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  1. Kevin Johnson released

    Wish we would have made the decision to keep Bouye instead of Johnson
  2. Sean Ryan to the Lions

    Tim Kelly about to be promoted https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/texans/amp/Texans-to-promote-Tim-Kelly-offensive-coordinator-13584137.php
  3. Wife of ex-GM Rick Smith passes away

    Sad to see this.
  4. Sean Ryan to the Lions

    Word on the street is Kelly getting promoted to OC and bringing in TJ Yates as QB coach. If this happens I doubt I will pay for Sunday Ticket next season. Getting tired of this trash
  5. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Why would we want that when we have Billy the Goat O’Brien?
  6. Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

    Correct. Had Tom Savage came in after Watson got hurt last year and won the super bowl then did the same thing this year, we would be trading Watson.
  7. Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

    Two time super bowl winner >>>>>> than anything you can come up with.
  8. Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

    What’s more important, a guy who was almost MVP or the guy who won two (assuming he wins per this topic) Super Bowls? No one should care about Wentz and his personal stats. The fact is the TEAM responds and plays better with Foles.
  9. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Any rumors about Obs job?
  10. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    As long as all of our coaches get canned I’m ok with it.
  11. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    Seems kind of weird, but ok.
  12. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    Any rumors about Bill O Brien yet?
  13. We don't throw quick slants. Ever. OB is the worst coach and play caller I have ever seen.
  14. whatever. He is overrated anyway
  15. Wild Card Round - Texans vs Colts

    I hate being a Texans fan sometimes. Unreal.