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  1. Official 2020 WR Thread

    More than just medical. Word on him was that he was soft. Got dinged up easily and refused to play through it.
  2. Week 12 - Rams vs Ravens - MNF

    For Aaron Donald to have a big game, our edge guys are going to have to contain Jackson.
  3. Week 12 - Rams vs Ravens - MNF

    Gonna be a tough one to win. If we win this one, I'll believe we have a shot at the playoffs. Wade better have something up his sleeve for Lamar Jackson.
  4. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    If that game was a nightmare, I hate to see what a loss is to you.
  5. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    That too is an issue.
  6. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Yeah, Nagy might be part of the problem, but Mitch's inability to hit the broadside of a barn is also a problem.
  7. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    The one thing I agree on is that McVay made the right call going conservative today. No reason to get Goff killed behind an uncertain OL. That's what separates him from Martz. He recognized our limitations and changed the plan.
  8. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    Bro, he's being realistic. We have a tough schedule. We'd need Seattle or Minnesota to melt down. Unless you think we're going to finish 5-1. And I don't.
  9. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    I think we have too many limitations this year. It would take a miracle. But I'm hoping we still pull out 9 or 10 wins.
  10. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    This game has been a struggle, but Goff stepped up on that drive and delivered when we needed it badly. And that's despite the fact the refs called that perfect TD strike back on total BS (Kupp was on the LOS).
  11. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    Out at the 1.
  12. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    I'm glad that David Long is getting PT. I think our best chance of winning today is not throwing the ball.
  13. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Wentz can throw it 60 yards.
  14. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Agholor played that thing terribly.
  15. Well, he'd be walking for 150, but I digress.