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  1. Around The League

  2. Around The League

    Did you see Rosen play? Lost. Deer in headlights. Actually go worse as the year went on and with McCoy gone. His best game, arguably, was under McCoy actually in week 6 vs Minny.
  3. Around The League

    O-line I buy. Play calling I don't. All plays are designed to be successful. It is the execution. Anyway, I am not a fan of Rosen and while I agree his surrounding cast is not great aside from Johnson and Fitz, I don't think he is going to be a solid starter in the NFL for long. I see his upside as Andy Dalton with less leadership qualities. He was my least favorite QB in the class last year. I am still so thankful we ended up with Darnold.
  4. Around The League

    Perhaps. Rosen did not show much last year though. They canned their HC after one year. Hire a guy who failed in college as a HC with no NFL coaching experience. So conventional thinking could be out the window in AZ. If not for the Jets - AZ would be the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL...LOL
  5. Around The League

    If they keep Rosen he needs to. Of course Payton has incorporated RPO with Hill and has indicated Hill will be a starting QB in the NFL one day. I know you are in Texas and am a big fan of KK - I just would find it odd with how the NFL is going and KKs success with RPO that he would not take it to the NFL. Would be shocking to me frankly.
  6. Around The League

    Of course he is going to say Rosen is his guy. Rosen is there and they just spent a 1st round pick on him last year. What is he suppose to say? Still does not change the fact that Rosen is not in the same type of player as Mayfield or Mahomes or even Keenum who KK had success with. Unless KK is going to have a system that is pure drop back / play action, which is different then his college scheme, Rosen is not the best fit. Don't see Rosen as a great RPO QB. Just food for thought as it seem pretty clear KK will have to develop the more traditional NFL system for a guy like Rosen - which IMO would go against why Arizona hired him.
  7. Around The League

    Sooooo....KK saying how Fuller should be No. 1 overall pick. Rosen does not seem to be his type of dual threat QB. Anyone else thinking #1 pick is for sale?
  8. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Hack picked off in his AAF debut https://twitter.com/CBSSportsNet/status/1094713624763846656/video/1
  9. 2019 prospects and outlook

    How does what Leo or any other draft pick performed equate to how another draft pick perform? If we think we are taking a difference maker at 3, the position should not matter. Each draft is its own vacuum.
  10. Coaching Staff Complete

    I think it is clear Gase is in charge. I agree the combo could be trouble but I would assume (since Vitt is Gase' father in law) this was discussed prior to hiring Williams. Which might explain the delay after the initial rumor. My gut says Williams knew Vitt was coming on board before he decided to be our DC. We shall see though ....
  11. Coaching Staff Complete

    Williams and Vitt together again is interesting.
  12. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I agree that I would not us to pass on Bosa or Allen if that (mean not take them or trade back). Therefore, I hope Macc sits tight has some convos pre-draft and sees how the top 2 spots play out. I doubt anyone will blow us a ways with an offer prior to the draft for the 3rd pick .... by that I mean something like this years 1st, 2nd, 3rd and next years 1st plus.
  13. Leo Williams

    Could not a agree more man. Leo does not have to be Donald to be an effective player. Jets can play this two ways. 1) One year and see what he does in Williams scheme or 2) look to extend him now hopefully at a discounted rate (certainly not close to his one year number)
  14. Leo Williams

    The contract for one year does not really matter frankly. We have plenty of cap space still. If we signed him to that annual salary for 4-7 years I would agree.