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  1. Having football vs not having football would be a ratings hit. We'll still have golf this late but no other sports, I believe so there's no competition for a sports-starved nation. This is assuming we have NFL games though which I also feel they should delay a couple months. It's almost certain there won't be a combine this/next year
  2. If it's anything like Nectar, enjoy. We absolutely love ours and we've had it for a couple years.
  3. Express has a "Everything on Clearance is $15" going on right now until midnight. Not everything winds up being $15 but I snagged 4 items for $80. Not bad for two pairs of dress pants, a hoodie, and a t-shirt hoodie. Normally like $200-$250.
  4. You've made me a huge Nix fan, no gonna lie. I want him to succeed just to see your reactions. But I could never be happy if college football isn't happening lol. I'll wait until spring. March Madness and football? I'm in
  5. Gotcha. That would be much more feasible.
  6. If y'all had been mentally preparing for this for months like I had, you wouldn't even be upset about what's inevitably coming our way. Tried to warn ya!........ goddammit
  7. I think this is more plausible but the fact remains the same that these would be kids, whose bodies are still developing (for the most part), against grown *** men who have been working out and maxed their bodies for years. I just feel it'd still be too violent for the youngans but I'm not an expert by any means
  8. I could see why people are annoyed with this game. I purposely died while fighting Ellie as Abby lol. I didn't want to fight her. That scene was fun though and it's a different perspective so I can't hate too much. This whole playing as Abby thing has made it all conflicting. She killed Joel, an icon, for killing her dad so from her perspective it's justified but still sucks bc Joel is awesome. Then you see what she goes through leaving The Wolves with Yara and Lev and she becomes a better person even though she's alone minus those two. When I took over again as Ellie at the farm, I was relieved bc I thought I was done playing as Abby but turned it off as it got to the first California scene (I'm guessing) and I'm back to Abby and a hairy Lev. I'm ready to get back to playing as Ellie again but this is still fun. The farm scene too, the graphics are top notch.
  9. There's not many 18 year olds who have the physical makeup to compete against guys who have been in the league as long as some NFL guys. They'd get broke in half. These kids bodies are still developing. I don't think that the NFL could ruin it, in this scenario, at all.
  10. Escaping from that island with Lev was dooope. This game is so visually amazing. Unreal.
  11. They should but I could see where they wouldn't give it to them. This is solely based on the fact that you can do whatever you want and be eligible for the draft after 3 years removed from high school.
  12. Yeah, we're getting no ball or spring ball. Not sure why they're delaying announcing it.
  13. Yep, just saw this also. Set for the spring. Only a matter of time until all conferences do this which is 100% the correct move. Why they haven't done it already is ridiculous
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