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  1. Week 6 - Rams at Broncos

    11-1 away from LA since he took over. Unbelievable.
  2. Sean McVay Scheme

    This. It may look simplistic running 11 personnel, but he's able to do so much from it that a defense has to be prepared for anything at any time.
  3. Top 5 Slot WRs

    Cooper Kupp Everyone else
  4. 2019 Team Needs

    Rams: OLB - Need another outside rush presence in order for the defense to hit next level FS - LaMarcus Joyner probably won't be retained TE - Getting limited production, though guys here are young G - Losing Saffold I'd imagine, either way he's old CB- Talib's replacement eventually ILB- Have some young guys, but unproven NT- Someone to come in and clog holes, young guys but unproven T-Solid depth
  5. They're certainly on pace. Need to keep this up. Their schedule gets tough when they come back home for a four week stretch before the bye. But they may be 7-0 by that point!
  6. Marcus Peters day-to-day; Talib to IR

    Can very happily deal with this
  7. Week 4 - Rams vs Vikings - TNF

    This is untrue. Whitworth himself said so. Whit should be good to go for Thursday.
  8. Officially Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    Hate to see this guy go down. Never want to see players get hurt like this.
  9. General Season Talk

    It's not just Cousins though. Their defense is legit.
  10. General Season Talk

    Minnesota is a real challenge. I wouldn't overlook them.
  11. Thoughts on Goff?

    I love Goff. I think he has such a high ceiling based upon his accuracy, intangibles and coolness under pressure. The only thing that bothers me and has bothered me since his days at Cal is his spiral can be so weak. It's not a real issue as long as his ball is catchable, and Peyton was fine with it, but watching a guy like Mahomes throw such a pretty ball leaves me a little enviable
  12. Thoughts on Goff?

    I'd say he's top 12 with plenty of opportunity to get higher on that list. He's young and has plenty to prove. Look at Deshaun Watson, he's definitely fallen from last years performance. I say give the guy some time and let him prove he deserves to be talked about with the elites. I see some things he can definitely improve upon which is a positive sign.
  13. Week 2 - Rams vs Cardinals

    If we can shut down David Johnson, I'm not worried at all.
  14. Week 1 - Rams @ Raiders - MNF

    I feel fairly confident. I guess time will tell, I will pull this thread back up and eat it up.
  15. Week 1 - Rams @ Raiders - MNF

    Irvin was, now he's an end in your new 43, my bad. Unknown's typically turn into trash 99% of the time...that's why when guys do breakout it's such a big deal. It's not a difficult concept and numbers/statistics back up this claim. I'm not saying your team is trash. Change out the tampon before Monday if you can't handle a little discussion.