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  1. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Yeah very true Aaron. Course it is possible that Mike Zimmer has made a couple of adjustments to account for Aaron focusing on Davante almost exclusively and no real alternative passing option emerging.
  2. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Yeah, we need some speed and quickness at WR and that has been true for a while now.
  3. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Pack needs some quickness, burst at WR. Still.
  4. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    MLF is going to have to learn that he may want to run but this has not been a running program for years.
  5. Speaking of Amos, is he also paying dividends on STs? Maybe our STs really won't suck for the first time in forever.
  6. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/12/mike-pettine-lauds-packers-free-agent-acquisitions-on-defense/ “Myself and (outside linebackers coach) Mike Smith and I went through it, and Za’Darius was a guy that just jumped off the tape, and not far behind was Preston,” Pettine said. “The fact that we ended up getting both, we would have been thrilled with one of those guys. The fact that we could pull that off was a tremendous move by Gutey and his group.”
  7. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    It is possible given that Elflein never seemed to recover from that injury during the delicious NFC Championship game in Philly that his absence could be a good thing for the Queens long term. Who's gonna go if Elflein can't? Dozier? Like all the moving parts on an OLine that was weak up the middle anyway.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yep context matters and so do facts. "The Packers gave Bennett a $6.3 million signing bonus as part of a three-year, $21 million contract" not a 3 year $18.45 million contract as alluded to above. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22597937/arbitrator-denies-green-bay-packers-attempt-recoup-part-martellus-bennett-signing-bonus Cook signed a 2 year $10.6 million dollar contract with Oakland. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/jared-cook-6042/ Now, Cook may well have been demanding at least $1.2 million year more per year (or $6.5M annually as you contend above) to stay in GB rather than the $5.3M per year he eventually got in Oakland. Or, that could be GB "front office" spin, which certainly seems to be Cook's position: In any event, over $10M of the Packers 2018 salary cap space was devoted to Graham and Bennett during the 2018 season and their return on that investment was 55 receptions, 636 yards, and 2 TDs. Meanwhile, for <$6M against the cap in 2018, the woeful, dysfunctional, Jon Gruden led Raiders got 68 receptions, 896 yards, and 6 TDs out of Jared Cook. Cook was a better player and cheaper option at TE when compared to the Packers TE in 2017 and Cook was a far, far more productive and a much, much cheaper option at TE in 2018 when compared to the Packers TE. Oh, and Cook signed a 2 year deal with New Orleans this past offseason for $15M. Are there any Packer fans who, at this point, would rather not have Cook on their team for an $8M cap hit in 2019 as opposed to Graham's $12.6M 2019 cap hit? Hard to look at the record of all that has transpired at the TE position in GB since the "front office" chose not to re-sign Cook in March of 2017 and not think it did not have a negative impact on the team, but no doubt some will continue to argue just that.
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    Who cares if the majority of the forum was stoked? The majority of Packer fans were not stoked when Rodgers was selected either. Opinions of forum posters are often wrong, so it is a good thing they are not being paid multiple millions by our favorite team to make important roster decisions. As for moving on from Cook, hindsight, foresight, or no sight, only those with blind faith in the "front office" could still be arguing that moving on from Cook and signing the signings of Bennett, Kendricks, Graham, and Lewis to take his place has not been a net negative for the Packers.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    No idea if the allegations are true or not. However, BB, Brady, and Kraft having to answer questions about them perhaps throughout the season is some sweet karma.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    Jared Cook in 2018: 68 receptions, 896 yards, and 6 TDs. Martellus Bennet in 2018: >$4M against the Packers salary cap ... for dumping on the organization while sitting at home and chomping edibles.
  12. Week 1 Games

    Unbelievably poor defensive coaching by the Texans. Romeo Crennell is right there with Dom at this point.
  13. Week 1 Games

    And both were right behind Trubisky ... for the Bears.
  14. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    By golly, you're the second insightful and honest Viking fan to post on here today. If it is any consolation, I miss Tice, Chilly, and Frazier.