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  1. MMA Thread

    Gregor Gillespie is an olympic level wrestler too.
  2. MMA Thread

    You'd think between what has been said since Usman beat Woodley that Usman wrestles and beats 3 bears at once. Guy is quickly becoming overrated. OMG HE DIDNT GET KNOCKED OUT BY A GUY WITH NO PUNCHING POWER AND HE LAID ON WOODLEY FOR 5 ROUNDS.
  3. MMA Thread

    Lol just as hard at things like Usman beating Khabib or anyone in 170 beating him. He kills himself to get to 155. He'd maul 170 guys even harder. I don't believe he beats on DC, who is also overrated like Usman, but isn't a slug.
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    I dont use the RPG. that's for dummies. I use the Shotgun with the 25 round drum clip. It just takes a quick release and don't panic when people unload their clips on you. Let those peasants fire their boolets at Ivan until they run out so Ivan can put knife between eyes and then retrieve once they dead.
  5. New MMA Thread | 2020 - the Year of McGregor?

    Let's continue the subject where people overrate Usman as a wrestler and Masvidal as a whole. He fought a Woodley who looked like he should retire and until he got Covington on the jaw, could've lost that fight as well. Ben Askren had no business in the UFC, evidently. Nate is just a pothead who's best days are behind him. Conor could beat Masvidal. Khabib would own Usman. I bet a Welterweight Tony Ferguson would beat Usman.
  6. MMA Thread

    And again Dana is trying to make it so Conor waits for the next fight with Khabib, and he said everything except taking Tony off the card and putting Conor on it instead. NONE of us want that Khabib fight right now. We want to see him fight someone even more legit than Cowboy first.
  7. MMA Thread

    Uncle Dana said Justin turns down fights plenty, but is that believable?
  8. MMA Thread

    Also another thing to me is I think this is even more impressive than the Aldo KO because he did this in less than 40 seconds without taking anything back but a leg to his arm that he blocked. In. Sane.
  9. MMA Thread

    Just to be fair, if Conor beats Masvidal and wanted to fight Khabib after, Uncle Dana wouldn't deny him.
  10. MMA Thread

    He did one on the post fight show with Helwani
  11. MMA Thread

    Because it's like boxing except people can take knees to the face and has limbs ripped out of socket and lose a pint of blood.
  12. MMA Thread

    Post fight press conference he said 155 or 170, whoever is the most intriguing to him. I'd love to see him fight Masvidal but I'd rather see him fight Gaethje
  13. MMA Thread

    lmao Conor is owning Masvidal in the post fight press conference.
  14. MMA Thread

    Usman is too much man.
  15. MMA Thread

  16. MMA Thread

    I hope it's Gaethje but it'll probably be Masvidal and Conor I think wins that because he's calculated. Masvidal, while not just a mindless swinger like Aldo, is more wreckless than Conor and I think Conor catches him.
  17. MMA Thread

    Said he would "if the opponent was right"
  18. MMA Thread

    I wonder what''s more unlikely. Ronda coming back or Conor winning a belt.
  19. MMA Thread

    Holly is like old enough to almost be my mom
  20. MMA Thread

    Nate specifically tired him with the body kicks. I got Cowboy in 3-4 winning via tap
  21. MMA Thread

    She's a great fighter. I just think that her 2nd fight against bullet was called terribly and that her last fight against de Randamie was pretty bad for her considering she's a BJJ black belt and all she did was lay on top of another woman who has no ground game.
  22. MMA Thread

    For being a far from well known undercard, this one has been entertaining.
  23. MMA Thread

    I'm just talking about her last fight. Relax. Is she your sister or something?
  24. MMA Thread

    Conor's never been KO'd and I can't remember him taking a clean headkick
  25. MMA Thread

    Takedowns will forever be overscored in the UFC. I think that if you take someone down and lay on them while they have 2 or 3 submission attempts from the bottom, the takedown doesn't matter because the guy on top is doing a khabib or amanda nunes and just laying on them