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  1. Titans sign Taylor Lewan 5 year, 80 mil

    Really? I seem to remember that he was kind of a **** at Michigan and got in some troubles bullying/fighting smaller guys in bars. Anyway i watched all of his games at Michigan and didnt think he would translate into anything more then a backup OT, boy was i wrong.
  2. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    I have no problem signing controversial players when they can play, unless they are backup QB's. That's the guy you don't want to see on the field anyway, whereas these safeties would either start or see quite some time on the field anways.
  3. I don't see 'a very good team''. I see a team with a talented core but to many holes to be a lock for a > 0.500 season. We could end up 12-4 but just as easily 6-10 imo. So i expect us to win games we are not expected to win, and this forum to melt down party mode. And the next week we lose versus the Browns and this forum will melt down again.
  4. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    I hope we can somehow make it happen. I would feel a lot more comfortable with a base of Bowman, Johnson + Whitehead and have Lamur and the young guys as rotational guys.
  5. Yeah i wonder as well. I would think there comes a point where the chances of winning 1 or more SB's becomes more valuable then another million. And that doesnt take into account that a QB willing to take a pay cut could also use this as leverage to increase their long term position at the team (and thereby their total income). As in lower $ but fully guaranteed, or a no trade/no cut clause, or even demand that the franchise will not draft a QB in the 1st before the final year of the contract, etc. etc.
  6. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    This is just an awful article based on hearsay and individual opinions. Maybe Davis is unhappy with the picks, maybe he isn't. 'Davis is said to be unhappy ' is all there is in this article. And to top it of we get some opinions of an unnamed league executive who likes Miller and doesnt like Arden. Pffff.
  7. Raiders Defense

    Would both be an option?
  8. 2018 Raiders - Reasons to be Optimistic

    We will not see the benefit of it before 2020, but 1 reason to be optimistic is that with Grudens 10 year contract we now have stability on the scheme. Which means that there isnt a need for a semi-rebuild the moment we again get a new (head)coach because the zbs lineman or zone style cb's we just added arent a good fit for the new scheme. As for this season, the main reason for optimism is that our QB isn't injured at the moment, and we have a new DC. Also, many people seem to forget this because we finished at 6-10, but we were 6-6 at one point during the season. We are not as bad as the stats made it look.
  9. Raiders Defense

    Well i would like to see Bowman back, and preferably sign another vet lb or 2 to the roster. Guys who played a bunch of snaps last year, like Conner Barwin or jonathan Cassilas. If they are done cut them in TC, but at least bring someone in that these younger guys actually have to beat somebody to get on the field.
  10. 37 of 106 underclassmen go undrafted in 2018

    Oh i agree, no reason to feel sorry for them. It's more the feeling of what a missed opportunity: enjoy another year playing college, finish a degree and maybe improve as a player and actually get drafted vs. likely sitting at home in september. And there will be a couple kids in this group of 37 players that had no reason to declare but simply don't have the capabilities to understand that, which would not be a problem if they didnt have a bunch of knuckleheads familymembers and friends 'advising' them.
  11. Reginald Kahlil McKenzie Jr

    I can respect not wanting to push your kid a certain direction as a father if the kid doesnt want to. However as a NFL GM Mckenzie knows that the best shot for his kid to get a long term career in the NFL would be to stay in his HS position of OL during college. He's drafted as an OL player in the 6th round, while being a junior and playing DL. Imagine where he gets drafted if he plays OL for 4 years in college.
  12. Why did these guys fall?

    Based on the fact that nobody picked the kid in the first 2 rounds it's clear that it scared not a lot of teams, but all teams off. The thing that surprises me is that his issue is not new but was known iirc since his freshman year. Surprising to see him get cleared by Michigan and all nfl teams running away.
  13. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    I'm not sure if that is great logic. Just because you got more then you drafted him for doesnt make it a good trade. To the extreme it would be like the pats saying in 2002: hey we got an offer to trade Brady for a 2nd round pick. Let's take that proposal, cause its much more then we used to draft this guy and he won us a superbowl in the process, so great value. It all depends on what production Bryant will provide for the Raiders, compared to what they could have drafted in the 3rd. Or vice versa: what the Steelers gave up on and what the new kid returns. I think Bryant can play and could be worth this pick, but the fact that the Steelers gave up on him doesnt give me much hope tbh
  14. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    Quentin Moses, now that is a sad story
  15. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    I think this is a massive change for the outlook for next season.