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  1. Rodgers throws for 425 yards and the Pack squeaks out a W.
  2. Another Tony Brown appearance. Wow.
  3. Nobody thinks less of Fackrell than me. However, at this point, he should be getting Clay's snaps. Matthews is pathetic.
  4. I thought that was what the team made clear last season.
  5. Niners and every other D want the WR running the ball. He adds nothing as a runner.
  6. Can't rush, can't cover.
  7. Oh Clay, you were good once ... a long time ago.
  8. Thanks Gute, ... oh wait.
  9. It has been embarrassing since 2011. All those 1st round picks, other high picks, 2 of the highest-paid OLBs in the game, and we still suck. Time for Gute to get rid of the rest of the roster rot he inherited.
  10. All that defensive talent drafted the past several years, it is really hard to believe.
  11. This is quite the well-oiled operation.
  12. And Fackrell on the very next play. If Gute could swing a trade for a competent OLBer, it would be nice.
  13. Remember all those folks complaining about a lack of speed?
  14. But Aaron Jones can't block, where was 3 yard a carry Jamal?