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  1. I just don't see a 4th-7th round pick (we wouldn't get more) being worth it to rid ourselves of their usefulness, especially as we look to make a playoff push.
  2. Neither. Everrett is useful depth and Reynolds has played well when called upon.
  3. If we can control TOP in Seattle games, limiting Russ's opportunities, it should give us a huge advantage because as you stated their defense isn't great.
  4. Ebukam played less than 10% of the snaps yesterday. Let's hope that trend continues.
  5. The Giants defense did a lot of good stuff to counter us. Played the flats well, had a man cover the crosser, didn't bite on movement as much. Kudos to them. I really think Sean was keeping it simple so as to not give away our counter to such a defensive scheme. This is quite similar to what was done before against us (Lions, Bears, Pats), but we found success last year against it a bit. Overall a win is a win and if we can keep some plays to ourselves so as not to put them on film, great. The play calling was very vanilla with screens, inside zones, and outs/posts to Reynolds getting a majority of the play calls. From the outset it felt like McVay didn't bring his A game play calling or was holding some stuff back.
  6. Looks like we'll be rockin the Sol color pants this Sunday against the Giants. Excited to see them
  7. I don't disagree. I just mean to ensure his knee is right.
  8. We don't need Lewis for week 4 or 5 for that matter. Same with Akers. Save them for the 49ers in week 6.
  9. I think Terrell Lewis going down changed our plans a bit. Samson is okay in coverage, but has no pass rush ability and isn't really adept at stopping the run.
  10. Yea he could have hit from quite a bit further. Let's not forget, GZ wasn't all that great as a rookie. Granted that was mostly due to 50+ kicks, but Sloman's miss wouldn't have been a miss had there not been an 8 yard sack on third down. That's what really cost us, especially in a stadium like Buffalo's where wind is swirling.
  11. If we can pressure Allen and contain him, I think we'll be just fine. Sacks don't tell the whole story. If our offense can hang 27 on them I feel confident, but I do expect this to be tight and the game we are most likely to lose over the next month.
  12. In simple terms, nothing is ever good enough. He is Eeyore.
  13. EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY (except Flounch). Let's move on to the Bills. Keep the positive vibes going!
  14. Biggest takeaway: Defense has allowed 6 total points this season after the half.
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