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  1. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    you would think a potential pick would be in there because Korver would be wanted by a lot of teams. Hell I would want him to stay on the time because he has helped a lot of guys fix their shooting motions. He really helped Lebron and Cedi. Heck, Cedi looks like he just copied Korvers. It be great to have Korver work on Sexton's shooting motion
  2. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Oh I know that. It just gets upset because with how bad the outfield is, he could of been a starter for the Indians and not just a platoon player. If he is as good as a hitter everyone projects, they would live with his learning curve. Short term, he can def make more money, long term, not so sure, prolly could have a longer career as an outfield because he won’t have to worry about knee issues as he gets later in his career. Its all moot tho. I was hoping to see him make it with this franchise but lll take trading for a legit stud over potential stud prospect. I just hope they make another move for outfield help. That is part of the reason I wish Mejia could have made the move because the Indians need so much help there. Just glad the Indians are in the position they are in now. They are set up to make a run but also have a record that allows them to be ahead of their competition when players start to get waived and they get first dibs
  3. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Oh I know he is a top tier catching prospects but you should do whatever it takes to be playing in the majors. He could be starting for the Indians right now in the outfield. Maybe in a year or two he moves back to catcher when Yans contract is up or that he plays great enough that he is a young stud OF. It was like he rather be a catcher in the minors than at least playing in the majors and starting your clock.
  4. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Well from the reports about how he has been stubborn about making The move to outfield, it changed the organization’s opinion about him. With how bad The Indians outfield is and he wasn’t getting called up, show something to me. I love a good prospect but I love trading good prospects for elite level pro players even more
  5. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    When it comes to smaller to mid markets, the control matters. For example the Indians now knowing whoWill be the closer next year will allow them to attack the off-season differently any Turman how they will spend their money I think and players under friendly control contracts is a positive
  6. best part about this is all the control left on the two pitchers. Hand is under control for at least 3 years and Cimber is 5 years. Im glad they didnt trade mejia for just a rental.
  7. Issue with Mejia was turning into him not wanting to fully move to OF and instead wanted to stay at catcher. I think he is just being greedy because he knows his hitting ability at catcher will get him paid. His hitting ability as a catcher would make him top tier, his hitting ability as a OF, makes him mid-tier IMO
  8. Nope Allen will stay the closer for the year. Tito will just play with Hand and Miller. Its great to know the Indians have two complete studs coming out of the bullpen. With Hand and Miller healthy, it really shortens the games for the Indians. Also add to the fact its going to knock every other reliever down a spot, will make them even better!
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    If you are kevin Love are you opting out of $25.6 million? They just need to make Love a deadline deal player.
  10. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    JR truly wont be that hard to move. TT will be tho
  11. Insta kill is the best Because it means no lactic acid build up or very little in the meat
  12. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    Who knows maybe he likes being the star athlete for an entire nation, where he be #2 in LA. Star of Canada, better chance of long term winning because he has younger talent to work with, can set the offense to his style and not Lebrons. He might not want to be #2 to a very strong #1. so who knows. I like the Raptors chances next year in the east. Just crazy that the Cavs couldn’t get that trade done with the #8 overall pick. Maybe they knew Lebron was gone this offseason so never tried to make the deal.
  13. Who the hell knows. Just like his logic that my keys needed to be switch, that he needed to block access to WiFi, and etc. if it didn’t go his way because he tried, it’s not his fault
  14. Yep all moved out and yet the dude still acts like a ******. Complaining to my wife that I am the reason he couldn’t find a job closer to home. That it’s my fault he has to drive to Geauga county for his job. Maybe once or twice. Lol
  15. Hey hey hey I live in Ashtabula now, very close to lake tho lol just finished. The house