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  1. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Even that's over paying.
  2. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Perfect, he can play next to Kroos. Now we just have to replace Benny.
  3. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    I'd like him to replace Modric. Man has he fell off a cliff.
  4. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    It's about guaranteed now that Hazard will be wearing the white shirt. Talk of Pogba and Eriksen. I don't know if I want Pogba.
  5. My First and Last Mock,

    1st Round- Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan- I think Devin White will be gone, Ed Oliver is a poor scheme fit and will be gone, and Hockenson won't give us the help we need now. Josey Jewell is a good ILB against the run and that's about it. Todd Davis can get downhill and that's it. Devin Bush is the type of ILB we need and can be what Danny Trevathan and Marshall used to be. His biggest downfall is he's only 235 lbs and has to work on shedding blocks. Something very coachable and correctable. 2nd Round- Eric Mccoy, C/G Texas A&M- Mccoy is a very good all around blocker with some versatility, much like Conor Mcgovern, both of which will get a lot better with more playing time. 3rd Round- Khalen Saunders, NT, Western Illinois- The "Aaron Donald of the FCS" is named well. He tore it up at the Senior Bowl, dominating every guy he faced. We don't currently have a NT on the team. Now we do. This guy is my breakout player of the this draft. He's just a man among boys. 4th Round- JoeJuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt- Outside corner is something we are lacking. Our 2 best corners are mostly slot guys. That's gotta change. We have Yiadom, but we need more talent and competition and size at this position. WIlliams gives us all 3. 5th Round- Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia- Speed. Demon. This kid can absolutely fly and our offense needs more game breakers besides Lindsay. I think he'll slip in the draft because he's only 5'10 180 lbs. Absolutely steal here. 6th Round- Darius West, S, Kentucky- Versatile safety. Adds more competition behind Will Parks for the defensive backfield. Special teams Demon.
  6. Broncos CB Chris Harris demands new contract or trade

    I'd be probably need to call in sick to cope with if we got rid of him. Favorite Bronco with Von a close second. If we had the cap space, even coming off the injury, I'd pay him. He's a high level player that's very deserving. He's come off an ACL and killed it right after. If they do get rid of him, they're ditching the win now attack, obviously. He's our only starting caliber corner on the team right now.
  7. RB Jonathan Stewart retires

    Turrible. 90% sure he lead the league in holding calls. Can't pass block a lick. Mediocre run blocker.
  8. RB Jonathan Stewart retires

    You misspelled Garrett Bolles
  9. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    Was watching TV and Adam Schefter said there is a good chance Denver tries to trade back into the 1st for a QB after grabbing Devin Bush, The Iowa TE, or Ed Oliver. I think Oliver and Bush will be gone by #10 so I'm expecting the TE. Oliver is a terrible scheme fit for us anyway. In the 2nd, I'd love to grab Erik Mccoy. He's a good blocker that can play C or G. 3rd, I like the NT that UK mentioned earlier. We just really need an ILB more than a TE so I'd also be ok with Devin Bush at 10. Once White goes, Bush will soon follow. Only problem is his biggest weakness is shedding blocks. He's more of a 4-3 WLB than anything else. But strength and shedding blocks are very fixable and coachable things.
  10. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    Is Dee Ford that bad of a fit for their new defense? He's not that big but if I'm not mistaken, Clark got pretty grades for his run defense. But with that contract they probably just want him to get 13 sacks a year for the next 5 years. Pass Rushers are easier to find now than 10-15 years ago because college has also had an increased demand for them. I think the Contract is too much for for the player and the swap of everything was terrible. Dee Ford wasn't terrible in any game against Denver last year but that's not saying much when you line up over Garrett Bolles.
  11. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    If we trade up for Lock, let alone pick him at 10, I will throw myself in front of traffic on the Long Island Expressway.
  12. Final 2019 First Round Mock Draft

    Dexter Lawrence is a big reach (literally) at #10.
  13. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    I'd like to see us grab a NT in the first 2 rounds since we don't have one on the roster.
  14. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    As long as we don't pick Oliver, the TE, or Lock, I'll be happy... I think.
  15. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Why do I get the feeling that after Wilder beats Fury later this year, he's still not going to get the matchup with Joshua?