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  1. My Top 10 pre combine position rankings

    Lamar Jackson #3 WR. Interesting. Certainly not #3 QB.
  2. 2018 Draft RB Thread

    The are both viewed as too small to carry the load. It's a ridiculous mentality in the NFL. E. Smith was 5-9, 210 to 215 like these guys will be after they add a few lbs but the NFL GMs think they are too small for some unknown reason.
  3. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Easily. The most accurate QB in history with the ability to scramble, read a defense and a strong arm. This is a no brainer.
  4. Is Doug Pederson a top five coach?

    He's not and he knows he's not. Neither is his brother who routinely allows his OC to call a low % 15-20 yard deep out on 3rd and short with Joe Flacco as QB. It usually is an uncatchable pass. He also loses games by not taking the points in FG range, instead going for it and then needing those 3 points to win the game. Does it almost every year. This year he got away with it.
  5. Who's The Greatest Player of All Time?

    Put Brady in the 80's with Jerry, he's sitting on a couch watching Rice score TDs, wondering where his bowl of soup is because of all the concussions in his 8 year QB career. He's would have been broken into little pieces. You are right, it's not close. Brady is way behind. Back then it didn't matter how fast you got rid of the ball, you still took a ton of hits with no flags. This would have been Brady: except he's not as tough as Bradshaw was. He would have never gotten up.
  6. The dumb argument regarding Brady vs Montana

    Imagine the 49ers in this decade. Smoking Belicheck/Brady yearly. They were a superior team (to any Pats team) in a decade where you could punish a QB with brutal hits and not get flagged. They faced incredible competition vs the Giants , Redskins and for one year the Bears a (with one of the greatest Ds in history). The NFL championship back then WAS the SB. The SB was a simply a sacrifice of an AFC team to the NFC champion. You take the 80's/early 90s 49ers and put them in the AFC East over the last 2 decades, with no punishing the QB and Montana has more than 5 SBs.
  7. Is Doug Pederson a top five coach?

    Mike Tomlin has been coaching and losing to the Patriots for over a decade. Doug Marrone & the Jags couldn't figure out that you don't get conservative with a lead even after watching ATL blow a lead. Pederson figured out (in 2 years) that you have to be aggressive for 4 quarters and understands situations like going for it on 4th down with smart play calls, not pitching the ball back 4 yards and hoping your RB (Bell) can gain 5 vs one of the toughest Ds in the game.. Pederson/Wentz is going to be the next great HC/QB combo.
  8. Foles vs. Wentz - what will the Eagles do??

    They may be able to get a haul for Foles like they did with Bradford. Wentz is the future.
  9. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    Sure does....and you know it.
  10. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Pederson is your next great HC. Balls and smart. Outcoached Belicheck by coaching just like Belicheck.
  11. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    There's your industrial grade salt. Did you notice that Pederson coached like Belicheck and beat Brady? Just like I said, no lucky win beating superior teams with stupid coaches. He had the balls and brains that the others didn't. That's why Philly won.
  12. What have you learned from draft busts?

    This along with a brain and/or desire. Both are preferred. The Patriots only want smart players. That's why they win consistently. Frank Gore has a learning disability but you can never question his passion for the game and his dedication. You want guys working all year long. That's why Wentz is already really good. You don't want guys that are in it for the money. My favorite example of that was when Robert Meachem, when asked why he was coming out early for the NFL, stated, 'I'm cashing in'. That second I knew he was going to flop. Brady is a great example of a guy with limited athletic ability but dedication 365 days a year to be great. He treats it like a job.
  13. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    I usually watch the highlights of guys on youtube and the first name that comes to mind for this guy is Jerry Porter. Porter ran 4.48 at the combine and didn't look fast. Dude appears to be the exact same size. Now Porter thought he was great and would have had a better career if he put in the effort instead of designing WWWE belts to wear around in practice.
  14. Cleveland

    That's why trading the #1 for as much as they can get to a QB needy team is the best move because no matter what they get either Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield or Allen at #4. It's a no brainer decision in my mind.
  15. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    Great QB yes. Greatest, no. Luckiest QB ever. Definitely. The benefactor of 3 of the dumbest coaches ever. Mike Martz, OC Bevell and the dumbest person in NFL SB history, OC, Shanahan. Re-watching the stupid call on 2nd & 9 from the 40 when a FG finishes off the Pats is still hard to watch.