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  1. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Bro if you can't admit Gase needs to coach better, that his play calling and game plan has played a part in the horrible offense the past two weeks ALONG with poor play by players and sure injuries ..... then I ask you take of your mask Adam and show yourself. LOL Everyone on offense needs to be better and this includes the coaches. I don't mind him calling out the players like he did after week 1 and holding them accountable but great leaders and coaches also hold themselves accountable. Fact is no one associated with our O has been great so far or even good. We have to do better. EDIT: Wanted to answer the highlighted above. That is chicken and the egg argument. How about the OC coach up the players better so they do play better. Again, everyone has to do better for us to play well on O - not just the players and not just he coach. Both are the problem from what I have witnessed.
  2. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I think lack of execution is obvious with dropped passes and missed assignments. That happens in every game for every team. So no argument on some plays there was poor execution. I am talking about when a coach does not put his players in a position to succeed. There was a bunch of that both opening day and this past Monday. There was also plenty of non adjustments during the game to counter what the D was doing to the O. That is what creative means to me. That is what a creative offensive coach will do. I did not see that from Gase. Specifically, there was no counter for the Browns stacking the box. No attempt to burn the one on one coverage with quick slants as an example. He needs to coach better, period. You have to admit to that at least. One offensive TD in two games is not 100% poor execution.
  3. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Creativity is not a buzz word. It means, in this case, when the opposing D is stacking 8/9 in the box and sending 7 in on either run/pass blitzes you need to be creative to combat that. Which is find a way to beat it. When you beat that defense a few times, the stop running it. Sending that many guys in as the Browns did Monday leaves someone or multiple guys either wide open or with one on one coverage. As an OC you HAVE to find ways to exploit that. Its only two games but Gase has to get his act together. D has played well but the O has to step up and give them help.
  4. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Don't think he is doing is best nor putting guys in a position to be successful. This is the time he needs to be creative. Dump off banana routes are not creative ... they are run in Pop Warner. I had no preconceived notions on Gase as I did not pay much attention to Miami or his other stops personally. If anything my bias may have been to him being a guru based on media, Peyton and quotes from training camp. It did not seem to me that the offense was prepared for what the opposing defense was going to throw at them either week. Nor where there in game adjustments. O with Sam only scored one TD week 1. That is not good enough in today's NFL. I hope this turns around but right now I am not confident in Gase as an OC frankly. Hopefully it is a health issue of the team but we shall see.
  5. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I am with you 100%. Rooting for a turnaround though ... we shall see
  6. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Yea well then I don't know why he is called an offensive guru by guys like Peyton then .....
  7. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    He should and he needs to be better. D has played good enough to win the last two weeks. Offense has been terrible. Not aggressive. No creativity. I get the QB issues but this is the NFL and you get paid as coaches to bring out the best in your guys. I was so tired of seeing 8/9 in box and we run. Gotta make a D pay when the sell out and we have guys who can get downfield or are very quick on short slants. Tough task vs. NE but he needs to be more agressive, creative and attack the D. He seems to call plays on O to not lose as opposed to win - if that makes sense.
  8. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Outran Norman on a post. Good for him as injuries never gave him a chance with us.
  9. Herndon Suspended 1st 4 games

    So NFL is doing 4 games instead of 2 because there was an injury. That policy makes no sense. Injury or not driving 100 mph and drunk is irresponsible. Someone could be hurt or killed doing that ... that fact that no one was or only injured should not play a part in the suspension. I would think that the players union would look to fight this as typically first offense is 2 games. Either way IMO it should be 2 or 4 or whatever NFL deems appropriate regardless of injury or not as injury or death.
  10. Team Needs

    ^^^^ Dito

    I am happy he was not in better shape as I don't believe he would have been there in the 3rd if he was. So while the pre draft stuff is concerning it allowed us to grab a 1st round talent in the 3rd.

    Agree man - think we are moving in the right direction and of course we have work to do. I think Gase is the best OC we have had in a long time and hope he can become a good HC unlike Rex/Bowles. I think Williams is the best DC we have had since Rex/Pettine combo. I think that will lead to some of the draft picks in recent history having a better shot to become better players. Hence reasons to be positive.

    I will say one thing .. your posts like this make me laugh. Thank you for that.

    Not sensitiveness just frankly don't understand fans who are so negative. Doesn't make sense to root for a team but be so negative about it. You did question the pick, though. You even asked if I thought Douglas would draft Polite. That does not sound like someone who likes the pick. Saying our scouting staff sucks is subjective not based on fact. That is your opinion and your entitled to it. Applying your opinion about our scouting department to a draft picks odds of becoming a good / contributing / starting player is nothing but being negative. Especially when you have not witnessed that player on field in a game that counts.

    That has always been my point. Draft is highly unpredictable and very hard to consistently always find good players, especially late in the draft. The best and top teams have more misses then hits. I also think the coaching staff has a big impact on prospects ... from how they are used scheme wise to helping them transition from college to the pro game.