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  1. All the Phins had to do was not touch him and it goes to OT. WOWWW
  2. That field goal got the crowd more excited than any other play so far 🤣
  3. I agree, this is how things like this play out. This guy is a former MLB team president and he breaks it down well. The owners/"league" will be protected at all costs.. look at the Dallas Mavericks situation compared to the Clippers with Donald Sterling. With Dallas, there was no smoking gun leading directly to Cuban so some execs got fired and everyone moved on. With Sterling, there were plenty of audio tapes that couldn't be denied. The NFL will do all they can to hide evidence that would force Snyder to be kicked out.
  4. He seems very hesitant to scramble and I don't remember seeing almost any designed runs for him
  5. It is, just like turnover worthy throws. The one thing that I hate about PFF is how much weight they put behind made-up, subjective stats like those. Edit- here's an article written by their 2 main numbers guys. They have a great podcast, but Chahrouri can be insufferable to listen to, Eager is great but is a Vikings fan who also happens to love the Chiefs. https://www.pff.com/news/pro-re-evaluating-the-nfl-passer-rating-using-big-time-turnover-worthy-throws
  6. IMO the Bears need to fire Nagy ASAP and break the bank for Daboll.
  7. @struby3 what a beautiful day
  8. There's a promo for Stafford/Wilson to combine for 600 yds+ passing tonight at +200, yay or nay?
  9. Gonna see if I can keep this going. This week, the Bengals will certainly lose against GB. Previous- Cowboys Giants Texans Patriots
  10. https://www.bettingpros.com/nfl/odds/player-props/ Invaluable tool for betting props, they have versions for every sport.
  11. Had a good game.. stats don't look great but the INT was a tipped ball & the running game took his TDs That deep ball to ARob could definitely have been better though
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