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  1. Tannehill was traded, for a 4th I believe.
  2. Another thing the majority of these players and their respective teams had was an infrastructure already in place, which almost certainly helped ease them in to their situations.
  3. $5m, $7m, $12m - there's no indication that JD hasn't been offering these things. No matter how much money he can throw at them, at the end of the day, these players have to be the ones to commit and a lot of the top tier players are choosing familiarity and/or winning (aka stability).
  4. Not singling this post out directly, I just chose from the multitude of suggestions overall which seem to have garnered majority consensus that: A) A Quarterback should be chosen at #2 B) Darnold needs to be traded So if A happens, but not B, it's a lost offseason because they did not maximize their assets. And if B happens, but not A, they are making a bad decision for the future of this franchise because Darnold hasn't shown he can be a franchise Quarterback so far. For those jumping off the Darnold train (or were never on it), how can it reasonably be expected that fair value
  5. You're right about it costing more than 2 first round picks. I meant they already have extra picks this year so it's not going to set the franchise back if they pull the trigger and leave the rest of the cupboards bare. Also, in an imagined trade for Watson, Tua is either included in the trade, lessening the burden of future compensation, or is traded in a separate transaction recuperating some of the cost. The loss is minimal in comparison to what they're getting back. What doesn't make sense to me though is your notion that they will have "a lack of picks to take the best shot at top talent"
  6. I’m confused by this statement. But let me dissect just to make sure I’m understanding your points. By teams have been winning super bowls without Watson for years, you mean teams like Kansas City or New England who have/had Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes? This is a completely absurd point to make. And the Dolphins have a cache of picks this year to make a trade for Deshaun and continue to add to the talent level of the team. Even if it requires trading both first rounders this year, they still have two in the second round of a deep wide receiver class if they want to upgrade the playmaker posi
  7. how does trading for a 25 year old top 5 quarterback and adding him to a playoff contending team leverage the future? HE IS THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE!! As @Emericasays, he is what you can only hope Tua turns out to be. Except you don’t have to hope; it’s already realized. This organization has enough draft ammunition and cap space to have your cake and eat it too.
  8. I’m going to put this right here for you...now, debate!
  9. I used Herbert because people’s opinions on him were WIDELY varied whereas Tua’s weren’t. People agreed Herbert would be a first round quarterback and possible top 10 pick but every mock draft posted that had him going to this team or that team was met with scrutiny because no one seemed to feel he was a franchise changing quarterback. This seems to be the case now with any quarterback in this class outside of Lawrence and Fields. Do you not feel like any of the quarterbacks outside of these two are first round quarterbacks?
  10. This. The Packers just drafted a QB with Rodgers still in the fold so the Falcons, Panthers, Bears with a trade up because they have to be desperate, could all be looking at future replacements in the top 10. I would think the Lions with a new regime would also be in that boat and should look to develop the position. Stafford has always been a good QB but he has never elevated the franchise and at this point it’s most likely not going to happen either. If the new regime comes in and keeps him, he can bring the team back to competing for a playoff spot but I don’t think they’re competing for Su
  11. With the uncertainty surrounding whether or not football will start on time next year, if at all, will some of these kids who bypassed the draft this year try and get in to the supplemental draft? They run the risk of leaving a lot of money on the table, but I wonder if we see some of the players who might have been viewed more as 2nd to 4th round picks maybe considering it.
  12. I love Jeremy Chinn and actually want my team to grab him but I think this is recency bias. He’s the shiny new object that hasn’t been under the microscope like Delpit because he hasn’t played at the highest level of college football. Even with his tackling issues, Delpit has shown me more at this point.
  13. Is Tyron Smith even available? Why would Jones trade his starting left tackle when he wants to win NOW? They just lost Travis Frederick to retirement and now they want to trade their stud left tackle? I'm confused. Also, your speculation assumes that all of these so called 1st round talents are still available when they are on the clock.
  14. Some could use high picks on more than one, or at least could stand to.
  15. I completely understand agents telling their guys to sit out the testing part. As a competitor, I like seeing guys going out there and facing down the competition but I'm not going to knock those guys for wanting to protect their stock. What I do hate about all these players sitting and not doing the drills though is the missed opportunity for the list of players not invited to the combine. There should be a sub list for the players who back out of doing the drills.
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