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  1. State of our team

    The lockerroom is falling apart because they are all considered replaceable, and allmost (?) all will not be part of the Vegas Raiders. Imo it has nothing to do with Gruden being a liar, just that the players knowing they have no future here.
  2. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Don't agree with that. The question is more what could Indy have done with that 1st. Same applies here, as a Raider fan i am fully aware that based on our recent history we are more then likely going to blow that pick. Our inability does not make this a good trade for the Cowboys, the only way this becomes a good trade for the Cowboys is when Cooper plays like a guy worth a 1st round pick and 15 mio+ per year.
  3. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    For what they Cowboys gave up you would think that they should have been more over the Mack trade. I mean ad a swap of your 2020 1st for the Raiders 2020 2nd and you are in the running for Mack instead of Cooper.
  4. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    I wouldnt mind trading cooper for a 2nd since he'll demand #1 salary. He has had all the room to be a#1 for years but has shown he isnt. And for whatever reason Joseph isnt seeing the field at all so trading him is not an issue. As for all the talk about Gruden and the state of the roster, not sure what he could have done this offseason to turn that around. our roster sucked, we have not hit on picks for years. We had no cap space (untill we traded Mack), we had a hard time getting cap room for a couple of LB's. So all he had were his draft picks, who for the most have been playing and with some promise. I dont get the bryant trade value, and dont like playing old jags in stead of younger guys on rookie deals and our team gave 2 possible wins away, so enough to blame him for. Just dont think it is such a mess as being portrayed.
  5. State of our team

    @Rolni great analysis, we have a great cap situation and our situation all depends on is Carr good at the end of the season. Just a remark about Ellis, you suggest to cut him if we sign Hankins but i wouldnt cut him. We have 80 mio in cap after the easy cuts, and even if we don't cut any of the other possible cuts that 80 mio should be more then enough to add a bunch of good players. In that scenarion i wouldnt cut a good rotational run stuffer because he makes a mio more then he should. Maybe it is a bit to much Madden in my thinking, but i rather have Hankins and Ellis as rotational run stuffers so that we also have depth in case one gets injured.
  6. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    I don't think grudens decisions on defense are puzzling as Dessie said, but MEJ played close to 50 snaps during week 3 & 4 at the Giants and has a 65 rating according to PFF. Nothing worldshocking, but also not like he doesnt have the talent to be on our roster. Would have been nice to rotate him in during the 4th quarter at Denver when our d-line was gassed for example.
  7. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Well that is a fair point, our trade value has sucked for years. However i'm not saying trade down for sake of trading down, i'm talking about trading down when you can get an additional 1st round pick. If we are offered a 3rd round pick to move from #4 to #12 then forget about it. If we can get good value i am certainly all for it. Obviously a FO can impact how good you trade, but it also involves some luck like being in the right spot with your pick. Since we have 4 1st round picks the odds that we are in the right spot has increased.
  8. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Or trade down once or twice and end up with six 1st rounds picks, two 2nd round picks and three 3rd round picks in the next 2 year. Bosa could end up being Mack 2.0 and our defense would still be extremely average. I'm of the opinion that we need an infusion of talent via multiple players.
  9. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Well i am perfectly happy with him being "average" in his first 4 games in the NFL. I would have loved to pick an all-pro S, but to be honest in that scenario the thought of who would start at LT "protecting" Carr this sunday now that Penn is on IR scares me a lot more then i see benefit in having that super S. I remember the times of Kwame Harris and Mario Henderson at LT. If you want to need a new franchise qb thats the way to go
  10. Did Jack Del Rio get fired for good reason in Oakland?

    Isnt the issue in your last sentence exactly why he was the problem? You are the HC, your first act is to get a good group of coaches and assistent.
  11. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    I don't think they would have gone into the season only with guys drafted in the 4th or 5th as the primary guy at OT. Yes there are guys to be found later in the draft who can start but the chances of late round OTs being cut within a year or 2 is much higher. I mean you can draft Justin Ellis or Maurice Hurst in rnd 4 or 5, but they can just as easily be Max Valles, Shilhique Calhoen, Jack Crawford or Christo Biluki. If they pan out great, but if they are your solution as a starter before their first camp you are doing bad business imo. We made our bed in FA, when we failed to adress the OT position, and when you want to keep your QB upright this basically forced us to take an OT in rnd 1 or 2. I am interested to know if our FO thought about trading for Trent Brown. That could have made room for drafting James.
  12. 2019 Team Needs

    I agree that these spots are the most obious nees. However the other positions are very very average as well. I would prefer to use a part of our $70 mio cap space to sign 3 or 4 starters in FA for the biggest needs, and go BPA with our 3 picks in the first 2 rounds.
  13. State of our team

    What Rolni is saying. I don't see us winning 4 straight, but when we would i certainly don't see us dropping 7 out of 8 after that. My quick analysis of the state of our team is that if we pick BPA with our #10, #26 and #42 picks in the next draft than all 3 players will be starters except if they are QB, OG or OC.
  14. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    obviously he was great for us, however he did have stretches where he didnt have an impact similar to what he is doing in Chicago. For example: 2018: a total of 4,5 sacks, 0 ff and 0 int's in the first 9 games 2016: a total of 1 sack, no int's or FF in the 1st 5 games 2015: a total of 4 sacks and no ff or int's in the first 8 games
  15. Will Hue Jackson be our coach in 2019?

    The way you guys have been playing and now with Baker starting i can see you guys get on a hotstreak later in the year. So yeah i could see Hue Jackson being your HC next year.