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  1. Defense looking exactly like what we thought they would. No pressure, not tackling well, can’t stop the run, can’t stop the pass
  2. Stopping the Chiefs is so damn hard. Too much speed to cover them all. Just need to get a couple of stops and keep up the pace on offense
  3. RBs looking great. OL looking great. Watson looking great and decisive. WRs looking quick. I love it so far.
  4. What would you consider a good defensive game?
  5. Man, it’s almost time boys! Are we going to see improvement or similar inconsistencies?
  6. I stand by the opinion of, I was against trading D Hop, but I understood it. THE ISSUE I have is the lack of return value we received.
  7. Week 1 @ Kansas City L Week 2 vs Baltimore W Week 3 @ Pittsburgh L Week 4 vs Minnesota W Week 5 vs Jacksonville W Week 6 @ Tennessee L Week 7 vs Green Bay W Week 8 BYE Week 9 @ Jacksonville W Week 10 2 Cleveland W Week 11 vs New England W Week 12@ Detroit W Week 13 vs Indianapolis L Week 14 @ Chicago W Week 15 @ Indianapolis L Week 16 vs Cincinnati W Week 17 vs Tennessee L I think 10-6 (we rest players week 17) and limp into the playoffs. Same song different year. We win the WC and get rocked in the divisional game (likely KC again)
  8. The overall numbers were similar to what I thought. This is what we should have expected for Watson. Will be interesting to see how they manage the cap going forward with Tunsil and Watson taking such large chunks.
  9. Unless we figure out how to stop Kelce, we get blown out
  10. Yup. I have zero problems making moves, even when I disagree with them. I have a HUGE problem getting terrible returns on our investment. Clowney, Hopkins...both should have yielded more return. I read Hopkins has a sore hammy and they are taking it slow with him. Why is this even news?
  11. The OL actually has talent this year. I’m excited to see them take the next step as a unit.
  12. We are not superstar heavy in the front 7. We need to find a way to manufacture pressure. Something RAC couldn’t consistently do. Hopefully Weaver can
  13. 1-6 to start the season is very realistic.
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