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  1. Rookie #'s Released

    Haha sorry ,looked right past it. I'm indifferent on Washington in 13. I like Edmunds in 34, still think he's 22 by the time camp breaks with Ridley being cut. Just my opinion
  2. Rookie #'s Released

    Edmunds- 34 Washington- 13 Rudolph- 2 Chuk- 76 Allen- 27 Samuels- 38 Frazier- 69
  3. Good point, I looked over Berhe on the roster. But yeah an extreme amount of changes this year thats for sure
  4. I'm not a big James Washington fan either, but WR was a need after MB was traded. I feel comfortable that between Bostic, Williams and hopefully 1 of Edmunds/Allen there will be serviceable pieces in place for the season. I'm comfortable with Artie Burns as our #2 corner and WR (after the MB trade) was a MUCH bigger need than corner. Pass rusher, I will concede, I hate our situation there. I'm still not saying I don't think Washington was a reach, but we needed a WR Factor in the fact that at any point if AB or JuJu go down, that leaves the depth chart absolute barren. (Marcus Tucker, Trey Griffey, DHB, Justin Hunter, Quadree Henderson, Justin Thomas, Tevin Jones) Factor in a guy who is holding out on his contract and won't guarantee when he shows up for camp, or if he'll even show up before Week 10? And a guy who has only played 1 full season between injuries and suspensions (Granted one of the best in the league when at full speed and arriving without drama) Factor in Vance McDonald who only played in 10 games last year because of injuries and no guarantees he will be any better. And an average TE cast behind him I still don't love the Washington pick, but it was clear for months that him and Rudolph were two guys Colbert and Tomlin were in love with. Washington put up gaudy numbers at OKST. granted in a video game offense vs horrible defenses. I agree that they could and should have gone LB/Edge earlier and actually helped them out, and could have gone WR later, but the pick happened and there's no changing it now.
  5. Any guess on Rookie #'s I'm assuming they should be coming out any day soon Edmunds- 32 (to start) not sure Ridley makes it out of camp, so maybe 22 after that Washington- 18 Rudolph- 2 Chuk- 74 Allen- 38 (32 if Edmunds changes) Samuels-31 Frazier- 69
  6. For mine, I'll stick with the Bryant trade and the draft picks that ensued 1- Harold Landry [Edge/Boston College] 2- Fred Warner [LB/ BYU] 3- Mason Rudolph [QB/ OK State] 3- Ronnie Harrison [S/Alabama] 5- EQ St. Brown [WR/Notre Dame] 5- Jaylen Samuels [RB/NC State] 7- Joshua Frazier [DT/Alabama]
  7. Who plays MLB this year

    Confusing because you said "Big Nickel" has 3 safeties but referred to them both as Big Nickel, I assumed with 2-4 look, was just checking your wording. Not to nitpick, I just see it as more a Dime or Quarter look
  8. Who plays MLB this year

    What's the difference between your 2-4 Big Nickel and your other Big Nickel? Besides the 2 and 3 DL of course. But do both have 3 safeties as you're saying above? If so, who is your 3rd safety then when Edmunds is at LB?
  9. Glad to see the Steelers finally address Edge, would still assume they'll be signing a veteran ILB
  10. Poona Ford JaVond Rolland-Jones Deontay Burnett Steve Ishmael Cam Serigne Skai Moore Davin Bellamy Hercules
  11. I think you're fretting far too much over a 7th round pick IMO. Some guys don't start playing football until they're 16-17 years old. This guy is 20 years old with an enormous frame and great athleticism and lets you work with him. If he never makes it, okay. But at the very worst you wasted a 7th round pick on a guy
  12. Exactly, so why not take the guy when you have exclusive rights to him in the draft, rather than fighting for him in UDFA? If you like the guy, you take him in the draft Splitting hairs over a 7th round flier and UDFA, no one is claiming he's going to be an all-pro
  13. And how many 7th rounders ever actually succeed in the NFL? I'd love to know. He's absolutely worth a 7th round flier. How about the Steelers taking a LS in the 6th round last year? Or the LS that just went now. I'll take a 6'8" athletic freak, who showed good feet in the pro day film they showed.
  14. Do you REALLY not think he's worth a 7th round flier?