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  1. No they are not, nobody is saying that. You just makin that up. As for the move: I like Joseph as depth and specific roles, but we still need quite some help at S & CB.
  2. This so much. Seems like its all about bashing every move Anyway my take: Adding Joseph improves our roster while at the same time we still have hole at safety.
  3. That's the thing, Mark Davis gives a very different vibe compared to you. It has to get really ugly before he puts Gruden on the hot seat.
  4. This. I guess there might be an impact from the change in rookie contracts (guys like Darnold & Mayfield would have had 100 mio rookie contracts) and passing becoming easier with the rule changes.but dont see much that Mahomes changed.
  5. Ah ok. Yeah i must say at the end of the mckenzie era i was kind of fed up with us not adressing certain needs time & time again. Every year some other late round linebacker or slow runstopping FA linebacker and ending up with a bad lb unit.
  6. Yeah i'm talking about his ability to coach us to a win. His drafting & free agencies have been ****
  7. Ah ok, see your point. Tbh i dont get that vibe yet, i expect it to be more like at least aother 2 years of this.
  8. I wouldn't call 7-9, 12-4, 6-10 consistent. Unfortunately 4-12, 7-9, 8-8 isnt an upgrade. I don't see Gruden gone in the next 2 or 3 years, but i'm actually kind of optimistic on Gruden's ability to get wins if given a good roster. So it all depends on if we somehow can have a 2014 like impact draft this or next year.
  9. No it's not do or die for Gruden, thats just what you want it to be. With that contract he isn't gone after next year unless he wants to go himself.
  10. I might be mistaken wasnt it more uncommon to trade multiple first? Thats how i remember it, i felt it as a punch in the gut
  11. Well obviously it is under normal circumstances. But gutsy also implies that the decision maker has something to lose. Hue had nothing to lose, he gave away future picks which did not hurt him at all. It was either get in the playoffs for a job next year or be out of a hc job within a few months. If that security took some 1st round picks he did not care Hope itsclear what im trying to say, english is not my 1st language
  12. That wasnt gutsy, that was just a stupid move by a coach looking to keep his job and 'using' the power vacuum after Al Davis died. i don't mind the trade btw, i can see why you try it. But the compensation was just awfull. Some other Raiders examples: Trading for Deangelo Hall and signing Gibril Wilson to a massive contract in an effort to fix the defense was maybe a gutsy move that didnt work out. On paper a starting db lineup with Asomoghu, Hall, Wilson and Huff was better then it proved to be in real life Al trading a 1st for Richard Seymour was a win now move.
  13. I don't see them locked into Darnold for after 21. Darnold has to perform, if he doesnt the Panthers will be in the market again in '22.
  14. Yeah the zay jones one is a shame, especially with it being guaranteed
  15. Yeah i understand. Lets hope he pans out tgen we got a good deal in the end
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