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  1. I could see a world where we don't keep JJ3. I think what he'll ask for that that position won't match up with how we value it (especially if Terrell Burgess plays well). I do think Kupp and Ramsey aren't going anywhere.
  2. I'll make a bet he is...
  3. I agree. The development of our 12 personnel is a huge weapon for us. Can come out in 11, make adjustments and move to 12 if needed. Hell, could get real creative and use Brycen Hopkins as a slot guy so that way no substitutions are needed moving between 11 and 12. That's where things get interesting.
  4. I think part of that is being put in positions to succeed. In the Bears and Patriots games, he was not put in positions to succeed. And in the Patriots game, had Brandin Cooks held on to a few balls, they'd have won the game. I think the mental part looks worse when he's stuck trying to put a round block in a square hole sometimes.
  5. I think a lot of it was schematic issues though. Once we started countering the loaded front with 12 personnel things changed big time.
  6. I love the blue on blue color scheme. My problem is in this picture the yellow doesn't look as neon, which I prefer. In the official Rams releases and the madden video, the yellow is crazy neon looking, which I just don't like. But if the yellow stays this color I can live with it.
  7. HEY, we got it from IKEA. Have some class.
  8. The same Raider Stadium that looks like a roomba?
  9. Yea this is all because the Chargers can't carry their own weight...
  10. Yea...but that horn is kind lame.
  11. When my friend asks what color the Rams jersey is because it isn't white and looks awful.
  12. The Rams this same exact thing this year, after 2019, after winning "would have made the playoffs in 2020".
  13. Partly, but it also takes time to change jerseys in the NFL. Hence why the Rams have been in LA for 3-4 years without new jerseys.
  14. I hate the way the yellow looks, way too bright. It's fine, but give me all blue all day. Is it hard to ask for softer yellow and a white top.
  15. I thought the navy and gold were great. Had to get away from blue and yellow with the change of location.
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