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  1. Only 1 reason to have an unregistered gun. Especially in Texas where they will let anyone have a gun.
  2. I didn't want him for 3 or 4 million. I certainly have no interest at 10. So over rated.
  3. Oh the memories. Honestly this is about as happy as i have been to NOT sign someone.
  4. Easy sign both lol, Becton, peters, McGovern, warford, Fant..... not bad
  5. The more I think about it the more I want to sign peters, and have him pay LG. It's been hesaid that our LG spot in this scheme is going to have almost as much responsibility as LT as they will have a lot of ground to cover. Convince peters that a move to OG will make playing at a high level easier for him in his old age. He mentors Mehki, and playing next to him helps give Mehki someone he can count on. Clark can learn from peters to and take over in a year or two.
  6. I'm not against the idea of signing Peters, but I'd be pretty shocked. It would really make the Fant signing seem odd. The only way this would make any sense would be if they want to give Becton a year at OG to learn LT under Peters, have Fant at RT. But that seems far fetched. That our i wonder if Peters would be open to playing OG. I just don't think it happens.
  7. I never said why bother. But teams that are in win now mode should be signing 30 year old guys. Where as we have really young guys who might turn out to be much better than Ryan given the reps. Bad teams don't improve by signing 30 year olds, they improve by developing some of their young guys.
  8. I hope we don't sign him. This signing would do nothing for me at all. He better in the slot but Poole is better in the slot than Ryan. He was actually pretty bad in coverage last year. He was bailed out by a handful of splash plays. If you look at the rest of his career this INTs and sacks seem like a bit of an aberration. I'd rather let younger guys get the reps. It's not like we're a contender this year anyway. Spend the money on offense to help Sam develop.
  9. They don't actually own JnJ their side of the family sold out of it a long time ago. They do hedge funds stuff.
  10. In games where Sam has a league average amount of time before pressures he has a QB rating of 108. If that doesn't tell you that he has potential and that we've thus far squandered him i don't know what does. Not elite protection.... not even good protection.... middle of the pack. Surroundings matter an insane amount. Everyone in the world made excuses for Brady last year, saying that he had nothing to work with. His qb rating was almost the same as Sam's, and he easily had a better line a better run game, better play calling, and at least comparable receiving options.....
  11. I'm not sure he really fits the athletic style of guy we are looking for but he's good enough to make an exception
  12. It was pretty bad, they really didn't keep advanced stats like that back then, but he had to deal with someone in the backfield a ton
  13. Leave Barry out of this, he played behind some awful lines, and his worst year he still averaged over 1 ypc more than Bell did last year.
  14. I think we only have 8 picks atm
  15. I was hoping to see him develop, but we have added a lot of guys there
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