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  1. NO!!! 😃 Wonder what the Bengals want for DJ Reader
  2. Joe, that pass was about as accurate as mail-in voting.
  3. It's not like you could've gotten much out of the prime rib with how much money you spent on the grill
  4. Maybe we can have a cellar-off at the end of the year.
  5. Let the debauchery begin!!! Who you got and why? I think the Browns rebound in this one but I wouldn't be surprised if Burrow pulled one out of his helmet.
  6. Lmao if anyone drops out, Michael Chandler will be destroyed.
  7. I'm not saying pay Bolles but if he keeps up the play from last night, at least maybe give him a shorter extension. 3 years or something. He starts with the same old crap at any point, we replace him. And Jawuan James while we are at it.
  8. One great season, once average leading receiver season, and the guy wants top money after multiple season ending injuries? How much does he think he's worth? lol. I know he's a bears and Jax receiver but still.
  9. The AFCW Cellar will at least be entertaining.
  10. Wilkinson was a good ole revolving door. Everyone else was solid.
  11. Jerry Jeudy can't catch. Drew Lock can't throw a deep ball better than Gostkowski kicks Defense always plays good until the 4th quarter Vic never uses him timeouts
  12. Jerry Jeudy can't catch and Lock's accuracy past 15 yards is about as good as Gostkowski kicking a field goal.
  13. Gostkowski is going to kick a game winner.
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