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  1. well his card was marked before gruden was hired by del rio's awfull last season. Go 9-7 and into the playoffs that year and imo there is no Gruden in Oakland.
  2. He does have a decent story for a future gm job interview: * got a team out of cap hell * drafted a franchise qb and a HOF DE * got the raiders into the playoffs Having said that, his inability to develop this team into a stable contender ended his raiders career: bad coaching decisions, failure to solve glaring holes on d, lacklustre results in the past drafts.
  3. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    Meh. Reggie had no power anymore anyway. Better to clean up now then to continue while it was going to end anyway.
  4. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    I wonder why gruden didnt bring his own gm to begin with
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I don't know @riceman80, Von Miller is 29 and i don't see the Broncos being in position to have a deep playoff run in the next 2-3 years. How much impact will Miller have when he is 32? The question is not what would or record be with Mack this year, since in all cases we would not be a playoff team to begin with. The question is when the Raiders are a deep playoff contender, is Mack then still going to be a difference maker? As for Mahomes, that's a different situation when you're talking about a QB. Position has bigger impact on results and qb's tend have a longer career at high level.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    'Just win baby'. And even though that is a slogan, i do believe that you are never going to be great by losing (even if it means you lose your #1 draft spot). So I would start looking a the positives, first of all i hate going into sundays knowing we will lose, so winning really makes my day. But more importantly, imo going 1-15 is a serious hickup and potential killer to Grudens 2nd Raiders term, and with him being tied up this long it would make the next couple of years the same old **** again. 70% of this roster is or should be gone at the end of the year and i could care less, but there is a group of 10-15 players that should be kept around and should be the base around which we start the rebuild. These are the guys that should be wanting to play hard for Gruden&themselves. Continuining into a 1-15 season would imo likely result in losing the whole locker room including that core, which makes next year a loss as well imo. In additiong going 1-15 and keeping the regime responsible for this (since Gruden is here for the long term) makes it very unlikely we would be in a position to sign good FA's unless we massively overpay. Going 2-14 isn't going to make a difference compared to 1-15, however winning a couple of games in the last stretch of the season would be a big help in keeping the core of the roster on board and changing the narrative around the league about the direction of this team. So yeah, i am happy we got the win, and will be rooting massively to win at least another 2 or 3 in the final games of the season.
  7. Worst Starting QB in the History of Your Franchise

    The JaMarcus-''era' was a big disaster and combined with him being the #1 pick that makes it probably the decision that hurt us the most as a franchise. However as starting QB's he actually won 7 games, and has a similar record to for example Jeff George (7-18 vs. 7-16). Aaron Brooks went 0-8 for us, with 3 TD's and 8 INT's and a 60 qb rating in 2006, at least Andrew Walter still managed to win 2 games in the remaining games that year.
  8. Raiders cut Bruce Irvin

    I wouldnt call the browns an example of a succesfull rebuild
  9. What is/was your expectation of him that makes you say he is underachieving? Penn State had won 3 big 10 titles in like 25 years, and Franklink has won 1 in 5 years (counting this season as well). And just imagine what 2017 would have looked like if they had scored 5 more points (38-39 at osu and 24-27 at michigan state).
  10. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    Imo Vegas fits the Raiders best (after Oakland and LA), and is also a good match for Vegas.
  11. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    Would the finances of the Rams stadium still work if the Chargers move out of LA? I do not know the details, but i assume they split the investment or the Chargers pay a big yearly rental fee?
  12. Raiders cut Bruce Irvin

    i like having 5 first round picks. And rebuilding in itself isnt an issue. But there is a difference between rebuilding, and totally losing your team and getting blown away by the 49ers and seahawks. I'm keeping an open mind, but i cannot remember a succesfull rebuild where the team looked that lost during the season.
  13. Bruce Irvin cut

    There certainly is a problem in the locker room. I don't think we have a very talented roster, but the roster is much better then losing 34-3 and 27-3 to the 49ers and seahawks. Worries the **** out of me, a rebuild isnt a bad move and getting all these 1st round picks will help, but at the current rate there will be nobody left in the team believing in Gruden at season ends.
  14. The 2nd part i agree with. Last year the team was a mess, after a few games in the year they have shown there is talent on the team and there is a possible franchise qb. I could see more decent coaches being interested next offseason compared to this offseason
  15. State of our team

    The lockerroom is falling apart because they are all considered replaceable, and allmost (?) all will not be part of the Vegas Raiders. Imo it has nothing to do with Gruden being a liar, just that the players knowing they have no future here.