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  1. Bitcoin

    And wow, LTC is $50??? Whew
  2. Bitcoin

    I definitely am not buying anymore unless it gets to a certain point but I'm sure I'll have every single bit of these coins until they (if) they go back up to what they were at the beginning of the year.
  3. The road games continue this year. Wife just got us tickets to Purdue as a birthday gift. This will be away game 3. First being '15 in East Lansing, '16 in Happy Valley, skipped last year bc we got married in October (bye week) and those things are expensive, and now West Lafayette this year. Hopefully IU next year. Any of you other guys do this?? Our goal is to hit every stadium except Maryland and Rutgers but if they become competitive, we might be more inclined to travel that far lol
  4. This ***** is insane if what her mom states is true. She tried to run him over in front of their own kids??? Wow. Not sure why her own mom would lie but it is possible. ESPN had been really quiet about this since more stuff started coming out and the story evolved. I've got the week off and have been listening to it on the TV and nothing. It's really starting to look like she was scheming. Doesn't give Zach a reason to put his hand on her though..... Possible situations like they're describing are very hard to say what you'd do as a person in said situation.
  5. Courtney's mom really throwing it out there: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10211911720977265&id=1498798014&refid=52&_ft_=top_level_post_id.10211911720977265%3Atl_objid.10211911720977265%3Athrowback_story_fbid.10211911720977265%3Athid.1498798014&__tn__=-R Snook is dropping bombs. ..... I can't wait until this damn thing is over. They better stick to their timeline and give us the verdict by week's end.
  6. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    All you're doing in here is just taking blank about people. Seriously, why are you even here? Useless
  7. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I mean, why even discuss this with you? It's blatantly obvious that you have your mind made up and know me more than I know me, as well. If you seemed capable of having an open-minded discussion, I'd definitely give you my thoughts but that doesn't seem like it's the case. Funny how people know me so well in this thread lol
  8. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    So, as stated in everything you quoted, I suggest waiting for facts and point out McMurphy had changed his story once facts came out, makes you feel you know my intentions better than I know my intentions? Ok cool......
  9. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Thanks for telling me about me. You're wrong but it's ok
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Ok so you admit I never said their word was gospel, that's just something you made up. Gotcha. Not the best look but you do you
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    It's amazing people can't understand this. But OSU fans, waiting for the facts, are the bias ones........... Yeah, makes total sense if you ate paint chips as a kid, I guess
  12. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Where was it said it should be taken as gospel and not as a possible scenario?
  13. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Anything McMurphy reports now should be taken w/ a grain of salt.
  14. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Do you have kids? I don't but the same way people say women have a hard time leaving abusive relationships, wouldn't you try to put the extra effort forward to make it work for your children? From what I gather, this dude really cares a lot about his children so my guess is he wanted them to have parents that were still together. It happens often and fails often.
  15. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Please. Swaggy will eat that poop up. They're going to be the worst couple in America.