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  1. No, I think you don't die on the inside until you start practicing.
  2. Law school textbooks stop bullets. I always wondered about this. A friend confirmed the other day because he shot up his books at a gun range. Even the hollow points couldn't go all the way through. So if you're ever in an active shooter situation with a law student near you, ask them for their textbooks. You're welcome for the life-saving advice.
  3. Can't do it, unfortunately. I am taking the Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday and then a post-bar trip almost immediately after it.
  4. Yea, there are a lot of terrible drivers out there. I make no excuses for those people. I'd say that they deserve to get a butt whooping, but Dante Fowler Jr. might not appreciate that. I don't want to make him angry.
  5. If a city is going to enact that ordinance, there should be bike lanes everywhere. That's a jerk move for everyone if there aren't. Regardless, I don't think it's difficult for both bicyclists and cars to be respectful of each other when there aren't bike lanes. Just give cars the room to pass.
  6. If there's a large sidewalk, use it. If there's not or it's dangerous, then you obviously have to ride in the road. But just make an effort to not back everyone up.
  7. Speaking of bicycles, I hope y'all aren't the jerks who think you're as entitled to the road as automobiles. I hate those people. I'm not going to come into the bike lane. That's your space. Just stay out of my lane. My vehicle accelerates past 25 mph.
  8. Arizona is great. I was in Phoenix for the Final Four this year. It was a great city. I'd certainly live there if I was offered a good job there. Tried In'N'Out for the first time there. It lived up to its reputation.
  9. No. Things just aren't that black and white. I mentioned this awhile back in WAYTA, but a friend of mine sent me the mugshot he found on the internet of another friend of mine. He had been booked on serious domestic violence charges (like serious shiot). I hung out with this guy quite a bit. I had met his significant other more than a few times. He was a super friendly and personable guy. There was never any indication that something was amiss. I know some people whom I wouldn't be surprised if they got arrested. But some people are just amazing at not letting it show. I guess they compar
  10. Being 6'5", fast, and having a strong arm does make you draftable (hell, Christian Hackenberg isn't even fast). The question is if he's worth drafting on Day 1 or 2. We'll see how he progresses from here.
  11. Dak's numbers as a first-year starter aren't that different. Being a first-year starter on a bad team and an unrefined passer tends to lead to that. The question is where Fitzgerald goes from here.
  12. Currently, it's 9:30 to 10:00 AM for me, but I'm moving. 1600+ hours of OT sounds like a lot. When do you sleep haha?
  13. Unluckily for me, my new job requires being there between 7:30 and 8 AM. I guess the closest thing to a bright side is that it's Mountain Time and that I get all federal holidays off. But I expect I'll just adjust to the timezone change, and 7:30 will be 7:30.
  14. Yep. The real world is going to be rough for me.
  15. The nice part about living in Florida is that I am somewhat experienced with dealing with crazy. Just give them a nice homeless person to chew on, and we're good.
  16. Speaking of, I'm an almost-lawyer. How does one break into horse law? Do the clients just kind of find you?
  17. The Rams forum rejects this trade. We are opting to trade rams to the Colts forum.
  18. Might as well move on if it bothers you. Lonzo is the face of the franchise now and isn't going anywhere.
  19. His physical tools always stood out. Dak probably made this kid a lot of money, but he needs to show more as a passer.
  20. Golden Tate always destroys the Rams.
  21. Fine. Done. I couldn't really figure out where Kittle is currently on the depth chart, though.
  22. Are you back for good, Khodder, or are you planning to abandon me again?
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