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  1. Same. Would've been ecstatic to see her fight Joanna again though
  2. Zach Wilson reminds me of Drew Lock. No bueno
  3. Calling out Dustin and Conor and Chandler and Chucky Olives as bums when nobody out of all of them have been steamrolled as bad as him
  4. Listen brother, me betting on MMA is a different convo than who I'm rooting for lol Getting tired of Justin Gaethje talking all this crap to all the LW fighters. The man was STEAMROLLED harder than anyone Khabib's fought besides maybe Barboza.
  5. I wanted to see Zhang fight Bullet or Zhang rematch Joanna. I rewatched that fight last night and could've easily have seen Joanna getting the win. Most of her hematoma came from the accidental head butt. That's what started it anyway. I give Bullet the edge over anyone and everyone now. I'd love to see her beat up Andrade though.
  6. If I'm being realistic, some other team beats us to Watson. We sign Andy Dalton or some other schlub and pick Micah Parsons or Patrick Surtain in the 1st. I don't like that CB from VT. In fact, I don't care for any player that opted out. Especially if it was their Junior year and they only played 1 season.
  7. This video is breaking the internet to MMA fans. I love it.
  8. Easy money. Even easy money if I lose it. Anyone not throwing down money on a Jan KO is crazy. I think Izzy might have another showing like the Romero fight. Throwing jabs in reverse.
  9. Maybe if Gane wins, Lewis fights Gane? He wouldn't have much to Gane. Had a gut feeling is all.
  10. Gotta be him and Jair but I think he's the favorite in that because he's more of a polished striker than Jair I think.
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