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  1. Rams 2018 offseason

    Wouldn't have happened though....
  2. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Very true, but the norm is for them to be based around guaranteed money and not the yearly totals. That's why when I hear someone signed for 6 years 66 million I wait to hear what's guaranteed because it's easily maneuverable if the guaranteed money is little.
  3. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Awful take
  4. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Honestly though, the guarantees are all that really matter. The rest is Monopoly money.
  5. Rams 2018 offseason

    Would still rather have Cooks.
  6. Rams pre-season thread

    Remember when people were clamoring for Mannion to be the starter last year, namely Eric Dickerson . This is why Fisher never listened to him.
  7. The Aaron Donald situation

    If Donald Doesn't report by tomorrow I believe, he doesn't accrue another year of service time so he's a RFA at the end of this season. So we wouldn't even need to franchise him, could tender him at Level 1 and then attempt to match someone else's offer or take their 1st and 3rd rounders. Really helps us.
  8. Rams Training Camp

    I'd say it'd be a disappointment, but not screwed because long-term I think we're setup for success.
  9. The Aaron Donald situation

    I think the reports are his agents were insulted. Regardless, it all comes down to guaranteed money anyways. Once we hear what that figure is, that's when we'll know if it's a crazy offer or not.
  10. Jared Goff vs Carson Wentz

    I agree with this. As Howie Roseman once said, "It's like vanilla and chocolate". Both are good, just different flavors. Wentz was very much Rodgers-lite, which is what I thought he could be coming out whereas Goff is more in that Manning/Brady mold as a pocket passer who has great footwork inside the pocket and can beat you with his arm. I think it's safe to say both should excite for years to come.
  11. The Aaron Donald situation

    I do think this is fairly obvious though. He wants a new deal and we're working on getting him one. I never a) thought he'd play without a new deal or b) thought we wouldn't try to get a deal done. This is like saying Goff won't play well unless he's on the field...no crap.
  12. There's optics and there's common sense. Each player is waiting for the other. It's been there narrative for a while now. They don't want to cost themselves money by signing first, so they're not. And to protect their own investment, they are deciding to holdout to prevent injury risk. Donald's people have been talking to the Rams for two years. The deal has been in the works, it's not as if the Rams are refusing to give him money. Everyone is at an impasse because the first player to sign sets the market, which is why signing Gurley first was genius. He's on;y last in line due to his agents wanting to wait and get him the most amount of money possible. He's holding out as precaution, not because he's pissed. It makes more sense for him to stay away, keep grinding and keep healthy while the agents keep working on a deal. I'd actually say Donald is pissed it's taking everyone this long (his agents included) to get a deal done because the dude loves to ball and wants to get to camp.
  13. Mack Holding out....Must be because he's mad Derek Carr signed a big extension and he didn't get taken care of yet. Going to be a locker room issue this year for the Raiders (sarcasm). In other news, it's playing out exactly as people thought it would. Neither wants to sign the deal first. Let it play out a few days and we'll see what happens.
  14. 2018 LB Corps

    I personally think Barwin's done, which is why we let him go. But yea, getting a nice veteran rotational piece would be ideal. Should be options throughout camp.
  15. 2018 LB Corps

    Barwin signed with the Giants. I understand wanting a vet at OLB though.