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  1. QB Rankings

    How can you say that though? He struggled against MWC defenses and the one time he played an SEC defense, he was absolutely terrible. I get you think he's a great prospect but this statement can't be based off anything except your desire for him
  2. Senior Bowl

    I need to look at this Van Jefferson kid some more. Having a 💩 QB situation won't make you look better but he's obviously opening eyes.
  3. QB Rankings

    I don't like Herbert at all, either. I really wouldn't call it an assumption either. It's common sense. You're struggling against competition where 95% of the people won't sniff an NFL field. That's not good
  4. QB Rankings

    Again, if you have huge problems reading MWC defenses, you're going to be a major, major project in the NFL. That isn't worth a first round selection. At all. Late day 2 is where he should be
  5. Senior Bowl

    I would put him at 12 myself but I don't think your assessment is crazy by any means. I feel the top 4 are pretty interchangeable (I'm not as high on Shenault though). I really think Michigan's offense held back DPJ also. Mims is certainly a great prospect and in a normal draft, I feel he's an easy first round pick
  6. The Obscure Games/Nostalgic Games You Love Thread

    Y'all ain't even hip to Bubble Bobble. I played so many damn games growing up though. Obscure ones.... StarTropics, Kid Icarus, Ghosts n Goblins (impossible game), Ice Hockey, The Guardian Legend, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Kung Fu... those are my more obscure games, or I feel there are.
  7. QB Rankings

    You are really ga-ga over his ball placement and accuracy but he threw almost as many INTs are TDs this season. Take a look here: He was so inaccurate w/ a lot of these passes. You can get by w/ this in the MWC but when he played LSU, a real NFL caliber team compared to his normal conference, his weaknesses got exposed. Not only that, if you watch these, it's almost like the other kids were like "OK, this Love guy only throws these 4 types of passes. Sit back and break on them." This is awful tape and his coaches and WRs have very little to do w/ these mistakes. I don't see it... at all and this is not b/c of this alone. His "highlight" reel leaves a lot to be desired also. I only caught 2-3 USU games this season but this dude never stood out especially first round. I just have a VERY hard time thinking a guy who struggled w/ MWC defenses will do well against NFL defenses. Someone explain that to me.......
  8. Senior Bowl

    Mind listing them? I'm curious who you feel isn't better.
  9. QB Rankings

    I mean, it's subjective. I watched the "highlight" videos he's got from all years and I see a lot of underthrown deep passes. You don't agree. IMO, he's a terrible first round prospect and I hope we don't have a damn thing to do w/ him especially w/ all the needs we have.
  10. Senior Bowl

    I think it's more b/c this WR class is so insanely good than anything. Mims is a great prospect. There are so many that will be found out of the first round.
  11. QB Rankings

    So I can't look at his most recent season b/c he didn't have an ideal situation around him? That doesn't make any sense. It's college. People lose their teams and coaches all the time. It also doesn't stop after he leave college. It happens in the pros too. If he cant' handle that adversity in a terrible conference why in the world would I be lead to believe he will do the same in the NFL which is a hundred times more difficult than the conference he played in? Sorry I can't get excited for a guy w/ a (almost) 1:1 TD/INT ratio in a terrible conference. I don't see much accuracy downfield either. I see a lot of underthrown balls especially in his "highlight" reels.To me, he's the next overrated QB b/c he has a good arm and some physical traits which aren't as important as a QB. He can't comprehend simple defensive schemes in a weak conference and that is enough for me to say "No thanks" until late day 2 or day 3. I value the mental part of the position more than most though.
  12. QB Rankings

    Exactly. I'd be lying if I said I studied Utah State games but there were times where I had a vested interest in their games and he looked awful. Terrible. I understand that his arm gives him "potential" but it gives a ton of guys potential and half turn out to be doo-doo. Joey Harrington and Jamarcus Russell made a killing off of it though. Good for him if he tricks a team into drafting him early and he does it as well. Just hope it's not the Raiders who fall for it................ again. Luckily we have a better GM/draft guru in place
  13. QB Rankings

    Can someone tell me why they think Jordan Love will be a good QB? I don't see it....... The only thing the guy does right now that's even remotely impressive, for a guy his age, is he doesn't stare down his receiver (at times).
  14. Senior Bowl

    Most people that have some talent look good in practice. He underwhelmed this season especially at the end. Someone is going to draft him far too high. He's a day two guy, for sure.
  15. Senior Bowl

    Man, these WRs aren't close to being top prospects but if they keep performing like this and their value gets better, that's just more to add to this WR class https://www.theringer.com/2020/1/24/21079648/senior-bowl-takeaways-impressions This is looking like it will go down as the best WR class in the history of the NFL. Good thing the Raiders need a couple.