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  1. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    Right...but if we lose our chances are slim to none....
  2. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    Record, win percentage. Same thing to me, better record is better win %. Yea obviously we have to keep it up, but it feels nice to at least be 6th seed.
  3. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    No, we'd have 6th seed. We would have conference record over them. It's not wins, it's record.
  4. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    We win and the Vikings lose we're the 6 seed. Let's get it!
  5. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Offensive issues are moot when Defense is only letting up 15 points....I understand the offensive line concerns, but if McVay can gameplan to get the ball out faster (like the Patriots do constantly) it will mitigate offensive line concerns.
  6. Rams trade Talib to Miami

    Probably a high 7th though!
  7. General Season Talk

    Talib is gone next year anyways. Doesn't really make sense.
  8. General Season Talk

    Vaitai stinks, but I like the idea of using Reynolds as a trade chip.
  9. General Season Talk

    That's fine, not disagreeing
  10. General Season Talk

    This is what I said: The question was about athleticism, to which I was shining a light on how he is athletic and gave a comparison to his athletic traits. Never once was his play on the field mentioned.
  11. General Season Talk

    Never said he was as good as Warner. Said they had comparable athleticism. Don't try to change my narrative.
  12. General Season Talk

    I never said he was good...Please follow the logic train
  13. General Season Talk

    Again, athleticism doesn't equate to performance 100%. Simply a statement of fact contrary to some Rams fans feeling Reeder can't move. Never said he was good, but with athleticism there's always a hope right haha
  14. General Season Talk

    Way better is relative. Reeder had a 7 flat which is plenty quick. 6.9 by Warner is very good for the position sure
  15. General Season Talk

    How about this, his athleticism is comparable to Fred Warner's. Granted athleticism doesn't make him as good of a linebacker, but the point here was athletic traits. There's something here. We'll see if his mind is up to the task.