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  1. KC FA tracker

    I did say late 3rd at the earliest. Since we got Washington's 3rd, then it'd be our 3rd overall pick. I agree with what you're saying though. But at the same time I would rather develop a Benkert than have another KeiVarae Russell or Phillip Gaines. Obviously it's a crap shoot to an extent but I'd rather get a better #2 QB than a #4 or later other position this year. Plus I really like Benkert and think he could bcomee better than some of the guys slated to go in the 1st/2nd.
  2. Avengers: Infinity War

    I planned on avoiding any more trailers but I couldn't help myself. I can't imagine this movie not making $1bil at the box office. I just hope that all of the built up excitement isn't setting us up for a letdown like Ultron.
  3. KC FA tracker

    It all depends on how the board falls. I don't want to reach for perceived need when we should go more BPA.
  4. KC FA tracker

    Based on a quick search, both are said to be late round picks. I wouldn't hate if we took Benkert as early as our late 3rd or Silvers in the 6th. I could see Silvers going undrafted though.
  5. KC FA tracker

    I get it. Not a big fan though. I'm really hoping that we draft Kurt Benkert or Brandon Silvers to be the long term backup.
  6. Chiefs resignings?

    I'm pretty sure most of us have blocked that time period from our memories.
  7. AFC West FA

    I'm a little surprised they cut Crabtree for him.
  8. KC FA tracker

    No, it's 3 year $27mil per PFT
  9. Chiefs resignings?

    I'm happy that we brought back Smith. He appears to be developing nicely. But, I'm a little surprised we re-signed DAT. I can't imagine him being ready for camp or the start of the season after breaking his leg week 17.
  10. Did the Eagles miss their window to trade Foles?

    I think the Eagles missed their window because the asking price was way too high. Props to teams for not caving in on that. As others have mentioned, I could see him being moved at a lower cost during camp if someone gets hurt.
  11. Joe Thomas Retiring

    I'd add Roaf above him as well. So maybe top 5? Top 10 for sure.
  12. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Ideally, yes. From what I've seen the depth at DL in this years draft isn't great. With QBs, CBs, and even S being deep this year, teams may grab more of them early causing talent to slide.
  13. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Too much money for potential. Hopefully it pays off. I would rather have spent the money on DL.
  14. Case Keenum will sign with broncos

    As a Chiefs fan, I approve of this.
  15. Chiefs release Tamba Hali

    This is exactly it. He was making too much money for how little he played. Great man who I hope gets into coaching. Even if it isn't a full time coach, he could be a contractor who works with various teams in camp. Really though, I wonder how much he has left. Even as a part time guy he created pressure. If Frank Zombo really is better than Hali at this point, then he should probably retire to save his health.