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  1. Offseason Rumor Thread

    He's going to play NT. It doesn't depend on how they use him. He fills a huge need.
  2. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Suh definitely fills a need.
  3. The Florida Gators thread

    Not if Doug Nussmeier has anything to say about it. Luckily, he does not.
  4. RamPackFan - no trade version

    I'm kidding. I have a bunch of complaints. First of all . . . It's a good mock.
  5. RamPackFan - no trade version

    No complaints.
  6. Offseason Rumor Thread

    What? First of all, Gurley was averaging over 7 yards per carry in that game. Second of all, he didn't call a play to get the ball out quickly. He called a long-developing play-action passing play on the play after Rob Havenstein got injured. Our backup OT is the one who gave up the strip-sack. I love McVay's aggressiveness, but he made a bad decision there. And he admitted as much. But he's a young coach. He'll learn.
  7. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Sacks in 2017: Rams - 48 Philly - 38 The Rams are returning every DL and Edge except for Robert Quinn. But they might be adding Suh (we'll see) and will likely spend their first pick on an Edge (Landry, Hubbard, etc.). If we add Suh, we've already made up for Quinn. If we add Suh and a top Edge in the Draft, we've gotten better. You don't seem like you know much about our team. Oh and I forgot, Dominique Easley is also coming back (although, there's a 50/50 chance he ends up on IR by Week 4).
  8. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Are you on crack? We haven't even had the Draft yet. We just added Ramik Wilson as ILB depth today. FA isn't over. How in the hell can you comment on our depth before we've had a chance to address it? And it is LAUGHABLE that you think we'd be in trouble if we lost our #1 CB. Our CB depth chart is currently: Marcus Peters Aqib Talib Nickell Robey-Coleman Sam Shields Kayvon Webster Troy Hill Webster was our #2 CB last year and gave us solid play. Hill stepped up after Webster's injury and had a great game as our #2 CB against Atlanta. We have arguably the deepest group of CBs in the NFL. We're going to address LB in the Draft and won't be lacking in depth their either. Our defense won't lack depth after the Draft. And from all reports, we'll also be addressing our OL depth too. I don't know of a single Rams fan who is disappointed with how our season went. We lost our #3 WR.
  9. Offseason Rumor Thread

    You're concerned about our defense? Seriously? If we sign Suh, we have a very deep DL and a very deep secondary going into the Draft. We can focus on filling out the LB spot. This is such a silly criticism.
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    IMO, he's James Laurinaitis. He'll be a solid starter for as long as his body holds up, but I don't see a lot of sizzle to his game.
  11. New Lunatic Mock - The Les Edition

    Yes, I do. He doesn't set the price. The market does.
  12. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Prepare yourselves: + =
  13. Draft Rumors

    I think you're stretching things here.
  14. 2018 Draft Eligible LB Thread.

    1. Roquan Smith 2. LVE 3. Shaquem Griffin 4. Josey Jewell 5. Jack Cichy HM: Tegray Scales, Skai Moore
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible TE Thread

    I understood. I don't agree.