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  1. It was not the best rookie year ever. Russ and RGIII were better (off the top of my head) imo.
  2. Scar, I have a lot of respect for your opinion, but I definitely see it with him. If I was picking #2, he'd be my clear choice. In my book, it's not particularly close between him and Fields. I am going to look like a doofus for saying this if he busts, but he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. He's a guy who can win in and outside of structure. Just has that innate feel that only the rare guys have of where his WRs are on the field and what they're going to do when he's improvising. He'll take some unnecessary sacks. He'll even throw some unnecessary picks when he's playing hero ball. But
  3. To be frank, I wouldn't draft Lance where he's projected to go. Both he and Mills are Day 2 guys to me. I think Mills can be a good structure player in the NFL. Let him develop a bit, give him a good offensive mind, and put him on a good offense, and he can be a net positive to your team. With Lance, he's a project. Could boom (McNabb). Could bust (Locker). But I'm not spending a first on a guy who has so much work to do and feels like a lottery ticket. I understand some people disagree. I'm risk-average with first round picks, especially with first round QBs.
  4. I'll address a few of these to make a couple points: Pass #1 - Agreed on maneuvering the pocket. However, I disagree on looking at the entire field. I can't say how Stanford's scheme works, but in most NFL WCO schemes, the QB picks the side of the field based on pre-snap reads and progresses across the field. If a WR is open, you don't continue progressing. You make the throw. Because timing is vital. We can argue over whether he should have looked left initially or right initially, but that was the right decision with him looking right initially. His third progression was open, and the t
  5. I revised it lol. It just hit me a few minutes ago why I like his college tape so much. He reminds me of Sam Bradford. Even has the durability issues. Still, Bradford was a decent QB when put in the right situations (see Minnesota). I still like the kid and would spend a Day 2 pick on him, but that's because I think McVay could do a good job of developing him and catering to his strengths.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't a Josh Allen fan either. That's the point I made in the Rams forum with Lance. I tend to stay away from guys who aren't accurate throwers in college. Plus, I hate Lance's throwing motion. As for Fields, I can understand that opinion, but Lance isn't night and day the better physical talent. I think they're similar athletes. Lance has a stronger arm, but Fields's arm is plenty good.
  7. @CWood21, maybe if I explain what I saw in the Washington game, it'll become more clear why I'm so high on him. I'll go through the game pass by pass and give my thoughts: Pass #1 - Worked to the third progression. Made a sound read and threw with appropriate timing. Inaccurate pass. Rushed the throw a bit. Pass #2 - Looks to his deeper reads first. Nothing is there. Starts to scramble. Finds his checkdown underneath to convert on 3rd and 6. This play highlights one thing I like and one thing I don't. I like his ability to progress through his reads and then find a checkdown. I don't
  8. I'd take Fields over Lance. Fields's mental processing and field vision scare me, but he's a very talented thrower. Both are boom/bust, but I think Fields is the better thrower at this point.
  9. I'd invest a Day 2 pick into bigger version of Andy Dalton who has Derek Carr's arm.
  10. Except his situation isn't exceptional, outside of COVID. He became a starter midway through his RS Sophomore year and then started his entire RS Junior year before declaring for the Draft. As for the comparison to Burrow, it is valid. I'm not arguing he should be the #1 pick like Burrow. I'm pointing out that it's not out of the ordinary for a talented QB to take time to win the starting job and then not immediately blow up as a first-year starter. As for the Washington game, I respectfully disagree. I thought it was one of the most impressive games I've seen on tape in terms of demonstr
  11. Oh yes. Dude has a rifle. Generates easy velocity on some of the hardest throws (out-breaking intermediate routes, even from the opposite hash).
  12. Why did it take Tom Brady so long to start in college? Costello was great in 2018. Mills, meanwhile, redshirted in 2017 to recover from a high school knee injury and then injured his knee again in 2018. The fact is that Costello transferred because Mills took the job away from him. Look at how long it took for Joe Burrow to win a starting job. And then he was pedestrian in his first year. How many of Mills's games have you watched? What issues do you see in his game? Look, I think durability concerns are valid. His injury history is concerning. But look at what Costello did in 2018. Expec
  13. Typically, when we have prototypical pocket passers who aren't first round picks, they have some glaring flaws. For some, like Kyle Trask, it's underwhelming physical tools (mediocre arm and no mobility). For others, like Christian Hackenberg, it's terrible accuracy and slow mental processing. You have guys like Jacob Eason and Davis Webb who look the part but have no consistency to their games. Looking purely at his film, I think Mills is the cleanest Day 2 prospect since Derek Carr. One could make an argument for Drew Lock, but his processing, anticipation, shakiness under pressure, an
  14. 6'4" 225, functional mobility, rifle for an arm, quick release, good ball placement (flashes of great ball placement), strong enough to break tackles in the pocket, ran the WCO in college with NFL-style progressions, reads, and route tree, and solid pocket movement. I think he goes Day 2. Physically, he has the skillset of a first round pick. But he also only has 11 starts, has a tendency to force passes over the middle of the field, and gets fooled by well-disguised defensive coverages (especially zone schemes). Needs to be more deceptive with his eyes. That's not surprising considering
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