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  1. Stranger Things

    Wonder how many seasons this can go on for. Loved the first two and hoping this keeps up the pace!!
  2. Android Thread

    I've had the XL since Black Friday and I have experienced 0 bugs or issues thus far. Video recording is A+, speakers are A+ (I dont' listen to them very loud though), never had an issue w/ pics being saved. Not one problem. Very quickly becoming the best phone I've ever had replacing the OG XL I just came from.
  3. Fallout 76

    Aha. I remembered b/c you posted you were frustrated when I was frustrated lol. It is a damn fun game!! I accidentally sided w/ the wrong faction but oh well. I wish I couldve' figured out the route to keep all three at peace but I went too far lol. The DLCs seem like they're going to be fun! Don't forget to change the color of your Pipboy!! I just figured out how to do that a couple weeks ago.
  4. Random Game Talk

    I've heard Nuka World is great but Far Harbor is the best. I'm going through other ones first then will do both of those in that order. Looking forward to it based on this post! lol Thanks
  5. Random Game Talk

    Just started the FO4 DLCs. Did Automatron (??) first. Goddamn the robots in the first building are ridiculous. I'm almost level 80 and am getting waxed
  6. Random Game Talk

    This is the only one of the series I played. 2 & 3 are that much better? I should've bought the Cyber Monday deal since it was dirt cheap. I loved the 4th. Great story and a ton of fun to play!!
  7. Fallout 76

    I thought you didn't even like FO games?
  8. The Outer Worlds

    Just release info: https://www.pcgamer.com/obsidians-the-outer-worlds-blends-firefly-and-fallout-into-a-bold-open-ended-sci-fi-rpg/
  9. The Outer Worlds

    I posted this in the FO76 thread but didn't want to hijack it further and probably should've just started this last night, but whatever. I've never played NV or the OG Fallout or even Borderlands but this looks like it's going to be a solid game! Trailer: Their Steam page has some AWESOME screenshots!! https://store.steampowered.com/app/578650/The_Outer_Worlds/ NPCs, companions, kinda open world, player-driver story...... this looks pretty badass!! I'm not familiar w/ Obsidian but there are a lot of people who are seemingly pretty pumped about this.The fact it'll be available in 2019 also makes it even more appealing.
  10. Fallout 76

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/6/18126614/fallout-new-vegas-obsidian-developer-teaser-reveal-game-awards-2018 Any OG Fallouters excited about this?? Sorry to make this a general FO thread but it seems better than the random game talk thread
  11. Next year, our schedule is a cupcake, there's no denying that but OU recently, TCU (as much as you want to discredit them) is a tough matchup, then in 2020 we start Oregon and then Notre Dame. We could go further down the line like when we play Washington and Texas in the same year along w/ our Big 10 schedule but that's too far away to assume any team will be good. You might not think the Big 10 is anything in conference but Penn St, Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan St are always threats to have good if not great teams. Not really sure where this thought process you possess is coming from.
  12. Dude...... This guy is amazing!!! I can't believe I'm seeing this right now.
  13. I really think he was kidding........ at least I hope. Either that or he just doesn't pay attention to anything... at all.
  14. You're kidding, right?