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  1. 2019 WR Corps

    Kendrick Bourne of the 49ers is another name to look at, 6ft 1, 203lbs, this is his 3rd year, last year had 42 catches for 487 yards, currently only has 6 receptions for 70 yards. Again he is buried on the depth chart behind Goodwin, Pettis and Deebo. Bourne would again have some familiarity with what MLF wants to run.
  2. 2019 WR Corps

    Couple of other names to think about both buried on the Rams depth chart who would be familiar with MLF and the system also probably more getable than the names currently being thrown about and could be a good replacement for GMO if he is injured for a while: The more attractive: Josh Reynolds, 6'3, 196lbs, 3 year player, had 29 receptions and 402 yards with 5 tds last year and up to this point has had only two catches The less attractive: Mike Thomas, 6'1, 189 lbs, 4th year player, best season was when MLF was there in 2017 when he had 5 receptions for 93 yards, not earth shattering
  3. Packers & Eagles Postgame

    Not sure if already stated but this was interesting stat I came across. Packers Passing percentage on 1st down : 1st qtr = 56%, 2nd qtr = 53%, 3rd qtr = 39%, 4th qtr = 24%. The Packers are getting further behind the down/distance after 1st down as the game goes on, because they are (mistakenly) running more on 1st down as the game goes on. That's why we have only scored 6 points in the 4th quarter in all games this season. Interesting.
  4. Just thinking about Rodgers and LeFleur and I wondered is Rodgers the QB that LeFleur wants? It then made me think do coaches and QBs form a kind of marriage where once you been with one for any given period it is hard to move on to another? That both QB and coach become intertwined and that also as a QB if all you have only known is one system or one coach that the QB becomes like an old man, stuck in his ways and hard to adapt or move on. Are QBs like Penguins where they mate for life with a coach and never move on after? I compiled a quick list going back 10 years of QBs and coaches who won Super Bowls and yes it is dominated by Brady and Belichick but even then most the other winners share this trait. Patriots – Brady & Bilecheck – only coach he has known Eagles – Wentz & Pederson - only coach he has known - both joined the Eagles in 2016 Patriots – Brady & Bilecheck – only coach he has known Broncos – Manning & Kubiak – not only coach he has known Patriots – Brady & Bilecheck – only coach he has known Seahawks – Wilson & Carrol – only coach he has known Ravens – Flacco & Harbaugh – only coach he knew at that time - both joined the Ravens in 2008 Giants – Manning & Coughlin - only coach he has won anything with - both joined the Giants in 2004 Packers – Rodgers & McCarthy – only coach he has won anything with Saints – Bress & Payton – last 13 years with the same coach - both joined the Saints in 2006 We see that also with other winning QBs and coaches, Dak, Goff, Mahomes. If we look at Favre he had his MVPs and Super Bowl win under Holmgren. So the point being is it unfair to think that Rodgers and LeFleur will bring about the same level of offensive success that Rodgers had with McCarthy and that will LeFleur only have real success once he gets his own QB to shape and mould and grow with?
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    Ohh thanks I just checked again. A few weeks all they had was really old ones but it looks like now they are putting them. Thank you
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    Quick question, I live in the UK and I used to love watching 5 Questions with LeRoy Butler. Trouble is because of new rulings with data protection the JSonline Packers site displays a different version for Europen users which doesn't have the show. Question is can I get access to it another way or is that show put out anywhere else? I tried using a VPN but it doesn't work so well with the site.
  7. 2019 WEEK 3 PACKERS vs broncos GAME DAY THREAD

    Not disagreeing but currently, Mathew seems to be playing okay in LA, 2 sacks and a force fumble. I wasn't expecting him to be quite so productive
  8. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Is it me or do I think this offence is really run by Rodgers. The way MLF talks to him, sits beside him, it's like a soft daddy keeping his spoilt kid happy. For me, for Rodgers to not know it is 4th down and 1 and MLF hasn't already got the field goal unit coming out or communicated that to Rodgers it just amazes me. It highlights who is really running the show. Or am I reading into something that is not there...
  9. Packers & Bears Postgame

    I thought the only thing that worried me about Rodgers was when he was passing to the flats. Same problem he had last year and was not far from getting picked off three times last night. Apart from that was a not bad performance by Rodgers, liked it that when we were pinned back near our own goal line we managed to get positive yardage.
  10. Packers Cuts Thread

    Get me the following, cos they are all big names (don't know if they can still play though): Hoyer McCoy Kiko Polite (just for jokes)
  11. Green Bay @ Ravens "Still Gotta Shot Bowl"

    I admit I'm a Brit so not as clued up as you guys who grew up with the game and I come here to broaden my education in the sport I've followed and loved for the last 25 years. Question is on the lines of the above, what was wrong with Kizer's play last night? I read the comments here before watching the game and the manner of the conversation made me think Kizer had a real stinker. I personally with my untrained eye saw progress in him today, stood in the pocket, wasn't skittish, got the ball out quick and moved the offence. You can see he is trying to slow things down in his head and not play with abandonment which is his natural instinct. Anyway, I would like to know more here why the knock on him after last night?
  12. NFL Gamepass: Who's got it?

    They have made it really tough in the UK too, used be able to use a VPN for blacked out games, now they base it on where your Gamepass registration originates from. We pay £150 pounds and only get to watch about 10 Packers games as the others are taken by Sky so they are blacked out. Anyone know is there a service other than Gamepass where you can watch tonights preseason game but not live but later on tomorrow?
  13. Packers Family Night Scrimmage GDT

    Just copying and pasting. What I found interesting reading this was Ty Summers name came up quite a bit. Didn't even realise he was actually a draftee and not a UDFA. I wonder if he sticks around on the roster?
  14. Packers Family Night Scrimmage GDT

    All the plays written up here on Reddit from tonight
  15. Dean Lowry extended

    He is a mid-average receiver, he has built trust with AR, which is more crucial than athletic ability. We have already invested three years in him building that relationship. I only see him continuing an upward trjectory, get him under contract while he is still affordable. Why wouldn't you want to extend him if the price is right?