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  1. My bad reaction from Moderna shot #2 was about 11 hours later
  2. Woke up this morning and the fever is gone. Small headache and a little fogginess. Feeling a bit fatigued but I also only consumed 240 calories yesterday; a Gatorade and a protein shake. Not feeling hungry though.
  3. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Really glad i pre-made dinner. Although I haven’t eaten anything today and I’m not sure if I will. But at least I just have to heat it up.
  4. Still feeling like crap. Really hope this subsides soon.
  5. I woke up several times throughout the night, feeling a little better each time. I currently have a fever of 101.7, a small headache, and some body aches. I think the body aches are from the shaking. I honestly don’t feel too bad now and I wouldn’t have guessed that I have a fever.
  6. This has escalated quickly. For the pas to10-15min I’ve been shaking in spurts to the point it’s hard to hold my phone and my back is hurting from it. Seems to come and go, but mostly comes atm. My current symptoms are just a low fever, I’m freaking freezing, and Parkinson’s level shaking atm. Not trying to be funny but I legit threw my phone unintentionally. Thankfully no bowel issues or anything like that *knock on wood*.... I started to reply as soon you posted. The chills are mostly gone now and it feels like my torso is relaxing a bit. Wtf. And they’re coming back a
  7. So my apartment is usually 68 degrees, it's currently 70 and I'm freezing. Just checked my temperature and it's 99.0 when I'm usually around 97.5ish
  8. Got my 2nd Moderna shot this afternoon. Arm is a little sore, but less than the 1st shot. I'm prepared to stay in bed all day tomorrow though. Hopefully that isn't the case.
  9. I'm not surprised about Rousseau personally. He was injured one year, had a great year, then sat out. He's a one year wonder. I wouldn't have any confidence spending a 1st on him and passing on more established players.
  10. I agree with your thoughts and reasoning here. But right now, this is what we have to work with. Until it happens, I'm not going to count on it. There are 1,033 players under contract league wide in 2022, for an average of 32 per team; so 30 is a pretty close guess. You mentioned the Bills. But they aren't the only ones around 40. Jags(46), Dolphins(45), Browns(45), Bills(41), Giants(41), Pats(38), Vikings(38), Rams(38), +4 teams with 35... The teams with less than 30, least to most: Falcons(22), Chiefs(23), Lions(24), 49ers, Bears, Raiders, Colts, Broncos, Steelers, Saints, WFT,
  11. I keep hearing this, but so far it hasn't been the case at all.
  12. I’m on my phone and I’m not going to try and copy and paste a lot. I’ll just say, look up the top WR last year. 36” is higher than Jeudy, Lamb, and others.
  13. Part of my issue was that he wasn’t a super solider. I get that CA is mostly about character and not physical strength. But with what we had seen from Sam I wouldn’t buy him as being able to hold his own shading more powerful enemies.
  14. No, but I'm going to try and get a few more on Monday.
  15. I disagree with the first part. Does the public know he's a super soldier and terrorist? They saw a guy running, without a mask, get knocked down and then murdered in the streets of Riga by Captain America. People were filming in the background as soon as they saw Walker running, who then killed a man that wasn't fighting back or even really moving at that point. Dude was straight up merk'd. All he did was help the Flag Smasher's cause and piss off Karli even more.
  16. Oof. I don't think the second quarter will fare much better.
  17. As @samsel23hinted at, our current OL in 2022 only has four guys under contract total. Thuney, Allegretti, Niang, and Durant. If we get Darrisaw, he'd be five. But we can get someone else to play LT without trading up and still have a 3rd-4th + next years 1st to add help at another position on a rookie deal.
  18. If your goal is to win in 2021 with no care about 2022+, then yes, I agree that trading up is the right move. But we as fans don't always think 2-3 years ahead. That's why I urge people to look ahead at the cap situation. I mentioned the 2022 cap, but 2023 is just as bad, if not worse. We have 12 players total under contract taking up ~149mil in cap space. That leaves us an estimated ~70mil to sign 41 players -- The average is better compared to 2021, right now. But this is before cuts which create dead cap space, extensions, and any other overpriced vets are added next year. Right n
  19. I don't think this is really about Walker though. I think Walker is more for building up Sam to become the new Captain America; which was a big complaint when he got the shield. We've seen someone with the service and medals for heroic acts fall in hard times now. Sam's conversations with Zemo and wanting to talk over violence are all Cap like things. I think this is giving us the Sam CA origin story. I haven't read comics in probably 20 years, so I don't know if Walker is in them. But he could definitely become a recurring character now that he's a super soldier. You know Zemo will want
  20. I also forgot about this, but read this comment elsewhere: Also:
  21. I'm not a fan of Walker at all. But at least now it gets interesting with the Captain America moniker. I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see old man Rogers make a cameo to kick his ***.
  22. What would be cheaper, two 1st round pick players or Darrisaw around 10ish and signing a vet? We've seen the contracts that Veach likes to hand out. It's likely a one year deal or overpaying for multiple years. We've all discussed the Watkins, Hitchens, and Clark deals to death. But Joe Thuney? He's a good player. But is a 29 year old OG worth five years at 16mil/year? Sure, it's only a 4mil cap hit this year. But next year its 17.8 then 18.9. The last two years are 19.9 each and have a potential out. But that'll come with a ~7mil dead cap hit. I can't imagine us not cutting him for
  23. Guess I should remove him from my sleeper/hidden gem list. He'll likely make a team very happy.
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