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  1. i completely agree. Also Greggg knew everything that Baker struggled with. Hell, its prolly best that it was exsposed now, so Baker can work on it and the coaches can add that into the practice wrinkles, so other teams cant use it. like you said, no amount of film will prepare you for the disguises.
  2. Affording Nursing School

    I voted for Adams. I might not agree with the price but he would be the only player out of those three that I would want to trade for. I wouldnt hate the idea of trading for Adams because it gives us a stud safety on a rookie deal for a few years and we will prolly like Randall walk at the end of the year. So at least the back end doesnt get completely left empty
  3. Take a deep breath

    we all just need to look at the Texans last year. They went 11-5 and they lost their first 3 games to start the season. The team has to figure things out, i believe they will or at least hope they do
  4. Kirksey just isn’t the be all end all for our defense
  5. You think Greggg knows who OBJ is now???
  6. Mack is a better coverage Lb than Kirksey tho? He is also a better athlete so he can play faster. Also Schobert is the Mike, so Mack wouldn’t be commanding the offense
  7. I feel like him and monken are talking to much and not really setting anything up or creating a flow. Feel like their best drives have been the scripted ones
  8. Why is it taking so long to call a damn play. Baker is getting to the line with like 5 seconds every time
  9. They were reporting it was to create a roster spot
  10. whos rating them the top farm system? Ive seen them top10 but not number one. There gonna need that farm system to show worth next year because I dont think they will keep a lot of their FAs this offseason. I have seen the WhiteSox Twins and Tigers ranked inthe top12 in farm system rankings, in that order. Indians have a bottom 5 farm system. Not surprised because they have made a lot of trades the past couple of years. Where you look at WhiteSoxs Twins and Tigers, they have tanked the past few years to restock the farm system. Indians farm system could take a jump if their low level guys develop. They just dont have many top tier prospects. All the different ranking I have seen have slotted Padres and Rays as the usual 1-2 top farm systems
  11. I think OBJ knew exactly what he was doing calling out Greg Williams. With these clips prolly being sent to the head office and with OBJ voicing his concern, stuff like that wont be over looked in the game
  12. I am almost positive the play where the dude went low on Allen wasnt even flagged