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  1. Was an overrated kicker coming out of college. Automatic inside 40, but he was meh outside of 40. And he didn't have a strong leg. Obviously, he panned out far worse than expected because he fell apart mentally. But I didn't see him becoming special in the NFL. Average NFL Kickers are close to automatic inside 40 yards.
  2. More or less. I'm saying that Floyd could have KO'd him if that was the goal, but he was fine getting paid a ton of money to play around. He wasn't unwilling to knock Paul out. But he wasn't trying to do it either.
  3. If he was trying to KO Paul, he would have KO'd Paul. Ask yourself why Floyd didn't start going to the body to get himself some clean, easy shots at Paul's face when Paul got fatigued halfway through the fight. There was zero chance Paul, even with all the hugging, could have defended himself if Floyd was going all out. Floyd was playing around out there. As for Tenshin, I never saw the fight and don't know what happened in the run up to it. He might have had a reason for making a point in that one.
  4. You're delusional lol. Floyd wasn't trying to knock the dude out. If he embarrasses him, he's not getting another massive pay day.
  5. As HC, McVay gets the credit for how the team performs as a whole and for the performance of his assistants. But he's not entitled to the credit for defensive gameplans and execution. What's a little credit? You certainly seemed to be implying on the last page that the offense declined because McVay was helping Staley run the defense. I can't agree with that. Exactly. And conversely, the defense was great because our DC was great. (And because we had very good defensive talent.)
  6. I'm interested in any of the HBs lol.
  7. I'm not sure how it's debatable. He was the DC. It was his scheme. He was the guy making the adjustments. If you think there were negatives, that's a defensible opinion. But trying to give McVay credit for what Staley accomplished? That seems pretty ridiculous to me. If McVay is that much of a genius, why did the special teams stink to high heavens?
  8. That's not what he said. Coaching is collaborative. And yes, I think Staley was the person by far most responsible for our defensive turnaround.
  9. Trolls gonna troll. Not going to waste my time.
  10. Last I checked, there were time limitations on your ability to restructure an already-restructured deal.
  11. It ain't about can't. It's about whether we should. And the answer is no.
  12. And by that doing that ish, we only keep digging ourselves into a deeper hole. That, of course, forced us to RESTRUCTURE both Kupp and Woods this offseason. Because we did that, even if we trade either after June 1st (which just pushes the buttload of dead money into 2022), we barely save any money. Julio, conversely, costs over $15 million to acquire. Could we hypothetically create the cap space needed to make it work? Yes. But it would require more moves that could hamstring us long term. I guess it would fit with the continued focus on making moves to win this year without much care fo
  13. People talking about trading Kupp or Woods to get Julio need to look at the cap consequences.
  14. He wasn't even the greatest fighter of his generation. And he has a puncher's chance of beating Spence.
  15. Interesting approach. I thought Geron Christian would do better in the NFL. He had extremely impressive movement skills in college. Was underpowered, but I thought he might get stronger as he physically matured and added weight.
  16. Gotta be honest, I didn't see "it" with Twyman. Was unimpressed by his film. He was too content to stay blocked on a lot of plays. I wasn't surprised when he tested poorly.
  17. Dude could take a dump and win if we're judging by percentage of body weight lost. 🤣
  18. People can we get back to talking about how the Giants are helping Kelvin Benjamin work out again? Are they starting up their own version of The Biggest Loser? If so, who else should compete?
  19. That's because Ramsey was taking the #1 WR whenever we played a top WR. Our genius DC treated Ramsey like far and away the best defender on the team outside of Aaron Donald. Gotta put those things in the appropriate context.
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