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  1. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Or he doesn't throw into double or triple coverage....either way
  2. Week 9 - Rams at Giants

    I'll be at this game so I'm really hoping for a good game from the Rams and no rain
  3. What are our top needs in next years draft?

    OLB - I think Quinn is towards the end of his rope unfortunately, while Barwin is on a one year deal. Samson looks to take over Barwin's role though so a guy to take over Quinn's is next. LT - Whitworth has been stellar, but need a replacement when father time comes. ILB - I could see Barron being released. CB - Depends on what we do with Tru, would love to keep him and think the numbers could work, but a corner would be needed if not.
  4. This aint Rams talk!

    I'm hoping Justice League is a good movie, I have high hopes
  5. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    Once he gets the ball in his hands, he runs like a runningback. He's so powerful, I totally agree giving him the ball near the LOS and letting him make plays is missing from the gameplans thus far.
  6. Rams sign Alec Ogletree to 4 year extension

    Yea I was hard on him early but over the last 6 quarters he's shown a lot of growth (as has our entire defense) in Wade's scheme. His athleticism and leadership is undeniable. Let's hope he keeps showing up.
  7. Week 4 - Rams at Cowboys

    Did anyone else notice Josh Reynolds with a booming block down field to allow Gurley to score? LOVE to see that
  8. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    @showtime The bigger thing to watch may be the Rams dline against that Seahawks oline. May determine the victor.
  9. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    I'm very excited for this game. I see our revamped offense really giving this Seahawks defense a run for their money. No more of those 9-3 grinded out victories. As a Rams fan, hope the home field advantage that has aided us in the past continues into this one
  10. Week 4 - Rams at Cowboys

    Heck of a win. I can say even when we got down in the second quarter i wasn't nervous. I had a confidence in the staff that they'd turn it around. It was refreshing after years of "here we go again". I'm beginning to believe.
  11. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Is this in reference to Tavon or Higbee? Because Higbee is dirt cheap.
  12. A plea to my fellow Rams fans...

    I saw that 5.5 line and wanted it baaaaad......and yet I didn't pull the trigger
  13. Week 4 Preparation (strengths + weaknesses)

    Linebacker play, run defense and secondary depth are what really worry me about this game. Zeke could eat up our defense if we have the same showing as past weeks.
  14. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Let's go! I'm getting hyped up for this game. Get our Color Rush jersey's which are nice, get to watch our boys take the national stage and hopefully an encouraging step for our young QB.
  15. Trumaine Johnson

    I personally see us being able to keep all of these guys. Robert Quinn's money can be convert to bonus and could relieve close to $3 mil as well. I think we are pretty cap flexible down the line. I see us having roughly $60 mil in cap space when the cap increase happens. This should give us plenty of options. Not to mention, cutting a guy like Whitworth after next year frees up a ton of space as well (fingers crossed we draft a tackle in the 2018 loaded class...). I think it's possible to keep them all, let Mo Alexander walk (John Johnson will take over that spot), sign/draft a linebacker, Samson Ebukam could show some at OLB. We'd be returning damn near the same team which is huge.