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  1. Incredibly bored mock

    I mind it less if it's a 2021 pick
  2. Incredibly bored mock

    Don't think we'd sign Walker though. We have like 45 TEs on the roster
  3. Incredibly bored mock

    I'd be pretty excited if this happens but I'd think Mims I'd going in the 1st, Cleveland night sneak into the last first though I don't think here should. But I'd really like this.
  4. Covid-19 Mock

    I guess I don't really dislike Charles per see, I'd just really like to address the position earlier. He also missed time with disciplinary stuff so he doesn't seem like a JD guy. With gross-matos I think he's pure protection. Could end up being really good but he is raw, and never proved his athleticism st thr combine or at a pro day. If we're trading up there I'd prefer it be for someone like Austin Jackson or Josh Jones.
  5. Covid-19 Mock

    There's just no way we could afford all of this. Cook's is 12 mill, Williams wil get.... 14 minimum. Clowney is 14, Jameis 8, plus we'd have to pay kicker and punter and draft class. As far as the draft class I like Jeudy and then that's about it. Not a fan of trading up for gross-matos, or trading up at all really. Charles doesn't really fit our blocking scheme. I do like van. I like Evans but think he'll be gone before the 6th
  6. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I had no idea what the money would bre on this deal but this is super affordable. He's way less than Lewis somehow.
  7. Jets Pick at 11

    Lowest floor, but the highest ceiling. He has done seriously jaw dropping blocks where he is just kicking dudes out of the club. It's stuff you normally see when a superstar high school player is playing against a bad HS team. Then the next block he'll get a bit lost out there. Ib think it's more mental and processing than technique.
  8. Jets Pick at 11

    I think his speed shows up on the field more too. But all in all not a bad comp. He put up some really nice seasons, no telling what he'd have done with better QB play or in today's wide open offense.
  9. It really depends what the trade back package is. We've needed to trade back and accrue picks for years now.
  10. Jets Pick at 11

    I don't think it's much harder to find ways to use Ruggs.
  11. Jets Pick at 11

    I went Ruggs, Becton, Jeudy. I've stated my thoughts on Ruggs lately. He's just a constant stress on a defense. They have to be concerned every play. Wills is probably the only player I'd have to really consider not taking over him, but Wills is off the board here
  12. Speed Kills Mock

    I think Hairston is one if those instances where first impressions are over valued. His first 2 games he was pretty decent, especially when compared to who he was replacing. After that though he was pretty bad, hence him being benched. I just don't see him bring worth the more than 2 mill he is owed.
  13. Speed Kills Mock

    I have been toying with what i want out of this draft. Before FA my mocks were basically 5 OL and then a few other random players, but JD has done an admirable job getting good pass protectors for Sam. What we really need for Sam is speed and play making ability. The better teams in the league have guys that can make something out of nothing. People give Pat Mahomes an insane amount of credit, and I do think he is an amazing player, but he gets more garbage stats than just about anyone. He has Hill, Hardman, and Kelce just making something out of nothing all day. He sometimes taps the ball forwards 6 inches in a jet sweep to Hill and gets credit for 40 passing yards and a TD..... Sam needs that help. So... enjoy. One last thing about this off season before i get to it. JD has been setting up a fair number of 1 year deals. One possible reason for this is so that if these guys perform they can get bigger contracts elsewhere and we can get some comp picks. The Jets have been awarded the 3rd least comp picks since comp picks became a thing. That is clearly a sign of how shortsighted this team has been in it's approach to building a team. Rest of FA: Jadeveon Clowney- Hear me out. He is obviously super talented, and his market didn't develop like he was hoping. In part due to playing through injury last year and only getting 3 sacks. He agrees to a 1 year deal to try to put together a healthy season and make big bucks next year. He signs for 1 year 17 mill. If he shows out we can either extend him, tag him, or let him walk and get a 3rd round comp pick Cuts: Farley Nate Hairston Josh Bellemy Jonathon Harrison Draft: #11: Henry Ruggs WR- I wasn't even trying to talk myself into him, but the more i watched his tape, and the more i thought about how what he does would translate to the NFL it happened. Lamb and Jeudy are studs, but I don't think anyone would change how a defense would have to approach us more than Ruggs. He just has to be accounted for. He also fits what I believe Gase wants more than anyone. I see him running slants and shallow crossers all day, and if the S is out of place by even a yard..... it's a TD #48: Lucas Niang OT- Monster RT, who I think could be the 5th best OT in this class. The reason he is still here is that he was playing through an injured hip this season and it hampered his movement skills. His 2018 tape however you can see what he is. He moves great and is super powerful. It sets up an OT tackle comp between Fant, Edoga, and Niang, and the loser can potentially slide over to guard as Gase wants mobile guards. #68: Troy Pride Jr CB- We need CB help and this dude is scrappy as hell out there. He looked amazing at the senior bowl which is a hard place for a CB to show out as they are just out there in 1 on 1 drills with good WR's. He was locking down most of the guys out there. He also has the needed athleticism, ran a 4.40 and did well in the agility drills. He can challenge Bless for our #2 CB spot. #79: Darrell Taylor EDGE- Big guy with really good get off who also has the occasional inside counter. We need to get lucky at edge eventually and this is our shot this year. #120: Lynn Bowden Jr WR- We get another WR for Gase to have fun with. This guy can do it all. I think he is the smaller version of Laviska Shenault in this draft. So here's the story. He was a WR in 2018 and got 700+ yards receiving. In 2019 he was on his way to a good season as a WR.... then his QB got hurt and Kentucky asked him to move over to be their option QB. Dude rushed for 1468 yards and 13 TD's had 348 receiving yards AND threw for 403 yards.... that is bananas. He would be a WR in the pros, but he offers the ability to line him up in the backfield and just find ways to get him the ball in space. Didn't run at the combine due to a hammy but has been timed in the mid to high 4.3's #158: Darrynton Evans RB- Guy is a big play waiting to happen. Ran a 4.41, is slippery and has good vision. Get him to work more on routes out of the backfield and find ways to get him the ball in space. #191: Reggie Robinson CB- Good sized CB with good ability. Add another young guy to the CB room. #211: James Proche WR- Not the biggest guy in the world but he has great hands and goes up and gets it. He moves well and would be another developmental guy who can be in our WR room.
  14. I know... i said that in there, and i agree that he plays bigger than the other 2. Honestly I think Ruggs plays bigger than Jeudy. The real question though is Lamb going to be able to big boy NFL corners as much as he did it to big 12 corners
  15. I get that CeeDee plays bigger than the other guys, but people refer to him as some big dude. He was a but under 6'2 and was 189 at his pro day, oddly he was 198 at the combine. Ruggs was 188 at the combine. That is a 1 pound difference. Jeudy is 5/8ths of an inch shorter than Lamb and at the combine was 5 pounds less. Lamb can go get the rock, but he's not some 6'4 225lber than can abuse NFL CB's.