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    The Chiefs can afford it assuming that the 2021 cap doesn't go down. I would guess that's the biggest hurdle right now for Jones and many others. The best thing for the Chiefs is Jones playing on the tag this year and then do his deal when you have a better idea of the 2021 cap. Mahomes has to come first though. He's the domino for Jones and anyone else needing an extension.
  6. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Interesting way to twist it. When the owners become the product you may have a better argument.
  7. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Three more to go. I'll probably binge them tonight. The episode that I just watched, in black and white about the past, was real good. I'm trying to be vague to avoid any potential spoilers. I didn't expect it to be so relevant to what's going on today.
  8. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    Got any highlights to share?
  9. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Harder is subjective. Is it harder intellectually, no, assuming you mean a job in a science/tech role. Is it harder physically, yes. Emotionally, debatable.