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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    If MIA is tanking for Tua, would make sense for them to go OL this year.
  2. Packers release Nick Perry

    I thought i read that Perry has a 4.9 million roster bonus due soon. How does this play into the now/later cut?
  3. He's the head coach. This team is routinely unprepared. That's what.
  4. I'm tired of watching this type of football. MM can go too
  5. Wow totally unaware. Going to be 21 zip 1st Q. This team sucks.
  6. Martinez want to get in on that tackle there?
  7. Wow and Crosby with the dome miss. Going full retard in the 1st quarter
  8. Of course we have a play and it gets called back due to penalty