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  1. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    Ah ok that would be a better scenario. I wonder what the floor is for gruden & mayock to accept a trade offer for Carr.
  2. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    How do you manage that from a cap perspective when the raise kicks in? Cut Jackson during the season?
  3. Yeah probably like this. I know i dont have the talent for being a gm, and thats why i would try to hire a capable one. However that gm (and coach) will have to accept that i'm going to be around on a daily basis, to get the info and explanations on what they do and why and give my opinion on it. The only other rule they have to follow is make sure to always be cash positive because you got yourself a broke owner who wont finance anything
  4. Oh i agree. I see it as a very good rotation, imo very little drop off when we sub our starter. That should be a force late in the season and late in games. As for the base starting d-line, yeah that in itself is not impressive, i would not be to worried playing them. However not sure what we could have done in FA to make it much better.
  5. Best and worst contracts handed out in FA thus far

    Well it's the same take you gave us so...
  6. If we can get Mayowa and Dion Jordan back imo we have a very strong rotational d-line Ferrel - Nassib - Jordan Hankins - Hall Collins - Hurst Crossby - Mayowa - Key Minimum imo we need at least one of Benson/Dion or another guy, and preferably both.
  7. FA 2020

    So how about Floyd as SLB?
  8. The Official XFL Thread!

    We seen a bunch of these leagues and they all seem to fail. This to me is the same thing tried again. Why not try something different? How about you start a league with pro team where every pro team is modelled around 1 famous college team? Like a collega alumni team. Meaning you can only have former players of that college, you play in the same colour combo of that college and even have a name similarity. You could have Denard Robinson for 'the Wolves' versus Terrel Pryor at "Buckeyes'" Assuming the starters and 2nd string guys who graduated/finished their college career but were not good enough for the NFL would be in this league for 3 to 5 years you'd have a pretty strong competition and a lot of name recognition and probably fans as well.
  9. Out of the top of my head in the past 20 years or so: Belichik Vermeil Reeves Carroll Coughlin Gruden Reid Dungey Holmgren Fox Probably missed a bunch as well. i would not be surprised if data would show that former HC's who had some decent succes (playoff calibre) get on average better results in their second HC gig compared to rookie HC's in their first gig.
  10. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    So this would mean that in 3 years Schiano could leave for a different school and Rutgers would be compensated $2 mio? While if they would want to fire Schiano at that point in time they still would have to pay him $15 mio ? Looking at the numbers it almost makes Schiano unfireable untill 2025.
  11. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    If you exclude the games vs. Ohio State the conference record for Harbaugh is: 32-7 in 5 years. For reference, Ohio State under Meyer and Day have lost 4 conference games in 8 years, and that includes vs. Michigan. Thats a 63-4 record. Harbaugh is on pace for 64-14 excluding Ohio State, so he loses 3 times as many versus other Big10 teams then Ohio State does.... As long as Michigan keeps losing close to 1,5 games a year versus other Big10 teams they shouldnt even think about beating Ohio State regularly. Imo Michigan should focus less on Ohio State and more on how to build your roster and improving gameday management so that at least 3 out of 5 season you end up with beating all big10 teams leading into the Game.
  12. GOTW #1 | Week 14 | #1 Ohio State @ #13 Michigan

    I knew the advantage but was still shocked to see how easy they had it.
  13. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Harbaugh first needs to get the program at the level of clearly 2nd best in the division. This will be the 4th out of 5 years that Michigan isnt 2nd. You can't take advantage of a Ohio State down year if you are not 2nd best to begin with.
  14. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Without the mistakes it was still a longshot to win. But you cant win for sure with all the mistakes. Play a mistake free first half and its a tie at halftime and you have a shot.
  15. GOTW #1 | Week 14 | #1 Ohio State @ #13 Michigan

    I felt that the 1st half was decent from a coaching perspective. You need your players not to make mistakes when the other team is simply better and Michigan gave away at least 11 points in the 1st half by player mistakes: The fumble by Patterson costing them 3 points as a minimum, giving up a TD due to a penalty on the punt after you have them off the field costing them 7, and missing a PAT. That's going from 13-28 by half time to 20-21. imo only the PAT is something you can put somewhat on the coaches. After being down by 15 by halftime versus the #1 team who also receives the ball basically the game is over. You get in desperate playcalling by then. Anyway a devastating loss. To me the biggest letdown was how the Ohio Stat o-line was simply dominating the run blocking right from the start. That was men vs. boys and told the whole story about how much better that team is.