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  1. It’s looking more and more likely that EB will be our next head coach.
  2. Was just coming to post this. This would make me happy. Maybe Watson would calm down in time with a hire like this?
  3. I live in Wisconsin, I should just be a Packers fan.
  4. I hope they keep pushing until Cal cowers like the ***** he is.
  5. I am not in favor of any of these guys as head coach. bringing in Caldwell as OC for a bit isn't terrible. Frazier would have to be HC and I am not in favor of that. The other guy, no. Look at that PFT headline. Someone is super pissed at the Texans for something, Amy firing maybe? They don't say we are going to interview him, they imply we are going to hire him.....sinking in disfunction....outrageous.
  6. Hats off to the Browns, they look solid.
  7. I would 100% be open to bringing back Wade. Let him coach 1-2 years with a clear plan for someone to take over for him after that
  8. I get it. I agree, but I do think he needs to have someone as OC who fully understands his offense and can help implement it, while he does other head coach duties. Kelly is not that guy. But I do think he has value with this team and Watson.
  9. LOL you guys are about to get slapped back down to reality tonight. No thanks
  10. I watched some interviews with Daboll and Brady. I think I like the idea of Brady as HC. Very personable, energetic, well spoken, high character, high football IQ. I think Watson would relate very well with him. I hope he gets serious consideration. Building a staff around him would be the challenge, might have to lean on Caserio's connections for that. I would not be opposed to pairing Brady with Kelly as QB coach or something. I think this insulates Watson and puts people around him that would make him feel happy again.
  11. No thanks. Tua is trash compared to Watson
  12. Maybe someone who is left over from the firing of Amy P, they would be knowledgable enough and savvy enough to manipulate the narrative.
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