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  1. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Expensive but definitely one of my favorites and their Cajun fries are top of the line
  2. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Probably just for the ketchup
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Never heard of that burger joint either.
  4. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I edited my post to elaborate more since she's left Dina on multiple occasions lol But yeah, Jesse said she needs to get back to Jackson and Ellie's just like "I'm still going to look for Tommy" and Jesse joins her. Just a weird choice but I'm not like pissed about it or anything. We'll see what happens.
  5. Big-Ten and Pac-12 announce Conference-Only Schedule

    Yeah I definitely understand that's what he wants. It's all just what one feels is personally thread worthy or not. You guys do a good job of creating threads out of bigger topics (Tua's brother transferring, Williams committing to OU etc). I didn't know there was an attempt at this type of thread prior and it was locked. The idea can be scrapped then. It's worked in the past in other forums which is why I brought it up here.
  6. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Turns out that if you miss an upgrade guide, they appear elsewhere. Found the exact same guide before entering the hospital. Happy I didn't waste time going backwards (couldn't bc I didn't have a save to load that wasn't 3 hours behind). I did come across the first decision Ellie made that I'm not a fan of and that's leaving Dina to go find Tommy when she's not doing well per Jesse. I know they're close and said they would stop once they found him (they *said* that) but that's where I quit for the night. Game is still excellent though. Looking forward to getting a few more hours in tonight
  7. Big-Ten and Pac-12 announce Conference-Only Schedule

    Don't worry guys, Devin White is making sure we don't have an NFL season either https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/10/devin-white-hosting-a-party-with-2000-people-expected/ In other forums I've been in over the years, we always had a "Didn't Deserve It's Own Thread" thread for stuff like this. Since this thread is talking about seasons being canceled, figured I'd post it in here lol.
  8. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Not sure why people sleep on BK fries. I think they're fantastic. Same w/ Rally's/Checkers. They are somewhat similar to me. Love that seasoning. I do agree w/ In N Out's fries though. Definitely not my thing. I need to try this Shake Shack whenever I can. Closest on is an hour away so doubt it'll be any time soon
  9. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    In my opinion of having both very few times, I would suggest Whataburger is better. First time I had In N Out, I loved it but that might've been the hype of it b/c the next two times, it was just OK. I've never had a disappointing (or "OK") Whataburger experience though. While I would say the comparison is Granny Smith's to Honeycrisps, I would take Steak N Shake over both of them and not think twice about it.
  10. Golf Thread

    Just bought some M6 irons off eBay. Gotta love people with a lot of extra income who don't want irons anymore. Verified authentic and got them about $200 cheaper than they should've been. Can't wait to hit them in locations in not aiming for.
  11. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    I haven't been in here in a while and saw it was huge in page counts. I like where the conversation has gone.
  12. Big-Ten and Pac-12 announce Conference-Only Schedule

    What is ND going to do if this happens? Didn't even think about them. I know someone said the ACC threw them a lifeline so I guess they'd just accept it?
  13. Big-Ten and Pac-12 announce Conference-Only Schedule

    IF we can get spring, do we feel they'll still do bowl games? Not sure how you can or do we feel the Conference Championships are the end of the season for 99% of the teams? Doing the top 4 would be easy enough for the playoff or...... do we get our silver lining from this BS and do an 8 team playoff to see how it goes? I still feel there's maybe a 25% chance for spring football but A LOT can happen between then and now.
  14. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    See I use the arrows a lot if I can lol. I tend to play games far more stealth than some though lol. Might be why it takes forever for me to finish sections b/c I'll literally wait in one spot and wait until people get close and perform a stealth kill especially in a game like this where resources aren't the easiest to find. I'm going to backtrack (assuming I can) and give your method a shot!
  15. Random Game Talk

    OK It's official, I need to get into these games: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-07-10-far-cry-6-leak-confirms-breaking-bads-giancarlo-esposito-will-star