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  1. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    I fail to recognize how it's falling apart. I said from the get-go that I wouldn't keep Brockers around because he hasn't lived up to the billing and think he can be replaced by someone at a cheaper salary. I then said if you could trade him for a 4th or 5th I would. I don't see the need to hold on to him for a comp pick, largely because I don't think he gets a big deal to get us a 3rd round comp pick. We obviously have a fundamental difference in how we perceive Brockers' talent and ability to make an impact on this team. No need to try and take cheap shots regarding ones intelligence or calling someone desperate. I could just as easily say you must not be able to assess talent if you think Brockers is playing up to his contract and we couldn't find a cheaper, better replacement. But I haven't.
  2. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Enjoy paying a guy an $11 million cap number to do something a lot of cheaper interior dlinemen can do at the same level. Makes no sense. But I wouldn't expect you think about how much better that money could be allocated.
  3. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Just a fundamental disagreement. If we can trade him for a 4th or a 5th, I do it without thinking.
  4. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Well then even better, let's get a cheaper guy to contain.....If they're just going to be sitting at the line of scrimmage adding no pressures....
  5. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    JFM can play the dline, I'm very confident in that. So still at 1 DL.
  6. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    I'd argue the defense started to gel the second half of the season after Talib came back. I think he was key as Peters was asked to do A LOT that he isn't normally asked to do. Don't bring either of them back. Look elsewhere if you don't trust Suh producing more than Brockers (which is an asinine thought but that's a whole different story).
  7. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    It has nothing to do with sacks (to me, can't speak for others). It's how they play the game. Brockers is easily single manned and can't beat that man to get pressures. Shelton can eat blockers, or if singled can beat his man more often than Brockers. Would also cost less (I assume) than Brockers.
  8. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Would love Danny Shelton
  9. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    If I wanted a guy to go up against single blockers and do nothing I'd pad up. Come on now. He hasn't played up to the contract and doesn't deserve to take up that much cap space. Useless was obviously an over exaggeration, but he hasn't necessarily been good. I don't need him to get sacks. But he isn't taking on double teams to free up others and we've been gashed up the middle by runs. So whatever you think he's done, he hasn't. Trade him, ala Ogletree, and find a better use of that money.
  10. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    I know what Brockers game is, but if you are 1 on 1 against an olineman you're expected to win more than you lose. That wasn't the case. And he wasn't great at eating blockers or stopping the run this year. So he's not doing what you claim him to be doing at a high level. I think we'd be better served letting him go, letting JFM take his spot and getting Danny Shelton to man the nose.
  11. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    He faced single blockers all year and was largely unseen. We need someone who can capitalize on that instead of being matched by a single guard. His pass rush moves weren't that and couldn't get passed many linemen. We could easily upgrade.
  12. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Yea I understand from that standpoint. Just stinks to have to stomach his play (or lack there of) for another year. I'd like to Ogletree him if possible.
  13. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    Doesn't wow me, but I can't say I'd be disappointed. Love getting Shaquil and Devin Bush. Big time impact players for our front 7. I would like to cut Brockers and resign Suh. Brockers, while a good leader, is pretty useless on the field and his cap hit does not justify the pay.
  14. Impending free agents/cuts

    Nasir Adderley at the end of the first would be a great replacement for Joyner.
  15. Overreaction on Goff

    Yes, he's under contract still and I expect him to stick at corner. His play hasn't fallen off enough to dictate a change of position.