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  1. No one wants to be here, doesn't matter. He will play because he wants his money.
  2. I actually think this hurts us. You potentially have Wilson, Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Jimmy G and Watson available this off-season. The Rams and Stafford prove if you are close, you should gamble on a vet rather than draft a rookie to win now. Some teams will not want Watson because of his drama, he won't waive his NTC for just anyone, so I think his market is small and potentially crowded with options.
  3. No thanks. I am tired of wasting our top picks on edge rushers. Draft Neal (RT) and keep Tunsil. Set this offense up for long-term success with a dominant OL. Trade Howard to someone who needs LT and will over pay.
  4. I don't think there is a big power struggle either, but I do think Easterby plays a much larger role in this organization than Cal or Nick will admit in public.
  5. Of those we have confirmed interviews with already, I like this list and agree, O'Connell would be my top guy. Still hoping for an interview with Hackett and Leftwich.
  6. At this point I don't trust any of these insiders with this story. They have just thrown random stuff out there the past 9 months and it's not trustworthy. Not saying it isn't true, just saying we don't know and they have been wrong enough with this story that I don't care anymore. Get the grand jury over with, let's see if charges are brought, let's get things settled, and then worry about his football future, if he even has one.
  7. I haven't heard anything related to Texans regarding Byron. He has been linked to interviews upcoming with Chicago and possibly Jacksonville.
  8. Haven't heard of anything for Byron Leftwich, but I think he would be my number 1 target. He knows enough of how to incorporate the Patriots offense while molding it to his vision. He is younger, experienced leading his offense, and could lean on Lovie a little while allowing Lovie to run his side of the ball fully. I love his interviews, well spoken, smart, relatable. I think he is the next Vrabel, former player turned into an up-and-coming coach, might be a tad soon, but I would gamble on him.
  9. I feel like there are better options than Gannon.
  10. Yup. When you take over a failing business, you have to strip it down and rebuild from the core up. This is the ugly part. His first real task at this point is finding his long-term HC and coaching staff. Last year he had to squabble one together. Now he has a chance to take his time and select the right one. This will be a major factor in his success.
  11. Watching these WCO teams makes me wish we would go back to it.
  12. After thinking about it, I have a favorite candidate. This is assuming we go with someone who has ties to Nick and Easterby. I am not going to look at guys without connections at this point. I would go with Brian Daboll, OC Buffalo. He came up with Nick and Easterby in NE, they share the same agent, I love the work he has done with Josh Allen and that offense. He understands the need for a solid OL and he understands today's nfl and needing to be able to throw the ball. Imagine Buffalo's offense playing on turf indoors half the year. That gets me excited. That also allows us to kee
  13. Lombardi's stint with the Lions was less than impressive though. Not that I would automatically rule him out because of it, but something to really consider.
  14. Two guys I didn't even have on my radar. Interesting.
  15. I assumed we are all on the same page on this. My take is assuming his legal things clear up. If the guys is proven to be a rapist, then no im good. He can rot in prison.
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