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  1. Just so we're all clear on the most important thing here: Patrick Mahomes is fully vaccinated. Source
  2. Should fine the players as well to pay the hourly staff who lost out on ~6% of their pay imo. The people who make gamedays happen get the short end of the stick yet again.
  3. I see we’re devolving into Q level conspiracies here. That isn’t what this thread is for. Join us in TAST if you want to talk/debate COVID. Back on topic; Hopkins can retire today and live comfortably. He should do what he deems best for his family and himself.
  4. Movie pretty good? The cast looks decent with Stanfield, Kaluuya, and Plemons seemingly heading it up. It's based on an interesting true story, but the director doesn't have many credits...
  5. I feel like that trailer was the whole movie aside from who wins the duel. I really want to be excited for this but that trailer did nothing for me. I'll wait for streaming, if I see it at all.
  6. It's on several sites but I can't find anything official. I think he'd be a great addition and could play several characters. Cyclops, Warlock, or Mr Sinister would be my top choices I think. Captain Britain would be okay, but I kind of hope not.
  7. This. They can also be used for decline bench press and other similar exercises. But I wouldn't worry about that for a while. @titansNvolsR#1 are you following any workout program or anything?
  8. I won't ever argue that Kpassagnon wasn't a disappointment. But you also have to consider that he was known to be a project when drafted. He played 43DE in college, got to KC and was asked to play out of position only to switch positions again his second year. He was a decent role player when Spags came in and he played his more natural 43DE. I think MItchell had a decent enough run of games where I can't justify listing him over Phillip Gaines.
  9. Bucs and Brady should be punished imo, fines and draft pick(s). This goes against everything that the NFL and NFLPA should be standing for; player safety. Even if Brady chooses to play, he should be on the injury report. I'd also argue that no one should be allowed to play on a torn MCL or other similar injuries. They need to take that out of the players hands entirely if a focus on player safety is anything more than a PR stunt.
  10. Great, now I have to go back and find all the likes that I gave @ET80 and unlike them
  11. What’s there to be afraid of? They’ve restricted trading multiple times and put out a statement saying they’d do it again. Vlad is still under investigation by the FBI who took his cell phone a little while ago. Crap company, crap leadership, and they’re doing some shady ish.
  12. I cannot recommend enough that you get out of Robinhood.
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