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  1. Power is back on and just catching up! Went out at 7:02 last night and getting around to all of these picks, phone died before the end of last night and was at kids baseball all day. Excited about Cosmi and Brown. St. Juste instead of Deablo was a kick in the nuts, but with a lot of these, I guess I have to trust that they know more about football than me...
  2. Good point on JOK. Didnt necessarily think about Bostic needing to be out there, Hopefully. I am kind of on board with your 1A and 1B of Friermuth and Marshall. Marshall would be my top option of the 2 then for me. He would give us a really solid and well rounded receiving core. Unfortunately, I think he'll be long gone though...
  3. My big board for tonight would be JOK - LB Moehrig - S Cosmi - T Eichenberg - T Jenkins - T Friermuth - TE Terrace Marshall - WR - Hes the big WR we need, would be pumped to get him Asante Samuel - CB Elijah Moore - WR Tyson Campbell - CB Radunz - T - Think with a little NFL Training he could be a top 10 guy, he's just not there yet.
  4. Agreed - I would throw Eichenberg and Jenkins in there with Cosmi as someone mentioned. Friermuth or Terrace Marshall would be awesome. And if we end up with Deablo by the end of the night, I would be really excited.
  5. Drafttek has some craziness going on. This would be interesting https://www.drafttek.com/2021-NFL-Mock-Draft/2021-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round-2.asp JOK at 51...
  6. I really was cheering every time Darrisaw wasnt picked, but I am warming up to the fact that we are building a top defense. He is great and super athletic, I am weary of anybody that rises that much in their pro day. I'll be good as lond as long as we target OL tomorrow. their is a solid second teir, that I am not sure that CD was that far above. Glad we didnt reac on our own board, and I think we would be in the same weird place if Jones had dropped to us.
  7. Wow - just getting to my computer. Just hoping for a couple of more overreachers ahead of us...
  8. Very interesting - well that makes me feel a little more confident that he won't reach for an OT, but if any of the top 3 slide I hope he would at least take a look, even if he values them a little lower.
  9. That site is just too hip - they must mean "Safety as F***". (to beat a dead horse) Deablo gives you that option of S or the JOK tight end covering linebacker. Kidding - had to do the dad joke.
  10. Oh for sure JOK knows how to overcome his size. Just thinking about our LB need, and the pairing that Parsons (dream scenario) or Collins with Deablo would become. Or Bolton in the 2nd who I think could get bigger and has a ton of potential Then add an OT and WR is a solid Day 1 and 2 that makes us way better. But who knows, maybe we trade both days to move up to get the QB. One of my favorite weeks of the season.
  11. My fault - I thought he was 235. Good point. He comes up in the box a lot and never seen him get run over though and very rarely missed a tackle. He plays big...
  12. I would agree with this. I think that we need a traditional bruising linebacker (Ray Lewis, Urlacher, etc.), so Collins would be the preference. I am sure I am wrong, but I am not just getting the hype on JOK. I think he is awesome, but I do feel like the league might be too big for him and he might get bowled over. I've said before that it would be awesome to draft Deablo in the 3rd. He is a safety, but 2 inches taller, 20 pounds heavier, and faster than JOK. And makes big plays all the time. Starting to see him in mock drafts starting to show up at the end of the 2nd, so worried he mi
  13. I I think that's the right grade - if Carolina or Denver values him like that, he would be enough to throw in with 19 to move up to 8 or 9.
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