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  1. If A'Shawn is back, that's a big deal. He's a guy who can solve a lot of our problems when it comes to run defense. He's the sort of big boy who keeps OLs off of the LBs.
  2. McVay needs to keep running the ball if they can't stop it. Had he done that against SF, we win that game.
  3. Smith reminds me a bit of Marvin Harrison. Yeah, he's thin, but he is tough as nails, separates at every level, and catches just about everything.
  4. Injuries are the problem. He can still play, but he doesn't stay healthy. And after he got that concussion last year, he seemed like he was playing hesitantly.
  5. I don't know if this is good or bad for the Rams.
  6. I'm saying they will. Book it. Feel free to make a bet if you doubt me. 😉
  7. We're winning 10+. We put up a real stinker last night and still should have won. Kupp is as reliable as they come, and his mistakes took 14 points off the board. Plus, McVay was inexplicably greedy with the passing game. Should have just run it down y'all's throats. Regardless, this Rams team is a very good squad. That game hasn't darkened my outlook on the season.
  8. I think he just wants a better pick for the Jaguars. Bad news for him is that we're going to well outperform the preseason expectations for the squad.
  9. Polite can't hold up in the running game. They're playing him a lot on passing downs. McVay really shot us in the foot last night by not grinding out a W. Our running game was working. We should have kept mashing it until SF stopped it.
  10. It's time to get Akers and Henderson up to speed in pass pro. @StLunatic88 was right. I was wrong. Brown is a hindrance. He's too slow to shake anybody in the open field. We need Akers and Henderson on the field as checkdown options in the passing game.
  11. Bad game all around. Some bad play-calling from McVay mixed with Kupp blowing two TDs and Goff not being sharp. Defense also didn't show up for the first half. Ref crew being incompetent was a nice cherry on top, but we blew the game either ways. Time to regroup and go win the next one. Need to get to the bye week at 6-2.
  12. Good game. Rams simply didn't play well tonight. 49ers played like their backs are against the wall and earned the win. Good luck until we see y'all again.
  13. Rams are playing very flat. Hat's off to SF. They're playing like their backs are against the wall.
  14. Goff woke up for a play at least.
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