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  1. Okay, you get our next available first. I believe it's in 2052. 🤣
  2. Might as well. If we don't trade it for Hunt, it'll be for somebody else. But you'll have to wait a few years for that first. 😂
  3. I wouldn't offer much in a trade. But it's worth kicking the tires imo.
  4. If you want to give us a 7th, we'll take him off your hands. 😜
  5. I would reach out to the Colts about Marlon Mack. I'd also keep an eye on the Texans. If they are willing to part with Phillip Lindsay, I'd be very interested. If not, Mark Ingram and Rex Burkhead are worth watching. My concern is less about Henderson's ability to do the job well and more about his durability. I recognize Mack and Burkhead have durability questions too, but that at least spreads the risk a bit. Damien Williams on the Bears would be another name worth monitoring.
  6. Well, that's not ideal. Colts, what do you want for Marlon Mack? Texans, what do you want for Phillip Lindsay?
  7. @Lionized, you're OTC. I drafted Zach Wilson.
  8. Yes. Michigan, Ohio, and now California.
  9. Not so sure about that. Clark's has a criminal history. He pleaded guilty to a felony in the past (stemming from the theft of a laptop), but I think that was expunged. He also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being arrested for domestic violence. He'll likely be able to plead to a lesser charge, but I don't think he'll get off as easy as community service. Either ways, I'm not sure if this is bad news for the Chiefs or not. Clark is a good pass rusher, but if it allows them to get out of his contract easily, it might be a net win.
  10. I'm not sure it happens this year because rookie TEs historically haven't been dominant, but I see Kyle Pitts as an absolute superstar at that position.
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