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  1. Media sucks and looks nto stir the pot. But we should not drive decisions based on them. Agree to disagree on the timing of Gase being canned. At least we heoth agree he needs to go.
  2. I think you are misunderstand what I mean or I am not being clear. Sam clearly needs to play better and not make bonehead mistakes and he owns his play. I am simply saying I don't think Gase has teh abilty to help fix that for Sam and I think he has his hands tied (i.e. not allowing him to audible to a play of his chosing at the line), Example: I played baseball in HS, college and after college. My varsity HS coaching seeing I had power to the opposite field planted in my head "you should hit everything to right field". So much so, I worked on being able to hit pitches middle - in to right field that off season. Led to me being late on a good fastball. I am swung the bat but I was trying to follow the advise of my manager as this is how he told me I would be successful. I reality it was not the best approach for me as I was also able to pull the ball with power as well as had straigth away power. After an early season slump and not starting a couple of games, I said f this adn went back to my more natural approach of driving the ball to all field based on the location of the pitch ... hit HRs to RF, CF and LF after that. THis is what I mean by Sam being tied down by Gase. I certainly don't have knowlege of how Gase is coaching him but I see the results. Yes they unltimately fall on Sam but I am sure Gase is in his head directing him to do certain things that are unnatural to Sam. A good coach helps not only fix flaws in players but helps players realize their strenghts and then allows or in this caase calls a game to that strenght. So it is fair to blast Darnold for bonehead throws but we also need ot realize other dynamics that seem to be at play.
  3. Did you watch the presser? The asked him that stuff too. "What happeend on the pass to Crowder?" They ask the other BS stuff too which again is another reason to get rid of Gase now. lol
  4. He might suck. But yes I think Gase has the kid thinking not playing. I am sure if you played a sport at any level you know exactly what I mean. There is zero reason to a keep such a horrible and toxic HC around this team. Zero.
  5. Why fire him now? Because I want to see how Darnold plays out from under Gase's thumb primarily. I firmly believe that Gase through perhaps his coaching style, over all approach, system or just his auroa is causing Sam to over think instead of playing. I don't think Gase is in any realm of being a good coach at this point for Sam. And I would be very interested to see by wiping the mental slate clean how Sam would play. If he plays well it builds his trade value if we get the #1 pick or if we don't get the #1 pick for some crazy reason would give a new HC some confidence in him. What is the upside of keeping him at this point? What does that accomplish for the future of the players on this roster and the organization in general?
  6. Not even as DC? I dont want him as HC but seems to have been a good DC with NE .. yes BB is hands on but something has to rub off, no? lol
  7. I am still stratching my head that Gase has not been fired yet. The whole "I am not calling plays, but I am calling plays" disaster today in the post game presser was embarrasing. Any one interested in Patricia as a DC? I just want a CEO HC. I want him to run the team, develop the culture / tone, establish the phylopshy on both sides of the ball and hire strong coordinators.
  8. I will play the game even though I think there is about as much of a chance the Jets finishing the season 6-0 as it is for Lawerence to go back to Clemson. The answer is easy. If Lawerence does not come out and we feel Sam is better thans Fields et al - we trade back back but stay high enouhg to take Sewell. Dream scenerio would be with the Jags as we would still be top 5 at worst. Not going to speculate on that trade but I would imagine it would include a 2nd in 2020 learing us with 4 picks in the top 35 or so .... grabbing Sewell (we will have book end OT for 12 years) then prioritize WR, EDGE, CB and OG/C if we don't sign Thuney and/or Sheriff.
  9. I agree with you. I like Sam. I think he can be successful . But when you have a chance to draft a better prospect then him with consideration of resetting the clock on paying your QB big money as well as the fact Sam (for wahtever reason) has not looked like a franchise QB - you have to take T Law. I really do see us not winning a game .. if we do we only have to worry about Jax who can win 1 more game this year. lol
  10. He is trending up each week. The lack of talent around him does not help. He is one of the building blocks of this team IMO.
  11. You have to admit that Q is not only better than those three but has a higher upside (Phillips with the ankle surgery is iffy). Only return I woudl take fro Q is #3 overall ... then we geta redo.
  12. I said Dline not DT. Good/great DT are a key to a great Dline. as are DE/Edges - they work as a group just like OL does. 100% agree on the edge arguement and that we have needed that since trading Big John. But the foundation of the Dline has to start somewhere and we have a very nice, young and talented pieced in Q. Forget what position he was drafted at as that clearly clouds your judgement here. That is over ... we passed on Allen and took Q - let's not compound that mistake by trading Q on his rookie deal and upward trending.
  13. You should. Game is still won in the trenches. Don't think so ... SF D-line investment is one of the reasons they have improved. Q is untouchable, along with Bechton and Sam (until we secure 1st overall pick).
  14. It is crucial. NE is headed down. I am not sold on Buffalo or Allen long term. Same with Miami. We have a REAL chance to take over this division if we get the correct HC and staff in here. Hit on these draft picks we have. And smartly use FA to fill holes. I know it sounds crazy to say at 0-7 but with the correct moves we can have a bright future.
  15. Happy for Steve. He is a stand up guy and player. Leader who desires to be on a contender. I just hope Q developes without him .. that would have been the only reason to keep him around.
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