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  1. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    How's it going?
  2. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Can I get an update concerning this piece of **** you support?
  3. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    Complete idiot and loser on and off the field.
  4. Doug Baldwin: TNF should be illegal

    Shut your cakehole, Baldwin and man up.
  5. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Nope. When you are as dumb as he is, you can't make strides. Caused the melee that may get Evans suspended a game He's incredibly stupid.
  6. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Only 3 more turnovers this past week. Not bad for him.
  7. Where to start. It's probably easier to name the good coaches. Anyway, Caldwell - totally clueless. looks like he has no idea what happened on any and every play. Would rather be behind by 21 in the 4th Q than put up 21 in the 1st half. Doesn't try to win games, just tries not to lose them. Recipe for failure, hence 0 wins in the playoffs. John Fox - Also plays not to lose. Rode Manning to a SB and is now living off of it. Pagano - why is he still coaching? John Harbug - sucks and every year he has at least 1 game where he refuses to kick a FG that would put them only down one score, only to fail to get any points, then the team ends up getting the TD later but because he didn't kick the FG, the team loses. He's a serious moron. It's at least 3 straight years he has done this. These guys are either dumb or just suck at coaching or both: O'Brien, Lewis, Bowles
  8. Who would you rather have, Cousins vs Newton

    Cousins is an NFL QB. Newton is a big pile of garbage that can run and that's it.
  9. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Good one. that made me laugh.
  10. Cam Newton as a player

    Another pathetic stinker put up by this overgrown terdlet. The big year he had was against one of the softest schedules in history. The NFC S that year all had easy schedules.
  11. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Winston is the one holding back the offense. Dirk knows Winston is dumb and is a turnover machine. He's a game manager at best and you better have a top flight D to counter his suckage. Dirk knows this.
  12. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Winston is true garbage. Bucs are screwed because Lovie was the one that wanted that bum then got fired. By picking him they missed out on Wentz or Goff the following year and now will miss out on a stacked 2018 QB class because they won't give up on this bum yet.
  13. Posts from old site?

    That's too bad. There was some guy that was all bowed up ready to bump the Winston thread every time he did something good. NEWSFLASH: Winston still sucks.
  14. Christian McCaffrey's rookie campaign

    He's Reggie Bush II.
  15. Cam Newton as a player

    He's terrible. Mechanics are awful. Can't hit the broadside of a barn. No touch on passes. If he couldn't run, he wouldn't even be in the NFL.