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  1. O line cant hold for us to go long lol
  2. Lool. Imagine if we had Bosa/Ford
  3. How has no one mentioned Larry Johnson yet. He was amazing in 2005-2006 but man did KC wear him down he carried the ball 752 times in those two seasons. He alone carried the ball 416 times in 05 what a away to burn out your RB. Over 3,200 rushing yards and 37 TDs in just two seasons but then after that he completely fell of the map.
  4. Our D-Line would be still good without Kinlaw but "boy oh boy" our O-Line needs some upgrading,
  5. Kyle Nelson looks like hes dealing with some personnel problems
  6. Says allot about how good we can be if we can just stay healthy lol
  7. I should have started Brandon Aiyuk in FF **** me lol
  8. It's amazing that once Trent Balke left we are one of the few teams that can constantly find talent whether its a 1st rd pick or an undrafted FA
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