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  1. Interesting stat that was posted in the main forum: The Saints gained 7.4 yards per play compared to just 4.9 yards per play for the Raiders. The Saints had a 60% success rate while the Raiders were at 47%. Each team had two turnovers, with the Saints' one interception balancing out two Raiders fumbles (one recovered by each team). There were a lot of penalties on the Saints though. They took 10 penalties for 129 yards. The Raiders took only 3 penalties for 13 yards. I have to agree, when I hear the post game reactions it has been all about how bad the Taints offence has been, what I watched gelled more with the statement above than the reaction. Hoping for the best tonight, expecting the worse.
  2. If we can extend Bakh, he is already on the hook for $14m this season then spread the signing bonus we can make next year look more reasonable. As others have stated there are potential cuts with Preston Smith and Billy Turner, converting Z Smith contract to a signing bonus. There are ways to free up some cap, enough I believe to sign up two of these guys at least.
  3. I can't see King wanting less than $14m per season. James Bradberry and Trae Waynes this offseason paid contracts that average that amount per season and King, depending on how he plays this season is going to want at least that. Stat wise and PFF rating they are all very similar. Trouble is all our FA's are high priced one's as they are all top at least top 5 - 10 money (if not more) Bakh will want $20m minimum per season Jones will want $10m minimum per season King will want $14m minimum per season Linsley, looking at top 5 Center deals will want $10m minimum per season For me personally if we could sign up Bakh then the conversation is between Jones vs King. King has the advantage with the regards to the position he plays however, he would be paid more than Jones but I don't think he is top 10 in his positional play. We have Jaire up the following year and do we want to tie up that much cap in the CB position if we resign both. I would prefer to spend the money on Jones and keep this offence together and hopefully be a juggernaut for the the next few years our identity has always been an offence based team. For whatever reason we just struggle to be a top defence. Also the chat coming out of GB is that conversations have been had with Bakh and Jones. The noises are that Jones deal will get done and Bahk and GB are discussing but are apart. At the end of the day those are the two that I see getting signed. No rumours about King as of yet. It will be sad to Linsley go but we have plenty of interior OL options. At a guess Bakh will get a 3 year $22m deal Jones 4 year $42 deal something that pays out a little more than Kamara over the first 4 years (Last 2 years of Kamara deal pay out $36m and that can be wiped out with only $3m dead cap hit)
  4. First week we are facing a pair of decent corners and a proper pass rusher. If we can score on these guys then I'll believe we are for real
  5. Not over the moon about him wanting to be the top paid tackle but it is understandable. In theory I would be okay with this if it is a three year extension to his current deal. He should be able to keep his play up till he is 32.
  6. Why did you have to say that!!! We are cursed now!!!!
  7. This is all very similar to the momentum phenomena. It is mental. It is about belief. Our offence yesterday had 'belief' and the momentum with them, especially at the half. That belief changes game to game and the more consistent it becomes the stronger the belief and the ability to overcome adversity ala Chiefs in the playoffs last year. That is why a hot team is a dangerous team. In the same way one of the most dangerous things with belief is over confidence. That is what happened yesterday. The worst incidence of this was 2014 playoff game against Seattle and the 'perfect storm' that resulted in the defeat. When a sense of hubris sets in it is fatal. Hopefully the lesson was learned yesterday.
  8. Don't know if it has been said but I thought Gary showed up and was always around the ball. Also 51 looked good too
  9. Don't know how to embed tweets but Snacks was basically talking up every team. Said Bears could be an option. Cleveland, had conversations with Dallas but no offer.
  10. Interesting looking at the depth chart on Packers.com (for what it is worth) that Billy Turner listed as RT and Wagner his back up and Lane Taylor as starting RG. Ervin is listed as RB not a WR Tonyan as TE #2 and Sternberger as #3 Oren Burks listed as the other ILB starter alongside Kirksey
  11. Interesting Gute has brought in guys in pretty much positions that need addressing just not maybe the guy I would like/want but at least there is an acknowledgement of these are weakness areas and something looks like it is happening
  12. Pack also bring in 349lbs DT Daylon Mack, former 5th rounder of the Ravens (2019) https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/07/packers-host-tryout-for-c-justin-britt-dl-daylon-mack/
  13. Profootballtalk saying we signed Parry Nickerson CB https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/07/packers-place-kabion-ento-kamal-martin-on-injured-reserve/
  14. It's a mute point. We are running the ball 52 times per game!
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