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  1. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Short answer....no
  2. 2018 LB Corps

    Danny Trevathan
  3. Rams 2018 offseason

    Go home hater
  4. Morgan Fox tears ACL

    Well that stinks
  5. Draft Discussion Thread

    I think moving Barron is a possibility, but I think we hold our offensive players. I don't think Tavon is tradeable.
  6. Jrry32 Second to Last Mock Draft

    Sign me up
  7. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    But you ignore the fact one of the most prolific offenses did trade for him....Look Ogletree is a tangent I'd rather not go down, hopefully he plays well for the Giants. He didn't in Wade's scheme for us, just flat out. I yelled at him more than any other player on defense, Look at some of the big plays allowed last year, you'll see Ogletree missing a tackle, getting stuck in the wrong gap or being an awful coverage linebacker. The Saints and Eagles games come to mind. Enjoy!
  8. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    I will easily call him a bum in our scheme. Can't count the missed tackles on your fingers and toes. You assume drafting late in the first round would produce good results. It's a 50/50 proposition. If they lock Cooks up I'm all for it. Think it's a great move for our young QB.
  9. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Ogletree is a bum and was already handed his contract. We only got a 5th because they were taking his long term cap ramifications off our hands. Cooks was traded for a 1st last year, not sure how the value has changed all that significantly...
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    Keenan Allen I don't think can stretch the field vertically like Odell could for our offense. Odell's downfield ability is what makes him rare. KA is more of an intermediate guy in the mold of Woods.
  11. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    There was a game in early 2014 I believe against the Jags when they were down big in the first half and booing (I could very clearly hear the get him out of the game chant) the guy who went 27-2 td-int the year prior. People had be trashing him saying he should get out of the game and that he stunk. He then went on to get them the victory later that game. He's also the same guy who won them the super bowl. Very wishy washy fan base and very bandwagon-y. Sure, they think they're dedicated. But commiserating for years and constantly being pissy about something doesn't make you a good fan.
  12. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    And that's why you're fanbase is the worst. Living in Philly I've experienced it. The bandwagon is full, can't wait for it to lose a wheel and everyone hop off. YEAR OF THE RAM
  13. Rams 2018 offseason

    Wishful thinking sometimes turns to reality, let's keep it up
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    I'm all in on a 1st this year and a 3rd next year to get this done. Some may say that isn't enough but I think you'd be surprised. We absolutely have the future cap space necessary in order to lock him, Donald, Peters and Gurley up long term over the next 3 years. Goff after that as well if they structure the deals properly (which Demoff seems to do constantly). With the caveat we sign him to a long term deal, I want this done.
  15. Rams 2018 offseason

    I'm all for being selfish, just meant if we had to choose one.