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  1. Wife's dad called her to tell her this 30 minutes ago. Didn't see anything so thought it was a rumor..... dang.......
  2. Manning's speech will be excellent. I cannot wait to see it.
  3. My stepdad is a physician here in town and mom is a nurse. Apparently we can expect it to arrive December 12th but they don't know anything beyond that. This is crazy to think the first batch may get here then.
  4. I just saw things are exploding again. My portfolio is looking strong. I might remove everything (almost even now) and just buy back in the next dip. Waves, Ripple, and Litecoin are killing it for me now.
  5. On Teague's TD, someone was trying to dive after him and we had a lineman that literally grabbed his jersey so he couldn't dive far. That was probably the biggest missed call of the night IMO. Definitely not a good game for the officials.
  6. The first Ewers domino to fall. I'm guessing we'll see more. Just unreal the WRs we've been recruiting lately.
  7. And you didn't even factor in J&J and Novavax's vaccines that we should be getting data on in the next month or so. Throw out those, which are already being produced as well, and I would think that shrinks the timeline even more. Just wish treatments would catch up to the rate which vaccines are being pumped out.
  8. Agreed! It's nice to be able to say that. I can get out of one Thanksgiving. If I had to do it next year also, that may be a challenge.
  9. AZD1222 doesn't look as effective as the mRNA vaccines but it did it's job in the sense that people who took it, that got sick, didn't have severe cases and there were zero hospitalizations. https://www.astrazeneca.com/content/astraz/media-centre/press-releases/2020/azd1222hlr.html Dose amounts played a role in how effective is was.
  10. Not sure about their cap space next season but every single dollar needs to be spent too protect him. Their line is abysmal.
  11. I was extremely impressed by Penix. I find it hard to believe our ends will consistently not get pressure either. We have to get better and we have the personnel and coaches to do such a thing as I'm certain we will. We got a gut check yesterday and one that was needed. Hope it kicks our guys into gear bc we'll be embarrassed out of the playoffs like 4 years ago if not.
  12. There's still no reason you play Rutgers this close when you look at the recruits each school gets. This is a moral victory for Michigan. What a very entertaining game though.
  13. Rutgers play calling makes no sense there.
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