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  1. I could be real smooth and quarantine for 18 years but I think the Corona has gone to your head Ty
  2. I do. Askren was a way more established and accomplished fighter than Chandler.
  3. I feel like he's going to get the Askren treatment.
  4. Excited for Ferguson Oliveira. This winner should be in line for a #1 contender fight. UFC 256: Tony Ferguson booked to fight Charles Oliveira on Dec. 12 (usatoday.com)
  5. Yeah same. If they put Wilkinson in for Dotson, I will fly to Denver and scissor kick Munchak in the face.
  6. good ole dance for a loss by Melvin Gordon on 2nd and 1 instead of just getting the first down.
  7. A pop warner/high school jv team level pick
  8. Drew doesn't have the mental capacity to be an NFL QB.
  9. Drew Lock doesn't deserve to be on an NFL roster.
  10. You have at least 2 more of those to get out of your system Drew.
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