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  1. I think there was a missed joke somewhere in here.
  2. I love Amari Rodgers. I watched a few Clemson games this year and he constantly popped. His route running is in the same mold as our WRs and the exact mold of guys our staff seems to like. I see him being more an inside slot guy who attacks the intermediate, not necessarily a deep threat. But I would still love to add him.
  3. I think it simply comes down to McVay not believing Goff was going to take another step and being able to make some throws that McVay needs him to in order to open up the playbook. I've been a strong Goff supporter over the years, but there comes a point where you look at production versus potential. I can't sit here making excuses for a guy who continues to make mistakes a first year player would. I wish Goff nothing but success, but being average doesn't move the needle enough to make a SB run.
  4. I completely agree. You have to look at the players we received back in the deals as well. 2017: Goff - In hindsight maybe we wouldn't trade up for Goff, but it was a Fisher/Snead Hail Mary to get us in contention. Would I rather have left drafting our future QB to McVay? Yes. But we can't deal in hindsight. (But I have thought a lot about the what-if scenarios pertaining to Deshaun or Mahomes) 2018: Brandin Cooks - Helped our offense a lot and helped us get to a Super Bowl. I'm happy with this trade. 2019: We had a first rounder and traded down to get more draft capital. Teams
  5. Wouldn't hate it, but not sure the realism. A lot of these guys have inflated stocks due to the senior bowl. Not sure they could be had where you have us taking them. But a good effort. Edit: I think the update is more realistic and wouldn't be too disappointed.
  6. Yea but in those years the assumption would be we would have way more space because we (in theory) aren't in the midst of a pandemic. Just like this year we got an artificial drop, we will receive a corresponding increase.
  7. From things I've seen, by restructuring some contracts and extending Stafford we could be anywhere from 21 Mil - 35 Mil under the cap. There's a lot of flexibility. Snead even said there are situations they get both JJIII and Floyd back...Not counting on either but just something to consider.
  8. I was a big Goff supporter, but I think this needed to be done. Goff just isn't the guy. I tried to defend him for the last few years and 2018 gave Goff some leeway in 2019. What he showed this year is that he can't be relied upon as the guy. Goff is an average starter, but we need better than average. When the pocket breaks down Goff is pretty helpless. Stafford is one of the better QBs in the league when under pressure (https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/stafford-highest-passer-rating-under-pressure-pff). Add that with some added mobility (think Wolford), I think the Rams are going to be pret
  9. It was to take on his full contract. I truly believe taking the full honus of the contract is why the extra 1st was needed.
  10. I just don't see a 4th-7th round pick (we wouldn't get more) being worth it to rid ourselves of their usefulness, especially as we look to make a playoff push.
  11. Neither. Everrett is useful depth and Reynolds has played well when called upon.
  12. If we can control TOP in Seattle games, limiting Russ's opportunities, it should give us a huge advantage because as you stated their defense isn't great.
  13. Ebukam played less than 10% of the snaps yesterday. Let's hope that trend continues.
  14. The Giants defense did a lot of good stuff to counter us. Played the flats well, had a man cover the crosser, didn't bite on movement as much. Kudos to them. I really think Sean was keeping it simple so as to not give away our counter to such a defensive scheme. This is quite similar to what was done before against us (Lions, Bears, Pats), but we found success last year against it a bit. Overall a win is a win and if we can keep some plays to ourselves so as not to put them on film, great. The play calling was very vanilla with screens, inside zones, and outs/posts to Reynolds getting a majori
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