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  1. Were we over 90 players? Seems a bit odd to cut three before any camps or OTAs. I could see cutting one if we're signing Westbrook, but three?
  2. I think it's too complex for every day people wanting to get into it, which will limit its growth potential. They need to make it easier to obtain if they want it to seriously grow.
  3. The process to buy this is way too complicated and the Elastum terms and conditions are shady. I'm out. Hopefully you all do well with it.
  4. Ignoring who it is; he's a 33 year old guy who hasn't played in 9 years. If that's a solution to a hole at TE you have much bigger problems with talent acquisition. I'd imagine they'd do better getting Gonzalez or Sharpe to unretire since they at least played the position and the sport at a high level. And no, I'm not suggesting anyone do that.
  5. Looks terrible. I might watch it when I can for free. No way I pay extra to see it at theaters.
  6. I’m not usually a FOMO kind of guy. But I’m getting it with Bonfire for a short term pump and dump. Guess I need to watch that video and figure out how to buy in.
  7. I appreciate no one nominating me. It's only right that we send someone who will give the rest of the field a chance at winning. Otherwise, they will never invite us back to compete.
  8. I'm finally finishing up Scrubs for the first time. I'm halfway through season 9, Med School. Season 9 just isn't very good so it's taking me a while to finish. But the first 8 seasons, while not perfect, I really enjoyed.
  9. That's my mistake. I had everyone's information pulled up when I wrote that. Powell will turn 24 this season, not Humphrey.
  10. I was wanting to put some time into my draft review but I just haven't found the time or motivation to do it. So I'll keep it fairly short. 58. Nick Bolton, LB Missouri - I didn't have him listed in my top 5 choices at LB for us prior to the draft, but he was easily number 6. In hindsight, I would have him rated as 3rd behind Zaven and Micah. I wanted to include mid-late round guys (Johnson & Miller) so I excluded him. But I really liked this pick. I give it an A. 63. Creed Humphrey, C Oklahoma - I wasn't a big fan of this pick. I was fully on board with getting a C and hated tha
  11. Roughly a month later and I’m up 37%. Are you still holding NXE @El Ramster?
  12. BB below $8 now. There is no legitimate reason that it is this low between all the recent deals, the government contracts, and what they have set up for the future. I just don't get it.
  13. May 28?? I never even realized the first trailer was out!
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