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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Glad to see Packer fans follow the draft closely...
  2. Packers UDFA Class

    Does anyone know did Bell get signed by us?
  3. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Not sure if posted already. Good watch. Asides from the breakdown what I saw that I liked was the hustle he plays with and how good he is against the run.
  4. Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft

    Love the trade down. Love the picks. If it was my thing, I like the extreme boom and bust potential of Metcalf, I'd be happy to take him with our first first rounder and then go Tillery at 30. That for me is a dream. As is swapping the CB in third round for an edge guy like Anthony Nelson but I'm getting picky here. Thank you, good job.
  5. Your Packer Draft Board

    Thank you
  6. Your Packer Draft Board

    @JaireAlex pretty much bang on for me. Agree strongly with the Polite sentiment and that you have Ferrell as a top 10. I think JJAW will go between the 45-64 range. Adderley is an interesting one in where he goes. I see him in serious play from the late 20's to 44, probably going around 32.
  7. Your Packer Draft Board

    Does the (stud) WR from Stanford not hit the thresholds?
  8. Scenarios

    You meant to say Hockenson instead of Burns right...
  9. Scenarios

    Just looking at scenarios and pools of players that potentially we could be picking from. First Round predictions before 12, question mark denotes might be picked before 12 or not, no question mark by name means most certainly picked before 12. QB (1) Murray (2) Haskins (3) Lock (?) RB None WR (4) Metcalf (?) OL (5) Taylor (6) Williams (?) TE (7) Hockenson (?) (8) Fant (?) DL (9) Q Williams (10) Ed Oliver (?) (11) Gary (?) (12) Wilkins (?) Edge (13) Bosa (14) J. Allen (15) Sweat (?) (16) Burns (?) (17) Ferrell (?) ILB (18) White (19) Bush (?) CB None S None Most likely gone before 12: Murray, Haskins, Q. Williams, Bosa, J. Allen, White. Those 6 are certain to go So the pool we are picking out of at 12 is: Lock, Metcalf, Taylor, J.Williams, Hockenson, Fant, Ed Oliver, Gary, Wilkins, Sweat, Burns, Ferrell, Bush. So there are 13 most likely names there. Out of these 13 five you want gone or are most likely gone before the 12th pick: Lock, Metcalf, Taylor, Sweat, Ed Oliver Most likely pool of 8 our pick is from: J.Williams, Hockenson, Fant, Gary, Wilkins, Burns, Ferrell, Bush Having said that these last two groups are interchangeable, names might switch between the two. That means a scenario of a small trade down is on the cards and looks attractive with the following teams with the ability to still get a player from the pool above. 13thMiami, 14th Atlanta, 15th Washington, 16th Carolina, 17th NYG, 18th Minny, 19th Tennessee Using the draft chart these are potential deals: Most likely trade partners: 1st Carolina @ 17th + 3rd @ 77 our 1st @12 1st Washington @ 16th + 3rd @ 76 our 1st @12 1st Miami @ 13th + 4th @ 116 our 1st @12 Why would Carolina trade? Need for WR Metcalf, or DL Wilkins or Gary. Why would Washington trade? Need for Lock, J.Williams or Metcalf. Why would Miami trade? Need for Lock, or Burns Moving on to first round scenarios from 12 to 30. Again same thing, question mark denotes might be picked before 30 or not, no question mark by name means most certainly picked before 30. QB (1) Lock (2) Jones (?) (3) Grier (?) RB (4) Jacobs WR (5) Metcalf (6) AJ Brown (?) (7) Butler (?) (8) Campbell (?) (9) Harry (?) OL (10) Williams (11) Dillard (12) Risner (?) (13) Lindstrom (?) TE (14) Hockenson (15) Fant DL (16) Gary (17) Wilkins (18) Lawrence (?) (19) Tillery (?) (20) Simmons (?) Edge (21) Burns (22) Ferrell ILB (23) Bush CB (24) Williams (?) (25) Baker (?) (26) Murphy (?) S (27) Adderley (?) (28) Abram (?) There is a pool of 28 players that are likely to be picked from 12 to 30. Highly likely gone after 12 and won’t reach 30 are these 12: Lock, Jacobs, Metcalf, J.Williams, Dillard, Hockenson, Fant, Gary, Wilkins, Burns, Ferrell, Bush Another trade scenario here is a trade up from 30 plus our 4th @ 114 to around 26 or 27 (Indy, Oakland) is an option if one of the above fell there. Assuming the 12 above are gone, the pool you are realistically picking out of is these 16 players, with an additional six of these players gone before our pick at 30 Jones, Grier, AJ Brown, Butler, Campbell, Harry, Risner, Lindstrom, Lawrence, Tillery, Simmons, Williams, Baker, Murphy, Adderley, Abram With such a large pool here another trade scenario of a trade back with teams at the top of the 2nd round. Arizona, SF, Oakland, Tampa and Jacksonville We move back anywhere from 3 to 9 slots and pick up an extra 4th rounder at the top of that round. If we trade back from the 1st to the top of the 2nd potential positions out of this pool that we would want there are: WR, OL, DL, S, hence these 11 names. So a small trade down would still allow us to pick from the following: AJ Brown, Butler, Campbell, Harry, Risner, Lindstrom, Lawrence, Tillery, Simmons, Adderley, Abram In conclusion, just in terms of trade scenarios. Trading back from 12th to 15th or 16th gets you a 3rd. Trading back from 30 to 33 or 39 gets you a high 4th rounder. So in my mind the pools of players that we could pick from allows us to trade back both of our first round selections and we would go from having two 1st rounders and get a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a 4th. Thereby giving Green Bay in total: 1st, 2 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 3 x 4th. 8 picks in the top 118 picks not bad for this draft. I feel for a draft where there is some real nice value as Chris Ballard said lot of equal talent from 15 through to the top of the third.
  10. Mock 1 or Mock 2?

    Has to be #1 for me. Better balance of positions drafted and where in the draft they came for the needs we have. Swap one of those 3rd round OL for a WR and I would be luvin it long.
  11. Packfanfb's "It's Saturday" Mock

    Best I have seen thus far. Not a fan of Burns as a player, that might just be me but love the trades. Love the fact that two of our first three picks are on the offence side of the ball. Like the positions you went after later in the draft. GREAT
  12. The 'what do I know' mock

    Don't feel bad for me. I feel bad for all those kids around the world who were forced to grow up supporting the Lions. Anyway, thank you for making the comment. You don't know how much it means to me.
  13. The 'what do I know' mock

    Looking at the draft, where my fanatism only really stretches for about the top 100 players i.e around the first three rounds, this is where I feel the strength is and what I would like to see happen, which rarely happens. Scenario 1: Trade 12 and 30 to get up to around the 4th or 5th pick (this is based of the traditional trade value chart (might take more like an extra 4th as well to make it happen). I would be into this if there was a run of QBs at the top of the draft i.e Murray, Haskins, maybe even Lock and that pushes down one of Quinnen Williams, Joey Bosa, or Josh Allen. Especially with Bosa and Williams I feel these are game changing players that are not just the best in this draft but the best out of many drafts. Scenario 2: Trade down. Get let’s say the Steelers 1st (20th) and 2nd rounder (pick 52) for our pick 12 (again we might have to throw in a pick like our 5th to make it happen). Where I like this draft a lot is the picks 20 to 30. This draft as a whole is devoid of too much offensive talent and certainly not a fan of offensive talent at 12. The strength of this draft is the D line and edge where there is some mighty fine prospects all the way through. Personally, I’m not a fan of the tier of edge guys that will/could be around at the 12 spot: Burns and Sweat especially, where I feel they tested off the charts but the tape that I saw looked like very ineffective rushers of the mould of guys like Mingo, Leonard Floyd, tall athletic but can’t hold the edge. I’d lose my **** if we drafted one of those two. I like Ferrell just feel 12 is a little too high for him and if we stayed at 12 I would like Wilkins, a d lineman who played both the run and pass very well. Gary at 12 is also a possibility, just not sold on him. Like I said at 12 I just don’t see the offensive talent worth the pick. Metcalf not a fan of. Any of the OL are not outstanding enough for the 12th pick. I do like Jonah Williams but his testing doesn’t even come close to Green Bays thresholds. Hence why I prefer the trade down. At 20 I would be okay taking either of the Iowa TE boys, Fant or Hockenson (if he is still around) or OL like Dillard, Risner, Taylor, Ford. If we did go defence then one of my draft crushes Tillery, who might even be available at 30, just depends how much you like him, next to Williams he was the best rush d lineman in College. The man mountain Dexter Lawrence from Clemson if he is still around is also an option. Preference though is to go for O. At 30 Risner might still be there Lindstrom, maybe even Bradbury along the Oline. WRs come into play here as well Paris Campbell, AJ Brown and N’Keal Harry would be good value. With defence side of things previously mentioned D linemen like Tillery and Lawrence might still be there, taking a gamble on the injured Simmons is an option too. If we did go offence with our first two picks, which I would like to see as we do need a bit of an injection of talent there along the Oline with Bulaga in his final year, and WR or TE for more weapons for Arod, I would like us to go defence with pick 44. Some nice edge names here Polite if he drops after his combine fiasco, however, he has got great tape. Chase Winovich is a nice player who tested very well too. Jaylon Ferguson who tested average but had the most sacks in Division 1 College history, taking over Terrel Suggs. Another crush of mine is Deionte Thompson. We desperately need another safety and while Adderley is the guy many talk about, I just don’t fancy him at 30 and expect him gone at 44. There is some nice safety names later in the draft too, Hooker, Savage, Thornhill (might need to trade up from the 3rd for them), Jaquan Johnson. I like Thompson because before the combine season started he was ranked as the top safety and was looked as a mid first rounder. At 44 I think he would be great. In the second round here I see the value in WRs. Deebo Samuel might still be around, Riley Ridley, Hakeem Butler, Miles Boykin. My two favourites are Andy Issabella, finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, short fast and did it against good competition in College, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is my favourite receiver, he caught the most contested balls in College by a wide margin, tall physical, very smart, Stanford boy, he learnt all the WR positions XY and Z, which is what Green Bay asks of its receivers. So in conclusion my first three round picks would be something along the lines of: 1st, TE, Fant, DL, Tillery, 2nd, OLB, Polite, WR, Whiteside, 3rd, S, Hooker. That is on the assumption we traded down and picked up and extra 2nd rounder. Least favoured option, If we stayed as is: DT, Wilkins, OL, Risner, OLB, Polite and S, Hooker – too defensive for me, but I’m going where the value is.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    It's just I keep hearing that Mike D doesn't fit what Pettine wants to do. And if you can replace his production for younger and cheaper it is tempting while also freeing up some cap for other signings, cos we only have about $3m to sign anyone at the moment. Having said all that I would miss Mike the man in the team.
  15. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    According to the gospel that is PFF, Gunter 70.1 and Daniels 71.2. Start of the season Gunter will be 27, Daniels 30. Interesting enough Mo Wilk was ranked at 76.5. Daniels Cap is $10.7m, cutting/trading him is only $2.4m. Gunter + FA safety (Darian Stewart or Tre Boston) + Zach Brown (would be a nice pick up) > Daniels.