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  1. If they had a good season I'd probably be more excited for it, but 2017 blew up in their face so rehashing it for me would probably make me angry. lol
  2. College Football Coaching Carousel

    or claps lock
  3. Eason a badger!

    choo choo.....all aboard the Badger train to Drunksville. Population Deekster.
  4. Looks like Tim Drevo is leaving to go to Vandy where his son went. Warriner should replace him as OL coach.
  5. Bad take. Looking at the schedule another 8/9 win season is probably the best we will do. Fans need to see growth and improvement on the O-Line and WR core. Also they need to be competitive in all games and not have any blow out losses. The 2019 recruiting is already 100 times better then 2018. Jim has brought in a couple new coaches that are excellent recruiters as well as coaches. Have faith in the process and give Jim time to get the roster full of his guys from top to bottom.
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Most Michigan fans already knew he wasn't coming since September/October. Only the homers are throwing fits. But there are some good rage posts on 247.
  7. First Head Coach Replacement Rumor--Matt Patricia

    Anyone have any reservations after seeing his defense get shredded last night?
  8. College Football Coaching Carousel

    He also got a promotion and more money
  9. College Football Coaching Carousel

    I need to start shopping where you shop.
  10. Season over?

    What do you guys think about Bruce Arians?
  11. The Florida Gators thread

    So Emory Jones......