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  1. The pick makes more sense if Skowronek is going to be a move TE.
  2. His ballskills are off the charts good. I'd have taken a shot on him if I had a zone-heavy scheme that provided deep help. He's a feisty dude.
  3. FIFY. But he's actually pretty good. Plus, he can also be an emergency NT.
  4. Are they moving Skowronek to TE? It's a weird pick.
  5. Round 7 Pick #17 - Shakur Brown CB Michigan State
  6. Being totally blunt, Newman is a great physical talent who sucks at actually playing QB.
  7. Gotta congratulate y'all, Quincy Roche was a steal. He reminds me of Shaq Barrett. A lot of upside as a 3-4 pass rusher. But he needs to get much better at defending the run.
  8. I'd really like to see the Rams get our hands on at least one of Quincy Roche, Stone Forsythe, Dylan Moses, Jaret Patterson, Bryce Thompson, Shakur Brown, Ar'Darius Washington, Khalil Herbert, or Kylin Hill.
  9. Round 6 Pick #17 - Ar'Darius Washington DB Texas Christian
  10. I'd have taken him in the latter part of Day 2. That's what I see. He reminds me of Shaq Barrett. The guy was less than a half step from another double-digit sack season for Miami this past year. He's a gifted pass rusher. Run defense was the issue I saw. (Obviously, his lack of scheme versatility is also an issue to some degree.)
  11. I disagree on Roche. He is a legit pass rusher. He's not a great athlete, but he has the right tools. He bursts off the LOS well (especially out of a two-point stance), he has the flexibility to bend and flatten around the corner, and he has the quickness to jump inside when an OT starts cheating. He has a very savvy approach to pass rushing and uses his hands well. He's not a very good run defender, but the potential is there if he plays with better leverage and more of a consistent motor. If I were a 3-4 team, I'd have been all over him in the past two rounds. He's at minimum a rotational gu
  12. 100%. He's a dog. I'd want him on my squad. If he can't make it work at safety (great fit in a split-safety scheme imo), he'll be a darn good slot CB. But yeah, a lot of teams will take him off their boards because of size.
  13. I disagree strongly. Roche is one of the most savvy and well-rounded edge rushers in this class. Terry has iffy hands, but you can't teach his ability to run away from people or contact balance.
  14. There are a few players I'd be interested to know why they're falling. In addition to Moses, my list is: Quincy Roche (character?) Tamorrion Terry (character?) Stone Forsythe Trey Smith (almost certainly medical) Damar Hamlin
  15. Round 6 Pick #1 - Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State
  16. I really hope they're not repeating the Brian Allen mistake again. That would be insane hubris.
  17. His game does mesh well with Goff. He's the sort of WR the Rams have made a habit of drafting lately.
  18. I expect we're kicking Corbett inside and starting Evans, Anchrum, or Brewer at OG.
  19. We're doing better today. Rochell, Brown, and Harris are all boom/bust picks who have massive upside. Rochell and Brown in particular are intriguing. Both have the upside to be quality starters. Rochell needs to continue to develop his technical skills, as his athletic gifts are off the charts (and he's feisty). Brown needs to stop being lazy. He has the traits to be a game-changer inside if he's willing to play hard and work on his game. Harris is a guy who tested out of this galaxy and could be an oversized deep threat WR, but his main value will be as a core special teamer imo. There's
  20. I hate y'all for drafting Jaylon. IMO, he has the potential to start at four different spots on the OL, and no, Center is not one of those spots. If he can cure his technical deficiencies (leaning and lunging in both pass pro and the running game), he has the feet, balance, body control, and just enough length to potentially start at LT. If he slides inside to OG or plays RT, I think he'll be a Pro Bowl caliber player once he irons out those technical deficiencies.
  21. This is an exciting pick. I'd have drafted Amon-Ra in the 50 to 80 range. That's how high I am on him. He's polished. He's reliable. He's surehanded. He's physical. He's competitive. And he's productive. His film reminded me a lot of Robert Woods. He doesn't have elite traits, but he makes full use of the traits he has and plays his arse off when he's on the field. I love the way he blocks and competes for the football. I think he's going to prove to be a steal. I am not saying he'll be elite, but I think he'll post a few 1000+ yard seasons in the NFL.
  22. Cade seems like a solid Day 3 slot guy. Polished and reliable. He just isn't a guy who jumps off the screen athletically.
  23. Oh, trust me, I don't lack confidence. We'll see if my confidence is sound lol. And yeah, medicals and character reports are tough. For example, I would have taken Quincy Roche in Round 3, so I don't know why he's falling. Could be character. Could be medical.
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