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  1. General Season Talk

    Not fun to lose a coach but I think McVay and LaFleur can keep the progression going. Maybe bring in a young coach to grow in the system when LaFleur eventually moves on.
  2. General Season Talk

    I agree they are the priority, but there is plenty of space for the trio. The big question mark to me is if we retain Tru. We could definitely make space for him as I see us cutting Tavon and possibly even Barron. This would save us 10 mil in cap space while only losing half of a starter (that half is Barron as I think Littleton has been showing well at linebacker and could in fact replace Barron).
  3. General Season Talk

    I saw reports that the Rams plan to Transition or Franchise Tag Sammy Watkins with the plan to resign him to a long term deal before 2019.
  4. NFC Wild Card - Rams vs Falcons PLAYOFFS!!!

    I think having played a similar defense close to seven times this year will help our chances greatly. We know their scheme well and have played well against it. I think we're ready
  5. Greg Zuerlein placed on IR

    It's a good thing Jared's not the holder, no fear of him being kidnapped later on in his career
  6. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    That's unforgivable, he was taken a slot before I was going to take him
  7. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    Same....the dilemma is real
  8. Week 16 - Rams at Titans

    I feel fairly confident. I think the Titans have been overhyped all season. Mariota hasn't been playing well and their run game isn't going as well as it was last year. If we can hold Mariota in check on scrambles and keep Murray/Henry in check we win easily.
  9. General Season Talk

    Maybe prorate some of his contract to free up some space like we've done in the past
  10. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    Maybe that's what I am confusing then. Either way, I'll take the luck
  11. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    I could have sworn we block two or three, that's my bad haha
  12. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    We've blocked a good amount too which aids in that stat
  13. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    Well Sammy asks his question into Goff's helmet and Goff relay's what the offensive coaches say....
  14. Team Needs?

    Inside Backer
  15. Thoughts on the McVay-Goff headset talk

    A...Non-Issue....if you will