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  1. Green Bay @ Ravens "Still Gotta Shot Bowl"

    I admit I'm a Brit so not as clued up as you guys who grew up with the game and I come here to broaden my education in the sport I've followed and loved for the last 25 years. Question is on the lines of the above, what was wrong with Kizer's play last night? I read the comments here before watching the game and the manner of the conversation made me think Kizer had a real stinker. I personally with my untrained eye saw progress in him today, stood in the pocket, wasn't skittish, got the ball out quick and moved the offence. You can see he is trying to slow things down in his head and not play with abandonment which is his natural instinct. Anyway, I would like to know more here why the knock on him after last night?
  2. NFL Gamepass: Who's got it?

    They have made it really tough in the UK too, used be able to use a VPN for blacked out games, now they base it on where your Gamepass registration originates from. We pay £150 pounds and only get to watch about 10 Packers games as the others are taken by Sky so they are blacked out. Anyone know is there a service other than Gamepass where you can watch tonights preseason game but not live but later on tomorrow?
  3. Packers Family Night Scrimmage GDT

    Just copying and pasting. What I found interesting reading this was Ty Summers name came up quite a bit. Didn't even realise he was actually a draftee and not a UDFA. I wonder if he sticks around on the roster?
  4. Packers Family Night Scrimmage GDT

    All the plays written up here on Reddit from tonight
  5. Dean Lowry extended

    He is a mid-average receiver, he has built trust with AR, which is more crucial than athletic ability. We have already invested three years in him building that relationship. I only see him continuing an upward trjectory, get him under contract while he is still affordable. Why wouldn't you want to extend him if the price is right?
  6. Dean Lowry extended

    Interesting what to do there. Kenny is a keeper. In 2021 Bakh will be 29, wonder how much he'll cost and if his play is slipping and if he is worth the cash? Lindsley is expendable especially with Jenkins in the fold. Let's see how Aaron Jones holds up, RBs are relatively easy to draft and plug in, not sure I would want to extend him. Kevin King, does he stay healthy and does he perform, that is the question, if he does he'll be worth keeping around for sure. Adams up to now will be lucky to get a Lowry deal. Lane and Jimmy will be probably be gone by then.
  7. Dean Lowry extended

    Exactly! This is what we lack on our roster mid-tier guys on relatively friendly contracts rather than the ones we have to do when they are on the verge of entering FA and we end up having to over pay to retain them. GMO should also be extended before he has an average to good season and ends up getting a Tyrel Williams (ex LA Charger) style contract where the dude in 2018 he doesn't even produce a 700 yards season but gets a 4 year $44m contract! Also get Blake done and then we are golden.
  8. Packers Training Camp 2019

  9. Davante Adams Appreciation Thread

    A nice watch. Like the fact how highly he rates Adams (basically at the end of the clip)
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    Glad to see Packer fans follow the draft closely...
  11. Packers UDFA Class

    Does anyone know did Bell get signed by us?
  12. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Not sure if posted already. Good watch. Asides from the breakdown what I saw that I liked was the hustle he plays with and how good he is against the run.
  13. Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft

    Love the trade down. Love the picks. If it was my thing, I like the extreme boom and bust potential of Metcalf, I'd be happy to take him with our first first rounder and then go Tillery at 30. That for me is a dream. As is swapping the CB in third round for an edge guy like Anthony Nelson but I'm getting picky here. Thank you, good job.
  14. Your Packer Draft Board

    Thank you
  15. Your Packer Draft Board

    @JaireAlex pretty much bang on for me. Agree strongly with the Polite sentiment and that you have Ferrell as a top 10. I think JJAW will go between the 45-64 range. Adderley is an interesting one in where he goes. I see him in serious play from the late 20's to 44, probably going around 32.