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  1. Ramsfan24 Mock Draft 4

    I just think a few of the guys may get pushed up because of the combine. Biadasz I could see not being available, Dillon may not be there at that point anymore. It's more so because it's a lot of prospects I like and they always seem to get talen before I think they will, but like I said I would really like this. Everson Griffen would be a good get and may allow us to play some 4-3 to mix things up as well.
  2. Ramsfan24 Mock Draft 4

    Like the idea of grabbing Khalil Tate for the scout team. This draft may be a tough unrealistic, but I like all the guys you grabbed.
  3. New logo/colors unveiled Monday

    Gonna be honest, I can't unsee the phallic shape in the middle. It's a **** and balls from its forehead to its nose. It's better than he real one for sure. Both have the phallic shape though lol
  4. UPDATE - Todd Gurley released

    Agreed 100%. He was way off in his pressers. Did not speak at all. Which spoke volumes
  5. New logo/colors unveiled Monday

    Yea it's not great. Disappointed. Wonder what the jersey's and helmet will look like. Some redemption there could be had.
  6. Jrry32 Post-FA Mock Draft (3/22/20)

    Would absolutely love this draft. Big fan of solidifying the oline, grabbing Eno and filling in some linebackers. Sign me up
  7. Free Agency

    This hurts. I figured we'd at least retain Fowler.
  8. RamsFan24 Mock Draft 2

    Agreed, and Nigel has nowhere near the pedigree of Weddle. Adding a crappy veteran doesn't mean it's an upgrade over an unknown commodity. But if it helps you sleep better at night putting him in a mock draft in February @BStanRamFan, then go for it. Having watched Bradham this past year I will gladly pass. He is a huge liability.
  9. RamsFan24 Mock Draft 2

    I'd take myself over Nigel. I'd be cheaper and be just as effective getting burned in coverage and running in quicksand. Natrez, Micah, and Travin Howard/Kenny Young all intrigue me way more.
  10. RamsFan24 Mock Draft 2

    Would rather stick with what we got. He's not an improvement.
  11. RamsFan24 Mock Draft 2

    Want nothing to do with Nigel Bradham, dude couldn't cover a bed.
  12. $69,000 and 420 hours? Nice
  13. General Season Talk

    I mean....I'll take him any day of the week
  14. Jameis Winston undergoes eye surgery to repair vision

    I went to Carson's same doctor for my Lasik! I feel an MVP year for me coming too
  15. Jrry32 First Mock of February (02/09/2020)

    I'd be big-time on board for this. Addresses a lot of our needs. Good job!
  16. Jrry32 Senior Bowl Week Mock Off-Season

    Love me some Zach Baun. Not a super exciting of season in terms of big time talent, but it all makes sense. I'd prefer to keep Fowler but I get why we'd trade him.
  17. I saw that and thought the same thing
  18. General Season Talk

    Honestly I'd do it in a heartbeat. Many people want to get rid of Cooks and this would present an amazing opportunity to do just that. Odell doesn't carry the same cap hits or cap penalties if we cut him that Cooks would, so at worst we trade and cut. At best we get a superstar talent at a cheaper price than it would have been to keep Cooks. Creative problem solving.
  19. General Season Talk

    I totally agree and am not worried one bit. We have a few holes (OLB, LT, ILB,C) but can be filled with guys we already have. Ramsey is already counting nearly $14 million against the cap so when he gets paid it won't be a huge hindrance. Keeping Havenstein only makes sense. Why get rid of good talent and depth? We saw this year we need that most. Adding competition will make our team that much better. Noteboom, Edwards, Allen, Evans, Havenstein is a solid group up front with starting experience. Ideally I'd like to see competition at C and LT (wouldn't mind seeing Blythe back at center), but drafting two offensive linemen and signing a vet would really help stability. Now if we resign Fowler and find an ILB, I really like our chances moving forward. I think our secondary has a chance to be really, REALLY good. Our safeties are young and showing a lot, and our corner depth is really deep. Ramsey, Hill, NRC, Darious Williams and David Long is very stout. There's a chance NRC is gone and we move Darious to the slot (though I'm not necessarily a proponent of that it could help save some $$). I think we all agree Weddle is done. Matthews wouldn't shock me if he was cut as he couldn't tackle and I'd like to see Samson in that role, but again it's not a move that HAS to happen. Be patient and let the depth build. We were 1 missed field goal away from beating the Eagles in the Wild Card round . I'm excited to see what coaching changes are made. I would like to see another offensive mind get added (and I've heard the Jay Gruden rumors which would be awesome). Another person I'm keeping an out for is if Garrett is fired from the Cowboys would be Kellen Moore. He showed me a lot this year and he helped Dak grow and that offense look way less vanilla than usual. Our offense really changed identities in the last 5 games and I'm excited to see how that grows next year! On the defensive side, a lot of who we will look to resign/sign depends on who the DC is. If it's a Wade guy, I feel comfortable with who I'd like to retain. If not, it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out. More consistency is needed. We can't give up 55 points to the Buccaneers one week and hold a good SF team to 20 the next.
  20. General Season Talk

    He's a beneficiary yes, but he has the talent beyond Obo. Littleton in my mind is more easily replaceable. I could be mistaken, but it's just what I feel. Ideally we'd be able to keep both, but between the two I'd edge (see what I did there) with Fowler.
  21. General Season Talk

    I completely agree. I'd rather see the money spent on Fowler, simply because edge guys are harder to find. It really comes down to who our DC is and what they prioritize.

    Let's not hobby shame here
  23. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    Right...but if we lose our chances are slim to none....
  24. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    Record, win percentage. Same thing to me, better record is better win %. Yea obviously we have to keep it up, but it feels nice to at least be 6th seed.
  25. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    No, we'd have 6th seed. We would have conference record over them. It's not wins, it's record.