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  1. Packers win over Bills 22-0 Post game thread

    I wonder the reason why AR was so salty in the presser was that maybe more runs were called then he liked...! That maybe this week it became a point of emphasis to really commit to the run. He mentioned there were times there was a single high safety and they weren't throwing the ball. I think he was frustrated that more throws were not called for. Having said that In the first half it seemed a more balanced offence than I can recall for a while. Not as exciting as usual but more pragmatic and with a couple more conversions on third down the score would have looked better. It seemed in the 2d half AR was just not in the groove almost wanted to throw a pick almost like he was being a bit petulant.
  2. Packers win over Bills 22-0 Post game thread

    Hate to point it out but Matthews & Perry combined salary of $22m - 2 sacks. Fackrell $836k - 3 sacks!!!
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Amerson looks washed up though. Signed by the Chiefs after being cut by Oakland, he gave up big plays during preseason so go he got cut there as well. "His 2017 season was cut short by a foot injury. When he was available to play in six games, he struggled mightily. According to Pro Football Focus, he allowed a 156.3 passer rating when targeted in coverage, which is both astoundingly awful and nearly perfect in terms of passer rating (158.3). He wasn't much better in 2016, when his passer rating in coverage was 101.1."
  4. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Oh sheeet does that mean they are looking at these guys cos King is going to be out for a while? I hope it is just to get rid of House. Suprised Breeland hasn't been picked up, that would be quite a signing at this stage.
  5. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    We are not built from a roster standpoint to have a defence that can win us games. It's all about our offence. We have such good players but we seem too predictable at the moment. 17 rush plays to 45 pass plays. We got a player in Aaron Jones, need to use him more. Our defence will get us a few stops but we need points on most drives and we need to click early. If that doesn't happen we typically lose. I'm not overly worried, yet...Rodgers is playing within himself and we are not in sync. Hopefully as Rodgers gets better we can grow as a team. Adversity is okay early in a season but it needs to be addressed and corrected quickly, which in the past has happened.
  6. fait accompli I agree with that it is too early to read into team stats. Having said that is Arizona really the worst offence or have they just played the best defences in the league? They played the Rams who are ranked third in yards per game, and are ranked first in the least points allowed, Redskins are just behind them in that category. Or as you say are both the Rams and Redskins ranked as such cos Arizona stinks? We just don't know but I wouldn't treat this game as a fait accompli as some have expressed.
  7. I hope we just don't look past the Skins and take this game as granted. According to the stats they are playing good D, albeit it is only two weeks in. They are ranked number 1 for total defence (yards per game) with the number 1 pass defence. For me this team, while we have Rodgers we will always be dependant on how good our offence is. How in sync Rodgers is always the key thing I look for in a game. Does he start hot or not? The defence will give us opportunities to win as they did against the Vikings but unless we are humming on offence and scoring TDs we won't win. Our defence could be, if it all comes together be 'good' but it is not set up to win games. It is set up to keep us in games. It is just not dominating enough, with some good players but no game changers. Which I understand as we are restricted by the salary cap and the way we are currently invested on offence I don't see that changing. We need Rodgers on point and we need 30 points a game.
  8. Bold Predictions

    Aaron throws for over 5000 yards and the other Aaron rushes for over 1000
  9. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    The way I see it is similar skibrett15. You are either going to overpay for HHCD which I'm not a fan of. Or you are going to let him walk next season and then expect a rookie to replace him and basically rework our safety position, adding to our list of draft needs. OR you can deal out some draft picks and get a player who is elite at that position. The Seahawks defence looks completely different with or without him. I would do it a heartbeat. Ed Reed retired when he was 35 and in his last season as a Jet he had 3 ints and 4 pdef. At 33 Troy Polamalu had 2 sacks and 2 ints. Rodney Harrison played till he was 36. Brian Dawkins played till he was 37. Rod Woodson retired when he was 38 and his penultimate season had 8 ints. I don't get where the idea that a 28 year old Earl Thomas only has 1 good year left in him, or if you signed him to a 4 year contract that at the age of 32 he wouldn't still be producing. Well worth it I say.
  10. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Like. I would only change Boyle for Tonyan and cut ESB for Kumerow. ESB and Moore did the least for me as WRs and ESB had the lower draft position. If so many teams passed on him during the draft hopefully they pass on him when he is cut and we can take him on our PS.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Agrees To New Deal

    Based off the above it looks not too bad at all in terms of per cent of cap. If you assume the cap remains as is at 177m, the approx cap hits are: 2018 - 11% 2019 - 14.6% 2020 - 18% 2021 - 20.9% 2022 - 14% If you assume cap will go up 10m a year then it never goes north of 17% 2019 - 14.1% 2020 - 16.5% 2021 - 16.2% 2022 - 17% 2023 - 11% Also it looks like after 2021 we get out of this deal without a big cap hit only 11.5m.
  12. I'd give up HHCD, if we re-signed him I bet we end up overpaying, so get rid now. Matthews, you can't replace that hair. Or give them HHCD and Cobb, free up some more cap.
  13. Aaron Rodgers Agrees To New Deal

    I love how Gute played so cool the other day when asked about Rodgers contract situation. We never get the rumours that 'a deal is close' we keep it well wrapped up, just like the impending Mack deal...
  14. Aaron Rodgers Agrees To New Deal

    Obviously it was Hundley that was holding this deal up. Once they shipped him out Rodgers felt his future was safe and was prepared to sign his deal!
  15. Do you sell the Hundley stock while it is high?

    He played better than Kizer. Faced a lot of long down and distances. In the circumstances of playing with a terrible oline he played aite. I know if Rodgers got injured which one out of the two I would prefer to step in.