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  1. At this point the only true value left is holding on to him forever. We will never get the return he is worth and he will need to rebuild his image. He better put his big boy pants on and show up to work.
  2. I tried to decipher this for like five minutes before I gave up.
  3. I hated Matt Schaub and yet I miss him.
  4. I don't think anyone cares about his faith or how religious he is. We care about how is helping make influential business decisions based solely on his faith and limited experience. The perception of him is about creating a cult like culture within the locker room. That has no place in a work environment. That video of Sage discussing Cal is cringe worthy. Cal is a whack job
  5. This might be the only thing that would keep me as a Texans fan if they decide to trade Watson. Not sure Wilson would go for it lol. For them to throw in their 1st and 2nd this year.
  6. LOL I am not going to even respond to this at this point. If you want to continue to back this **** franchise, go for it bud.
  7. I am more interested in finding out who stole this content from whom. Let's investigate!
  8. Speaking from an organizational standpoint, not as a fan because I am out if they trade him, one would think you would prefer Darnold over Wentz. Maybe a 3 team trade is ideal.
  9. Should we swap places? I root for the home team in Wisconsin and you the out of towner root for them too?
  10. The fact Nick didn't jump in and say, Watson hasn't asked for a trade, not sure who is saying that, means he probably did.
  11. Went from, no way we trade him to we will evaluate everything when the staff is in place, real quick Someone needs to ask point blank, has Watson asked for a trade?
  12. So annoying. He should replace Easterby and hire a real HC
  13. Caserio, unprompted, says they have zero interest in trading Watson
  14. Short of firing Easterby and announcing that Cal will no longer have any power in this organization and keeping Watson, I am out. I have no idea who I will root for. I am going to see where Watson goes. Maybe GB since I live in Wisconsin. I don't know. This sucks.
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