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  1. I love Aqib Talib as a commentator. He propa gangsta
  2. Good thing is that the media have really gone after Rodgers for that stinker and we all know he hears and reads every word. Hopefully he takes note and it lights a fire under him. I feel if he stays within the scheme, doesn't always go for the big shot down the field, play it a little slow and methodical then sprinkle some big play action, we will be balanced and win or at least play good on offence.
  3. What was interesting in Rodgers presser he kind of said it aint a conincidence, cos it happens so often, that they play crap in hot climates. My thinking is it is something to do with the travel and preparation part which doesn't get players ready.
  4. I'm giving Barry the benefit of the doubt here but maybe the old habbits of playing ineffective defence are still ingrained in these players heads and he is trying to change the culture and attitude. The only positive I did take from the last game for Barry was the camera shot we got of him getting animated on the sideline. That is refreshing to see. I'm clutching at straws here people...
  5. Okay convince me the Saints have a signficantly better level of talent than we do! Looking at the Saints defence their front 7 starters are the following: Davenport - career 13 sacks Cam Jordan - stud but 32 years old, 1 x First Team All Pro, 6 x Pro Bowls Ringo - 17 career tackles and 1.5 sacks Tuttle - career 48 tackles and 2 sacks Kwon - good player often injured, 1 x Pro Bowl Demario - stud, 1 x First Team All Pro Ellis - 3 years in the league 6 total tackles We got: Kenny - Good not great, 1 x Pro Bowl Lowry - 5 year pro, 172 tackles, 10 sacks Kinsley Keke - 33 tackl
  6. I don't get it, since 2011, when the Chiefs played two high safeties and we lost our only regular season game, we have known this look is the cryptonite to Rodgers passing, so why in ten years have we not figuted out what to do when teams decide to play two high safeties? Rodgers said in the presser they weren't expecting the Saints to play that way, so isn't there an auto adjustment that should happen and we go, scrap our game plan and let's do the 'anti-two high safety plan?' I really feel we need to use Dillon to establish the run and use Jones more if and when we are in rhythm to keep t
  7. So the Smith's are no good, neither is Amos and Savage? We played a team which started Ringo on DL and had no corners really during stretches of that game. And they made us look wank. We have as much talent as pretty much any other team does, we just have no identity on defence..... Where I agree with you is we have failed to invest in DL and ILB. We are pretty soft in the middle. Campbell looked very poor today.
  8. Worrying thing was this game looked just like a continuation of the preseason: Defence looked worse - where is Mike Pettine these days? Offence failed to sustain drives - what happened to the misdirection, clever scheming, why is their an aversion to use Dillon? Redzone turnovers (slightly concerned this is a thing for Love, where he losses composure near the endzone) We are a team that lives and dies by our offence. The defence can chip in with a stop here or there and a turnover or two but if the offence is not in sync we are screwed. What amazes me we were playing a team which b
  9. I wonder how Pat McAfee is going to suck up to Rodgers on Tuesday after this woefull performance? It would say a lot about Aaron if he doesn't show up...
  10. One of the things this indicates to me is how mailable the cap really can be. What a team needs to manage is the per cent of cap for any given year. For example, the contract Mahomes signed and his cap hit in 2022 is 3.91%, making him the 7th paid player on the team. However, the way it is structured, more through guaranteed roster bonus vs a signing bonus, has made the first two years of his deal so friendly that it has enabled other players to be signed. I’m more convinced now that you pay Davante what he wants and just manipulate the cap. Great/elite players are so rare you pay them, es
  11. This was a topic that came up in a thread a few days ago about how unbalanced the Packers salary cap is interms of too much cash is allocated to too few top players, and how that might make us less competitive, because I was looking at this same kind of thing a few years ago, I felt it deserved its own thread. I looked at a number of teams that have been competitive over the last few years, selected by name recognition and also the Vikings…As well as an up and coming team with a rookie QB in the Chargers. I took the salaries of the top 25 players according to Spotrac and stuck them in a
  12. Regurgitating an old thread, some figures might have changed a little on Rodgers deal, anyway here is why we are not in cap hell and why there won't be a roster purge etc. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/37172-why-we-are-not-screwed-with-the-cap-in-2022-and-beyond/ The main decision is what to do with Rodgers and with the cap space can we manipulate it enough to extend Adams, MVS and Bobby? Obvious moves Move 1: Cut Preston Smith = $12m relief Move 2: Cut Cobb = $8.25m relief Move 3: Extend Jaire = Currently on $13m hit and extension will bring that figure down to
  13. I can't watch McAfee anymore cos he is just such a try hard, basically sucks his guests *****, especially Rodgers. Pat started off being alternative and interesting but since then he has slowly edged towards the normal sensationalist, ill informed, over blown wank you get on all these talking head shows, except he walks around, has a bunch of clowns with him and drinks piss.
  14. There are loads of books out there which are deeper. I don't think Paulo was pitching for depth, it was a nice story with a nice meaning which is entertaining and easy to read. I wouldn't say the same for the majority of his other books. But the Alchemistis is a popular classic.
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