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  1. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    The OL actually has talent this year. I’m excited to see them take the next step as a unit.
  2. DC Anthony Weaver

    We are not superstar heavy in the front 7. We need to find a way to manufacture pressure. Something RAC couldn’t consistently do. Hopefully Weaver can
  3. 2020 Schedule (Release tomorrow 5/7)

    1-6 to start the season is very realistic.
  4. S Tashaun Gipson released

    We gonna sign Eric or keep wasting time?
  5. Round 2, Pick 40: DT Ross Blacklock

    Achilles injury you say. Ahhhh yes must be a Texans “fit”
  6. Predict the Pick 2020

    It's sad how much I don't even care
  7. 2020 Official NFL Draft Thread

    Plenty of talent on the board you say? Look for OB to do something stupid.
  8. 2020 Official NFL Draft Thread

    Haven’t even been paying attention. Who is out there that we would even want to trade up for?
  9. Houston Texans Coronavirus Mafia (Mafia Wins!)

    Wtf is this
  10. Possible Extensions for Watson, Tunsil

    My offer is looking pretty damn good right about now.
  11. Possible Extensions for Watson, Tunsil

    On Watson, I would not fully guarantee his contract. He takes too many hits and is at a higher risk for injury. I think Dak is about to get 35 Mil per year and Watson will want more. I think we are looking at 36 Mil per season to start. Do 5 years 190 Mil, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 per year with the first three years guaranteed (111 Mil). This leaves room for Mahomes to get his 200 Million dollar contract lol Tunsil I think we should do a 7-year deal. He is really young and LT's last a long time. Howard Is the perfect RT. Don't mess with a good situation. Do a 7 year 142 Million dollar contract. 20, 18, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23. Do 56 Million (first 3 seasons) fully guaranteed. my original post the math was wrong. I had 122 mil total when it was supposed to be 142. Averaging just over 20 mil per season.
  12. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    I’ve never been this disgusted as a Texans fan. Hopkins was in the prime of his career with three years on his deal. To give him away like that is crazy. I’m mentally checked out guys. I can’t keep doing this **** every year. Bad decision after bad decision.
  13. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Just **** me huh? I got you bro
  14. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    I’m done. Until OB is gone I’m out. I’m not wasting my time and money on a **** franchise anymore.
  15. Whatever. Another yes man crony to add to the list of failed decisions by this organization.