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  1. Have to trade. I haven't been able to get verified either way I've tried. I'm just going to get SHIB instead and hope another meme coin catches fire
  2. I know man lol. I just DLd Crypto and will get into SHIB when I get verified. I'm just trying to get in on the ground floor of one of these
  3. Yeah I'm not getting an email from binance. I'll send you money to send to him.... Yeah, I trust you lol. I'm sure there's a wallet address I can send. I'm semi-serious lol
  4. Thanks for the info. This doesn't bother me but I just laugh at the cringe. Like after you liberate a settlement/area/whatever, they pan out and show two people clinking beers at times. I just started laughing lol. I'm glad I'm enjoying it though b/c I already have high expectations for 6 and I'm barely 20some hours into my first game I've played of the series. I've heard this one isn't too high on people's rankings so if I'm enjoying this one as much, I'm optimistic for the next
  5. I can't seem to find Moonpay or any way to pay on Trust. Anyone want to purchase an amount and I'll send them money however lol.... is that possible? I want to get in on this early but cannot figure it out which is kinda sad Trying w/ Binance now, waiting on the confirmation email....
  6. Are all the Far Cry games as "broey" and patriotic as 5? Don't get me wrong, it's fun as hell, the world is alive and active, and it's still a challenge but it's so cringe at times lol. I'll still play 6 when it comes out and honestly, I'll be excited about it but I just wanted to know if this was the exception or standard.
  7. SHIB has blown up. These meme alts. Sheesh lol
  8. yeah, I'll do that if I wind up signing up. That's a solid bonus lol. Glad I kept my ADA when I sold everything.... including my stockpile of WAVES that has tripled since I sold it............... my god I suck at this lol
  9. Finally just got done watching this series thus far. Excellent show and cannot wait for next season. It's funny how this and BB are the same shows and differ so much. Sucks next season will be the last but it makes sense. The directors are so unbelievably creative in so many things that they do w/ this show.
  10. That is really funny that Voyager says that. I've never used it but feel like I should be now. I hate that I just signed up for Robinhood and Webull and don't know if I should get into Voyager right away. I want to keep my Crypto and stocks separate. I thought Robinhood had a lot more to offer in terms of Crypto they supported. Holy hell was I wrong. I feel like I just need to bite the bullet and sign up for Voyager now as well and just ditch Webull. I dunno... so many damn options.
  11. I just wish I had pulled the trigger a few years ago when the **** was .001 when I first started getting into crypto. I saw the coin, laughed, and remember thinking "I bet this worthless thing will be worth something b/c it's so dumb" and talked myself out of it lol. I'm trying to get into XLM but Webull takes forever to get yours funds to be accessible. I found out they are partnering w/ Visa so I wanted to buy in a couple days ago.
  12. Where do you buy it at? I've got some expendable cash.
  13. Just bought into DOGE ahead of Elon's SNL appearance. Might dump it immediately after.
  14. Yeah I was really confused that he left a program where he was buried to go to another program where he also might be buried. Seems like a bad move unless he talked to people.
  15. Agreed. I'd hate to say something silly like I'm dependent on an organization for something w/in my control. /my comments
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