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  1. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    When the Pack won the SB in 2010, they had a bona fide, if aging, superstar on the D in Charles Woodson (as well an emerging ones in Nick Collins and Clay Matthews). Collins got hurt and was forced to retire in 2011. Woodson faded and then was cut after the 2012 season. And for whatever reasons, Clay failed to reach double digit sacks in 6 of his final 8 seasons in GB (2011-2018). The lack of top end defensive talent undoubtedly contributed to the lackluster defensive performances between 2011-2018. In 2019, Z'Darius Smith became the superstar (both on and off the field) that the Packers' defense has been so lacking for so many years. And he'll only be 27 when next season begins.
  2. Lets play a game

    Good call, DeAndre Hopkins for me and I've been saying that all year. Emmanuel Sanders is a poor man's Hopkins and his ability to get open has done wonders for the rest of the 49ers marginal receiving corps.
  3. Come on Lodestar, "WHOEVER" is going to show up big big and lead the Pack on Sunday!
  4. NFL News & Notes

    Vikings have tough decisions looming The roster is aging and expensive, and the Vikings are five million dollars over the cap. https://www.dailynorseman.com/2020/1/13/21063292/vikings-have-tough-decisions-looming

    The two best position groups on the D yesterday were OLB (2 sacks each for Z and Preston) and Safety (Wilson was very good but Savage and Amos kept deep threats Lockette and Metcalf from breaking big ones). If Gute can strike gold like last offseason and add another DLineman or two to complement Kenny Clark and fix the void at ILB, the D could be better, even much better, in 2020.
  6. Green Bay adding actual NFL veterans like Veldheer and Ervins late in the season to bolster the roster? How refreshing Gute.
  7. Could not have said it better myself Delta. After so many years of feeling that we were not maximizing our abilities and repeatedly losing to inferior opponents, this is the first time in a while where I am contented with the outcome of the season. I don't think any rational Packer fan believes we have a Super Bowl caliber roster, but i have a lot of optimism that we just might in 2020. For now, go out to SF and represent.
  8. I don't think even Aaron's biggest detractors deny the lack of talent at WR at this point.
  9. Seahawk fans are just savaging Pete for forcing the run in the first half. Deservedly so.
  10. Sorry, your claim was "Carroll vs MLF: Edge Seahawks" and Pete's (and Shott's) stupidity in forcing the run all first half instead of putting the game in Wilson's hands was the difference in the game. MLF was not perfect, but he was not bad like Pete was.
  11. Thank God Carroll and Schottenheimer put the clamps on Wilson all first half and forced him to establish the run. Terrible coaching decision, but we'll take it.