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  1. 49ers Pick at 13

    WR. Juedy or Ruggs, I want speed at WR. All of our WRs are ******* slooooowwww!!! We dont need another DT. We need to upgrade our offense.
  2. 2020 Draft Thread

    I wouldn't mind Justin Jefferson honestly.To get a big 6'3 WR with 4.43 speed and a great downfield threat Id love to pair that up with Deebo Samuel and have a legit speed and power punch.
  3. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    True but thats what happens when you have a ton if money in the D-Line. The 13th pick sets us up pretty nicely.
  4. I hope we draft Jeudy/Lamb/Ruggs with the 13th pick and sign some ****ty WR like we always do.
  5. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    Saving 12m in cap from a player they might have losed soon due to 21m a year salary. Getting the13th pick along with having the 31st pick. Loaded up on a high draft pick, saving money and giving themselvs a longer window of winning a Super Bowl by controling their cap. Its a win win for both teams.
  6. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    Ronald Blair?
  7. Yeah because they beat the Niners this year at home. There were the 3rd best this year
  8. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    What happend to him?
  9. Which division would have the best super team?

    Id put warner, wagnor and alexzander at LBs, Tarrt and Baker as the starting safties.
  10. Hes asking which divison has had the most recent superbowl winners
  11. Which division would have the best super team?

    Fred Warner???
  12. Which division would have the best super team?

    Fred Warner with Wagner 👀😮
  13. Antonio Brown back to Steelers?

    He spawnd that bridge to exogel and there is no more way finders
  14. I wan't a deep threat at WR seeing, KC's offense has me a little jealous. I would love to shore up the RG/CB in FA and then trade up for Ruggs.