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  1. My last active player jersey was Mack. Only throwbacks for me now.
  2. We were a structural 3-4 win team for years in a row. That was a whole different level of dysfunction back then.
  3. Or do it like the chiefs. Keep Carr and only draft a qb when you truly think its a good prospect. Give the kid time as a backup & trade Carr after a year when youve seen enough in practices to give the keys to the kid.
  4. Sorry disagree, we certainly are a mess right now. But i havnt forgotten that terrible last decade under Al.
  5. i guess it's all about definition. For me that isnt a rebuild, just going a different direction at QB. The strategy in itself is fine for me btw, assuming we are in a position to draft a QB we truly believe in.
  6. Or he thought nothing of it. You would think that it would need a massive fallout with many big washington guys getting canned before an active HC who never was employed by Washington would be hurt. Not that he would be the only one. Imo Gruden never expected anything from thissince it was " that far away" And tbh i would not be surprised if Gruden feels these type of emails are just his normal way of communicating & thatnothing was wrong to begin with.
  7. The problem i see with a rebuild is thatwe just dont have much value on the roster. This isnt the Mack, Cooper, Carr days where we could have fetched 5 first rounders and start a real rebuild. Blowing up this roster means getting a couple of 3rds and 5ths and maybe luck into something for Carr. I'd get a gm who is free to make his own moves, roll with what te roster i have and hope to hit 0.75 on 1st + 2nd rnd picks and Fa's the next 2 years.
  8. We are 3-2 and 18-19 since 2020. We are just very average but far from suck like we did for years in the 00s and 10s
  9. I dont think giving him 1 year would work. It is very unlikely that we can truly evaluate within a year if a draftworked out well. Unless they flat out suck of course. Also, if you only give him short term we will also likely not attract a top coach. I would like to give mayock a fairshot but believe itsbetter for us to startall over
  10. Yes i think one would. Assuming Mayock is fired and a GM this coach trusts is installed. If i'm part of a respectable coach/gm combo looking for a shot in the NFL i would look for a where the owner gives us time and does not interfer with the football stuff. As much as Mark Davis has his faults imo he has shown he gives the football guys time and is hands off. I would be interested in that.
  11. I would have kept him. But to call it idiotic when nobody picks him up from the waiver is a stretch imo.
  12. It probably has more to do with Parker simply not being good enough for the NFL then an issue with moving him a position. There are a bunch of guys every year who get drafted and asked to switch position.
  13. I don't think that was a case of higher quality prospects being available earlier, but more a case of teams simply failing to correctly scout Brady and his qualities.
  14. i'd prefer stay put and just pick defensive bpa with all 3 picks in the 2nd and 3rd.
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