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  1. Okay, while I have a chance, I need to catch up on some picks: Round 4 Pick #1 - Traded to Tennessee for Round 4 Pick #21, Round 5 Pick #22, and Round 7 Pick #4 Round 4 Pick #17 - Jaylon Moore OL Western Michigan Round 4 Pick #21 - Traded to Arizona along with Round 7 Pick #1 for Round 5 Pick #16 and 2022 4th Round Pick Round 5 Pick #2 - Evan McPherson K Florida Round 5 Pick #16 - Shaun Wade DB Ohio State Round 5 Pick #17 - Quincy Roche OLB Miami Round 5 Pick #22 - Jaret Patterson HB Buffalo
  2. I think Jason Peters is the best comparison for Sewell. They're very similar in terms of measurables and dimensions. But considering the fact that Peters is a 9-time Pro Bowl and 6-time All Pro, you're doing damn well for yourself with him. I think Devonta Smith is going to be an All Pro too. But at the end of the day, Goff's game is reliant on protection, and Sewell is two years younger than Devonta. I imagine Holmes wants to see what Goff is made of this year. Giving him strong protection should allow him to get a feel for it. If Goff isn't the guy, he has the picks to go get the guy wh
  3. Well, it seems the NFL disagreed with my evaluations lol. I unfortunately won't be around tomorrow for the start of the draft, so I'll make my picks when I have a chance to log on.
  4. Jabril is not a good run defender, but he can really cover. But if it were me, Amon-Ra St. Brown would be the guy I'd want. I think he's going to be a productive SL or Z in the NFL.
  5. He's a third round pick. If we had got him with our third, I'd have been okay. But not moving up for Eskridge, a far superior talent, and watching the Seahawks grab him right before us, made me very angry when Atwell was our pick. And then watching us pass on Meinerz for a weak trade offer really soured me on our draft to this point.
  6. It infuriates me that they could have traded up a few spots and landed a vastly superior player in D'Wayne Eskridge, but instead, they settled for a guy who weighs less than my punching bag.
  7. Perfect. Sounds like a headliner at the local old folks home.
  8. Nope. I guess that's why you were Browning your pants. 😉
  9. You laugh now. But wait until he takes a jet sweep for a 90 yard TD in Week 1. (And then gets injured on the very next offensive play.)
  10. Cause our FO is having a trash offseason.
  11. I was kidding, Goldfish. 😉
  12. Great pick by Tennessee. He's a stud.
  13. Broncos won the draft. I don't even remember who else they drafted.
  14. Ain't nobody wants another Milton Bradley.
  15. "We drafted a guy named Milton? MILTON?!?!?!?!"
  16. Well, it's good that you gents are getting help with your addiction. 😂
  17. I am a bigger one because I would never insult Tommy by drafting him into the Big Dildo Lovers support group. 😂
  18. I am a big Tommy Tremble fan.
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