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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    What defensive positions do we need to sign starters so that we could truly go bpa in the draft? So that before the draft we have at least an ok starter at each position. assuming we re-sign guys like Hankins and Worley. i cannot remember the last time we had ok starters at all 3 LBer spots during the season, so having 11 spots filled in before the draft would be substantial imo.
  2. Jared Cook?

    I'd prefer to use the free cap on younger free agents that can be around for 3-4 years.
  3. Based on his last season i would say Peyton would have been playing at least a season longer then his body would have allowed him to play at a good qb level. So if his body would have allowed him id say he'd be playing right now.
  4. I guess its hard to compareanyway. You could say just look at the total amount of $ to be shared (regardless if its spread over 1600 or 400 players). But then you have to take into account the nr. of games as well (= potentially more tv revenue).
  5. I would say that dissapointment is a better term then underachieved. I dont think the Bengals franchise is the easiest to be succesfull with, but if you hire a HC and he stays for 16 years and you do not win a playoff game in that period then i would say that expectations were not met. Which is dissapointing. It the same for Fisher in his period at the Titans after their SB loss. Since he coached you to a SB loss you think he can do it again and you keep him around only to realise a decade later that you are in that bill Murray movie and every day you wake up its 8-8.
  6. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    Yes 4 year in a row division champ i think. Different team since 2010
  7. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    Hmmmmm. I cannot remember when the last time was when i expected the Dolphins to be a serious playoff contender (my translation of doing something). More mediocre then the Bengals, those guys at least ended up in the playoffs reguraly, Dolphins are truly mediocre it sees.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    My trade down was #4 for #15 +#46 AND a 1st next year. Drop 11 spots for an additional 1st and #46.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I would take that trade in a heart beat. In 2019 and 2020 we'd have 9 early picks: 6 picks picks in the first round, 2 early second round picks and another 2nd rounder. #15 #24 #27 #35 #46 #66 2020 1st Raiders 2020 1st Redskins 2020 1st Bears Add in that we have the cap to pay 'good starters money' to 4 guys this FA. We need to land 2 difference makers with our picks. Difference makers as in really good players. That would leave 7 early picks and 4 big money free agents. If 50% work out (= good starters) we would land 5 good starters and a couple of role players. That would mean we would basically have 2 difference makers and 5 good starters coupled with our current roster. That is imo a playoff calibre combination depending on how Carr will progress/further regress. Hitting the 2 difference makers will be the hard part. Imo getting 5 good starters from 4 big FA contracts and 7 early picks is actually a low score.
  10. Bryant on IR/Suspended

    Well unless he demands big money (which would be stupid by him to ask for since noone is going to do that, but then again he is stupid enough to get into trouble constantly). Anyway, i have no issue with signing him for fair value, preferably multi year with no guarantees. We would still have the upside (the guy does have talent), and if he stays suspended/messes up again or simply doesnt produce we cut him loose with no cap problems.
  11. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Yes i agree. I also think the compensation will be much heavier, Foles will want a long term commitment, it likely stops the Broncos from drafting a qb early in the next 2 years. Which isnt an issue if Foles is a franchise qb which i wonder if he is.
  12. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    And who should they get that is good enough to make a playoff run? I can't think of a (much) better available solution. I don't think that Flacco is the ideal solution, but i do get the move. The Broncos have realised that Keenum isnt going to help them win, and while Flacco certainly hasnt been better over the past few years he at least has shown that he can win it all. A change of scenery might help him a lot, and by that the Broncos. If that works out a 4th isn't that much to give up (and potentially they get a 6th or 7th back for Keenum) and apart from giving up the 4th they don't lose much (it's not like staying with Keenum would have given them much hope). And trading for Flacco doesnt stop them from drafting a QB as well if they see someone they like. Imo they took a shot for the potential upside of Flacco in a new environment getting back to Joe Cool level of play, while still keeping their options for a alternative long term solution (either this or next years draft).
  13. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Imo a QB who is truely HoF talent should be able to win the division on a regular base even with mediocre teams, especially in an division that basically lacked a star QB the whole period that Rivers played. The Chargers havn't won the division since 2009. As a Raiders fan i always feared playing Rivers, more then i did fear playing Eli Manning or Ben. But i don't think Rivers should get in the HoF due to lack of doing something results wise since 2009, and while he obviously also could get in the HoF based on resume or fame i would say that Eli and Ben deserve that much more due to them winning SB's (and for the fame part it doesnt help that Rivers played in a small market).
  14. I cannot comment on Palmers time at the bengals and arizona, but the guy was awfull at the Raiders. He wasnt in a good situation (from the couch to starting for an average at best team in a week), but what i remember from that time is that the offense started going and right when you started to feel a bit confident Palmer would throw an int.
  15. Around The League V.2

    I would love to see us overpay for 3 young quality defensive players if we can frontload those deals. Take a massive hit of the contracts in 2019 and then have 'normal' contract values for the 3-4 years after that when we get quality (=starter plus) play from them. We arent winning anything in 2019 anyway, so if we can get good guys who are here for the long term and only hamper 2019 with it then i'd be all for it. Not sure if that is possible though. Add two defensive first round picks and the couple of ok starters we have and we'd have something to build on.