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  1. Ahhh the NFL suspension system always makes sense. Steroids? 8 games. Beat your wife? 4 games. Rip a line? 6 games. Bribe a drug tester? 5 games. Only murder can get you suspended for ALL the games.
  2. I expect us to struggle a bit more against teams that can load the box and disrupt the short passing game. We shall see. We've beaten the teams we're supposed to beat. True test next week. If we keep Lamar under 80 yards on the ground I think we can win. Not a gimmy but not out of the question either considering how bad baltimore is against the pass.
  3. Just all the BS about him not beating Max was getting old. If you ask me, Ortega was getting beat up worse yesterday than he was against Max. A couple times during the GnP Volk should've earned the TKO but Herb Dean was having too much fun watching. Part of me wants Yair to beat Max just so I don't have to hear about it again.
  4. Tim Patrick is one of the most underrated players in the league.
  5. Every time they talk about Hunter Renfroe I get confused and think I'm in my Red Sox thread.
  6. We have one of the best pass rushes in the league so that is making it seem even worse.
  7. Graham Glasgow is aptly named. More like Glassnow
  8. So many flags, jesus. Every play since before Gordon Touchdown it seems.
  9. Gronk pushes off all the time and it never gets called.
  10. Looks like that ref isn't going to get his full bonus tonight
  11. If a team can load the box on us and press our receivers in the short game, our offense is dead. Not rocket science. We are just playing terrible teams.
  12. Man if Fangio called a timeout we may have made the game 20-0
  13. Lolol we've played the Jags, Jets, and Giants man. I ain't getting to crazy
  14. Only the Jets could have that bad of pass interference and act like they stopped us on 3rd down
  15. Well, at least Zach Wilson is durable for a small guy
  16. Wow Javonte Williams does an amazing job at running behind his pads and letting them always take the hit.
  17. I hope Wilson doesn't get killed. Hate seeing QBs get the David Carr treatment.
  18. Chargers defense has been underrated for a while just a matter of them staying healthy.
  19. Maybe some people will shut up now about Volk not being the real champ
  20. Ask Chargers fans about the Hochuli game against Denver when we had Cutler at QB.
  21. Doesn't help the Cardinals that they basically use the Run N Shoot madden playbook
  22. First time I've seen Herbert look human
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