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  1. Predict the 53 man roster

    Gotcha. That make sense. Don't forget Martin .. think he can get some pressure too. But I agree with bringing Adams down to LB.
  2. Predict the 53 man roster

    No Avery Williams?? IMO he will lead our team in tackles.
  3. Khalil Mack

    Macc did not sign Decker that was Idzik. Marshall was a trade with Bears - only gave up a 5th rounder I believe. Other non draft acquisitions by Macc that have or look to be good moves - Robbie Anderson UDFA, Tru and A. Williams should be top. Beachum played well last year as well.
  4. Cuts

    They key to the season is Darnold development ...
  5. Cuts

    Mac was under orders to go spend money and bring in Vets for a potential quick fix from Woody. Idzik screwed the pooch and Woody needed to generate some excitement and bring back Revis. Then since we were one win away from the playoffs, Mac could not break it up. He broke it up and rebooted last year - so your logic on the 14 to today is missing that key piece. Luck or not on guys "falling" - he picked Williams, Adams and Darnold in the 1st. I would not give up on Lee yet as he is still very young. Maye in the second was a great move too. Has he missed on guys - Yup! But every GM does. Gotta give him his due. He is moving the franchise in the right direction. I am more concerned about Bowles then Mac frankly.
  6. Cuts

    Not when you like your guys better or see no upgrade
  7. Cuts

    I look at it as they are more comfortable going into the season with the guys that have been with them through out OTAs, training camp and pre-season. View it as a good thing, not a bad. Bad is when you flip your roster at this time of the year.
  8. Cuts

    Yes I think he has done a great job. The fact we have Darnold should be a enough .... but in addition to Darnold (which can't be understated) - here are the names that have lead me to this conclusion so far (in no order but all have added talent to the roster and have been upgrades - some major upgrades): L. Williams, J. Adams, M. Maye, J. Jenkins, D. Lee, E. Mcguier, B Shell, N. Shepard, Edwards and Sam Darnold.. that is 9 starters from his draft classes and I am not putting in R. Anderson as UDFA. He went out and signed Tru and Williams as FA which are major upgrades on D. He has been taking shots and in the game on Cousins (so happy we did not get him), Mack and now Fowler. As far as your statement in bold above ... Huh? You are saying how horrible he is and then acknowledging he has increase the talent on the roster? And that since it was 4 years ago it better be better ... I don't understand what point your trying to make other then mine that he has upgraded our roster in both talent and promise. Look the bottom line is ... He got Sam Darnold. This alone has the ability to turn around the franchise for the next 15 years and he only gave up two 2nd round picks. I mean really think about that and how masterful it was. All you need to reference is how franchises like the NYG, Pats, Chargers, Saints, Colts, Panthers, Seahawks, etc .. have done AFTER they found a franchise QB. Now he must take advantage of Darnold's rookie deal and continue to upgrade talent but specifically at Edge Rusher, WR and OL.... I think it is obvious he knows this based on rumors of him looking at Mack and Fowler recently. Macc has put us in a position to be a force in the AFC East and AFC for years to come. Most of that falls on Darnold's development but I have high hopes and expectations.
  9. Cuts

    Jerry Attaochu visited today too
  10. Cuts

    Who has drafted better then Mac during his drafts here? I will even give you 2015 draft despite Mac having none of his scouts in place and him cleaning house after the draft. I dare you to prove that he has been in bottom third of the league. I am not saying he is drafting All Pro after All Pro but to say he is unqualified is flat out wrong. He has most likely hit home runs with 3 of his 4 first round picks. Again, look around the league before you call him unqualified - drafting is not an exact science and there are more misses then hits. We just seem to remember the Brady's in the 6th or Favre in 2nd picks more then the mid 1str ound bust of other teams You need a QB to win in the NFL. He has gotten, what looks like, our franchise QB. Now the game is on. Mac has done a great job so far. If you look at our roster today compared to 2014, we are in much better shape. I have been a Jets fan since the late 70s and a season tix holder since 1990 - the negativity of some fellow Jets fan makes me wonder why they are even fans. No GM hits home runs each year. No GM consistently drafts All Pros in rounds 2-4. Hit rate on drafted prospects out of the 1st are very low. Why do you think the average career in the NFL is 3.3 years? The arm chair GM with hindsight is dangerous.
  11. Cuts

    Breshad Periman is coming in for a work out ......
  12. Khalil Mack

    2015 we had a top 10 ranked offense .... God just told me he knew when. LOL Agree 100% on the Jones or Ingram (missed him before) being picked instead of Coples. We had a D minded coach who took us to back to back AFC championship games with a stellar D. We fed the beast, Sanchez regressed and got hurt. We took a shot in 2015 to catch lightening in a bottle - tried to repeat it in 16 and flopped and now have push rest which should have been done in 15. I am very confident and positive in our future with this GM ... jury out on the HC for me though.
  13. Khalil Mack

    In all fairness, with the exception of Coples, MO, Richardson and Williams were good players for us and good picks. when you look back at. With hindsight, who you taking over those guys that fit the Edge mold, where available at the same spot and had a better run then Mo, Richardson or Williams? 1. Mo went 30th in 2011 - no edges drafted in 1st after him and the impact edge after him was 3rd rounder Justin Houston. Hard to argue with the Mo pick as at the time we had an aging DL. 2. Richardson went 13 in 2013 - only solid "edge type rusher" in the 1st round was Ansah and he went @ 5 overall. The only player that fit that bill picked after Richardson was Werner and I am sure you would not make that switch. 3. Williams went 6 in 2015 - Fowler went 3 and I think we can agree Williams is a better (different) player overall. Vic Beasley and Shane Ray were picked in the 1st after Leo. Can make a case for Beasley but he tailed off sharply last year after a great 2016 season. I will add I am 100% with you on Coples. Bad pick. Should have taken Chandler Jones. Could have taken Hightower, Perry or Smith given Rex's love for D 1st rounders. Decastro should have been considered over him as well.
  14. Khalil Mack

    I remember being very upset when we traded Big John and thinking it may take years for us to replace him. Did not think we still would be looking for his replacement in 2018 though. IMO there are 4 positions on a football team that are difficult to find studs and when you find one, you need to keep him and pay him. Those positions are QB, LT, Edge Rusher and Shut Down Corner. Those, to me, are the key positions for a winning football team.