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  1. Your move keeps getting more ridiculous for "ricky's friend". It was a nice move to kill swag during night to prove that a Ricky's Friend existed. Now you're just using it as a cover role.
  2. 3 mafia with 2 remaining if it's movie accurate. But you know that and this is a poor attempt at hiding that
  3. 3 mafia with 2 remaining if it's movie accurate.
  4. With only 14 players I doubt that Dome put in an other. None of the characters really make sense for it.
  5. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    No, it doesn't. The snap was most likely "At random. Dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike." You don't have to know what's going to to be a part of that random group. The Pyms and Scott were doing their own thing as you saw throughout the movie. They didn't sit down and watch the news, they were busy. It's entirely plausible for them to have zero clue on what was happening in Wakanda and outer space.
  6. I’m telling you all, orca is scum I finally got PR’s tell this game and orca has almost replicated it exactly.
  7. Chiefs at Rams week11

    I would never wish this upon my worst enemy
  8. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    A little stat for optimism: If you remove the Patriots disaster, the Chiefs defense is allowing 17.5 PPG and 371 YPG over the last six games. The #1 defense is allowing 17.6 PPG this year.
  9. Chiefs at Rams week11

    You guys. It's basically week 11.