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  1. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    Never won big games, he was carried by the offensive talent around him. He should have posted better numbers. Left too many plays on the field. He just didn't have it
  2. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    Ugh, I hated Schaub But I will admit I wish we had him back as we were going through the past 3 years So glad we got Watson
  3. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    That was Fuller with the drop
  4. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    Lets not act like JJo is perfect. He does get beat a fair amount on double moves. He is our best corner and Jackson shouldn't be a starter, but JJo is no shut down corner anymore.
  5. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    Watson is a beast Jackson is pathetic. Fuller is a beast Will we even be able to field a defense soon? These injuries are getting to be too much
  6. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    If we don't win by 30 this will be a failure.
  7. 2018 Head Coaching Candidates

    Color me unimpressed with Vrabel so far. He really lacks the gameday play calling touch. Hopefully he figures it out before our season is wasted. Cooter and McDaniels stand out to me.
  8. 53 Man Roster plus more (Updated 10/7)

    Bennett or Lane would be ideal, but do they fit in with our current team?
  9. JJ Watt's long term future

    The problem with both Clowney and Watt at DE is their injuries. The torque and leg drive both need to play DE and taking a consistent beating is too much at DE. If we want to prolong their careers we will use them as stand up players more often, but it sucks because both are better players at DE.
  10. JJ Watt Out for Season with Tibial Plateau Fracture

    This is a stupid post. Don't come in here throwing around BS accusations without any proof. The guy BROKE HIS LEG, he didn't tear any muscles....this is why I hate leaving the Texans section, so many ignorant posters on this site.
  11. Chiefs @ Texans

    lol game.
  12. Chiefs @ Texans

    Vrabel is not helping this secondary out at all
  13. Chiefs @ Texans

    Watson showing that clutch gene, incredible movement in the pocket and awesome throw. Great catch by Fuller! Can the defense get a stop?
  14. Chiefs @ Texans

    We won't get close enough for it to matter
  15. Chiefs @ Texans

    Anthony Hitchens from Dallas broke his tibial plateau in August, did not tear his ACL, is set to miss 8 weeks.