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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    coming back for the playoffs....
  2. Dorsey a genius????

    Calloway looks better than him so far
  3. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    why you calling me out? Im the one who use to be a history teacher
  4. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    It’s also pretty well known that having baker sit is a organizational philosophy agreed upon tho. Maybe hue naming him the back up was a way he could get Baker on the field and show that the kid can play and Dorsey won’t freak out for playing him early. Not going to say baker makes this team 3-0. We have no idea how the other variable work out / change cause Baker is playing
  5. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    It was a timing issue to the Point that baker found him too late and it allowed the help defender to make a play. Baker got to the read too late
  6. Dorsey a genius????

    He had no idea at the time he was going to get potentially a stud starting LT as an UDFA. If it wasn’t for Harrison. Corb would be the starting LG and Bit would be the starting LT. Again if we look at everything in this draft/rookie class. Dorsey found the future QB, future sCorner, future pass rusher, future LT, future WR, future RB(if Chubb can improve his blitz pick up) this rookie class could go down as the best rookie class in browns history. Potentially have a franchise QB, Corner, and LT. Some teams pray to get one of those in a class and the browns might get all three. Could question things at the time but looking at the big picture. WOW. Now if Mayfield Ward Chubb Corb Calloway Avery Harrison are all major contributors to say a title ( I know it’s a crazy thought, this could be the single great rookie class for a team ever
  7. I was hoping to be off but I’ll be working during that time. Hopefully I can do it at work secretly. If not l set up my que board so I get played I want
  8. Week 4: Chucky v. Bakermania

    Yeah Greg Williams is taking the talent and making great use of it. I love where the defense is at. Hopefully it keeps up
  9. Week 4: Chucky v. Bakermania

    This is great play I am thinking about. This is just a truly amazing play and shows how much of a freak athlete he is. Dude is lined up in a decently wide 7 on the RT and gets the sack by dipping around the left side of the center. Great stunt by Myles there starts in the right side of the right tackle and beats the Center to is left side. While lined up in a 3 man front. Best part is the play call. The blitzing LB and safety allows Garrett to stunt hard. I thought Gregggggg Williams’ break down of “come get some b!tch”, was kinda lame and a little try Hardish when I first saw it on Hardknocks but damn it is truly the motto of the defense. They challenge offenses and they try hard as hell to get after the offense. Offense catches them at times but with all the sacks and TOs, they are living up to that mantra
  10. Week 4: Chucky v. Bakermania

    I know there were plenty of times that Williams has lined him up at 3T 4i 5 a 7 and a wide-9. I love it that Gregggg uses him all over the Line like that. Makes it very hard for offensive linemen. I would like to see him as a 1T or a zero once and awhile and see a Center crap down his legs.
  11. Heroes and Goats: Week 4

    In love, just support. I’ll will support the team captain and the 4yr starter. Doesn’t matter who the QB last the same results would have happen. Just different loses. PSU is considered a list and Iowa isn’t. Oklahoma wouldn’t have been a lost as Still. You whined about Baker? That’s coloring it lightly.
  12. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Baker takes what baker wants. He wants the big play, you give him the big play. You don’t change the way he plays the game. You just need to call plays that puts him in good situations. Sustained drives or big drives. Just get at least a first down. 3 and out kill defenses.
  13. Week 4: Chucky v. Bakermania

    I don’t know if that was him as a DT but as a stunt all the way inside, I can’t remember tho. I just remember him having a nasty dip and getting the sack
  14. Heroes and Goats: Week 4

    Talking up or just supporting the player? should we ban ya from the Browns cause you supported Darnold for way too long???