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  1. Packers legend Bart Starr passes away at 85

    Highly, highly underrated football player. Much, much better human being than he was a professional football player. RIP Bart!
  2. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Thought rookie Bryan Bulaga was a pretty darn good RT in 2010 as well.
  3. Whither Josh Jones?

    With the free agent signing of Amos and the drafting, in the first round, of Savage this offseason, it appears Gute has chosen his preferred starters at the traditional Safety positions going forward. Where exactly does that leave 2017 second round pick Josh Jones in the upcoming 2019 season? Does Pettine employ a 3-Safety look that gets Jones on the field by deploying him as close to the line of scrimmage as possible? Is Jones in competition for playing time alongside Martinez? Or is Jones just a backup Safety/Special Teams guy at this point?
  4. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    48 months? Gute has been the GM for not quite 16 months at this point. But yeah, Gute certainly has already gotten rid of much of the defensive "talent" he inherited. Just an amazing and much needed transformation.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    "Has experience at center, left guard and both tackle spots." Yep.
  6. Even before rounds 2-7 of his second NFL draft have been completed and just 15 months after he took over as GM, Gute has transformed the defensive roster. Above are the defensive players from 2017 who are still on the roster ... for now.
  7. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    Really applaud Gute for aggressively moving up to get the guy he wanted at an obvious position of need. Here's hoping Savage and Amos form a S tandem for at least the next 3 seasons.
  8. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    In 1996, we had Desmond Howard. In 2010, we had Charles Woodson. In 2019-2022, we'll presumably have Gary on the roster. Haven't won a SB in GB in the past 25 years without a Wolverine on the roster, so time to get on board with the pick (even though I despise Michigan and am not a fan of the Gary selection).
  9. NFL News & Notes

    Another top edge rusher, another trade. Interesting.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    Absolutely. Looking forward to what Pettine can do on D with (hopefully) some decent OLB play, a new, yet veteran, safety, fewer old regime lieutenants looking over his shoulder, and who knows what in the upcoming draft. Hard to believe the offense won't be more innovative and productive under MLF, but that of course remains to be seen. We may, I say may, even have a Special Teams unit that is not an overall embarrassment. Anyway, could not agree more with the notion that it is refreshing that the staleness that had permeated the organization for years may have finally come to an end.
  11. Arron jones

    I agree with everything you state above but am curious what Coach LaFleur might do with Williams.
  12. Arron jones

    I really like Jones as well. However, I really wonder about Williams' role in the new offensive scheme. As for drafting a RB, I fully concur and would not be shocked if 2 RBs got drafted, one in the mid rounds and another late.
  13. Focusing on the specifics of Dunne's article is burying the lede. For many years, lazy national pundits and certain delusional Packer fans insisted Green Bay's previous GM, head coach Mike McCarthy, and QB Aaron Rodger were all "great" and that anyone claiming otherwise was an imbecile. Moreover, for such Packers fans, the notions that (1) McCarthy may not really be an offensive genius and should have been held responsible for the recurring poor special teams and defensive play and (2) the GM's disdain for free agency and refusal to make player trades might be a bug rather than a feature were for years met with ridicule and scorn and of course chest beating about how the Pack was winning so many regular season games and NFC North Titles (while ignoring the fact that the Lions, Bears, and Vikings were not exactly been very good during the operative time period). Thus, many claiming Dunne is simply regurgitating yesterday's news are, in reality, seething that he has exposed the Pack's dysfunction for all to see. Dunne's article has effectively destroyed the notion that the Packers previous GM and Head Coach were anything special (at least over the last 1/2 of their tenures in Green Bay) and has seriously called into question Aaron Rodgers' greatness as a QB (not his talent but his greatness). The former GM's time in the NFL appears to be over as he is rumored to be too infirm to even travel on his own any longer so his legacy is cemented. Whether McCarthy gets another shot at head coach remains to be seen, but if he does not get one or if he gets another one and fails not even his biggest fans will likely ever consider him to be a "great" coach again. As for Rodgers, no one will ever question his great talent, but if he ends his career with just one Super Bowl appearance many will not think of "greatness" when they look back on his career - least of all Rodgers himself (from a 2013 interview with Bob Costas): "I really believe that you earn your paycheck during the season," Rodgers told Costas. "[You] play at a high level and get your team to the playoffs. And then the postseason is all about creating your legacy. The great quarterbacks are remembered for their playoff successes and triumphs and Super Bowl championships and Super Bowl MVPs. We've got one here, and we want to add to that."
  14. Fouts as in Dan Fouts? "Dan Fouts ... used to wear a hat around the Chargers facility that said “MFIC” on it, which stood for Mother F-cker in Charge." Good read below about all the "choirboy" QBs who've succeeded in the NFL. https://footballfilmroom.com/2015/03/24/why-are-teams-concerned-with-mariotas-personality/ Also like this tidbit about Manning: "Peyton Manning is known for his command of the entire offense, both in practice and during games. He isn’t afraid to yell at other players and assistant coaches in order to hold them accountable for mental mistakes. He’s in charge and everyone knows it (Just ask Colts center Jeff Saturday, who got into a classic shouting match on the sidelines with him back in 2005).
  15. ^^^ This is the hard truth that certain delusional fans of the Packers former GM and former head coach McCarthy just can't escape. Some fans truly considered a GM who refused make player trades, signed fewer free agents than any other NFL GM, and continued to devote a disproportionate amount of draft capital to a defense that alternated from average to crappy over the second half of his tenure to somehow be "great." Now, as more and more stories come out about how the former GM literally fell asleep in meetings, was mentally "not there," and refused to communicate with others in the organization there seems to be a chorus building from his loyal followers that the GM's declining performance must be excused because his health was deteriorating. It may or may not be true that his medical issues adversely affected him, but what is indisputably true is that his performance as a GM between 2011-2017 was not very good. As for McCarthy, again a sizable contingent of Packer fans viewed his simple, basic approach to the game as "genius" and continue to refuse to believe his "success" depended upon superior offensive talent (prior to 2011 the Pack did draft a lot of talent especially on offense and not just at QB with Rodgers). Thus, even after Rodgers went down in 2017 and the backup QB (Hundley, who McCarthy had been grooming for 3 seasons) and the rest of the offense looked like a Pee Wee league team (shut out twice, at Lambeau), and most objective fans concluded Rodgers' absence had exposed the lack of overall talent on the team and McCarthy's coaching deficiencies, the loyalists continued to contend he is a 'great" coach. McCarthy's fans were also sure this "great" coach would be scooped up in a heartbeat if GB were foolish enough to let him go. They specifically pointed to Cleveland a team with a GM (Dorsey) and other front office personnel (Wolf & Highsmith) who came from GB and a promising young QB in Mayfield whom McCarthy's fans were sure the Browns would want to have tutored by the alleged "QB whisperer." When Cleveland took a hard pass on Mac and no other team came a calling the new explanation from the McCarthy loyalists is that he just wants to sit out a year before some lucky NFL team snatches him up. We'll see. As it stands, the Packers former GM left the building at the end of the 2017 season and is rumored to be in such a poor state that he may not even be able to attend his induction into the team's HOF. McCarthy is at home and unemployed. Meanwhile, McCarthy's final offensive coordinator Joe Philbin (after his second go around in GB) is unemployed. McCarthy's long-time and loyal assistant head coach Winston Moss is unemployed. His longtime defensive coordinator Dom Capers (the architect of so many blowout losses in the playoffs) was finally fired by McCarthy after the 2017 season, went unemployed in 2018, and now is some low-level consultant with the Jaguars, and his final STs coordinator Ron Zook took his talents to the AAF (and an entire thread could be devoted to the putrid STs play in GB over McCarthy's tenure -- think 2014 NFC Championship loss to Seattle and recall that the onside kick debacle was the 2nd worse STs play that day). The lack of interest in McCarthy's top assistants is not exactly an endorsement of his ability to put together a staff -- or of the coaching staff in GB these past several seasons. The Packers certainly had a lot of relative success while the previous GM and McCarthy were in charge between 2005-2018. The team also had Hall Of Famers at QB for every one of those seasons (Favre for 3 season and Rodgers thereafter) and made just one Super Bowl. Seems pretty clear the QBs were the principal reason for that success. As a Packers fan, it is just a shame that the greatness at QB was paired with a GM and head coach who were not all that great.