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  1. Way better than the QB bust (as I predicted years ago) that he is replacing.
  2. This league is all about the franchise QB. Even more so in this flag football era. You don't take anyone else when a Joe Burrow falls in your lap. Sure the niners are in the big game mainly because of D but show me a defensive juggernaut that sustains over a decade....how about over 5 years? How about 3 years? Never seen one compete for the SB in back to back years since the 70s when the game was different. You take the franchise QB everytime. You take Young and you may end up low end ham & egger, never sniffing the QB you need again as you finish in the 5-15 range every NFL draft.
  3. Sitting in the green room waiting to be picked.
  4. Mayfield all day. Murray has already be figured out. He cant even see over his OL. McDaniels will scheme and build around Mayfield in 2020 instead of having a completely out of their league HC and OC.
  5. Wentz easily. Heck he just beat a fully armored Dak and he did it with backup WRs.
  6. lod01

    UDFA Tracker

    Devine Ozigbo to the Saints. Stanley Morgan to the Bengals. Both great moves.
  7. The NFL has changed. Fast little guys are free to run across the middle without worrying about getting destroyed.
  8. The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot reports Breshad Perriman wants out of his one-year, $4 million contract with the Browns.
  9. Metcalf slipped on the 3-cone. Lets see what he does after he practices it and runs at his pro day....if he even does. It's such a nothingburger. Big Wrs rarely even run that drill. Calvin didn't Andre Johnson didn't. Larry Fitz didn't. Dez had just as bad shuttle., etc. So did DeAndre Hopkins.
  10. I know that. I'm just using the data you supplied on Ebron to show how stupid it is to downgrade Metcalf on 2 drills.
  11. Lets see. A guy that is slower that Metcalf and less agile can catch go 66-750 and 13 TDs after getting out of Detroit. Yeah, I'm pretty sure with the right team, Metcalf is fine. This talk of 3-cone and 20 SS is a giant nothingburger. More concerned about him being bulked up and tight causing a rash of injuries. You do need to have some gumby in ya at the NFL level.
  12. A note on Metcalf's shuttle and 3-cone. Both are a big who cares and are meaningless for a guy his size. Dez Bryant - 4.46 shuttle. DeAndre Hopkins shuttle: 4.47. Most big WRs don't even run them, even at the pro days. Calvin did none of that. Andre Johnson did neither. Larry Fitz didn't run them.
  13. Give Derek Carr time. He's turning into David Carr, including running out of bounds for a loss when you can legally throw the ball away. Mark Bavaro Vernon Davis Doug Flutie Tony Eason Kevin Dyson Martin Gramatica Archie Griffin Torry Holt Rocket Ismial Gail Sayers Sterling Sharpe career cut short but he was better as stated by Shannon. Mike Vick
  14. I'm referring to in the NFL. I could give a **** about other sports. Cooper did not play in the NFL. Now I can top that....easily. its especially true at the QB spot. Peyton Manning Santana Moss Champ Bailey Brent Celek Matt Hasselbeck Clay Matthews Josh McCown Cam Newton Carson Palmer Aaron Rodgers JJ Watt Terry Bradshaw Ty Detmer
  15. Younger brothers are rarely better than the older brother.
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