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  1. OTA Thread

    Will it matter tho? It seems like the Browns will only play with 2 LBs a majority of the game. If everything works out Kirk amen Schobert should play most of the game. Silks one year as DC, he had one LB at 90% snap count and another at 80%. Heck last year with the Cards they had only one LB log 75% of the snap counts. I think Wilson and Taki will play big roles on STs. That we will see a lot of different uses of safety play. Prolly why they brought in so many. They brought in safeties who excelled at different thing. As long as Kirk and Schobert stay healthy, they should play the majority of the snaps. I think that’s why during OTAs we have seems avery getting reps at DL. So they can find more ways to get him on the field
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    That is a smart route to go. Pacers got lucky with that as well. No one wanted Dipo anymore and he goes to the Pacers and kills it. Are there any current players that fit that mold? Josh Jackson has been pretty bad with the Suns, Emmanuel Mudiay, Dante Exum, Trey Burke (reunite him with JB),
  3. Relative athletic score

    No way Forbes is center material. IMO the dude has everything you want in a tackle. I rather him give Hubbard a run for his money this season. I really want to know how Forbes fell through the cracks of DI football. Dude has to be at least 6'4 270 coming out. With how well he moves and how violent he is and him playing his freshmen year and then being a starter his 2nd year, that its not like he took years to develop and grow. The dude had to have those same traits in HS..
  4. OTA Thread

    I dont know, I think he holds an advantage that he has experience playing with Silks and Holcomb. Taylor's rookie year he played for the panthers. So that at least gives him a crack first at the job. I do like our LB depth tho. 3 vets and 3 youngins. The Browns should have at least one vet LB on the field at all times.
  5. Ravens sign WR Michael Floyd

    he was promising in '13-'15 but had too many troubles
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    you bring up a great point about that '11-'13 stretch. I think that team could have really used vet leadership b/w Irving and Waiters
  7. OTA Thread

    I want him to challenge for RT. Crob and Forb could be a potentially great duo to run behind
  8. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Cavs only has one true offseason with Lebron, summer 2006. All the major talent wanted their own team and not team up. Allen Redd and Johnson wanted to be #1s and not #2. Cavs went crazy spending all their cap space to field the best team possible. Got Hughes who was the best FA who didn’t resigned, grabbed the best 3pr shooting guard in Damon Jones and grabbed the best 3 pt shooting big in Marshall. It’s not like year after year then Cavs stuck out in FA. After that 2006 season they never had cap space to be players. Trading Love for say the 25th pick isn’t going to be a game changer. Rather keep love who could benefit and help the young guys develop. Just would have to be a good deal to trade away love.
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Tanking doesn’t matter any more so actually winning some games are worth it. Lottery odds have made it actually worth it to not completely rank it. Cavs got jumped by teams who won 14 and 18 more games than they did.
  10. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Cap space for what? To over pay role players? To hand out even worse contracts liken jr Smith. No one will want to come to Cleveland unless they are getting paid or one of the young guys develop into a stud
  11. Now why did he only attempt 170 passes? Well Flacco only logged 56 more snaps than Jackson, but attempted 209 passes. Ravens become a rushing teams because Jackson isn’t a threat of a passer. So they lean on the rushing attack. Yeah the ravens were smart the way they handled him last year but they had to baby him because he wasn’t a threat of a passer at all Chargers showed it in the playoff game. When the Chargers took their foot off the pedal in the 4th the Ravens started coming back. Chargers made Jackson like complete garbage those first 3 quarters.
  12. Also crazy that Jackson’s throwing accuracy is coming up. Last year the dude only attempted 14 passes of 21yards or more. (48% completed) Darnold attempted 48x (21% completed) Rosen attempted 41x (26% completed) Allen attempted 50x (26% completed) Baker attempted 51x (47% completed) Ravens only allowed him go deep or truly throw it when the pass was there. Making the easy passes doesn’t make you a great QB or a great passer
  13. Not even that but he played only 2 divisional games, Cleveland once and cincy once. I want to see how he plays when he starts facing opposing defenses more than once. By the 2nd half vs the Browns they finally made adjustments to stop the offense but too bad they did all their damage in the first half. How does he fair when the browns could utilize that new adjusted scheme to say the 2nd game. We saw how poorly Jackson played facing the Chargers the 2nd time. It will be interesting to see him face the Steelers and face the divisional teams the 2nd time around
  14. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    One of the worst things Sexton struggles with is running a pick and roll or pick and pop game. Love could really help him develop that part of his game.
  15. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    What do you expect from a contender tho? One prolly won’t get a good young piece cause said contender prolly has him playing on their squad and if you trade him for a contender. You are prolly getting a heavy protected pick. So if that team struggles for some reason they will get the pick back or the pick is high enough in the draft that it doesn’t really matter. Can’t really get excited for a bottom 10 draft pick.