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  1. Quoting Palmy on the subject of how Rollins' physical shortcomings made him a poor CB fit from the get go is simply (additional) "evidence" demonstrating that Rollins was a poor 2nd round pick, nothing more, nothing less. As for the Fackrell quote above, I don't think it is impossible as you say, but agree it is unlikely that the reason former 3rd rounder Kyler made the final 53 and was gifted playing time over Reggie Gllbert is simply because he knew what was expected of him more than Gilbert did. And, I've got to ask, is this the whole he's got to play because he's "assignment sure" argument we heard about AJ Hawk for so many years? Because if it is, I wonder why Gilbert is so much more "assignment sure" under Pettine than he was under the previous DC that he has now vaulted over Fackrell on the depth chart?
  2. Maybe we just have different definitions or understandings of the word "relied." Again, Rollins (whom you acknowledge showed he was not a NFL quality CB in 2016) played over 40% of the defensive snaps during weeks 1-5 of 2017 (before he got hurt). To me that is relying upon a guy who had already proven he was not up to the task. Meanwhile, since you brought up Fackrell, until just a couple of days before the start of the 2017 season, Kyler was the unquestioned #3 OLBer on the roster. He then proceeded to play 42.5% of the 2017 defensive snaps (just 9% fewer than the perennially injured Perry and 10% more than Brooks). I'd say that the team intended to and in fact did rely upon Fackrell to play a significant defensive role in 2017. Furthermore, given that "McCarthy [recently] said a big regret was not elevating Gilbert to the active roster sooner [last season] He was kicking *** in practice,” I submit that draft status played a significant role in Fackrell getting more and Gilbert getting fewer snaps at OLB last season. (I don't think MM's role in 2017 was to elevate players to the active roster, so that was an interesting choice of words, no?) It now appears that Rollins is unlikely to even make the team and that Gilbert has already passed Fackrell on the depth chart. I doubt these developments occur without the changes at GM and DC (just as I doubt that Randall gets traded if there had been no change at GM), but if others want to believe they would have taken place even under the previous regime, no problem.
  3. I quoted Palmy's take on Rollins never having "the legs" to play CB, if you maintain he is wrong, so be it. I've consistently contended Rollins established he was not a NFL CB during his second season (2016) -- when he started 10 games for perhaps the worst performing Packer secondary in a generation. As for your statement, "We started GUNTER ahead of Rollins" in 2016, if even slow as molasses Gunter played ahead of him at one point that season how exactly does that improve Rollins' standing as a NFL caliber CB? As for 2017, Gunter's limitations were so glaring that the Packers cut him and he ended up playing exactly 0 defensive snaps in Carolina. Meanwhile, Rollins, who you state was behind Gunter in Green Bay in 2016, continued to get significant snaps for the Pack in 2017 before he got injured in week 6. His woeful performance against the Cowboys in week 5 was likely Rollins' last full game as a Packer. But it is true that from all reports Rollins seems to be a good guy and "a hardworking pro's pro" so if that's your thing over actual production on the field, I can see why you think he was a good 2nd round pick.
  4. It boggles the mind that the previous GM & DC put so much faith in Rollins for so many years when he never had the legs to play CB and it is hard to see him making the roster now that they've departed. Spriggs lack of development hurts because there is no reliable Tackle behind Bakh and Bulaga and Bulaga is on his last legs and in the last year of his contract. Got to protect the franchise and got to hope Spriggs is just struggling to recover from his knee injury and not just a bust so that he can still provide some value down the line. Jones is a really strange case because he was given such a prominent role as a rookie by the previous DC, even with Burnett on the roster, and now seems to have fallen out of favor under Junior. Going to be very interesting to see what his role is going forward, because Junior is not as likely to overlook Jones' mental gaffes as his predecessor was, especially given that Jones was not drafted by the current GM. Rollins looks like a lost cause, Spriggs is trending the wrong way but likely has another year to make it work, while Jones is really an unknown as far as how he fits into the defensive scheme, if at all, at this point. Would be very disappointing if the 2015, 2016, and 2017 2nd round picks all flamed out .
  5. What is going on with Kevin King's shoulders?

    I don't yet believe Biegel is Fackrell 2.0, in part because Biegel was coming off a serious injury last season and deserves a bit more time and in part because it would really hurt if we had 2 draft whiffs at the same OLB position instead of just the one. At least Gilbert has finally been allowed to move ahead of Fackrell on the depth chart, so there's that.
  6. Jason Wilde‏Verified account @jasonjwilde 55m55 minutes ago M 93 being ahead of 51 is the biggest development at practice today. Atta boy Junior.
  7. False. I just said above that Belichik whiffed on a number of draft picks -- I even provided their names. Heck, BB may have even whiffed on a higher % of picks than your favorite former Packer GM. The key difference between Belichik and the Pack's previous GM is what occured in response to their drafting whiffs, however. For example, in NE Belichik signed all kinds of veterans from other teams to plug roster holes caused by his poor drafting -- including big-timers like Revis and many, many role players. Belichik also made more trades involving players than any other GM in the NFL over the past several years in order to overcome his drafting mistakes. Meanwhile in Green Bay, the former GM was proud of his open disdain for veteran free agency and did not make a single trade involving a player of note over the last decade of his tenure. In other words, when he whiffed on draft picks those picks either remained on the roster or they were replaced by undrafted or street free agents. Gotta figure the Packers organization took a look at these contrasting approaches (and contrasting results) over the past 7 years when they decided to move on from your guy.
  8. The reference above to "TT cut Murphy ... before yr-2", appears to assert that (A) the previous GM "cut" former Packer 2nd round pick Terrence Murphy prior to his second season in Green Bay and (B) this decision to "cut" Murphy constitutes evidence that the previous GM was more than willing to move on from his high draft picks who did not merit spots on the roster. These assertions are demonstrably untrue. Terrence Murphy was diagnosed with spinal stenosis after taking a vicious hit from Thomas Davis in his rookie season. The undisputed record reveals that the former GM did not cut Murphy but rather that he was forced to retire from the NFL after just one season for medical reasons. If one wants to believe that the Packers' previous GM was not more patient with respect to waiting for the players he selected relatively high in the draft to develop than Bill Belichik has been, he or she is certainly entitled to that opinion. But no one is entitled to make up facts to support their opinions.
  9. Seems like the logical answer would be when the player has demonstrated to the team that he is unworthy of playing time now and in the foreseeable future. Of course younger, cheaper, higher-drafted players are afforded more opportunities to show they are worthy of playing time. But, as the Patriots example proves, not every franchise gives its high-draft picks as many opportunities to prove themselves as the Packers did under their previous GM. As for Spriggs specifically, if his play merits it or if the coaching staff/Gute remain optimistic a light will turn on for him, he deserves a roster spot. However, if he does not deserve to be 1 of the tope 3-4 Tackles based on his performance and the staff/GM do not believe it will ever click for him, the fact that the Packers (traded up and) drafted Spriggs in the 2nd round should not prevent him from being cut.
  10. If a player demonstrates he can't play it should not matter that he was a high pick and is still on his rookie deal, he should be shown the door. Now, I do agree that under the prior GM, someone like Rollins would stand an excellent chance of making the 2018 roster -- not because Rollins deserves a spot but rather because he was a 2nd round pick and is still on a rookie contract. If you want to praise the prior GM for emphasizing draft status over on the field production go right ahead but that is not what the best team in the NFL does. Instead, in New England, Belichik has no problem getting rid of his high draft pick mistakes early in their careers - e.g. Dominique Easley, Aaron Dobson, Ras-I-Dowling. I'm confident Gute has taken note of how the best in the business operates.
  11. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    In Rollins' defense, he not only lacked the speed (even before the achilles injury) to play outside but the quickness to play the slot and the football instincts to play anywhere. The camp moves to S and or ILB/S were a last, desperate attempt to salvage something out of this former 2nd rounder. With the guy who drafted them gone, the careers of both Rollins and Goodson, two basketball players masquerading as Packer CBs the past 7 years combined, will likely come to an end here in a few weeks.
  12. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Excellent post. After 3 seasons, we knew what Ryan offered and it was not much especially defending the pass. Burks may never even be as good as Ryan, but he certainly has the potential to be so, so much better. The Martinez-Burks ILBer duo could finally turn a position of perpetual weakness into one of strength. Should be exciting to see the what the rookie will bring to the table this year and in the future.
  13. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Two recent 2nd rounders along with a 3rd. Ouch.
  14. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    ANOTHER nice drive by Kizer.
  15. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    It was against backups, but Kizer put together a pretty nice 88 yard drive in his first ever appearance in a Packer uniform.