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  1. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    DJ at least has a fair amount of experience as a scout with actual NFL teams, and is fairly well respected. Mayock, as much as i liked him on NFLN had 0 experience with actual football teams other than playing and talking on TV.
  2. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    JJ Watt i guess
  3. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I'd say Dortch is a better YAC guy than Brown. He is far more elusive. And I think a healthy Brown wins in a foot race, but not by a massive amount. They were getting similar separation on deep balls. Brown got a lot of YAC by just running straight and being wide open to begin with. Also N'keal was only 6'2 at the combine but he did weigh 228.... not sure where you are getting your measurables, but Davis sills was 6'3 at the combine.
  4. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    He was in a LOT more dynamic offense. Dee Dee Westbrook had a WAY better year in 2016 than Hollywood has ever had, with over 200 more yards and 7 more TD's than Brown has ever had. He was also 3 inches taller and weighed 12 more pounds than Brown did at the combine, AND Dee Dee ran a 4.34 at his pro day, and wasn't coming off of lisfranc injury. Dude was taken in the 4th round..... it makes no sense. Hollywood only had 240 more yards than Dortch this year while playing in the #4 passing offense in the nation. Wake Forest was 55th. That isn't comparing apples to apples and the dude still had similar production. I guess my point is that Brown was over drafted, and Dortch was underdrafted, and Brown probably has the higher ceiling, but i really don't think they are as far apart as their draft value would dictate.
  5. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Hell... he weighs more than Hollywood Brown who went as the first WR off the board..... lets not pretend height is going to help Hollywood at all, he isn't gonna win many jump balls regardless. Have you watched any of his tape? I thought he was really impressive. Kid is one of the more elusive guys i have see from this entire draft. And it's not like he is slow either. He ran a 4.49 shortly after a surgery, out of shape and with 0 preparation to run the 40. I don't know who this person is so i can't judge him much... though if it is the same guy from the turn on the jets podcast i, i have listened to a few episodes and found him fairly unimpressive. I am aware this guy is an UDFA but he produced over a 1k season at wake forest with a collection of nobodies slinging him the ball. At 5'7 173 he had almost double the yardage of the next receiver at wake. He may not make it but watch his tape yourself, and lemme know if you come away unimpressed. Also dude had a 4 TD game... the last 3 TD's were after he punctured his intestines on a crappy end zone pylon on the first TD.... he kept playing while rapidly declining and scored 3 more... then was rushed to the hospital..... i am not counting that dude out.
  6. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I love Dortch. Really rooting for him. I think he could really do for us some of the things Gase had Albert Wilson do for us last year.
  7. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Ya... because the Jets have really excelled at developing edge players. I just think criticizing the Leo pick is a hard argument to make even knowing that he hasn't been playing at a superstar level so far. The rest of that draft is just not great. Even Gurley.... dude has had some success but only when in a complete powerhouse offense. He is a good player but RB isn't worth an early 1st imo. After that Beasly is just a flat out bad player. If i am not mistaken he was the last rated Edge in the NFL last year. Looking back at that draft there honestly isn't 1 player taken after Leo in the rest of the 1st that i would probably take over him... and i am not even a big Leo backer.
  8. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    While i would certainly love to add talent to the WR room, especially a dominant #1 which changes how defenses approach the game. And i am always a proponent of drafting at least 1 RB every year, though generally not that early. I think we have rarely been in a spot in the 1st round to take a top notch WR. The next WR off the board after Leo was Kevin White, then Devante Parker, then Agholor, then Perriman, then Dorsett, then he took Devin Smith arg, then DGB and Funchess.... none of those guys is even a #2. After Lee, we missed out on Fuller (decent but hurt all the time), Doctson, Treadwell, Sterling Shepard (he is ok), and Thomas (ya he is damn good) After Adams we missed out on Mike Williams, John Ross, then Zay Jones, Curtis Samuel, then way farther down JuJu ya he's good. I am not gonna go over last years because we clearly needed to take Sam... My main point is ya... i want great RB's but they have been few and far between early in the draft, and i think the main travesty is our lack of attention paid to the O line. I would rather have the best O line in the league and the worst WR corps in the league than vice versa.
  9. Jets select TE Trevon Wesco in round 4

    Dude had the 2nd most broken tackles of any TE in this class.... 12 broken tackles.... he only had 26 catches lol.
  10. Jets select EDGE Jachai Polite in round 3, 68th overall

    Shane Ray was good in college, but man i hated his tape too. If he didn't win with his first step then he just was done. Had no other moves or anything else.
  11. Jets select TE Trevon Wesco in round 4

    Hockenson is definitely the best all around TE in the draft by a large margin. But this kid is pretty damn good. Good hands and moves better than his 40 time would make you think. And as a blocker he straight up murders people. He doesn't so much try to wall off and redirect defenders as he does tries to pancake them.
  12. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I am not really a Macc supporter and think he should have been fired with Bowles, but we are becoming a much deeper team very quickly. I think this offseason would be viewed much differently if we ended up signing Matt Paradis. I think everything else was really well done now that the draft is over. We added to our offensive weapons, got a much needed upgrade at swing tackle or best case scenario an upgrade at starter. We strengthened the hell out of someplace that was already a strength with Quinnen who was the best player in the draft imo. Our off ball LBer spot is crazy deep, with Mosley, Williamson, Lee, Cashman, and Hewitt... it is almost too deep. If we resign Mo Claiborne I will feel much better about our CB group which i already think has a chance to be better than expected. I really like Derek Jones, Parry Nickerson has the tools and just needs to put them together, Roberts had a really nice stretch last year, we drafted a guy who has ability if he can get and stay healthy and hopefully develop into something. I think Trevon Wesco has a chance to be a real big upgrade over ET. Certainly a better blocker, but go watch him run routes at his pro day and the senior bowl, he is a real smooth mover with natural hands. He was a favorite of a lot of scouts for a reason... his college coach also said he was the best player on the team no question, and that team had like 3 or 4 people drafted this year. But then it all comes back to center. Macc always has to leave something annoying. He glossed over what was probably the most important upgrade we could have made this year. We have no choice but to sign Weisnewski and have him and Harrison have a scrub off to see who gets to be least bad in front of Sam. One last thing that could be a cherry on top of this offseason is swinging a trade for Clowney for 2020 picks, and we have the scariest front 7 in the league possibly.
  13. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    You can say that about any rookie though. Even if we drafted Allen at 3 we really wouldn't have felt like edge was solved until he went out and proved it. I like Allen but he wasn't a can't miss prospect. Polite is a more refined pass rusher at this point. Might not have Allens ceiling but i like Polite a ton.
  14. Holy crap. For some reason that hadn't occurred to me after we got Polite. Good lord what a front 7 that would be. Leo, Q, Anderson with Clowney, and Polite on the edges, and Williamson and CJ in the middle.... also can sub in Lee on passing downs to drop him into coverage, and rotate Cashman in sometimes, we are deep.
  15. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    What if we can package him and our 6th to get to the top of the 4th... take Butler or Harmon if they are still there.