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  1. kinda hope the Vikings would fall on their face, they fire Zimmer, and Stef picks him up as his DC
  2. to me another down is DPJ. The way he was being talked about during camp that he was ready to explode on scene. Add in Landry getting hurt that he could have a huge game and he makes almost no impact. part of me still thinks that fumble wasnt even a catch. After watching that and the Ohio St game this weekend, it makes you question still what is considered a catch
  3. AVP should start getting some love as well, he has really helped transform Baker and his mechanics
  4. ups: Felton, looked electric returning the ball and made plays when he got his number called on offense. Chunt, well balanced split in touches and those two just started to beat the crap out of that defense TEs, besides RB, this is our 2nd best position group. 12 targets, 11 catches for 107yards. Hooper looked pretty good again. Baker, dude was throwing dots. His worst throw was due to a rookie giving up on a pass play. Tough as hell and is setting the tone. Delpit, it was great to see him out there making plays. downs: DE’s, I know we are complaining about
  5. Redzone? They were on Houston’s 45yard
  6. Feel #2 and #3 can be heavily accredited to #1. Woods is wasting our talent
  7. Feel like they approach this game a lot differently if they have Watson. Seemed like they weren’t taking them serious. our DL is garbage IMO, at least compared to what the expectations were. Garrett and Clowney have been a disappointment so far as a duo
  8. That’s on Clowney. He’s the contain guy
  9. Your acting like the browns have always beaten the teams with semi decent defenses...which that hasn’t been the case. I have to ask because our offense looked extremely special vs KC and has the potential to be special this season but you said this isn’t anything new because of last year and ‘18
  10. Idk after all those fumbles Monday night, he couldn’t cut it as a running back
  11. Idk bakers career so far, they have only gone 300+ yards passing and 150+ yards rushing once before and that was the 1st Ravens game in ‘19. So again that might have been our best offensive performance and it was against a Super Bowl favorite and not against the Falcons, Bengals, and etc
  12. The baker we saw Sunday was the best we have seen him play imo for a combination of performance vs opponent. That he played really good vs a really good team. He rarely did that rookie year IMO
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