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  1. Instruct him he cannot throw the ball away during practice and every sack is x pushups. Add in pa rollout plays with the same instruction to increase the odds of having to scramble.
  2. I would think there is some language in the contract that prevents that. Just saying i'm opting out and now i can collect 150k as a fringe roster players seems like something that the legal team had tackled long time ago. Either as in it simply cancels the payment or maybe that the contract gets 'paused' (so if you are in year 2 of your 4 year contract and you opt out and return in 2023 your contract resumes again in year 2). I think the last part happens when someone unretires, but not sure.
  3. Worst thing is that Deangelo Halls career after we cut our ties to him is imo certainly worth a 2nd rnd pick. He just didnt deliver us that. I can see why Al made the trade, if it would have worked out we'd been set at CB for years with Aso and Hall.
  4. A shame. Guy probably has the talent to be a fringe starter but doesnt appear to have the work ethic. I'm not that worried that we cannot find a replacement though. Every year before the season starts some starting d-liner is going to be cut since he is overpaid for just being a run stuffing guy. We won't find a guy with pass rushing potential from the inside, but a rotational run stuffer should certainly be doable.
  5. That is a fair point, however it doesnt make it not a financial debacle, which was what you questioned in the beginning.
  6. I am not surprised that there are franchises where the cheerleaders are seen as a stripper/escort team "in disguise" and management and staf/players act as such. It is shamefull but as i said im not surprised and wouldnt want my daughter to join a nfl cheerleading team.
  7. Yeah it's painfull. The end of the AL Davis era was very hard, but seeing how both the Broncos and Chiefs in that time go from the McDaniels- & Haley/Crennel-disasters to ending up in 3 Superbowls winning two of them and knowing the Chiefs have Mahomes tied up is probably even harder. Especially considering that for a brief moment i thought we had a 5 year window to compete for a SB.
  8. Ah ok that would be a better scenario. I wonder what the floor is for gruden & mayock to accept a trade offer for Carr.
  9. How do you manage that from a cap perspective when the raise kicks in? Cut Jackson during the season?
  10. Yeah probably like this. I know i dont have the talent for being a gm, and thats why i would try to hire a capable one. However that gm (and coach) will have to accept that i'm going to be around on a daily basis, to get the info and explanations on what they do and why and give my opinion on it. The only other rule they have to follow is make sure to always be cash positive because you got yourself a broke owner who wont finance anything
  11. Oh i agree. I see it as a very good rotation, imo very little drop off when we sub our starter. That should be a force late in the season and late in games. As for the base starting d-line, yeah that in itself is not impressive, i would not be to worried playing them. However not sure what we could have done in FA to make it much better.
  12. Well it's the same take you gave us so...
  13. If we can get Mayowa and Dion Jordan back imo we have a very strong rotational d-line Ferrel - Nassib - Jordan Hankins - Hall Collins - Hurst Crossby - Mayowa - Key Minimum imo we need at least one of Benson/Dion or another guy, and preferably both.
  14. So how about Floyd as SLB?
  15. We seen a bunch of these leagues and they all seem to fail. This to me is the same thing tried again. Why not try something different? How about you start a league with pro team where every pro team is modelled around 1 famous college team? Like a collega alumni team. Meaning you can only have former players of that college, you play in the same colour combo of that college and even have a name similarity. You could have Denard Robinson for 'the Wolves' versus Terrel Pryor at "Buckeyes'" Assuming the starters and 2nd string guys who graduated/finished their college career but were not good enough for the NFL would be in this league for 3 to 5 years you'd have a pretty strong competition and a lot of name recognition and probably fans as well.
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