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  1. On a play that Mahomes himself called, that required an enormous play on his own part, still. Even if we want to talk about how open Hill was, it was still a huge call, pass, and he was under serious pressure. Dude had to drop back like 15 yards to get the time for that pass. Threw a 55ish yard pass just before he got hit. Was a huge play by both Mahomes, and Hill. The pressure is an important context to that game, as well. Aside from Schwartz, SF was destroying our OL for much of the game. This played a huge part in the numbers he put up. And he still ended with 300+ total yards, 3 TDs, some incredibly clutch plays, a 4th quarter comeback, and a game winning drive. He had a rough 2 drives from the middle of the 3rd quarter to the early part of the 4th quarter. But they were clearly dwarfed by his phenomenal final 9 minutes or so. The first half he wasn't bad, just wasn't great either. 10 points out of 4 drives, tie game at that point. yeah claiming the open WR is the difference maker... Guess what, Mahomes still had to make the throw. We saw on the other side, SF got WRs open and Jimmy G couldnt make the play. When it was clutch time, JimmyG couldnt make the big pass, Mahome was able to
  2. Unpopular Opinions: Entertainment edition

    The Mask was a decent movie and Bruce Almighty was decent as well,
  3. Fun Hypotheticals #2

    Browns stay at 2 and take Bosa, Zeke, Stanley, Ramsey, or maybe stick with Wentz Take Bose in '16 and maybe still take Garrett in '17, but really if its a redraft and we know exactly how it plays out, Browns take their DE in '16 and take Mahomes in '17
  4. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Gotta go early 00’s When they and Lamond Murray, Wesley Person who was a 2/3, Ricky Davis was a legit SF, Jason Kopono was a deadly shooter (wish the bobcats never drafted him in the expansion draft). later on CJ Miles was a solid 2/3 type player, don’t forget about Loul Deng, mike Miller, Shawn Marion, James Jones, Richard Jefferson, Mike Dunlevy, Jae Crowder, You could say KPJ might be a worthy starting 3
  5. Offseason Discussion

    Well KC gets the #1 overall pick, so they won’t know his career is over, so they would be willing to trade that pick...
  6. Offseason Discussion

    What happens if we trade for Adams but something massively Bad happens and we would have had the #1 overall pick...
  7. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    I was glad it wasn’t just a pure comedy and were trying to make you laugh at every turn. it made you really think how you would handle being stuck in a time loop like that makes you really think how long he was truly stuck in there. He exaggerated the amount of times he slept with Sarah but now think about the time he wasted trying to sleep with other people, doing other stupid stuff, and etc. he could have been stuck for years, maybe even decades
  8. Offseason Discussion

    would you rather use the assets to trade for Adams or use the assets to move up and draft Fields or Lawrence.
  9. Ivy League cancels Football season

    yeah, I would hate to see the big10 teams exposed to the covid too. it was a good move sucks we will miss out on tOSU-Oregon Washington-Michigan PennSt-VT Maryland-WVU Miami (FL) – Michigan State Wisconsin-Notre Dame.
  10. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Thought it was a solid movie
  11. Offseason Discussion

    Where was this sturdy bridge for Haskins? its not like he was running Stef’s offense in ‘17, that was all Pat Shurmur. solid back and would be fine with him starting a week or 2 because of an injury but if the plan at any point is for him to be a starter for the season. Just flush that down the season. also the way this roster is built. Baker bombs than the browns need to make a big move to get a legit QB because this team can’t wait to develop with a QB. Roster was built because baker looked so good his rookie year. Just have to hope that it was more Freddie then baker
  12. Offseason Discussion

    If Baker puts up another stinker, that’s a whole new QB room. Keenum isn’t going to be given a shot to be the street and he shouldn’t be thought of as a guy like that
  13. Offseason Discussion

    Keenum isn’t ever going to be thought of as a legit starter.
  14. Offseason Discussion

    The RG wasn’t the reason our offense or team fell on their face tho. Baker couldn’t trust Robinson to protect his blindside at all. Bitonio had a down year compared to his standards. Hubbard played like garbage and we didn’t find a decent warm body at RG until Wyatt played. He wasn’t a stud by any means, just better than what was there. the RG or LG is never a lynchpin to an offensive line
  15. Good thing is, it will happen to a lot of the other teams. Just sucks we might miss out on a heisman season and a title winning season