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  1. Drew Glass. I wonder who we will pick to replace him in the draft.
  2. Doesn't matter, Elway won't upgrade the tackle spots. He'll be pummeled into the ground.
  3. If Drew is out for the season, we definitely have a fair shot.
  4. Not to be overly pessimistic but chances are, if Lock is out the rest of the year, we will be drafting high. Not high enough for Lawrence but high. Is there a chance that Elway will finally look at a QB that doesn't somewhat resemble him in college? Tall guys with rocket arms and poor downfield accuracy that hold the ball too long? Like Osweiler, Lynch, Lock, etc.
  5. Vannett shouldn't be on an nfl roster. and neither should Wilkinson.
  6. Probably could if they did this thing like hand the ball off.
  7. Our healthy team would still get sacked 7 times.
  8. Nick Vannett is who exactly? Why is he even on a roster?
  9. Justin Simmons with his penchant garbage time pick.
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