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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    Well Stef was brought in because of his background in using 12 personnel groupings exceptionally well. Berry just went after the best TE in FA, so the Browns can be better suited for 12 personnel. So it seems like its a philosophy thing, than a matter of what resources he had. When Minny lost Thielen to some injuries, it could have allowed them to at least try other WRs out. Against he stuck to only a Diggs, Thielen, and Johnson last year. Hell last year Minny, drafted a TE in the 2nd rd. Outside of the OL and QB, the only skill player who took more snaps than their #2 TE, who was a rookie, was Rudolph and Diggs. Thielen being hurt played a roll but literally still played a large portion of their snaps. Not like Minny didnt have chances at good WRs. They drafted their #2 TE, Smith, right before AJ Brown. Could have also drafted Parris Campbell or DK Metcalf. They could have drafted Hakeem Butler with their last pick in the 3rd but took a back up RB. If they were truly hurting to find that #3 WR, they they truly needed, they would have drafted a WR before the 7th rd. 3rd WR isnt that important in a Stef offense, unless there is injury. Again if Landry or OBJ get hurt. I would much rather them them running 22 personnel groups with
  2. cause there is nothing impressive about what he did and people are hyping it up
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    who is coming off the field Landry or OBJ? Stef doesnt like using 3 WRs. He uses 1-2 WRs a lot more than 3 WRs. Browns need a 1st rd pick who can be immediate impact player. 3rd/4th WR isn’t that important at the moment
  4. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    shouldnt that be what the DC wants then the GM and scout to find the LBs that would fit the scheme? Like what kind of LBs doest Woods like to use and utilize
  5. yeah you can teach form doing a lot of things. No need to teach form to push a truck. not a good blocking drill
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Are you calling Ball a tunnel vision PG?
  7. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I don’t care about our other guards. Ball is a true point guard. Something the current team is desperately in need of. He also brings great size and length to the guard position. Something, again that is something that is missing from our current guard. Garland shouldn’t be a 1, he should be the 2. Ball should be the 1 and Sexton is a bench/6th man type player. hell I think the Cavs might have a better future with a 1/2 of Ball and KPJ there is no one currently on the team that is worth building around at the moment. Except maybe for KPJ The season being cut short hurts Garland and KPJ. You go BPA, no matter what. That screwed us when we didn’t go Dipo cause we were so worried about Irving and Waiters. Left us taking freaking Bennett. You get the talent and figure out what to do from there.
  8. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    my Browns team QB: Bernie Kosar / Otto Graham. If we are playing in today's league, Bernie is my pick. RB: Jim Brown RB: LeRoy Kelly/Marion Motley WR: Paul Warfield WR: Eric Metcalf TE: Ozzie Smith LT: Joe Thomas LG: JimRay Smith C: Frank Gatski RG: Gene Hickerson RT: Richard Schafrath/ Mike McCormack DE: Bill Glass DT: Bob Golic DT: Michael Dean Perry DE: Len Ford LB: Clay Mathew LB: Walt Michaels LB: Paul Wiggin CB: Frank Minnifield FS: Thom Darden SS: Clarance Clark CB: Hanford Dixon K: Lou Groza/Phil Dawson P: Gary Collins KR/PR: Josh Cribbs HC: Paul Brown
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I want him or Ball
  10. good workout, yea. good blocking drill, not so much
  11. Rutgers currently has #12 overall class for 2021

    greg schiano knows how to recruit the NJ area. has a solid track record as a HC to present, where previous guys were usually 1st time HC, and history of the program on his side
  12. Only true hope is that Day gets poached for an NFL job and Hartline lands a HC job himself
  13. Free Agency Discussion

    I think the only way I want a trade down is if Thomas and Wills the only tackles that are gone. I would hope for a trade down and try And land Becton or Wirf a few spots later
  14. With Antwan Jackson added to the list. It’s 23 out of 26. this could get even worse with the way Day and his staff is recruiting.
  15. Really curious if that sticks since he has never visited