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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Isabella would be an awesome story. I remember coaching against him in a scrimmage. A product of Mayfield HS. I think the Browns had a Mayfield kicker try out for the team a few years ago. My god was he fast. Crazy to think he didnt get D1 scholarship until after indoor track and UMass took a chance on his speed. I believe his senior year of indoor track he posted the best 60dash in the nation.
  2. 2 good 2 b true? Hue to the Bengals?

    I think trhe first two years, they were playing hard cause they didn’t want to be a butt of jokes for the league and themselves. So they were playing hard to win, so they wouldn’t be embarrassed. I think that’s why they played hard every game last year because they didn’t want ton go 0-16. I think that’s why we saw them give up vs the Chargers and the Steelers. They already had 3 solid games under their belt. steelers tie, Jets win, and Ravens win. Them quitong in those two games were more so giving up and saying eff this coaching. They could have given up vs KC or not show up what so ever because they didn’t have anything to play for like the playoffs but damn they came out and went toe to toe with KC. Same with last week. Last week was prolly one of the most comfortable looking team performance we have seen. They weren’t playing tight like every play mattered, they were loose, and they were having fun. I think that’s the attitude Gregg brought out. Gregg has a good attitude he wants this players to have and how they attack games. Screw hubris and his sangria drinking lamearse partner Mike Silver

    That’s what his 1yr 3yr 5yr concept was. Those 5 yr guys should be ready for him

    He prolly does but interviews can change that. Is that what happen with Baker? Once he sat down and talked to him, that’s when he felt he was the #1 pick,right?
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone here playing D3? I loved it on my Xbox and I’m loving it so far on my switch. im excited for LG:Pikachu tomorrow
  6. Nintendo Switch Thread

    It’s not even that, the 3rd party market is suppose to be really great for the switch as well. I’ve prolly bought more games for my switch in a little over year of owning it compared to when I owned my Xbox one.

    It’s on his Twitter. Dude is a total dbagg. Feel like he loves taking shots at the Browns because he knows he will piss of the fans and because he believes the Browns did his friend wrong by firing him.
  8. About Chubb. Feel like after his injury he was never 100% mentally recover from it. Still a tad bit hesitant his final years at UoG. Feel like his early success, that he knows he can take hits, break tackles, and break off and run away from defenders, that he is not longer held back from that injury. He knows he is healthy and he knows he belong. I think he should get better and better as time goes on. I don’t think we have seen the best version yet!!! A version Scouts didn’t think he would get back too. I thought he be good but I didn’t think his balance would be this good or his break away speed. I thought he would struggle to run away from defenders but he has that game breaking speed
  9. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I see a winovich being a beast of an OLB in a 3/4. Idk if he can be an OLB or DE in the 4/3. I feel like he is undersize for DE and not quite athletic enough for OLB I do like him a lot tho. I would like to go either Michigan DL in the 2nd rd

    A lot of ppl think the same way. Gregg should be given a shot to interview for HC position at the end of the year. IMO Gregg either gets the job or coaches else where. It could create a weird dynamic for a young/first year HC IMO. If things don’t start of right. Players might look up to Gregg more than the HC. The HC could lose the team. Either the Browns hire someone who is very close to Gregg, I don’t see a candidate like that or hire a very seasoned Vet HC. Those are the only ways you could keep Gregg on staff. If not they need to separate from him and let the New guy make his own mark. I think the only HC that could keep him on staff would be McCarthy.
  11. It was prolly texas tom. Got all upset that Smith aired his dirty laundry, so he tried to hurt Smith by going after urbz again
  12. I hope tOSU take his arse to court
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    This is why McVay Browns have a chance...very slim, but a chance
  14. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Can’t blame him. Took a gamble on himself. If he took that offer we wouldn’t have Jarvis most likely
  15. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    No where near as bad as what he has done in Cleveland. Took it to another lever here.