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  1. doesnt help that a stud player like Munford who was thought to leave, shocks everyone, and returns, eliminating a starting chance for him. He can still go some where, not sit out a year, and probably be a stud
  2. Browns biggest issue last year was the DL. It was LB and secondary. They went out and signed the best safety on the market and one of the better corners and a serviceable LB. While also getting a 2nd rd talent back from injury at safety and potentially another one at corner. Also got one of their better DTs back after sitting out because of covid. Browns defense is already better than last year and the draft isnt here, where they can improve it by investing at least the first 2 picks
  3. i was more so talking about draft prospects. im hoping they sign Hurst. there are a lot of DT vets that are worth a 1yr deal
  4. well in years past those rookies were surrounded by nothing but jags. this upcoming season, not so much. if they get a LB like parson or jok. this will be the most talented defense the browns have had since the return. add in the other rounds, will make it even more talented
  5. i would look into a mattress topper. you might be able to get more years out of your current one. also, if you have a house, put it in the spare room. never know when another bed comes in handy
  6. wouldnt have anyways. would have had to gone home to take care of my others kiddos. the first kid, I did stay over night with my wife. first night sucked cause it was in the labor room and all they had wad a couch and it sucked but once we got moved I actually had a bed to use
  7. that would be the best thing, eliminate the max contracts. set a hard cap, no more soft cap crap. no more caps on a contract. if a team wants to spend $50m on lebron, let them do that and let that player get paid, but force that team to figure out how to make the cap work.
  8. well lets look at DVOA which is more telling then PPG or YPG Browns offense last year was ranked 9th in DVOA. Only team in the AFCN ranked in the top10. Also had a top10 passing DVOA offense and a top10 rushing DVOA offense. They were only one of 5 teams that were top10 in both areas. I would strongly say browns werent elite because that is for top5 ranked teams but they were above avg. ADV stats/DVOA calls them the best offense in their division, just saying.
  9. who he signs as free agents tells you nothing. who he signs is determined on what they have done in their careers so far and how much money they want. we have no idea what Berry looks into for draft prospects. he has not down enough drsfts to prove anything
  10. nba cant magically fix tanking or what looks like tanking. they had a bunch of bad team and then changed the rules. so now you have really bad teams not getting the talent they need to get better. honestly think their are too many teams and talent gets too watered down. i also believe they should do an MLB type draft. you either go straight out of HS or 3 yrs in college. let these guys develop more. I think that would help teams get more polished players in at least outside the top tier
  11. Never said I did. Pretty sad when you have to predicate an outburst on a false narrative of your own creation. I am sure there is a name for that abnormality, but I do not know what it is. Sorry. well you said you prefer zac’s approach over shane’s. nothing has changed from when you made the comment to last night and tonight. There approaches to the game stayed the same. white soxs were more aggressive yesterday and it lead to more balls batted into play earlier vs bieber. white soxs did the same approach tonight and they completely rocked plesac.
  12. what talent last year had the ability to do what you wanted? only talent was Ward. there was no scheme woods could have ran last year thst would have stopped our LBs from being bad and our secondary being completely depleted by injuries. you add the only consistent threat on the DL was Garrett and he was hampered by covid. lets see what wood does this year. this year he has no excuses, especially if they got corner in the 1st
  13. the past couple years they had a great record for draft purposes and it did nothing. maybe this year, not having that complete garbage record rewards them with a better draft pick
  14. your boy got blown up today. still want plesac over him? i just want a pitcher who can give you a quality start and the best one on the team for that is bieber. i dont care about complete games, just get through 6 and let tito use his bullpen.
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