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  1. One undeniable constant during the Packers current 8.5 seasons of mediocre to pathetic defensive play has been the presence of underwhelming "talents" manning the inside linebacker position. It is also undeniably true that the one year the defense played well enough for the team to advance to the SB (in 2014) it took the mid-season benching of Hawk and the insertion of an in-his-prime Clay Matthews to ILB to get the defense to that point. When Clay returned to OLB the following season, the defense reverted to form and what a bad form it has been. GB has lacked a linebacker with the athleticism to cover the middle of the field throughout this period of defensive ineptitude. And it is not like the ILBs that have played have been heavy-hitting run stuffers either. Much like Special Teams, the ILB position has mostly been ignored in GB and the lack of a worthy player at the position has directly and critically contributed to the overall poor play by the defense. Thus, it is time, actually long past time, that the Packers take the position seriously. That means firstly, moving on from Martinez. Blake is the epitome of the assignment-sure, does nothing well, tackle stat padder that has occupied the position during the run of defensive futility in GB. Then, we must either sign a veteran free agent, make a trade, or use a premium pick on an inside linebacker. It is worth noting that the current top 5 teams in scoring defense are NE (10.6), SF (14.8), Buffalo (15.7), Chicago (17.1), and Minnesota (18.6). These teams obviously have a lot of talent throughout their defenses. However, they all also feature high-draft picks at inside linebacker: NE Dont'a Hightower (Round 1), SF Fred Warner (Round 3, 70th pick overall), Buffalo Tremaine Edmunds (Round 1), Chicago Roquan Smith (Round 1), and Minnesota Eric Kendricks (Round 1). You can't be soft and weak up the middle and hope to have a top 10 defense. Perhaps Gute traded up in the 3rd to take Burks because he recognized the importance of a plus player at ILB to the overall play of the D, but that gamble has apparently failed and, unfortunately, he is going to have to try and rectify the problem again this offseason. When it comes to ILB ... it is time.
  2. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Los Angeles Wildcats Head Coach Winston Moss just fired his defensive coordinator after 1 XFL game. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/pepper-johnson-los-angeles-wildcats-fired-xfl-defensive-coordinator/ So much news from all that former Packer defensive coaching talent that we were lucky enough to have on staff for so, so many years.
  3. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    It does appear that Gute's attempt to rectify the long-standing problems of subpar play at ILB in Green Bay by selecting Burks has been a failure, at least to date. And that failure certainly does/will hurt the Packers. If Gute's failure at ILB with respect to Burks makes you feel better about your boy's failure after failure after failure to provide the D with adequate talent at ILB good for ya.
  4. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    A couple of snippets: "By looking at ATD+ we further see why total tackles is an extremely limited stat. Packers linebacker Blake Martinez has racked up a league-leading 79 tackles on designed runs, which is 21 more than expected. However, he is making these tackles over a yard further downfield than second-place tackler Zach Cunningham and has one of the worst ATD+ among the run tackle leaders. In another comparison, Martinez is making his tackles almost a full yard further downfield than Broncos safety Kareem Jackson, who leads the league with a ridiculous 158 ATD+." "In this final comparison of the leading run tacklers, we can see that simply racking up a lot of tackles does not equal value to a defense. League leader in tackles Blake Martinez has actually been a negative in the run game for the Packers." As a 3-down ILB, I look forward to a similar analysis of Martinez's contributions to the pass defense where his "speed" really stands out. IT. IS. TIME.
  5. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    The Packers certainly need at least one good ILB and a good playmaker or 2 or 3 on offense. They also need 1 or 2 defensive linemen. While the CURRENT gap between SF & GB is indeed significant, losses like yesterday can really have a lasting negative impact on even top flight rosters. Going to be an interesting offseason in the Bay Area. And there is going to be quite a bit of pressure on Shanahan and Garoppolo during the 2020 season in the very, very competitive NFC West division. If Gute gets work fixing the remaining, glaring roster holes, the Pack could bypass SF next season.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    Ryan ran a 4.65 and Martinez ran a 4.71 at the combine. At his recent end of the season press conference, Gutey made it clear that having speed at linebacker is “no doubt” a necessity. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/28/solving-packers-ilb-puzzle-set-to-be-quite-the-riddle-for-gm-brian-gutekunst/ Summers was clocked at 4.51 and Oren Burks ran a 4.59. They may both suck, but they are not slow. Given the ILBs he has drafted in his two drafts to date and his comments about the need for speed, Gutey certainly does seem to be moving on from the try hard, assignment sure mold of ILBs who have dominated the middle of GB's defenses over the past decade.
  7. Superb Owl Discussion Thread

  8. Superb Owl Discussion Thread

    Happy the Chiefs won. Like the franchise and like Andy Reid. Also really like that the SB loser hangover is a real deal and hope it hits the Niners hard.
  9. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Considering Gary had more sacks than Fackrell with this season with far less playing time, (Kyler had just 1 sack in his 415 snaps, Gary only had 244 snaps), there was always little chance Fackrell would return to the team in 2020, and Fackrell has never been known for setting the edge, why he continued to get so much more time than Gary is an excellent question.
  10. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

  11. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    NFL: Mike Garafolo: Blake Martinez looks like he'll depart Green Bay via free agency https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/nfl/video/mike-garafolo-blake-martinez-looks-like-hell-depart-green-bay-via-free-agency/mg619d2uizrb17ichuvzp4sut
  12. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Yes Gute, it is time.
  13. Fire Pettine

    The notion that Pettine should be blamed for not developing Josh F'ing Jones (the guy who demanded a trade out of GB last March and did not play a single game in the NFL in 2019) has to be a joke, right?
  14. Fire Pettine

    The Packers were not a CASH COW last fiscal year. "The Green Bay Packers reported a profit of just $724,000 in their latest fiscal year ...The Packers’ profit in the year ending March 31 was down 97.9% from $34.1 million in the year ending March 2018 and more than 99% from the record $75 million in the previous fiscal year." https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-packers-on-the-decline-20190714-ftslrmrj35b6xp2xxth6lczhzu-story.html Paying top $ for a ST Coordinator and paying both Pettine and another DC would undoubtedly have pushed the Packers into the red.
  15. Fire Pettine

    The SOMETHING that happened is called cash that the Packers did not want to pay out. With GB still paying Mac and (at least a portion of ) his merry band of coaching misfits in 2019, the organization did not want to go into the red by paying top $ for coaches like Rizzi. Wonder if financial consideration played a role in "encouraging" MLF to retain Pettine as well. According to a report from Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers won’t be hiring top available special teams coach Darren Rizzi, with cost believed to be the deal breaker in negotiations. Rizzi, who interviewed for the Dolphins’ head-coaching job, likely wanted to be paid as a top assistant to take the job under LaFleur in Green Bay. The Packers, who are paying the first year of LaFleur’s new deal and the final year of Mike McCarthy’s contract, reportedly balked at Rizzi’s demands. It doesn’t sound as if the fit between LaFleur and Rizzi was a problem. Per Silverstein, the two had a “great visit” in Green Bay last week. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/21/packers-lose-special-teams-darren-rizzi-coach/
  16. Fire Pettine

    This so much this. After Dom's defense embarrassed the franchise before the nation in the 2016 NFC Championship loss in Atlanta (44 points, nearly 500 yards), McCarthy defiantly declared, when asked about the status of his DC at his end of the season press conference: "Dom Capers is an outstanding football coach. That doesn't change.” Thus, McCarthy immediately shut down any speculation that Dom (a) would not be returning to coordinate his defense in 2017 and (b) did not have the full support of his head coach. Contrast that to what happened today (with several Packer writers followers openly questioning whether Pettine would return). When given an opportunity to similarly show his support for Pettine after the putrid defensive performance in the 2019 NFC Championship, MLF conspicuously declined to do so. How can Pettine possibly return and coordinate the defense with any authority in 2020 when every Packer fan, reporter/blogger, coach, GM, and player is aware that MLF did not have his back at the 2019 season closing press conference?
  17. Fire Pettine

    Silverstein has never once that I can recall made an out on a limb prediction. He only regurgitates what 1265 approves of being regurgitated. Those who desire Pettine to be gone may indeed get their wish.
  18. Fire Pettine

    No, the chatter is stronger with Pettine now (after year 2) than it was with Capers until the very end (after 9 years as DC) -- both with the fan base and the usually avoid all controversy or upset (other than McGinn) Packer press . Remember, Capers was the DC when the Pack won the SB in 2010 with the number 1 scoring defense. That allowed him to avoid being blamed when the D finished 32nd or last in 2011 in yards allowed. A minority of voices began seriously questioning Dom's effectiveness after the embarrassment in the 2012 playoffs against Kap and the 49ers. However, the criticism of Capers was more muted in 2013 and 2014 only to increase again in 2015. It took 2 more seasons of abject failure for Mac to finally, and mercifully, pull the plug on Dom. Let's hope if MLF does not have that same type of faith in Pettine ... if he does not truly believe it is warranted.
  19. Fire Pettine

    Well McGinn certainly is not mincing his words regarding Pettine. There are a few secrets in NFL coaching circles. It wasn’t a coincidence that Pettine was out of a job in 2016 and ’17. No one wanted him. Losing is one thing. Failing even to compete, both physically and schematically, is another
  20. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    You forgot an S at the end of your sentence. Nov. 30, 2019, "Browns safety Damarious Randall benched for Steelers game and kept home for something that happened during the week." Cleveland.com is reporting that the suspension is due to an incident that occurred earlier this week. Dec. 27, 2019, "Disgruntled Browns Defender Hints at Future With Cryptic Tweet"
  21. This. So much this. Whether Pettine stays or gets fired, the talent up the middle of the D must be upgraded. Lowry was not good this season while Adams has been lousy (or hurt) throughout his 3 seasons in Green Bay and could hardly get on the field this year. (Hard to blame a JAG like Lancaster for being asked to be anything other than a JAG but he got way too many snaps in 2019). Behind this trio of nobodies are another easily replaced JAG in Goodson and Martinez. Get to work Gute.
  22. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Well deserved.
  23. Fire Pettine

    Dom's defense gave up 420 yards and 31 points to Dallas in the 2016 playoff game. So yeah I can see how he should gets credit for the W in that game rather than the QB who led his team to 34 points ... on the road ... against the #5 scoring defense that year.
  24. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    There are times to be piss off or annoyed at others ... I did not think that was the time or the place for Rodgers to be pissed off at Linsley.