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  1. Rams 2018 offseason

    That had to be the worst Free Agent move I've ever seen, based upon the figures that were reported.
  2. This deal is fine, we save the same amount of money we would have by cutting him and it turned into a one year deal, no real loss here. He is not going to replace Watkins on the outside. Don't try to convince yourself he will.
  3. *NEW/UPDATED - RamPackFan 03/15/2018 (w trades)

    Big fan of Tegray Scales. Think he's someone our staff could really consider as a late round backer to fill in a role.
  4. Rams 2018 offseason

    Most with Samson. Least with Littleton.
  5. Rams 2018 offseason

    Only $6m guaranteed though form what I saw. That's essentially a two year deal that gives us time to address the position at a later date.
  6. Rams 2018 offseason

    If it falls through I blame @jrry32 for putting the idea in my head!
  7. Rams 2018 offseason

    I'm getting so hyped thinking about bringing in Suh
  8. Rams 2018 offseason

  9. Great news. Our secondary is pretty elite now. Grab some inside backers and rushers and we're ready to roll!

    Well done!
  11. Ramsfan24 Third Mock Offseason

    Totally get it, plus it's hard to figure a guy drafted in the 6th round is starter material anyways. My only concern is Saffold and Brown have their contracts up after next season. Would be a bit worried heading into the off season needing two new guards, but sometimes that stuff happens.
  12. Jrry32 Final Mock Before Free Agency

    Like it a lot, sign me up. Question, how would you feel about the Rams looking into Trey Burton in FA? He's a guy that's intrigued me ever since he torched us. Could be the TE McVay is looking for as I feel Higbee may not be. Burton and Everett would be a fun combo to watch cause mismatches on the field together.
  13. Ramsfan24 Third Mock Offseason

    I'm a big fan of Frank Ragnow. I think he'd be a good get for us in the third. Would like to see a guard taken a bit earlier than the sixth, but overall I can't complain. I'd be pretty happy with this.
  14. Broncos trade Aqib Talib to RAMS

    Yes, I do. Especially who wouldn't cost us as much as he's demanding. Let's not forget the original comment I was going against was asking if Aqib Talib is as good as Trumaine Johnson, which is a funny question because Aqib is fair and away better. That's all I'm saying. I'd rather have Peters or Talib than Trumaine Johnson because he wasn't performing not only to what he thinks his worth is or to the level of Aqib Talib.
  15. What I Would Like to See *Re-Done*

    I'd be a HUGE fan if this were to happen. Josey Jewell is a guy I've been linking to the Rams. A guy like Tegray Scales could be a solid guy as well, but I love adding veterans so the rookies can grow and learn. I think this may be a great balance between now and future. I'm excited for FA and the draft!