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  1. I wanna know why Eovaldi throws hits 50 pitches thrown in the 5th inning for me and he's already depleted in energy.
  2. He's average. Nothing special. At least against the broncos.
  3. If you pay me $50 to mow your lawn, I cut a 5'x5' square in your lawn, and I get $40 from you out of the $50, do you feel you got your money's worth out of me? The guy is a sally that can't play through a hang nail and used covid as an excuse to not play through the inevitable next hang nail.
  4. I hope he doesn't receive a penny and is cut immediately. Such a wuss and another tarzan than plays like Jane. Quit during flu season and when he was getting hang nails on his pinky toe. He has all that time to get in shape and tears his achilles. He's made of glass and evidently doesn't take care of himself in the offseason. Good riddance. Get Leno or Fisher or Wagner.
  5. Wish Nate and Leon would co-main 264. Last few conor under cards have been terrible. Wonderboy vs Burns ain't bad though
  6. He doesn't deserve a penny and I hope he doesn't get a single one.
  7. Nick Bolton in the 3rd would be a steal
  8. Another thing we need to stop ignoring is whether or not Jawaun James has found his balls yet.
  9. Good tape of him on youtube against teams like Duke and NC has a great OL but this kid has wiggle and power. Just thought that if we were getting a back, it'd be one more like phil
  10. I'd have rather waited for homerun guy later on like the other Tarheel kid
  11. Looks like the plan is to start Teddy and run the ball and play good defense. Not the biggest fan right now but it's our only piss poor shot. '
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