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  1. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    For Watson's passes The first throw to Anderson was inaccurate. He simply missed his spot. He needs to do better with those throws, the positive thing is, we saw him do it in Carolina so we know he can. The next throw was to Allen and it was perfect. Allen didn't hold on to it during the hit and it was ruled incomplete. The next series led off with a run, in which Davenport stepped on DQ's foot and rolled his ankle, the next play he got blown up and instant pressure into Watson, the rest of the OL got pushed back and Watson's pass was deflected at the line. Just a bad play all around, especially Slade at RG, he was terrible. The next play was terrible again for the OL, specifically Slade at RG. The WRs almost ran into one another (looks like his first read because he was gearing up to throw before the pressure go to him). The pressure and lack of anyone open (his RB hadn't even released yet) caused him to try and escape the pocket, he got pulled down as he tried to escape. The next play he made a great run, but again, Davenport was instantly beat and no one was open (or complete with their route) The next throw was perfect to Ellington, he juggled it, but ultimately caught it for a big gain. He was open because it was a great route combo and the defenders bumped into one another. Watson did a lot of barking at the LOS, not sure if he checked into the play or not, but it was nice. The next pass was to Anderson in the endzone, he missed him deep. He needs to improve on those for sure. Crazy as it sounds, if he makes that throw, we are talking completely different about him today IMO. The next throw was a great one to Baylis, but Ellington stopped on his route and deflected it, making it incomplete. Clearly a bad stat for Watson, but no chance you fault him for that in your grading. The next throw was to Ellington, he ran a curl route and Watson threw the ball as if he were suppose to be on a crossing route. I can only assume as I have no idea what was called here, but one has to think Ellington again ran the wrong route. He has been here all of 2 minutes. Not a big deal to me. They need to clean up the communication and understanding of their roles. **Side note here, Thompson has crazy speed lol The next series started out on our 2 yard line. Two runs up the middle, then a deep jump ball. The ball placement wasn't good. Even if he was nervous for the safety, he needs to throw it higher and give our guy a chance. That was a bad throw, he needs to get better on those, similar to the throw in the endzone he missed earlier. The next pass was a curl route to Thompson, that was a poor pass by Watson. This IMO was his first poor pass on a throw he needs to make 100% of the time. The deep throw to the endzone and the throw up the sideline are throws even great ones miss sometimes. I have some forgiveness on those, but not this throw. He simply missed it. The next throw was the big play to Foreman. YES Foreman made magic after the catch, but that throw was MONEY. He called the play at the line, got them set, and threw a dart. Great throw and catch and run. This is the type of throw I think Savage will never make, he doesn't seem to have the confidence to even attempt something like this. I am pretty positive the next play was a called run for Watson. 83 immediately came off the ball and started blocking. This is another dynamic you don't get with Savage. All in all, I feel 100% better after watching this in more detail. I think Watson is still closing in on Savage, but Savage has done little to give up the starting role. I really want Watson to play with our starters this week to get a feel for it. I doubt it happens though.
  2. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Great throw by Watson to Foreman and even better TD run BUT Savage has pulled away, he will start week 1. I hope he is the guy! I just want to win.
  3. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    The TD throw to Strong looked good.
  4. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    Savage is decent between the 20s, bad in the red zone.....OB with a poor play call on 4th and 6...our offense in a nut shell
  5. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    lol love this I don't think he will start, but the crowd will go crazy for DW, like they did last year when Savage came in for Brock
  6. Expectations for Deshaun Watson

    http://houston.cbslocal.com/2017/08/18/five-reasons-deshaun-watson-needs-to-be-named-the-starter-now/ Nice article, reason number 3 is spot on.
  7. We all know the major story line is how does Watson progress, does he get time with the 1's, does Savage improve at all? But, what about the OL? Can they step up? Will someone earn the starting tackle position? Will we see our defense tighten up against the pass? Will someone take the other safety spot? Can our special teams stop sucking so bad....I mean seriously wtf
  8. 2017 Houston Texans Training Camp

    I said it last week. Watson should get a few drives this week with the starters. If he looks good like last week, he starts game 3. If he continues his growth, he starts week 1.
  9. Over/Under 2017 edition!

    I will say under. I am thinking 13-14 Over/under Hopkins getting 38.5 M guaranteed
  10. Predict the Record 2017

    I could actually see this.
  11. Over/Under 2017 edition!

    That is a tough one, I see them being right around middle of the pack. I guess I will say over, around 17-20 Over/under The defense will create 18 turnovers. (We had 18 last season I think)
  12. Over/Under 2017 edition!

    Over, I see 10 maybe 11 wins. I think our defense is gonna be legit. Over/under Watson stat line, 3500 passing yards, 25 TDs, 12 INTs, 4 rushing TDs, 325 rush yards
  13. Predict the Record 2017

  14. 2017 Adopt-A-Texan

    I am in. I always pick guys who miss time.....let me pick first #pickSavage
  15. Texans @ Panthers

    I think realistically Watson needs to play with the starters this week and get the start next weekend. We know what Savage is. We know he won't regress because he missed a week with the starters, but in order to accurately assess Watson, we need to see him with the starters. If he plays well with them, it has to be his job. His ability to process information was better than Tom, his athleticism brings a much needed element to our offense, especially with our OL being a tad shaky. He clearly has the higher ceiling.