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    Alex Smith, Frank Gore

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    Definitely my top 2.. Frank Gore is my guy at 3
  2. 3 Haunting Things from 49ers

    I agree.. it really bothers me that Smith never even got a chance to get his job back after that injury.
  3. 3 Haunting Things from 49ers

    I maintain that we should have traded him instead of Alex... 11 was a proven commodity to us, and just imagine the haul Kaep would have landed us in the trade market
  4. 3 Haunting Things from 49ers

    Jim Tomsula
  5. Denver trades WR Sanders to 49ers

    Meh, I like this better than what NE gave for Sanu, I suppose
  6. NBA Team In St. Louis?

    I think if it were marketed as a Missouri team a team would work there.. I for one would have a new favorite team.
  7. Mike Crivello's World is a wonderful worllllld of caaammmerass
  8. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    So are we going to take another dlineman with our first pick?
  9. How was that not at least intentional grounding? I hate this league's love affair with the QB postion
  10. Definitely, I love this offense.. Now if we could just get a QB...
  11. Had to log on here to laugh at Arians.. And holy crap, finally a mobile site! Love the new look