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  1. You're not me obviously but your first experience sounds like mine. If you follow in my steps, expect shot #2 to be that x2. That's basically all that happened to me. Wife is 6 hours into shot #2 right now and she's acting like it's just another day. I expect that to change by the end of the night...... but I hope not lol.
  2. Shameless had a great run. I will miss this show a lot.
  3. The Outsider is only one season and very good.
  4. Very cool. Didn't know you had that insider perspective. Want to tell us who you think will win the QB battle?? Lol Heard all three are getting reps with the first team. Figure Saturday will tell us a little bit also.
  5. The guy is a giant tool but he's good at football so I like the comparison. Do you get first-hand experiences seeing these guys practice or are you seeing videos/tapes??
  6. IFC is showing American Pie movies for the day. Classics. All of them.
  7. Yeah, I fully anticipate it getting easier once I level up. Can't think of too many games that don't get that way lol. Right now, I think it's more of me getting a feel for everything. I sure do love that dog though! He's a hell of a companion.
  8. In my experience, as long as it gets good light, you've got it down. Lawn care is a lot of fun!!................ No, no it's not. If you live in an area where people give a **** about their lawn like I do, enjoy edging. Nothing irks me more than wrapping that line lol
  9. Wasn't sure about Far Cry 5 after I started playing a couple nights ago but played a lot last night, got a little more used to it, and it's a pretty fun game. Pretty damn hard right now also.
  10. Henderson lost his black stripe. I hope Day doesn't do what Urban loved to which is stay committed to upper class men even when there was younger, more promising talent. Teague leaves a lot to be desired but this Henderson kid looks like he's the real deal!
  11. I don't want it to happen, I just think it will be. I honestly don't want RT at all. Funny how he was a sure top 10 pick the year before, goes back for his Sr season, and now look at our discussion lol
  12. In a normal safety class, I feel he's a fringe 2nd/3rd round guy. He just gets lost out there too much for my liking. I get it's a position of need but I'm under the umbrella that we're going RT first so it fully anticipate Leatherwood being the guy we select. Ideally, trading down for more picks is the choice but it just doesn't happen often, unfortunately lol
  13. I don't think he's worth a first round pick. This safety class is terrible IMO.
  14. If it keeps us away from Moehrig, I'm happy
  15. South Park already explained this to me. This isn't news.
  16. Are they requiring people be vaccinated to attend? I was going to go but other things are getting in the way.
  17. I was told by a nurse to do push-ups every now and then after getting mine so take that FWIW lol. I would probably wait a day or two but you do you.
  18. I've been reading a lot of good things about Cameron Martinez and a couple others but it could just be fluff at this point. If the DL gets pressure, the secondary's job will be much easier. Fingers crossed we get that.
  19. I got mine at 4:30 and... well I didn't really have any symptoms except a sore arm so I might not be the best for info, but I felt achy about an hour before dinner the next day and it went away when I ate. Could just be me being hungry lol. The sore arm started that night and went away 1.5 days after albeit a little tender to the touch for about 3 days. Piece of cake.
  20. I'm shocked to have PFF say that. Maybe we've just been spoiled the last decade w/ a couple Bosas and Young?? I can't remember consistently getting pressure last year but maybe I'm misremembering. I like your endorsement or Sawyer! I want a "dude" also and I hope he continues to be one lol
  21. I could be very wrong but I've only heard of a couple that got rid of them.
  22. Don't feel there's enough data to conclusively say anything as of yet. I believe Florida is the only other state to do so. Indiana is getting rid of theirs very soon, I know that. Assuming others will follow suit very soon after.
  23. Oh nice!! Don't expect to see him though bc of how loaded we are at WR but still, great to hear. We needed a pass rush very badly last year. Harrison really needs to step up this year
  24. Sawyer already shed his stripe. Hope this kid is good enough to get some PT this season.
  25. This is good stuff. I just realized this is how our governor is pulling data for our maps that show red, orange, yellow counties. He puts it out on a weekly basis but now I can just view it here. Very helpful. Thanks
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