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  1. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    The Lions should just make Johnson their bellcow HB.
  2. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Why do the Lions even play Blount?
  3. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    I've been in the shower. What on Earth happened here?
  4. Week 3 - Rams vs Chargers - Battle of LA

    Natson broke his hand. He's done.
  5. Week 3 - Rams vs Chargers - Battle of LA

    Yep. Agreed. He was money today. Only two mistakes I saw were the underthrow to Woods (and TBF, it was the right call but just a little short) and the pick. He also threw a perfect pass to Cooks that Hayward ripped away. And the pick wasn't 100% Goff. Everett ran a lazy route on a timing throw.
  6. Week 3 - Rams vs Chargers - Battle of LA

    Thank you, Baby Jesus, on Peters.
  7. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Yeah. Cooks can do the same, but Goff is just starting to sync up with him deep (that ball Hayward ripped away was the first time Goff has hit him in stride on a deep ball). And I can't honestly argue that Cooks is a better deep threat. He's close, though. However, I think Cooks is a better all around WR than Hill. That might not be a popular take, though.
  8. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    That's a little unfair. I think he's just Alex Smith.
  9. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Hard to compete with Hill, even if Cooks is almost as explosive. Plus, Kelce and Watkins are explosive as hell too.
  10. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    We're not as good as KC at it, but we can do it when that's the goal. Against y'all, our goal seemed to be to keep your offense off the field.
  11. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    GG. Rivers and Gates were getting on my last nerve today. When y'all get Bosa back, you should be a tough out. Still have a hella talented offense, especially if you give Ekeler more touches.
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I don't want to see Bosa on your D.
  13. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Plus, the Rams turned it over twice on what looked like scoring drives. And that stupid missed FG. EDIT: To be fair, though, Goff has looked amazing today. Hard for him to play at this level every week.
  14. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I hope the Rams take a PA shot here.
  15. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I wouldn't complain about a long TD pass to Cooks or Gurley or a long TD run by Gurley.