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  1. The Florida Gators thread

    So Emory Jones......
  2. It's quitter season

    good. they should
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    That's fine and he will flip to Georgia, which has been obvious for months, but if he had grade issues he would not be a Michigan commit.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    If grades were an issue Reese wouldn't have been a commit to Michigan.
  5. Bama is trying to hire Chris Partridge. Would be a huge blow to our recruiting if he leaves. It's a lateral move so I think Harbaugh will get him more money to stay.
  6. I'm very excited to see the new LBs in 2018. Hudson and Bush with an extra year of experience and conditioning and add in Singleton and Anthony get's me excited. Been 10+ years since we've had an athletic LB core like this. Soloman, Winovich, and Gary will be electric up front.
  7. Open up next season at night in South Bend.
  8. 247 also just posted an article saying Michigan is after Greg Little. That would be a huge pull if he got Little, Patterson, and Anderson!
  9. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Can we talk about the fact we are segregating the people that sit to pee? I find it relaxing!
  10. Jim is with Deontay Alexander today. Would be awesome if we could poach him with Patterson. Anyone heard anything about Little and if he's going to leave?
  11. Can anyone explain to me where these scholarships will come from for these Ole Miss players? Are we going to sign less players in 2018 or push more players out the door or not bring back 5th year players?
  12. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Best soap opera in a long time.
  13. Wish Peters was healthy and able to play on Saturday. Would have loved to see him have his shot against them.
  14. Week 13 | Other Games Thread

    you're really bad at this. I guess you didn't come here to play forum though.