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  1. Was hoping for better. I much prefer JOK. I understand focusing on the trenches, but I'm not that big on Levi. He is a good athlete who plays with a ton of energy, but he's raw technically.
  2. Richie Grant is not at all like Tyrann Mathieu.
  3. Take Teven Jenkins. At a minimum, he should be a beast of an OG.
  4. Eagles fans six months from now: "WHY IS HALF OUR TEAM INJURED?"
  5. Uh oh, @THE DUKE is not going to be happy. Bengals didn't take Teven Jenkins lol.
  6. So the Eagles drafted another injury prone player?
  7. Did the Broncos just steal JOK?
  8. Good pick by the Jets. Should be interesting to see how he meshes with Jamison Crowder. (Or they'll cut/trade Crowder.)
  9. The Jaguars just picked one of Kyle Pitts's children. Congratulations, Kyle!
  10. Jaret Patterson is. He's very underrated. But he won't go until Day 3.
  11. I don't have NFLN, so ESPN is my only choice.
  12. This might not be a popular opinion, but I think Elijah Molden is a better fit and player than Asante Samuel Jr. I also expect much of the list to be gone by the time we pick. I'll also note that I'm still partial to D'Wayne Eskridge and Pete Werner.
  13. I had to lol at Sapp being bitter about Donald getting credit. That's not relevant to Barmore but still funny.
  14. I expect Sewell eventually ends up at LT. But there's no reason to rush it. Sewell is so young. He can grow at RT and then make the switch by the time Decker is 30 or 31. At that point, the Lions can likely trade Decker as he nears the end of his extension. Obviously, if Sewell becomes absolutely dominant before that point, the Lions can always flip him over to LT earlier than expected.
  15. This pick was a homerun. Sewell was widely seen as a top 5 player in this draft. And had he played this year, he may well have been considered a top 3 player in this draft, alongside Pitts and Lawrence. He's a 20 year old physical monster. And I think the OL makes and breaks team. It'll be especially important with Goff and with Lynn's focus on establishing a strong running game.
  16. The Lions already called dibs.
  17. With the First Pick in the Second Round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Stallions select . . . Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB Notre Dame With the Second Pick in the Second Round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Stallions select . . . Elijah Moore WR Ole Miss* * - I reserve the right to trade down from this pick if I like a trade an IRL team makes in the first few picks of the second round.
  18. Kansas just hired Lance Leipold. Wow. That's a hell of a hire.
  19. Yeah, he checked in at his Pro Day at 6'1.5" 221 pounds with long arms for his size (33"). I think he's a studly Will and perfect for the modern NFL.
  20. If I were the Lions, I'd be working to find a trade up to get my hands on Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. If they could come away with JOK and somebody like Amon-Ra St. Brown or D'Wayne Eskridge at the top of the third, that would be one hell of a start to the draft.
  21. Solid all-around guy. He'll probably be a good RT if he develops well. Some stiffness in the lower half, which limits his ability to redirect. Has the power and feet to be effective at tackle, but he doesn't have much of a mean streak. Good lower-body technique, but has some vulnerabilities in the upper body that need fixing. Occasionally leans into punches, which opens him up to being pulled off balance or swam over.
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