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  1. A lot of states are seeing a rise in cases. Wonder what the reason is. Didn't expect that until this month.
  2. Watched "I Care A Lot" last night and thought it was good. Very interesting movie. Kinda just stumbled into it and am glad I did.
  3. Thought this was news, edited bc I was wrong
  4. So glad my wife felt the same way about The Flight Attendant that I did. Highly would not recommend.
  5. Can't we apply this logic to those that have already been infected as well? This is what I suggested prior but didn't really get any responses. Maybe I'm not understanding the difference in how your body fights and infection vs being vaccinated for an infection? Also, I'm glad I'm getting a pass for this year b/c I don't ever get a flu vaccine lol. My new client gave me the opportunity to get in line for my first shot on Tuesday. If this doesn't become an annual thing (fingers crossed), you'll have to get upset w/ me next year. Seeing Pfizer's data about how well one shot protects you is
  6. You have a great ear if you didn't need subtitles lol. Like Scalamania said, once Alfie was brought it, I couldn't understand a damn word. What a brilliant character though. If you were frustrated by that then yeah, you might not have liked the show since they smoked, literally, 24/7 lol. I can't wait for S6.
  7. The Flight Attendant tries too hard. They are trying to be witty and funny but swing and miss every time. If you enjoy fast talking, extremely frustrating people, and annoying girls getting wasted all the time, this show is for you!! I can't wait for it to be over.
  8. Yes, I have. I assumed since her character was so stupid that it was spelled very stupid as well.
  9. Glad this is as much of a landslide as it should be. I'll probably be e-crucified for this but Seinfield is so overrated IMO. I really tried to get into it and just couldn't. I find shows w/ immensely stupid people to be this way though (Kramer, Fivi [or whatever it is] in Friends etc). Their utter nonsense is just a massive turnoff for me.
  10. Looks like we'll be hitting that plateau soon. https://covidtracking.com/data/charts/14-day-change-cases I have visited this site daily and for the past month, it's been nothing but yellow for 90% of the map if not more. A few red sprinkled in but usually states that have a very low case count anyway so they basically have nowhere to go but up and the amounts are fairly small. Now that we're seeing a lot of grey, I anticipate that the plateau is coming. Is this off-base to assume? 370k currently infectious according to https://reproduction.live/world/US and an R value of .
  11. Do we have anything like this pertaining to Moderna or can we assume that since it's an mRNA, it will be the same?
  12. Plus the capital to get him would be insane. I'm fine w/ using it to grab a defense. We can content w/ Carr as we did this season. If we get a legit defense (maybe even just "good") we can beat anyone and make a serious run IMO.
  13. Maybe I care too much about the historical data and it's integrity. I hope they start anew and learn from the mistake of when they didn't and the season was only 14 games.
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