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  1. I just can't stop thinking what if the Minny game there was no flag and Eddie Pleasant caught that int in the Cards game (or they didn't convert 3rd and whatever silly long it was) we would be 8 & 6 and MM would still have a job and we would be heading into the playoffs even though we had been playing pants all season. Just two plays and everything is different!!!
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you but ain't that stuff your asking a search firm to at the first instance pretty damm obvious, especially if your job is all about evaluation. The pool of potential candidates even if you include college ranks is so freaking narrow. I mean most of us on here are stating who those candidates should be. It's not like they'll identify some obsecure OL coach who is a perfect fit. If anything I thought a search firm would be used to validate a list and do some more digging around.
  3. I'm intrigued, cos I'm so ignorant about this. Do teams employ outside companies to look at draft prospects or free agents? For me as I stated before it just invalidates the work of what you have in house, maybe my view is too simplistic I'm not giving these search firms the credit they are due. Regardless, I do think the Pack are pretty clear who their top targets are. I mean why ditch a long term girlfriend in a most unceremonious way not to already have your head turned with your next fling?
  4. I just feel it creates confusion in the mind of the decision makers. It comes down to whose voice do you trust more the guys in your building or outside it? Are you backing your team to do its job or some an external company? It's the same whenever we hire in business consultants, their picture is always clouded as they don't live and breath the business and understand the internal working or the insights that we have as a result they come up with half arsed ideas.
  5. Pardon my ignorance here but genuinely I don't understand why would they hire a firm to really do the job they are meant to do? It's not like recruitment for top executive positions in the corporate world where the market is much broader and there is typically no one 'guys' job within a firm to headhunt talent, I would get it in that situation why you bring in a search firm.
  6. Packers fire Winston Moss

    Winston Moss has been doing the rounds with the media since being fired. This is a really good interview. Explains why his pressers were weird and more. Also rate him he ain't walking around like a bitter man trashing the Packers, he gives some insights. Went up a notch in my book.
  7. More than WR/RB/TE etc I would prefer us to address the interior of the Oline as a priority. We need more depth and we need a stud in there. Give Rodgers solid protection especially with the dominant front 7's in the NFC North he'll face twice a year.
  8. If you can get him to leave sunny LA, Tyrell Williams from Chargers, 6ft 4, 205, soon to be free agent would be nice
  9. Trouble is Shaw might not have the credentials the NFL wants. It is known he doesn't want to leave the Bay area, so last year when the Niners job came available he wasn't even called for an interview for an NFL job in his backyard. Coupled with the fact that him and John Lynch are great family friends, you would think it would be a shoe in. Final thing going against Shaw is the predictable run based offence he runs which some don't find inventive enough, that don't sound like a fit. Anyway I know f'all about Colege Football, that was a synopsis of this article, take it for what it is worth. I heard Shaw mentioned a lot wanted to know more than the face I see at draft time... https://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/7425505-181/nevius-stanford-coach-david-shaw?sba=AAS
  10. Out of interest how do you weight or place importance these differing levels of experience for potentially the next coach of the Packers: 1) NFL head coaching experience with some level of success 2) No NFL head coaching experience but seen as a hotshot in college 3) NFL assistant which is looked upon favourably 4) Former NFL player (maybe even a Packer) now a pretty good coach (not necessarily a head coach) at either college or NFL level
  11. List of free agent kickers. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/kicker/ Never heard of most of them but Lambo from the Jags, Myers from the Jets, Will Lutz from the Saints and Rosas from the Giants all kicked above 90% on at least 20 kicks and age wise are in their twenties. Not sure if it would cost more than what we are currently paying Crosby at the moment to attract any one of them.
  12. In recent memory 1. Randall Cobb (big time) 2. Eddie Lacy (pretty big time) 3. Ha Ha 4. Bulaga 5. Kyler Fackrell Just for jokes Nick Perry, wanted him but not that bad, want him gone pretty bad.
  13. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    The reason he would sign a contract this offseason is, does he want to back himself with an unknown 2019, where there might be coaching change, where he might go back to being the bust he was for the past few years etc. Or does he take a deal now? It is the same thing Jordy did, he signed a very reasonable extension after three years of play. I personally prefer a strategy to reward a player sooner who is showing signs of uptrend rather than wait for their contract to run down and they then have complete leverage. For a player who is average or with potential, I would as an organisation prefer to do a modest deal early rather than an expensive deal late. Hence the reference to Nick Perry, if Green Bay had signed him to a reasonable three year contract or so after the 2015 season, rather than the 1 year 5m, they wouldn't have got bent over when he had his really good 2016 season. Fackrell is currently on a 4 year $3.1m contract, and he has just experienced the best stretch of games of his career prior to which is you had offered him an extension worth in excess of $10m total (not per season) he would have bitten your hand off.
  14. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    I would sign him up at the end of this year to a 3 extension for 12m or so. Not wait for another year of production and then be forced to pay over the odds ala Nick Perry.
  15. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    He'll chew on what Carroll spits out