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  1. Herndon Suspended 1st 4 games

    So NFL is doing 4 games instead of 2 because there was an injury. That policy makes no sense. Injury or not driving 100 mph and drunk is irresponsible. Someone could be hurt or killed doing that ... that fact that no one was or only injured should not play a part in the suspension. I would think that the players union would look to fight this as typically first offense is 2 games. Either way IMO it should be 2 or 4 or whatever NFL deems appropriate regardless of injury or not as injury or death.
  2. Team Needs

    ^^^^ Dito

    I am happy he was not in better shape as I don't believe he would have been there in the 3rd if he was. So while the pre draft stuff is concerning it allowed us to grab a 1st round talent in the 3rd.

    Agree man - think we are moving in the right direction and of course we have work to do. I think Gase is the best OC we have had in a long time and hope he can become a good HC unlike Rex/Bowles. I think Williams is the best DC we have had since Rex/Pettine combo. I think that will lead to some of the draft picks in recent history having a better shot to become better players. Hence reasons to be positive.

    I will say one thing .. your posts like this make me laugh. Thank you for that.

    Not sensitiveness just frankly don't understand fans who are so negative. Doesn't make sense to root for a team but be so negative about it. You did question the pick, though. You even asked if I thought Douglas would draft Polite. That does not sound like someone who likes the pick. Saying our scouting staff sucks is subjective not based on fact. That is your opinion and your entitled to it. Applying your opinion about our scouting department to a draft picks odds of becoming a good / contributing / starting player is nothing but being negative. Especially when you have not witnessed that player on field in a game that counts.

    That has always been my point. Draft is highly unpredictable and very hard to consistently always find good players, especially late in the draft. The best and top teams have more misses then hits. I also think the coaching staff has a big impact on prospects ... from how they are used scheme wise to helping them transition from college to the pro game.

    The dude has yet to play a meaningful snap for us or in the NFL, so, there are no facts on Polite yet as a NYJ or NFL player. So you have no reason to be negative about that pick and basing it on past picks at that position is illogical and also not based on fact. So being negative in regards to him is doing so for negative sake. If you don't like that pick that is your prerogative and stating logical reasons why or concerns about the player is how you make that point. But saying past players drafted at that position where not the answer so he can't be the answer or odds are against him being the answer is silly. It's like saying I had a 2 red cars that broken down all the time so all red cars will breakdown all the time... totally illogical.

    The constant negative spin is tiring though man, really is. Regarding Polite - he was highly regarded talent wise by many pundits and scouting services - constantly heard Polite had 1st round talent but off the field and maturity issues pushed him out of the 1st round. So we shall see. Don't know if he will hit or miss but I like the pick given the talent level, conference he played in and our need.

    As usual love your positive energy ...lol

    Lee who? If you mean Darron Lee he was not an edge player like Polite to begin with. I am anxious to see him too as he was touted in the draft process as a 1st round talent but concerns off field dropped him. Hopefully he will be a steal for us. Word was our scouting department had him ranked as the 2nd best edge prospect in the past draft.
  12. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Agreed. Leo, Q and Anderson should command a lot of attention to free up up outside rushers.
  13. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Hopefully Polite can a big part of the edge solution.
  14. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    This is NY media. Competing for headlines and sales. Has always been that way. So yes, the team needs to shut it down as you noted. Giants are going to have circus soon with the QB situation so hopefully that becomes the attention of the media in NY. But winning will stop the tabloid reporting too.
  15. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I am more concerned with our #2 CB position frankly. So my eye is more on the Darius Slay situation.