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  1. 2021 Draft Thread

    Dare I say "BPA" ...lmao
  2. 5 Jamal Adams Draft Day Trade Scenarios

    Totally get guys wanting to get paid ASAP with the average career lifespan of an NFL player. With that said the players have to understand that the team holds the cards on these last two years and sitting out is a very bad option. Throw this COVID 19 stuff on top of that and it is not wise business to extend a contract right now. Heck, Dallas has yet to lock up their franchise QB as of yet. Too many uncertainties for a GM to do anything they don't have to right now. Jamal needs to understand this and be a good solider. Come to camp on time, play ball and be a leader. The contract will work itself out for him. Problem is I don't know if he understands that all right now.
  3. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    That is why he is not being trade nor the Jets' want to. We have the leverage. They will sign him next off season.
  4. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I am. All Pro game changing safety who is only 24 years old for 3 unknowns. That’s fair on our end. I don’t expect we trade him either
  5. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    No. 1 and 3 and Lamb would have me interested. Still might not do it
  6. 5 Jamal Adams Draft Day Trade Scenarios

    I believe they will extend him NEXT offseason. Adams needs to believe that too
  7. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Agree 100%. He has two years left on his deal. We picked up his 5th year option. JD has called him a foundation player. Said he wants him to be a Jet for life. Jamal has to understand the business side and that with COVID there is a time of uncertainty. I understand him wanting his money BUT he is not the only great player heading into year four without an extension in the history of the NFL.
  8. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Dak is absolutely crazy, and Conner, if he thinks he is getting that much per year on average. I have confidence in JD. I think he will slow play this. I think he will want to see what the cap looks like next year. Jamal can sit out but I doubt he will. JD is smart enough know that we hold the majority of leverage right now AND when ready he can pay Jamal or trade him if demands are off base. Do not succomb to media pressure like GMs in the past have.
  9. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I agree with you that JD should not be in a hurry. That Jamal is trying to cash in on a great season last year. That Jamal will have a hard time holding out. And with this player, JD communicating directly to him rather through agents would be smart (I would think that agents should make part of that clear with players about team's approaches). I totally get an NFL player trying to get money ASAP since careers are very short and can be ended on one play. With all that said, this really stinks to more than just Jamal being Jamal. Yes he is passionate and very emotional. But someone is in his ear. Someone or something is trying to sabotage the Adams/Jets relationship. Don't know who or what but I don't hear this scuttlebutt on other players from his draft class. Am I missing something? Any of you agree with this assessment?
  10. 6 Man Offensive Line

    Gotta change your screen name to Dr. No
  11. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Yea it is crazy. The Players need to recognize this though too ...
  12. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    It was the union wanting FA not so much the owners. Hence the strike in 1987 that lead to FA and antitrust action and scab games. Players starting crossing a couple of weeks in ... Gastineau, Montana and a few other big names I think like Flutie, Randy White and Largent. Crumbled the whole strike but ended up netting FA and Salary cap. I think now form a league TV revenue and popularity of the league in part because of FA the owners may think FA was a good thing but no way did they want it in the late 80's. Remember watching those "scab" games. Scott Merseraeu was a replacement player at DT that stuck after the strike for the Jets #94. Ironically he is the guy Dennis Byrd went head first into the cause his paralysis and end his career.
  13. Breakout Stars 2021

    Jets: Darnold, Q Williams League: Sanders, Edwards-Helaire, Debo Samuel, DK Metcalf
  14. State Of The Roster

    So you can rewatch last seasons games now?
  15. State Of The Roster

    Looks like McDermott agrees with me @Bobby816 lol. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/944/josh-allen