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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I still think they should look to upgrade the edge in the draft, without forcing a selection though. The Smith’s are nice, but one is inconsistent and one came through in a contract year. A rookie to bring in situationally like Brian Burns would be great who could eventually take over should either bust. Or someone along the line who can rush the passer and step in should Daniels or Clark get injured again. The only position I hope they don’t address in round 1 is receiver. It’s a pretty deep class and I hope they look to set up the defense with more talent and depth.
  2. Johanns Mock #2

    Interested to hear why you have Gary going before J. Allen for the Jets. Gary is tantalizing from an athletic standpoint but he didn't have nearly the production that Allen did, who is also in the upper echelon of athletes in this draft. Allen also seems to fit the Jets team needs better.
  3. The idea of a second year 1st round quarterback who played in a porous offense being dealt a year after for a third a fourth feels like selling short an a valuable commodity. If the Cardinals don't think that Rosen is the right guy for Kingsburry's offense, then I get trying to move him but he's far more valuable than that. He is on a cheap contract for the next 3 years with another year that can be tacked on if the team chooses to do so and possesses a lot of potential. Jared Goff took off in his second year following a tumultuous first season. There are other examples of progression of quarterbacks from year one to year two, but he was just the latest and probably very relevant considering all the damage to his outlook that first year did. I would be very surprised to see him go for the price you've proposed and if that was the asking price, I expect a lot of other teams with aging quarterbacks to be in on the bidding. Besides, the Giants don't have a third round pick this year.
  4. 2019 NFL Combine

    N’Keal Harry measuring under 6’3” surprised me a little
  5. Two-Rounder (with a few FA predictions)

    I think your biggest mistake in this mock is your inclusion of WalterFootball as a source. Also surprised your computer is operational after going on their site.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    There is other context to the stat lines you've added for him as well, like the fact that the kid was under constant pressure and was sacked multiple times when the offensive line barely gave up any sacks all year. Regardless, my overall point is that one game doesn't make him unworthy of being considered a top quarterback prospect. If you don't like the traits he displayed from the QB position during the course of the entire season, then that's fair, but not one game.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Wasn't speaking to how the Sooners played as a whole or why they lost the game. Was specifically pointing to how Baker Mayfield played, which wasn't comparable to how he played in the regular season. But regardless, remove the line of how Baker Mayfield played against a top ranked team in the country and we still circle back around to the fact that Kyler Murray managed to throw for 300 yards and run for 100 against a team that actually had a defense. You preached that one year of starting doesn't make a quarterback great but one "bad" game doesn't change the evaluation of a player. Otherwise the entire draft would be full of undraftable prospects.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    He threw for 300 and ran for a 100 more. Wouldn't exactly anoint that is a wilting on his part. It's also not his fault that the Big 12 has no defenses in it's league. Baker Mayfield struggled against Georgia last year in the semi finals when he finally faced a defense.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft

    Of Lawrence and Wilkins, who do you think has better value for the team. They play the same position but to me they hold different value in what they do. I like Wilkins a little more just because he is disruptive against both the run and pass. Lawrence is bigger and seems to be more athletic too for a man his size but it hasn't turned in to production in the pass rushing department. He is a clogger in the run game though and may have a little more upside.
  10. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    You know what you see in him in a highlight film?
  11. They haven't picked a key contributor in the first round since 2012 and they traded one of those key picks (Chandler Jones).
  12. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Interesting that you rate Ferrell second. He does many good things as a pass rusher, but to me, bending the edge is third behind his quick first step and technique. Is that for the second tier of edge rushers outside of Bosa and Allen, or overall?
  13. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    The reference was from 2007-2012. I'm not sure what his weight was then but he definitely wasn't as thick at that time as he was towards the end of his career
  14. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Here's a good read on the challenges and stigma that Burns will face as the draft approaches. He is one of my favorite prospects in the draft though. https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/12/03/brian-burns-declares-takes-on-challenge-of-light-edge-rushers/
  15. Popular mock picks you don't agree with

    Your going to die at this but I wouldn't take him in the first because of his size and right now only because of his size. The small quarterbacks that you've mentioned having success also have some weight on them so right now, I'm reserving first round considerations to see what he weighs in at and to see how he operates from under center. My concern would be durability and his availability for my team. That would be the only thing precluding me from it. If I'm a team in need of a quarterback that didn't take one with my first round pick though, I would consider trading back in to the first round like the Ravens did with Lamar Jackson but the football/baseball thing has no bearing on how I personally view him. Just so you don't think I was arguing for the sake of it, I just though your stance that he wasn't even a day 2 pick prior to explanation and the idea that he wasn't 100% committed to playing football were curious. And I do think that he has a first round, QUARTERBACK skillset, especially with how the league is trending towards favoring offenses.