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  1. With the uncertainty surrounding whether or not football will start on time next year, if at all, will some of these kids who bypassed the draft this year try and get in to the supplemental draft? They run the risk of leaving a lot of money on the table, but I wonder if we see some of the players who might have been viewed more as 2nd to 4th round picks maybe considering it.
  2. I love Jeremy Chinn and actually want my team to grab him but I think this is recency bias. He’s the shiny new object that hasn’t been under the microscope like Delpit because he hasn’t played at the highest level of college football. Even with his tackling issues, Delpit has shown me more at this point.
  3. Is Tyron Smith even available? Why would Jones trade his starting left tackle when he wants to win NOW? They just lost Travis Frederick to retirement and now they want to trade their stud left tackle? I'm confused. Also, your speculation assumes that all of these so called 1st round talents are still available when they are on the clock.
  4. Some could use high picks on more than one, or at least could stand to.
  5. I completely understand agents telling their guys to sit out the testing part. As a competitor, I like seeing guys going out there and facing down the competition but I'm not going to knock those guys for wanting to protect their stock. What I do hate about all these players sitting and not doing the drills though is the missed opportunity for the list of players not invited to the combine. There should be a sub list for the players who back out of doing the drills.
  6. Carolina doesn't have the draft capital to outbid Miami.
  7. Is the assumption here that Miami doesn't view Tua as that much better than Herbert then? If they're going to trade up, why wouldn't they trade up for the #1B quarterback in the draft? They have the assets to outbid anything the Panthers could throw at the Lions.
  8. Using the Jets/Colts trade as a baseline, which was the 6th overall pick along with the 37th, 49th and a future 2nd round pick, I think the 5th, 26th, and 70th with a possibility for future draft considerations is a pretty equivalent deal.
  9. I like your draft overall but your player comps for some of those players I don't understand. i.e. you compare Andrew Thomas to Greg Robinson, Jedrick Wills to La'El Collins and Mekhi Beckton to Jonathan Ogden yet have him sandwiched between the two. Ogden was a multi time All-Pro. Also, if you think so low of Thomas and even more so Josh Jones, I'm not sure why you have them in your mock. Also, that seems low for Derrick Brown, who is at minimum a top 10 player in this class and in my opinion the number one DT in this class.
  10. Completely agree. Mostly I thought you were saying that he couldn't play safety rather than he shouldn't play safety.
  11. You keep saying that he can't but I'm curious as to why. I agree that his best position would be SLB but considering that you've posted about 10 things on here putting the guy down, i'm wondering what you're seeing to say these things so assuredly. The Julian Peterson comparison is a good one that I wish I would have thought of @Humble_Beast
  12. You were hoping for the perfect player at the end of the first round? Missed tackles I’ve seen but definitely not the lack of effort. I’ve seen him play with a ton of energy and emotion in a good way, though it does tend to have him over playing or trying to lay the knockout hit.
  13. I went Blacklock, Queen, McKinney McKinney is BPA to me but safety isn’t the biggest need. Blacklock was first for me because the Packers need to stop the run. It was overly apparent against San Fran but they had trouble all year in that category. Queen because he’s the new age linebacker that every team covets with the ability to tackle and cover really well at the position.
  14. If Yannick is still upset about last year's handling of contract negotiations and it feels like he wants to move on, is there any chance the team would choose to franchise him and try to trade him? Teams like the Bills and Ravens might be willing to offer high end draft picks as compensation. I know that ideally you try everything to keep a 24 year old premier pass rusher but in a worst case scenario, acquiring high end draft capital in a trade for him wouldn't be a bad consolation.
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