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  1. We did that last year with a very large amount of "oddities" that happened over the year. If he is hired, let's just hope he gets the most out of our offense, especially in the RZ where Gruden was awful and predictable.
  2. Not a fan of this but if he's bringing over good coordinators, it'll lessen the blow. Would love Mayo here as the DC
  3. Nah, it's a personal thing for me. Saying definitive things about the draft this early is just nonsense and I shouldn't do it lol. You're right that there's no clear cut favorite as WR1 in this class and it's all about what a team needs and how they perceive the prospect. I personally think so highly of Wilson that I don't think he'll be there but that doesn't mean everyone does. I think they should but we'll see lol. I do honestly think he's a special WR.
  4. You're right. I did what I hate doing and that's saying anything definitive about the draft so early. I need to refrain from doing that
  5. If we get a deep threat via FA, I'm all on the Wilson train. His route running and hands are absolutely top notch and he's a good kid. Just don't expect him to blow people away w/ his speed. He won't be there at 22 anyway. Not a chance in hell.
  6. I was really hoping he'd stay on but I totally get why he wouldn't. The locker room would be divided like no other. He's either the HC here or he has no job.
  7. I mean, let's keep it real. Video taping doesn't really even give you that much of an advantage. Wasn't the tape only like 6 minutes as well? Thought I remembered reading that somewhere. Players still need to execute on the field and the game is organic anyway and not some scripted nonsense except maybe early. I never thought Spygate was a big deal and I don't think this is either. That's just me though.
  8. This team was basically founded on "cheating" just in case people forgot lol
  9. IMO, he's far and away the best route runner in the draft. Wish we needed his type of receiver https://twitter.com/CoachKee/status/1486735722140684288?t=2tDSs1ekvqW3-MjRPwHHTg&s=19
  10. I dunno man, Deebo is pretty special. His abilities as a WR might not be top 10 but add in what else he brings to the table and he's a very valuable player.
  11. I hope Gus would stay on board but I'm not against Mayo coming over. Not one bit.
  12. Hope y'all are ready for good ol Josh to be the coach. Maybe it's b/c it's a poor choice, IMO, but I think it's crappening.
  13. Top 15 defenses in PA, 10 made the playoffs. Top 15 offenses in PF, 11 made the playoffs. It's almost like both are important......... Carry on....
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