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  1. Be given a new contract vs being fired is a very different proposition. It would be crazy for the organisation to offer a new contract
  2. If you cut Preston you are weakening a position but weakening it from a position of extreme strength. I think it is an overkill and that resource could be used to spend in another area of the team. This year there are some savvy vets that I think could really help the team with leadership as they are over 30 and are probably very getable if we cut someone like Preston and/or don't bring back KK: Lavaonte David Xavier Rhodes Patrick Peterson Richard Sherman TY Hilton Marvin Jones AJ Green Ben Garland
  3. Different Whitehead. Jermaine Whitehead played for us and is now out of the league
  4. Exactly the same. Felt more anxious last week for some reason. I do feel if we get the ball out quick, don't hold on to it too long there is a lot of plays to be made. The ILBs are so downhill you can't be farting around behind the line of scrummage. On the second drive Jamaal had a big run and our oline managed to get up to the second level. With Lazard in the line up as well this time there is plenty of plays to be made on crossing routes, we did well with them in the first couple of drives in Tampa. Adams was there to be had a lot of times but Rodgers ignored him deciding to go for
  5. I wonder has Brett come out and said anything about Ted? I couldn't see anything on his Twitter.
  6. Just out of interest how come we can sign Tramon but Mark Ingram (not that we want him) is unable to sign with a team for a Super Bowl run?
  7. On the Chris Simms show they said Aaron Rodgers was blitzed 185 times in the regular season and was sacked only 4 times. 3 of those sacks came in the Bucs game!!!
  8. How good was the Bucs defence against us last time? They are the #1 rush defence – last time we played them they shut down Aaron Jones, 10 carries 15 yards. They also registered 8 tackles for a loss. Almost a quarter of our sacks allowed all season (21 sacks) came in that one game (5 sacks) They also had 13 QB hits on Rodgers It was Rodgers 3rd worst passer rating of his whole career at 35.4 Rodgers had 5 interceptions all season, as we all know 2 came against the Bucs. The Bucs also had 6 pass breakups. The positives: Adams just came back from injury in that game and
  9. Last weeks game was all about could the Packers #1 offence score on the Rams #1 defence. While the Rams had a brilliant defence, they were ranked #17 for offence and we knew they would struggle to score. This game is much tougher. The Bucs defence is ranked #8, we have put over 30 points on the Colts (#10 defence), the Saints (#5 defence), we should be able to put up 30 on Tampa. So the key to this week’s game is much more about can the Packers #13 ranked defence keep the #3 offence in check! This match up is far closer than the one we faced last week.
  10. I do like PFF as a grading system to give some reference measure. However, when I saw that they gave Devin White a grade of just 43.4 that made lose a lot of faith in it
  11. Really love our RBs. Will be sad to see no Jones and possibly Williams next year. They are a perfect tandem, both do what they need to and have their own style which is so effective.
  12. MVS played well and caught balls thrown to him and made nice cuts and lunges to get 1st downs
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