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  1. Jarrett Stidham QB New England Patriots @clevenowin
  2. I'm a big dummy. I had both Herndon and Ian Thomas on my roster last year. Wish I had released a couple other guys and held onto them going into the off-season. Had too many good TEs, made some horrible choices last year based on trying to win in the short term, and now I have too few good TEs lol.
  3. Maybe. But I think Ramsey is a better talent and his play not being on that level has more to do with the issues he had the past couple years than his ability.
  4. Point taken, but Reed's value always came from his ballhawking ability. That's not to say he wasn't capable of playing in the box, but it's apples to oranges because Adams isn't that sort of player. And no, it's not a cop out to cite scheme. I hope you recognize that some schemes devalue the CB position and other schemes devalue the safety position. If you're asking me to hold all else equal, I'm taking the shutdown CB. It's about scarcity and defensive flexibility imo.
  5. Yes, he's up there with DBs. That's not the same thing as being an actual EDGE. Yet, nobody would seriously argue that George Kittle could be an OL. That's what you just implied with Adams. He is not an EDGE. He could not be an EDGE. 1. That's not as valuable as what Ramsey does in coverage. 2. Ramsey could do those same things, but you wouldn't use Ramsey for those purposes because it's far more valuable to use your top DB to cover than blitz. His versatility isn't applicable because his role is more valuable than the versatile role you are discussing. If it were, you'd have Ramsey do it. As for the other two safeties, Ed Reed played a completely different role than Adams and Polamalu. In Troy's case, it's not an easy comparison to an elite CB. It depends on the scheme.
  6. This is a paragraph of incredible overstatements. No, Adams does not have "EDGE versatility." That's an outlandish opinion. Being a good blitzer as a safety does not make you an EDGE. That's like me claiming because Cooper Kupp or Larry Fitzgerald are great run blockers at WR that they have "OL versatility." Adams is also not one of the best edge setting defenders in the league. He's a great run defender as a safety. He's good in man to man coverage if he's not on a WR. He's a very smart safety. He's a great blitzer. But he's nothing special patrolling the back-end of the defense. He's a great all around safety, but his specialty is working close to the LOS. That's valuable, but it's not as valuable as a guy like Ramsey. And it's worth noting that before moving to CB in his final year in college, Ramsey played a similar role to what Adams plays in the NFL, and Ramsey was phenomenal in that role. He was seen as a first round pick BEFORE he transitioned to playing outside at CB. The guy can do it all in the secondary, including shutting down top WRs. That's fine. But I think most teams would prefer to have the #1 CB. Y'all just happen to have talent and depth at CB.
  7. Ramsey. Plays a more valuable position and has a very versatile skill-set. A poster talks about Adams locking down TEs. Ramsey can lock down TEs and WRs. He can play in the slot or outside at CB. He could even play safety if you wanted him there. Adams is less of a headcase and a bit more consistent, but Ramsey is the better talent.
  8. Yeah, I figured that was what happened haha.
  9. Whoops, wrong thread. Glen, did you intend to draft Harrison Bryant? Just surprised somebody drafted a rookie UDFA this early.
  10. It's all guesswork. Van may not even contribute as a rookie, but he strikes me as a very pro ready player, like Kupp was. I think he'll have a good year if COVID doesn't mess everything up. I am a huge Fitz fan and respect the hell out of him, but he really seemed like he fell off last year. Just didn't have much juice left. When he was doing damage, it was typically against zones using his savvy. I'm just not sold he won't fall off even more in 2020. You can never really say. It's hard to anticipate exactly when a guy will hit that wall. Eh, I'm not sure I see it the same way on Bosa. I think it would limit him a bit. It's why I chose Seattle's base defense.
  11. Yeah. Edwards was serviceable as a rookie for the Rams, but I'm not really sure who to put behind him.
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