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  1. Yeah and in that game our players were ****. Jarvis was a no show in that game and Higgins and others were not making an impact at all. Just saying, I don’t care who our QB is at the moment. They aren’t going to do all that well when they have absolute non threats at the WR position. hell KC was so focus on making sure Diggs didn’t do anything it opened up everything else for others. We don’t have that on this team. We thought that was OBJ but OBJ needed a WR like Kupp to open up things for him. I hope they greatly improve the WR group, so if Baker truly isn’t the guy,
  2. Burrow has been better but we prolly beat KC last year if we had WRs like Higgins and Chase on our team. go hard after Mike Williams and draft Burks
  3. The intriguing thing would be to try and copy what the ravens are doing. our defense has developed, would it be worth it to get a QB like that and truly replicate the rushing attack the ravens have? Yeah you need to be able to pass but right now it seems like you need to try and keep the ball out of Mahomes and Allen’s hand as much as possible. the issue is the Ravens have the best OC for that scheme. I don’t see our offensive coaches trying to do that
  4. Go compare the passing stats for the Vikings offense in ‘19 and compare it to the browns in ‘20. Vikings passing offense was 30th in attempts 23rd in Yards 14th in TDs 5th in INTs Browns passing offense was 28th in attempts 24th in Yards 13th in TDs 5th in INTs Vikings offense had Theilen and Diggs as the WRs that year as well… so a healthy baker in a Stefanski passing offense, is just as good as a healthy Cousins. ’19 Vikings had the 11th DVOA passing attack and ‘20 Browns and the 10th DVOA passing attack. Why pursue Cousins if Baker is healthy…
  5. At the end of the season he didn’t trust anyone one! Didn’t trust his tackles, didn’t trust his WRs, didn’t trust his TEs, didn’t trust the play calling. Think the Only guys on offense he trusted where the RBs but Stefanski didn’t even trust them completely agree tho. Give him guys he can trust and he will find them. He had that with Higgins but the coaches have hated him.
  6. It truly wasn’t the best throw but it is a type of throw burrow has made all year. Difference is Higgins and Chase make those catches… can we please sign Mike Williams and draft Burk and go into the season with our 3 top WRs measuring up at 6’4, 6’3, and 6’2
  7. Oh you mean the drive where on 1st down Chubb Gained no yards but a TE moved before the snap and made it 1st and 15. Baker comes out and hits Jarvis for 10yards to make it 2nd and 5. They run Chubb again but this time he loses 2 yards. So it’s now 3rd and 7 and Baker finds Schwartz but, surprise, surprise, he couldn’t come up with the clutch catch…
  8. Also would add that Shanny is a lot better HC/OC than Stef. When ever I listened to the ThomaHawk podcast, I don’t think they ever praised a coach like they would for Shanny. Wish we would have hired him as HC than Pettine but Jimmy prolly would have fired him. if that is the case, maybe instead of drafting Justin Gilbert to make Pettine happy they stay at 4 and take Watkins or Evans…maybe Alex Mack never leaves
  9. Just playing devils advocate… we’re going to use it against him that he hasn’t been consistent and that should be alarming… so he has to be more consistent than the inconsistency that has been around him? How many QBs have been able to survive 3-4HC (some ppl love to include Gregg Williams )changes and a FO turnover? Baker was about to see his first bit of consistency from the franchise, he looked pretty darn good the first 2 games and he tears his shoulder up and a few games later Watt breaks his shoulder…
  10. I want to know if its coaching or CJ refusing to run...lets not act like he cant run
  11. Every aspect of this team was pitiful in the clutch this past season. Baker was just the ringleader
  12. Im at the point to just move on. If he is not your guy or the guy Stefanski wants, move on. All you are doing is wasting a year. I dont care if its a starter for another team or a rookie, make Stef hand pick his guy and start moving on. If Depo,Berry, and Stefanski are all suppose to be in the same line of thought, quit wasting time, and make the move that is best for the franchise. If Baker isnt the guy you are wasting at least 2 years IMO. Wasting next year and the year after that bring a new guy in and them learning everything. Moving on now benefits everyone
  13. What? You literally click on the link/tweet you provided. It stated Baker is last at 32.8% for pressure-to-sack percentage...the same guy also adds that baker was at 19% last year
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