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  1. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    Let's go! I'm getting hyped up for this game. Get our Color Rush jersey's which are nice, get to watch our boys take the national stage and hopefully an encouraging step for our young QB.
  2. Trumaine Johnson

    I personally see us being able to keep all of these guys. Robert Quinn's money can be convert to bonus and could relieve close to $3 mil as well. I think we are pretty cap flexible down the line. I see us having roughly $60 mil in cap space when the cap increase happens. This should give us plenty of options. Not to mention, cutting a guy like Whitworth after next year frees up a ton of space as well (fingers crossed we draft a tackle in the 2018 loaded class...). I think it's possible to keep them all, let Mo Alexander walk (John Johnson will take over that spot), sign/draft a linebacker, Samson Ebukam could show some at OLB. We'd be returning damn near the same team which is huge.
  3. Trumaine Johnson

    Barron also costs more.....I'd be all for drafting a linebacker or signing one or seeing if a young guy steps up. Barron is a bit too small to hold up inside.
  4. Trumaine Johnson

    I agree with that feeling. He really wants to stay in LA it seems, which is why I ask the question. I could see him taking maybe 5-10% less than market value to stay with the team, which could definitely work with our cap situation. We have over $60 mil in cap space next year, so there are plenty of options. Robert Quinn could move some money around to get some more room. I actually see us cutting Mark Barron before Tavon as we would get more cap relief, though both are options.
  5. This is huge. As well as Goff played with a nice, clean pocket, he played very well under pressure as well. I think this is where Goff can shine in the league. He can make quick, fast throws out to his receivers like we saw him do at Cal. Kid just needed the confidence. I think we're onto something now.
  6. Trumaine Johnson

    Should the Rams extend Trumaine Johnson? He is easily our top corner and a playmaker. What does everyone think?
  7. I am also cautiously optimistic and would like to see how the team plays against the Redskins this week, then turns around with a short week Thursday against the niners and then faces a real test in the Cowboys. This stretch could be huge for the season. Build confidence in the guys early and success I feel will come. Though the voice in the back of my head is slowly changing my expectations to 10 wins....
  8. Aaron Donald's holdout

    I think saying no leverage is too extreme, but he doesn't have as much leverage as his agents think at least. The Rams were very serious about getting him in and offered Donald the highest paid defensive player contract but his representation said no. From there, he doesn't have much leverage as the Rams offered as much money as any defensive player has gotten ever. From there the ball is in the Donald camp. I believe Donald reported because he may not necessarily agree with his agents' advice at this moment and is showing the Rams he wants to be there, regardless of what the agents are saying at the moment.
  9. Expectations for Jared Goff

    Yea, just give him the season....he's looked more confident, comfortable and in control. Stop being a hater.