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  1. 23andMe/Ancestry

    I did this. 71% Irish 20% English/Scottish/Welsh 9% Scandinavian And in case you're wondering, SPF 150 isn't strong enough for this guy.
  2. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Surprised more haven't gotten killed because of Keenum. They'd have to start recruiting. Call Vince Papale.
  3. When VJ gets fired

    Jim or John
  4. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Best available at CB, S, ILB, OL, and QB in Free Agency in the draft is all we will have to do to make me happy because everyone on the team besides Chris Harris, Justin Simmons, Mcgovern, and Paradis suck at those positions.
  5. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Just hoping we don't give up the farm for one of the QBs in this draft.
  6. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    Just like we all said, no answer for Kittle.
  7. So I want to Move...

    Dome, I have 2 siblings that live in Texas, one in Cedar Park, just north of Austin, and another one in League City. That's another selling point for Texas. But I'm a big beach and fishing guy too so Florida is very appealing.
  8. Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers GDT

    I just have a feeling we didn't come to play in this game and we are going to get schalacked
  9. NBA 2K19

    Face up Center is what I've had the most success with. I like the build a lot. Back to the basket is too one dimensional for me.
  10. So I want to Move...

    Could've sworn we had a thread on this quite a while back, but I can't find it, so I thought I'd start a new one. I guess breaking down our situation would be the best place to start. I live in the State of New York. I'm a Journeyman Carpenter. (Unionized.) Currently a Business Major at an online school. I'm 25. Wife is a Secretary for in an office for the state. Just finished her Poly Sci degree. She's 23. We can't stand the cold and would like to be able to walk outside on new years and be in shorts, basically. And, upstate NY is just...extremely boring. I'd like Florida, Texas, or Arizona. Possibly California, but that's my last choice. She also agrees on this, except for Florida because it's "full of old people." Whatever. About a year ago I applied for a job down there that pays more than what I'm doing now in the West Palm Beach area. I got the job but the wife was reluctant because ''it's full of old people and a vacation spot." Any advice on making a long distance move?
  11. What is your secondary income?

    This totally works because I did this.
  12. 2019 Women's World Cup - Groups announced

    US has a cake walk.
  13. MMA Thread

    I still think crackhead conor would beat Holloway. I'd like to see Ferguson and Khabib, the winner fights conor vs poirier, then the winner of khabib conor fights holloway. I said to my buddies before this fight that if Max is actually healthy and not the max of 6 months ago, he'll beat Ortega and that's exactly what happened.
  14. Week 13 GDT

    Rich Jackson had 3
  15. Week 13 GDT

    By that logic, Aaron Donald < Mark Gastineau