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  1. Why the Steelers? that team isnt stacked. They prolly lose Juju. They have to find a new center, need to find a legit RB. New to find a legit #1 WR, need to find a true TE. Also will be installing a brand new offense with a new offensive coaching staff
  2. We have seen weird upsets like last year when the Titans beat the Ravens. You got KC not taking a meaningful snap in 3weeks and the Browns are one of the hotter teams in the league
  3. Njoku had been a very pleasant surprise as a blocker but Hooper is our best blocking TE
  4. I Don’t know about lack of effort, at least for this year. He had actually been a pretty good blocker this year. Want to say he had a really nice block last week
  5. if you want to be running Shanny's offense. Fields is a better fit for it
  6. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/01/120602/mickey-marotti-reportedly-to-stay-at-ohio-state-as-urban-meyer-appears-set-to-return-to-coaching well that answers that question.
  7. I just be curious who he trys and steals. When it comes to assistant coaches, I don’t know who he would take. Feel like with his lack of NFL experience he would want NFL guys. I couldsee him stealing Mick tho
  8. The ‘19 class was just small. They had the 3rd best avg of players behind Bama and Georgia. also think it’s still early to say the class is awful. They were 2nd years guys dealing with Covid. Also the classes before them were stacked. So they weren’t going to see the field right away.
  9. Yeah maybe if Browns were missing Garrett and Obunjobi like Ohio stste was missing their key Dlineman. Also this might be the healthiest the browns team has been all season, at least for the past 10weeks or so.
  10. Yeah but the way he runs his college teams, he was run them like pro team. The dude is very good at being the ceo and allowing his assistants to do a majority of the leg work. I think that is exactly what he would do in the NFL. He won’t be a defensive guy trying to run a defense or an offensive guy trying to run a defense. He would be a HC trying to run the team. The way he ran tOSU is a perfect example. The better his assistants were, the better his teams were. his success would come down to the staff he could build. I would be really interested on what a staff of his would look li
  11. You also add the fact that jaguars play in an easier division compared to the Chargers. KC has that division on lock
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