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  1. Put Ramsey on Hockenson, flood the short and intermediate ranges, and dare Detroit to throw deep. Bring interior pressure. I expect this game to not go well for Detroit. We're simply better.
  2. I feel like that dude could run circles around the ACC relying on the South Florida talent that the big dogs don't scoop up. Miami, in my mind, is the perfect spot for him. Easy to land plenty of athletes, easy conference, and the fans are much happier with a coach who can consistently win but isn't Saban.
  3. jrry32


    He's already been more than an adequate starter.
  4. jrry32


    If Goff is your QB, you have to protect him. The guy simply does not do well with pressure. Nobody can predict what he'll do in the future. But he's not going to grow in a positive way in his current situation.
  5. Mullen would probably do well in the Pac-12. He's a lazy and fairly ineffective recruiter. He's too loyal to underperforming assistants. And he doesn't take lesser teams seriously enough (by extension, neither does his team). But he's also a brilliant offensive mind who can outscheme more talented squads. His problems probably wouldn't be as big of a deal in a lesser conference. For example, I think he'd be the perfect coach for Miami. But they're very frustrating here.
  6. If I'm being completely frank, I don't like Cristobal. He's a great recruiter, but Oregon has lost too many games to less talented teams during his time there. I am not disputing that he'd do well here, but I don't think he'd elevate us to where Georgia and Bama are. It's why I'm most interested in up-and-coming coaches. Would rather swing for the fences, even if we risk striking out. But I understand why others are more hesitant. As for Chadwell, I agree. I know you can never anticipate how a coach will do with such a jump in competition, but I was extremely impressed with his squad when
  7. My top guys (not naming any of the usual suspects like Bob Stoops, Urban Meyer, Chris Petersen, etc. who seem unlikely) are (in no particular order and obviously barring how their seasons go): Matt Campbell HC Iowa State Kellen Moore OC Cowboys Jamey Chadwell HC Coastal Carolina Joe Brady OC Panthers Billy Napier HC Louisiana Jeff Traylor HC UTSA Byron Leftwich OC Buccaneers Dave Aranda HC Baylor P.J. Fleck HC Minnesota I expect people will also throw out names like James Franklin, Mario Cristobal, Lane Kiffin, Mark Stoops, etc.
  8. Yeah, that's what people said after 2020.
  9. I'm tired of waiting a year too long. The only way Mullen survives is if he starts AR the rest of the year, AR looks great, the Gators finish strong, and Grantham is gone. Otherwise, he needs to go.
  10. jrry32


    At this point, it's all about accepting him for what he is. He's going to reflect the talent around him. If you put him in a good situation, he can give you good play (excepting last year). If you stick him in the middle of a dumpster fire, he's going to be bad.
  11. Absolute stud of a kid. Word is that we lost him because our assistants got lazy and Mullen refused to put in the effort. I'm now at the point where I am good with us firing Mullen. I've crossed the Rubicon.
  12. jrry32


    Are we pretending that's not possible? LOL. It literally happened to the guy who went right after Goff in the same draft. Dude went from being the MVP frontrunner in 2017 to getting benched in 2020.
  13. jrry32


    Neither could the Patriots' first 11 opponents in 2019, excepting Lamar and the Ravens. That defense and scheme absolutely buried every offense they faced during that span, outside of the Ravens. Considering Goff was the first to see it, it's not surprising he struggled. Big Ben had no answer for it in Week 1 the next year. The idea that Goff was always below average? Nah. Dude was balling in 2017 and for most of 2018.
  14. jrry32


    They sold him after they broke him. Think of the Rams as a sleezy used car dealer. Detroit bought him as is.
  15. jrry32


    Justin Herbert is much cheaper. I hear Dallas has a nice play-action attack and some very talented WRs. It would finally give them a QB who has made deep playoff runs. 😉
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