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  1. 8 hours ago, Buc Ball said:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was done with football after this offseason if he doesn’t get picked up and somehow win a kicking job.

    Drafting him where we did was a classic overreaction to kicking game issues that didn’t get properly fixed until we signed Succop last year. At the time it was sold that he’d be automatic on FGs under 50 and could consistently land high hang time kick offs inside the 5, so he’d be a weapon on STs. We never attempted a so called “mortar kick” and we all know about his issues with FGs.

    Overall, he seems like a good guy, but he just wasn’t able to cope with the pressure of his job in the pros. Being drafted as high as he was only made that exponentially worse.

    Frankly, y'all might have given up on Matt Gay too quickly. We'll see how he does in Year 2 with the Rams, but he went 18/20 on FGs and 20/20 on PATs after signing (counting the playoffs).

  2. On 6/17/2021 at 6:22 PM, Trojan said:

    He was beyond "good" in college. He graduated with 3 years playing plus a redshirt year. He was first team All American all three years, and won the Lou Groza award. In three years he never missed an extra point and his career field goal % is 88.X%. Combined FG+XP he's the most accurate ever I think? Daniel Carlson kinda took the mantel of "oh that kicker is awesome and for sure will make it in the NFL" but Carlson missed far more FGs. Roberto never missed under 40, and made 50+ yarders too. Roberto was awesome, but obviously hasn't panned out.

    Was an overrated kicker coming out of college. Automatic inside 40, but he was meh outside of 40. And he didn't have a strong leg. Obviously, he panned out far worse than expected because he fell apart mentally. But I didn't see him becoming special in the NFL. Average NFL Kickers are close to automatic inside 40 yards.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Soggust said:

    I 100% agree Floyd was not going "all out" (like, he was down on the scorecards and only going for a KO or was going to sacrifice defensive fundamentals to go ultra-offensive) or even that he was treating Paul like a real threatening fight. I can even get on board with the take that Floyd was "playing around out there".

    I'm just saying I don't think he was like pulling his punches or keeping him standing intentionally (like a reverse-fix haha) in order to secure future revenue. I think he's just older, retired, was fighting a big dude, was never a HUGE puncher, and was just gonna cruise control to a win. He was fighting not to lose.

    Maybe we are saying the same thing, I just don't think a boring decision benefits him more than a KO financially and I don't think him not going to the body enough in the mid rounds is substantial proof of Floyd intentionally avoiding a KO. Seems like just goofing around, as you suggested. 

    More or less. I'm saying that Floyd could have KO'd him if that was the goal, but he was fine getting paid a ton of money to play around. He wasn't unwilling to knock Paul out. But he wasn't trying to do it either.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Soggust said:

    I agree with you in premise that no random FFer is knocking out Floyd (lolol), but the idea Floyd wasn't trying to KO Paul is crazy too. Floyd is certainly never going to be at a shortage of sellable fights, both easy and challenging. He's arguably more marketable too if he is KOing people instead of fighting his usual, defensive style.

    The reason he doesn't press these bigger amateurs is because he's intelligent and knows the easiest path to victory is to walk them down, let them wear themselves out, lose any chance of KO power early, and push the pace after a few rounds. So his window for a KO is shorter (and again, was fighting a dude 35lbs heavier who's only goal was to hug and survive 8 rounds).

    Not to mention, if this logic was true then Floyd wouldn't have KO'd Tenshin in the first and destroyed his Japanese marketability. 

    If he was trying to KO Paul, he would have KO'd Paul. Ask yourself why Floyd didn't start going to the body to get himself some clean, easy shots at Paul's face when Paul got fatigued halfway through the fight. There was zero chance Paul, even with all the hugging, could have defended himself if Floyd was going all out.

    Floyd was playing around out there. As for Tenshin, I never saw the fight and don't know what happened in the run up to it. He might have had a reason for making a point in that one. 

  5. 10 hours ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

    Like you said, coaching is collaborative, so why is giving McVay a little credit so ridiculous? Not all of the credit, not most of the credit, but a little??? I mean he is the HC….

    As HC, McVay gets the credit for how the team performs as a whole and for the performance of his assistants. But he's not entitled to the credit for defensive gameplans and execution.

    What's a little credit? You certainly seemed to be implying on the last page that the offense declined because McVay was helping Staley run the defense. I can't agree with that.

    10 hours ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

    Why did the special teams stink so much? The STs coach sucked.

    Exactly. And conversely, the defense was great because our DC was great. (And because we had very good defensive talent.)

  6. 22 minutes ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

    Agree to disagree I guess… 

    I'm not sure how it's debatable. He was the DC. It was his scheme. He was the guy making the adjustments. If you think there were negatives, that's a defensible opinion. But trying to give McVay credit for what Staley accomplished? That seems pretty ridiculous to me. If McVay is that much of a genius, why did the special teams stink to high heavens? 

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  7. 35 minutes ago, NYRamsFan88 said:

    So you think Staley, a man who’s never coordinated a professional football team, single handedly turned this defense into a top unit all by himself, with no guidance or involvement from McVay, or any of the other defensive coaches in the building? I find that extremely hard to believe. 

    Staley definitely had some negatives, every coach does; but he was able to do what Phillips wasn’t able to, and that was make adjustments. 


    That's not what he said. Coaching is collaborative. And yes, I think Staley was the person by far most responsible for our defensive turnaround. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, BStanRamFan said:

    Serious question, can you restructure a restructured deal?

    tom hardy inception GIF


    Kicking the can down the road becomes an issue when you run out of road. Presumably, we're going to bottom out and run out of options in like 3-4 years. Then we'll have one awful season and jump back into a top 5 pick (when we have them again) and grab our franchise QB. The question to pose is, does it seem worth it if we win a ring between now and then? I say yes, but obviously everyone wants the Patriots dynasty approach lol unfortunately, those aren't realistic expectations for any fanbase to have.

    Last I checked, there were time limitations on your ability to restructure an already-restructured deal.

  9. 6 minutes ago, El Ramster said:

    Not saying we should. 
    not saying we are. Just saying that it’s BS that people keep saying that we can’t. 

    It ain't about can't. It's about whether we should. And the answer is no.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, El Ramster said:

    This ish been said for 


    Gurley, Cooks and Goff..

    And by that doing that ish, we only keep digging ourselves into a deeper hole. That, of course, forced us to RESTRUCTURE both Kupp and Woods this offseason. Because we did that, even if we trade either after June 1st (which just pushes the buttload of dead money into 2022), we barely save any money.

    Julio, conversely, costs over $15 million to acquire. Could we hypothetically create the cap space needed to make it work? Yes. But it would require more moves that could hamstring us long term. I guess it would fit with the continued focus on making moves to win this year without much care for the long-term ramifications.

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  11. 3 hours ago, IdigtheRaiders! said:

    Looks like Pacquiao/Spence Jr is a go for August 21 on FOX PPV.


    If Manny wins this (and he probably won’t), he’s no doubt officially in the conversation as the greatest boxer of all time.

    He wasn't even the greatest fighter of his generation. And he has a puncher's chance of beating Spence.

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