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  1. A White Out was a really cool thing to experience. It gets crazy in there.
  2. And I learned something today lol
  3. I sense genuine feelings in this but I think about the last two years and I'm just a confused boy now.
  4. Glad we at least get 3 weeks of Big Brother instead of this chicken **** game that was played at first. Lol @ none of these people are even upset about being screwed over. CBS casted this too perfectly to achieve their agenda. The last few episodes have been solid at least. X is easily an all time player. Would love to see him in a real season. Hopefully we get a real season next year but too many people are whining about sexism and mysogyny now so next season will be probably nothing more than minority women and if they're white, they're going to either be a) gay b) trans and/or c) disab
  5. Favorite Team: Raiders Week 2 pick: Believeland Browns
  6. Very interested in Auburn/PSU, Bama/Florida and OSU just to see if Tulsa can run all over them as well.....
  7. EDIT: Just realized Xenos posted this. I missed this when I was looking at posts to see if anyone had already posted it
  8. Yeah the chips are tiny but enough for bugs to get in there and find their way wherever inside my house. I haven't used DAP but I'll definitely look into it. Thanks! Most spiders I find are webs around the base of my house into my garden so I'm guessing it's just from that. I have read about products you can put around the base of your house that deters them from making a nest. Have you ever used anything like that? Windows, doors, and stuff like that are certainly good to go. I do worry about them getting in through my chimney though as I do see a lot of stink bugs making their way in th
  9. Hopefully we meet you in Indy, like I said, but I'm not thinking we'll get there unless we really start fixing a lot of things. Luckily our next couple games aren't the toughest of competitions so we'll see what we can do. Definitely gonna keep an eye on you guys though. I think you're the team to beat as of now.
  10. And people were worried about Chase lol. Silly fools
  11. Seeing people wear single digit numbers, that aren't QBs, is weird lol
  12. Russell Wilson throws the best deep ball in the league
  13. Taylor isn't going to let Watson get his job back lol
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