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  1. LOVE the player, but I hate the trade up to get him
  2. Probably plan on running more power now with Lance
  3. I want JOK here.. didn't think he'd even make it to 43.
  4. I think we underestimated his injury history and elongated throwing motion.. He also had a ton of fumbles that first year at OSU
  5. I really love Javonte Williams but I'd be disappointed if they use a 2nd round pick on a RB. There are just too many good options later on
  6. I'd like Holland out of Oregon as a CB/S or E Moore from Ole Miss if they go offense
  7. They should move on a CB if Sherm isn't coming back.. some really good receivers on the board too.
  8. Looks like he is having a hissy fit. I think he actually thought SF was taking him.. I always assumed the hype was coming from his agent.
  9. I think he's definitely more of a 3rd safety than a base LB
  10. They need to cut their losses and dump Gruden/Mayock. This is embarrassing. EVERY YEAR they do this and every year they fail.
  11. Is Chris Simms on TV anywhere? 😂
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