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  1. yeah, it seems like Achilles ruins careers, when guys are already past their prime but even than, we have seen more guys come back from that injury more recently
  2. IF you trade for Ryan? Are you trading/releasing Baker? No way would I keep him on the team if Ryan is traded for
  3. Its not like the Steelers were that impressive before hand. That was easily the best they looked all year. No one knew the game would be like that. Hell, Vegas had the steelers at -3, which is pretty much a pick'em game because usually the home team gets -3 points.
  4. Nothing in that highlight makes me want him tho. No highights vs tOSU OL, the only highlight vs Wisconsin was on a screen play, where he doesnt get blocked, and 3 highlights vs Iowa, one play was vs a guard, another was a coverage sack, where he was dead in the water the first 5 seconds or so ( shows his motor but not that great of a play), and the 3rd play vs Iowa, which was his only worth while play, was him being the LT on a hard inside stunt. The rest was him beating up lower tier big10 teams. Kinda sums up Harbs Michigan tenure. To me the only DE that wows me is rousseau. I rather target someone like Marvin Wilson
  5. Well this offseason could be the offseason to do it. They prolly should hit the reset button on GM HC and QB
  6. Talking about potential QB targets. I wouldn’t mind asking the Packers about Jordan Love. he spent a year being seasoned by Lafleur and his system. Actually think he is going to be a solid QB. He would be on that 1st rd QB contract I know they just drafted him but I would at least ask
  7. So we’re trading for Aaron now?
  8. Literally talked about his BC time... So playing at BC didn’t really make him a stud outdoors QB...
  9. I hope they dont, can the Browns trade for him???
  10. he could be a out of the league. Ryan is not known for his arm strength. Might not be able to cut it throwing the ball in the weather. I know he played at BC. His college splits, Nov is his worst month. Sub 60% passing and almost 1:1 TD to INT. Sept & Oct 60% or better and a lot better TD to INT ratio. He was blessed to have gone to a dome team IMO. Also his career record indoors is 59-30, outside 37-34. Retrace roof: 14-21 ( dont know if the roof was open or closed)
  11. Matt Ryan is 3-9 vs the AFC North. I dont know how good he be facing Pitt and Balt. 2x a year. he is 1-2 vs Cleveland 1-2 vs Cincy 1-2 vs Balt and 0-3 vs Pitt. Playing in a dome a majority of his career has been very helpful
  12. would love to see him playing in the weather and wind in the AFC North...
  13. I think the insulation we have in our house and garage blocks a lot of the noise. I’ll have the air compressor for the nailer, circular saw, sander going. I’ll get nervous about the noise. The first night I did it, I asked my wife if she could hear me and she said no. Now if I have the garage door open, my neighbor will hear everything
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