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  1. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    I just like playing devils advocate. Threads are zero fun when everyone is on one side or another. I strongly believe their should only be transfer restrictions on transferring from within conferences. Outside of conferences or transferring up a division should be at free will and if the school wants that and players should have full rights and ability to make money off of their likeness.
  2. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    I’m just saying. I could care less about the transfer rules and that the NCAA needs to be dismantled or completely overhauled well you think about if coaches want to move on in a middle of a contract they have a buy out clause. Coaches pay for another position with money, players pay by having to sit out a year.
  3. McCloughan was a hired fun last year he was never a part of the FO. I don’t think it’s just freddie that pulled the staff. I think it was a combo of freddie Baker and Dorsey that helped this staff fall together
  4. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    Only if they want to transfer to another D1 FBS school...
  5. OROY

    That’s why you don’t Draft a RB when their is legit QB talent, when you need a QB. I kinda hope the Giants don’t fine a QB for awhile... barkley had a great season and only helped the team win 5 games. Baker played less games and won more games. Baker transformed the team, Barkley did not. Heck if Chubb played the whole season, he could have been the best rookie RB
  6. Mort says it's Freddie

    who cares about that crap 850 program
  7. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    I support the guys until they prove other wise. We got this dude comparing Jarvis to TO? I have never made a homer comparison like crazy
  8. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Reality, Landry wasn’t available, hence why he was brought in on a trade. I think they wanted the guy they could secure and not try and out bid other teams. Also Allen was a bigger ??? Of the knee injury. I was still happy with Jarvis. Helped change the culture. Just hoping he plays at a level next year where it forces us to keep him
  9. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Yet you call me the homer...
  10. Browns have 30-1 odds of going to 2020 Superbowl

    Idk, I know at 150-1 ppl do it for the great reward for the risk but we always knew the Browns never stood a chance. This year the odds are decent and the browns will be decent enough. feel like the browns will be bet on enough because of Baker but no way we are Super Bowl contenders. Especially with so many new coaches. Feel like that is just stealing money
  11. Browns have 30-1 odds of going to 2020 Superbowl

    Don and George count. Gruden doesn’t. I was talking about rookie HCs. Gruden was his first year with the Bucs but coached the Raiders previously. Didn’t know Don was a Cleveland guy either
  12. I always pegged you as KamTrust because that’s dude DL evictions were awful! Lol jk...maybe
  13. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    One WR that makes sense is Brown from Oklahoma. He could hit the ground running here. Already has chemistry with Baker. Add the fact Monken will be adding a lot of air raid passing concepts, he would have a short learning curve with their new passing concepts because they should be very similar to what Riley runs
  14. Plead the 5th... so who is going to snitch tag webby on him lol
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    One of if not the best pass rushing DTs in the nation who took his game to another level once Bosa was lost. Add in he should kill at the combine. No way In hell he last to the 4th rd. Only way is if he has some kind of a major health issue turn up. He will be a late 1st/2nd rd pick. you act like he is dreadful at stopping the run. He is just fine, he isn’t at the level Of Williams but he isn’t on his level as a prospect.His passing rushing ability greatly makes up for it.