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  1. Preseason GT #3: Lions vs Evil

    I really want to see how the LB core does against a competent offense, even if it will be vanilla with no wrinkles.
  2. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    I married a Cowboys fan and I refuse to watch with her. Probably the worst mistake of my life.
  3. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Shouldn't you be in the Packers forum with your new friends?
  4. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Was tagged by Webby, and the first thought I had was "Crap, what did I do now to get in trouble?" Unfortunately I took the kids to grandma's house for the weekend and wasn't able to watch a single snap.
  5. The Return of Marvin Jones

    I'd be surprised if he tops his 2016 numbers. I think Ebron and Golladay take some of his targets away.
  6. Matthew Stafford Expectations

    Stafford will have the best O-Line he's ever had in Detroit this season. Time to put up those All Pro type of numbers
  7. Goodness Gracious- DE Issues

    Mario Williams hasn't been effective since the 2014 season. I'd rather role with rookie DEs with something to proove. That's just me though.
  8. Whose your 2017 breakout player

    Your Golladay pick looks solid so far MrLionzz
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Old forum still comes up for me no issues. http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/index.php It's a different URL.
  10. Very out of LF commitment. Looks like a decent athlete. I wonder if this is one of those Harbaugh commitments that he doesn't expect to stick
  11. Training Camp News and Notes

    Rookie LBs and if Tomlinson makes the team.
  12. 2017 Hot Stove thread

    JV is a perfectionist and he made a slight change in his delivery over the offseason. Now he's a walking a ton of guys which is killing him this year. His velocity is still 95-97 so I think he can turn it around if given a new opportunity.
  13. ITT We Discuss Hugh Freeze's Unemployment Claim

    I don't believe you guys and your stone throwing. Haven't you ever butt dialed an escort service before? I mean, it just happens that he did it a few times to a few different ones.
  14. Whose your 2017 breakout player

    Greg Robinson is expected to be the starting LT. Not sure how I feel about that.