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  1. JOK my favourite player to my favourite team. Love it
  2. Historically Gute likes to trade and move up the board, he doesn't mind giving up 4th round picks. So in the 2021 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers with pick number 23 select Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, our new Star!!!
  3. These following 19 plyers I believe will most certainly be gone by pick 29: QBs: Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones (5) WRs: Chase, Smith, Waddle (3) OLs: Sewell, Vera-Tucker, Slater, Darisaw (4) TE: Pitts (1) ILB & OLB: Paye, Parsons, JOK (3) CB: Horn, Surtain, Farley (3) So we’ll most likely be picking out this pool of 14 players in the first round, with any 9 of them taken before our pick: WRs: Bateman (RAS 8.04), Marshall (9.77) OTs: Leatherwood (RAS 9.68), Cosmi (9.99), Jenkins (9.74), Radunz (9.28) DL: Barmore (RAS 8.22) ILB & OLB: Collins (RAS8.73),
  4. Looking at that, I think a trade back is the most attractive. Having said that, I'm guessing that quite a few of the players you got listed for a trade up will be there at 29. Also to get JOK that I feel would require a trade up and he is the only player that I would trade up to the 20's for. Apart from his athleticism whenever I watch him he is super smart as a player and diagnoses plays very quickly. I love him!!!!
  5. Arden Key released by the Raiders. I had such a crush on this dude. He was dominant for LSU in 2016. His draft stock fell for off the field stuff and a poor combine. I was majorly bummed when the Raiders selected him just the pick before Green Bay. We ended up with Burks.
  6. Damm! I just saw this now. Eric Stokes RAS score is insane!!! Is that 40 yard time legit?
  7. Just getting on the draft stuff a little now, for some reason not as focused on it as previous years. So this might have been said already and if it I know this will most likely be an unpopular opnion here BUT if Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is available in the 20's I'm trading up again this year and getting him!!!
  8. Thing is cap is going to go up markedly in 2023, new TV deal, 17 games etc so all of these back loaded contracts will seem like peanuts and there will be very little impact to our competitiveness going forward. The main question will be what is the Rodgers situtation. All I can say with confidence is he won't have a $40m cap hit in 2022 for the Packers. If he balls out again this year and shows little to no signs of regression he will be extended and that figure will go down. If his play drops AND Love looks like the real deal then he will be traded and we'll gain $23m in cap space.
  9. You don' know and I don't know the answer to that, as we have never seen a snap of Love in a Packers uniform. My guess is the way the FO playing this is that they would only trade Rodgers if they believed they had something in Love, if not they would extend Rodgers next year and lower his cap hit as after this season he only has $11.5m guaranteed, so he would be inclined to extend and get more guaranteed cash
  10. Only starting to get into draft prospects. Really like Shi Smith, any thoughts?
  11. This is all hype. Preston is $20m and will be cut with $7.25m dead cap hit Zee Smith is $28m and will be extended Kenny has $8m salary that will converted to singing bonus Host of other moves that can be done. Main one is Rodgers $40m salary, $17.5 dead hit. He will either be traded or extended.
  12. It was a joke not to be taken seriously. But if we are taking it seriously the point being made is that Brady has always taken team freindly deals not one's that are hammering the team, unlike Rodgers. More so for Brady in the last eight years or so of his career the deals have been seriously reasonable.
  13. Gute to Bateman: You mean that 38 old geezer who is going to count for 20% of our cap and who will earning nearly $40m. He is not Tom 'f'ing' Brady you know!!!
  14. I love it (no pun intended). Pressure is the mother of all motivators. If Rodgers wants to retire a Packer or be here a few more years make him earn it. Make him step and play. Don't extend him and guarantee his future for one great season after so many mediocre ones.
  15. I woke up this morning to a beautiful conversation between TransientTexan and Norm. No ego. Just a deep and heartfelt exchange from two different view points about the Packers. Rare to find that on internet forums. Thank you both. For me Rodgers is problem and the root of success at the same time. He is much better than he was, but he doesn't have the mental fortitude to will a team to win (exceptions against Chicago for some reason). He excels and his confidence comes from leading early in games, being in rhythm early, matching teams for score by score but going behind or getting rattled,
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