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  1. True. Costa is a BJJ black belt but some ufc fighters that are Brazilian simply get them for their heritage. Costa is probably one of them.
  2. Red Sox bullpen going into this game and counting regular season has an ERA of 8.31
  3. Laz Diaz missed 21 calls all night for both team lololol
  4. 3 things for sure in life. Death, Taxes, and the Boston bullpen giving up a lead that isn't 5 runs or more. cora can't manage the bullpen to save his life. Same thing that plagued us in 2019. Keep Ottavino on, let Whitlock pitch the 8th, and whoever in the 9th
  5. I was at the game Saturday in Houston. It was crazy as hell.
  6. undersized player ran into the ground. No shock. Hope he recovers and plays at a high level again.
  7. This defense has no excuse to not perform better. But I was right. The linebackers are getting exposed. Not to mention Darby and Fuller are utter trash which was not expected. Was hoping they'd be slightly above your average starting CB. as for the OL, completely poor play all around. Going into the season I would've bet on our defense being top 5. They'll be lucky not to finish bottom 5.
  8. Vic is the worst I've seen when it comes to timeouts and challenges
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