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  1. 2019/2020 Offseason

    I agree with the stand pat or trade back approach this year. Not just because of the depth at positions like WR in this draft but because we need to bring in as much talent as possible. With 4 picks in the top 80 of this draft we have a chance to infuse the team with some young talent if our scouts and GM do a great job this off season. I'd be all for trading back from 11 if we are left with no top OT, CB or EDGE choice. Depending on how the draft shakes out, if WR (Judy, Lamb, Higgins et al) is there we can still get one by moving back a few spots I would. Picking up a 2nd or 3rd in the process would be awesome.
  2. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    I understand your thinking but seems to me that we have not choice put to upgrade OL, Edge, CB and WR positions. If we don't then JD did not do his job and we all know he will. So my expectations is 10+ wins and playoffs as base and winning the division as ceiling. Think we can and should make a major jump this year.
  3. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Agree with your assessment. I still think CJ should have canned Mac in Jan if he was not committed to him moving forward. And if there was any doubt in Jan he should have been fired with Bowles. Anyway, hoping JD Is the answer and hoping Gase can change my initial feelings on him.
  4. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Sounds familiar??? lmao
  5. The Development of Sam Darnold

    I think that can be cleaned up with an improved OL.
  6. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Don't think the NFLPA would allow that to happen. I understand your point but reversing it would potentially negatively affect the market value of some veterans.
  7. Should the Jets re-sign Robby Anderson?

    Sam can and has to Robby before. Need a better OL to allow the deep plays to develop.
  8. Should the Jets re-sign Robby Anderson?

    I'd sign him to a John Brown type of deal .. 3 years 27 mill.
  9. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Let's not forget how many guys we have on the IR and/or did not play last night. I am not saying we are not lacking talent but here are a few names that significantly improve our roster: Mosely, Q Williams, Adams, Herndon, Griffin, Tru (although he looks done), Williamson, Winters, Cashman..... The first 4 list above plus Williamson are some very good football players and Cashman looks to be NFL caliber.
  10. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    How bad does Wentz and the Eagles O look vs the NYG tonight??
  11. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Cooper but I dont want either
  12. The Development of Sam Darnold

    I am not long term believer in either. Jackson's style makes me nervous for him staying healthy and productive. The list is long for "running" QBs who have a great couple of year run then flame out. Allen reminds me of how Sanchez had success with us. Great defense helping him manage game. Solid running game with two good RBs. I have more confidence in him to improve though. I'd still rather have Sam long term over the other three.
  13. Blessuan Austin

    Not his best game but I think he battled and show improvement within the game. Specifically, after his PI the next time tested deep he made sure to spot the ball and turn back. Good adjustment and learning. CB is a tough position and while I agree he had better games I think the was solid yesterday.
  14. The Development of Sam Darnold

    How about Mayfields stats 15 Passing TDs, 16 INTs, 5 Fumbles and 2 lost and 3 rushing TDs. Points to how it takes some time to progress....
  15. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Noticed that too. The OL must be addressed this offseason and I am confident we will see a much improved Darnold.
  16. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Gase had a real nice day today calling plays. Players executed well. Love that throw back to Griffin for the TD. Best all around game of the year so far IMO
  17. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Don't disagree. Mayfield is over-rated and has two All Pro level WRs and now 2 All Pro level RBs.
  18. Blessuan Austin

    Rooting for this guy! Would be great for him to develop (over time) into a #1 CB for us.
  19. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Late reply but this was an issue back to Herm too. Mangini is the exception over the past almost 20 years.
  20. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    It's not the front office it is Gase. He does the fines and posts them. Don't have an issue with the fine or disciplining a player for missing whatever they are suppose to be at. Don't know how I feel about the posting it for all to see .. in concept I get why but I don't know if that negativity is something that is effective to be posted in the locker room.
  21. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    Sounds like he is looking at another suspension https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/1871/antonio-callaway
  22. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    I don't believe anyone has been unrealistic about the roster. I think there is an overwhelming lack of confidence in Gase from the fan base on and off this board. This seems primarily due to his track record in Miami coaching, handling players and interaction with the FO. Gase has done very little to quell those concerns with the Jets fan base frankly. There just is not much there as proof that he is a good in game coach who can adjust to the opposition, that he is a good motivator (team has been flat a lot) or that he has the ability to grow as a coach (seems to make the same mistakes as in Miami). These are my concerns and I believe many other fans issues as well. With all that said, I certainly hope I am wrong. I would gladly eat crow if I am but I just don't see Gase as the guy. Do we need more talent and have a bunch of holes to fill - that is obvious. Is talent and injury part of the problem this year - absolutely. Do we lack depth - sure. But Gase has been a part of the problem as well. It is not just the fan base saying that but many experts/former players have been singing the same song. I hope against hope that Gase proves everyone wrong, I am rooting for him to do so as this is not about who is right or wrong but about finally having a consistent contending team year in and year out.
  23. The Development of Sam Darnold

    I think Sam will be fine in the long run. JD WILL address the OL. I believe this is the biggest factor holding Sam back. I think mono affected as well - I had it at his age and I can tell you that I was not really right for about 2 months and I was not an NFL player ..lol. I thought he played really well yesterday. I was most impress with him throwing the ball away and not pressing to make something happen. I was glad to see some roll outs. He flat missed the flea flicker (had a nice side view from my seats of that) - needs to make that throw but I am not sure how much work he has done with Smith so far. I am anxious to see if he can build the next four weeks before the challenge of playing the Ravens, Steelers and Bills D to close the season. Those last three games are going to be very interesting to me to see how he is coming along.
  24. Week 9: Sam Darnold vs the Miami Dolphins

    It was those concussions that really held him back IMO. Kenny was not Joe Cool or Young but he was a good QB.