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  1. I wonder what Uncle Ted thinks about all this trade talk? He wouldn't even give up a 4th rounder supposedly for Moss or Marshawn Lynch.
  2. There is nobody in this league that gives him 22 million per season, that's QB type money. I was think 15, 16 million, so I guess this would have to be addressed before a trade would ever be made.
  3. https://247sports.com/nfl/oakland-raiders/Article/Khalil-Mack-seeking-22-million-per-year-from-Raiders-per-report-120559021/
  4. Ok your going to have to part ways with atleast a first rounder to pry Foles away from Philly. I guess it depends on if you are looking for a starter or backup. I'd assume if you go after Foles you are looking for a starter. If you go after Hundley you are looking for a 2nd or 3rd stringer. I'll give you Matt Schaub but they have two qb's, whereas we have 3 or 4 and we typically only keep 2. As for Baltimore I won't give you Griffin/RG3. He hasn't tested his knee yet. Flaco makes too much and Jackson is a first rounder, who is a running style qb, whom is gonna get hurt in this league sooner than later. The Jets, no way no how, their top two guys make too much money for what they bring to the table. I'd take Hundley over both of them anyways. Josh McCown and Bridgewater bring absolutely no upside. Same can be said of the Cardinals. Bradford and Mike Glennon both make too much money to make that team, so one will get cut. Just like in New York. But I think both of those guys are gonna want to get paid, whereas Hundley has a year left on a prove it type year.
  5. Probably him for Khalil Mack after next weeks preseason game.
  6. Norm will get this one, but the great Patrick Swain is the only one that I can think of with his career of one start and 7 receptions after he left Green Bay.
  7. I'll puke if Davis makes this team. Kumerow showed in one preseason game what Davis hasn't been able to show since he's gotten here. Last year when he never even raised his arms on a pass was all I needed to see from him. I'd have cut him already. And who cares about the extra yard or two he gets on a punt return.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. The other two rookies and Kumerow leaped over him last night I'd think. I'd bet he'd get put on IR before he'd actually get cut though.
  9. 2, but Farve retired 10 times, so which time are you talking about?
  10. Sorry I just don't look at them like they are in the same category, besides we have plenty of safeties on this roster. And getting to the qb was a different story last year.
  11. I wouldn't say it's high, but I would say that before last nights game you couldn't have gotten anything for him. Now a 4th rounder or so is definitely a possibility.
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