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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    No advice here. I just have a dog so if they're anything alike, pet it a lot, take it on plenty of walks so it doesn't poop in the house, and feed it. Congrats!!!
  2. What speeds are y'all rocking for these streams that don't pixelate the hell out of it or cause buffering issues?
  3. 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think he's the exception to the rule. It's not too often you see college athletes come out and scream blatant racist remarks at a college athletes these days (I assume). He said it was his reason for transferring, we know that's BS, but that's something the NCAA, or any other organization, won't touch w/ a 10 foot pole.
  4. 2019 Transfer Thread

    There's a couple ways to look at it. Scenario A: Guy goes to smaller school, excels greatly, Saban calls "Hey, want to play at Alabama??" Kid transfers, ouch to college football Scenario B: Kid is a 4* recruit who can't break the starting squad, leaves Bama to go to other school. I see these being the most likely reasons for people to transfer so it's a question of which do you see happening more often? It Tate's case, if the coach who recruited you leaves, I feel you can transfer w/o penalty. Otherwise, stay where you're at, play ball, and get your education.
  5. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    From what I understand, there's no way he can play until the NFL finishes their investigation. Have they provided a timeline for said investigation? Do these things usually finish on time? After that, there is literally 0 chance he doesn't get suspended regardless if they find him guilty or not (lol). Can he practice while the NFL investigation is going on? If not, he's going to need time there also. I dunno, you're probably right and I'm being overly dramatic about it but I thought his punishment would be incredibly severe b/c of the NFL needing to get their image cleaned up a little bit....
  6. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    WTF??..... Why? There's a negative chance he plays in the NFL next year.
  7. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    Good setup episode for this half. Wish we could've got more but plot lines were advanced so I'm good with it
  8. Alliance of American Football

    Hackenburg isn't playing that well but his receivers aren't helping the least bit
  9. Alliance of American Football

    This Perez kid has made some impressive throws!
  10. Alliance of American Football

    I believe you and stand corrected!!
  11. Alliance of American Football

    I'm guessing Mettenberger will be playing before long
  12. Alliance of American Football

    This wasn't painful at all to watch. I enjoyed it to be honest and it was sloppy. I'll be watching more for sure!!
  13. Alliance of American Football

    Y'all liking it so far?? Watching SA/SD and it's pretty fun. Always liked watching Woodside in college so I'm glad to see him getting reps.
  14. Update: Justin Fields transferring to Ohio State

    Both their excuses are not the real reason, I'm very aware. That said, we can't call them liars. Tate should absolutely be playing this year also. That's the rule, as I understand it
  15. Update: Justin Fields transferring to Ohio State

    They transferred for different reasons. Fields used a racist remark and Tate will use Urban leaving. I don't disagree though and I believe NCAA states that if a coach recruits you and they leave, you can transfer and gain immediate eligibility. Tate should play this season.