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  1. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Some of my top choices to keep an eye on to replace OB's incompetent butt. This order is not necessarily the order of what I want, just a general list of names. 1. Dabo Swinney. I think we all understand the upside here with his history with Watson. For all the people who praised OB when he was hired as an offensive genius, he wasn't and had no history of being one. Swinney on the other hand does. He is creative and very aggressive. Watson would obviously benefit from having him, but the risk of another college coach with no NFL history is very scary. 2. John DeFilippo is a guy with a history of being around some impressive offensive guys. He had a brief stint in Cleveland as OC before going to Philly but helped Wentz and the team especially in the red zone. Need to see how he does as OC in Minnesota this season. 3. Matt LeFleur is another guy from an impressive coaching tree. He has been around some of the youngest and brightest OCs in the game. His time in Tennessee this season will tell us a lot about his coaching style and ability. 4. Jim Bob Cooter has an interesting history. He was around the Colts and learned before going to KC and helping their offense lead the league in rushing. Then went to Detroit where he helped Stafford become a top end QB before taking over as OC. His offense has been dangerous through the air but lacked a run game. This season they are working on it, let's see how he does. 5. Pete Carmichael, the guy has been around New Orleans and that amazing offense for awhile lol. He has to be fairly good. I am not in favor of a defensive guy at all. The turnover at OC and DC will always be there and getting a legit offensive minded HC to stay and mold Watson is the most important thing right now. Finding an aggressive DC shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    LaFleur seems like the next up and coming offensive mind. I love the idea of Dabo, but those college coaches coming into the NFL don't do well long term.
  3. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    If we pick anything other than OL with our first 3 picks we deserve to be losers forever.
  4. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    we are the only team I know of that ran the shovel pass and didn't get in
  5. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    lol such a terrible time for that stupid wr screen.
  6. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    lol can't wait for Apollos post
  7. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    Seriously, what percent do you put it at that BOB is fired after the game today?
  8. Texans v Giants - race to 0-3!

    lol we about to be rocked by the Giants....
  9. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    We have has beens. They are washed up and injured.
  10. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    He will look like an all pro today vs our garbage pass rush.
  11. 2018 GDT Signup's

    Who wants the honor of making a thread this week for this garbage team?
  12. Week 3: New York Giants @ Houston Texans

    Disguise your coverage and rush only 4. You’ll win
  13. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    I hate this entire thread.
  14. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    Greg M needs to start at Lg.