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  1. Sign them all up. Just ensure 2022 cap hit for them is all below $1m and we are sweet
  2. The thing I don't get is you are cutting Z.Smith which costs you 12.4m then you are resigning him on a 2 year 35m deal with a cap hit of 7.25m, thus you are paying him out almost $20m in cap charges for 2022. I would prefer to do an extension where his 14.5m salary is converted to a signing bonus, add a couple of years to the deal pay him something like 35m that you mentioned, plus the 12m signing bonus for a three year deal in essnce and bring his cap charges down to around 6m for 2022. Also I'm firmly in the camp that you don't trade Adams and Rodgers. This model, as others and you have s
  3. On reflection of Rodgers interview on the McAfee show one thing strikes me as quite interesting. He is debating about whether he is up for the 'grind' of playing a season. However, he got a year voided off his contract because he didn't like the idea that the Packers could trade or cut him with little cap consequence at any time and he was 'a lame duck QB.' Like all of us, I'm not sure what Rodgers wants. A year to year deal, or a long terms deal? If he wants a long term deal why bring up the 'will I won't I retire' point. If that is the mindset then we are into a Favre situation where eve
  4. I would also not tender Lazard, I would give him a contract i.e 3 years 11m, make the cap hit in 2022 like $2m. As much as I like him, paying him almost $4m for one season is a bit expensive
  5. Exactly. The cap gets a big jump and we have little commitments 2023 and beyond. This is all doable
  6. IF we ship Rodgers. I want a couple of rookie recievers to go with Love. So they all grow together.
  7. Cutting Z costs you 12m. I would like to extend him, use that 12m as part of his contract. Prefer him over 'every other year P.Smith'
  8. I'm really looking forward to this offseason. It will be very interesting. What decisions get made. Who gets to stay? Who walks? How Gute navigates the cap? Is this the start of a new chapter? Or the extension of an existing one. Lots to think and talk about. Funny how one game has changed the narrative around whehter Rodgers will be here or whether we even as fans want him here. Truly fasincinating and will certainly be an more entertaining offseason than last years
  9. This image of Jordy ready to field the onside kick and the bounce of Bostic head is ingrained in my consciousness
  10. I think the 'get rid of Rodgers' is far too reactionary. You got to ride that pony till it rides no more. I think getting rid or not resigning Adams will be the best thing. While Rodgers and Adams have a great connection Rodgers keys on him too much ala last night. We have won without Adams and I think we can continue to win without him. Moving on from Rodgers to me is too scary at this point. I'm not ready for Jordan Love and 3-14 seasons
  11. Point being it seemed that he wasn't aware till the presser that there were ten men on the field. He didn't recognise that in the game itself
  12. It seemed in the presser MLF was unaware and not suprised, of only ten men on the field for the field goal
  13. Can we from now on say that the cold in Lambeau has got absolutely nothing to do with us winning a game
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