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  1. A- Love the first 3 picks. Think they will be foundational pieces with Mims and Bechton.
  2. Love the excitement and energy Saleh brings.
  3. Loading up. Great pick. Wonder if we can swing something to move up if someone starts falling in the 3rd.
  4. Shore up the OL and make up for past mistakes of not doing so for Sam. Next year will be all about glamour picks like WR, RB, CB and Edge. For now build that OL with young 10’year pieces.
  5. Considering the top 4 picks in the NFL draft have never been all QBs and the top three have only twice been all QBs. I think that would be a be deal or surprise or “buck a trend”. But that’s just me. Lol
  6. Top 4 picks are all QBs
  7. Good read. https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/04/08/inside-story-of-why-jets-traded-darnold-new-qb-search?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR20dadkD2XTBDEdpUbAjcV4yawG5nznrbqi2dZxEbVf2vkaXWsF7qfQW8k
  8. This was the right move. I think many, including myself, have a soft spot for Sam. So much hope and hype when he was drafted. Showed good promise his rookie year. Then regressed. No other way to say it. We can blame Gase all we want and he might very well be the major issue. But Sam regressed, period. It was time for a change of scenery for Sam and the Jets. They obviously have Wilson or Fields or someone rated as high if not higher than Sam. Then you need to make this move and not look back. Reset the financial clock and have a ton of 1-3 round picks the next two years. This is
  9. Saleh comes from an organization that stacked the Dline. Rotating guys to keep them fresh is important. “Game is won in the trenches” philosophy is not a bad one to take. I’m interested in seeing how much of this is guaranteed and what the incentives are.
  10. I like it. Brings energy. Was involved in the SF turnaround. By all acounts a leader. Believe he will manage the entire team.
  11. What makes you say that? I have not heard rumors of his favorites for OC or DC .. have you seen something?
  12. I have always like Saleh's fire. Guys rally around him. Shanhan speaks highly of him. If he can be a leader of the team and CEO type I am all for it. I really hope he does not want to retain control over the D. He can have influence ala Belicheat but I would rather him or any HC manage the entire game not worry about calling the D or O .....
  13. Agree that a bidding war can occur. No one thought we would get two 1st for Jamal and boom. He needs to go to teh NFC though. NO would be ideal Ithink for him adn perhaps us. They still have a good team without Brees so their window is open and might be wililng to over pay to lock in a 23 year old QB. So if Wash, Minny, NO, TB, Bears and maybe San Fran get hot on him we might get more than we think.
  14. He is winner for sure. His personality might not mesh with everyone though - and if you win that is ok (i.e. Parcells, Belicheck). I am learning towards us finding a HC like Harbaugh or even Cowher if that is a real thing. We need a proven winner to help lend legitmacy to the franchise and turn the program around. Al la when Parcells followed Kotite. While we never won a championship that foundation lead to a competative franchise mostly form 98 to 2010.
  15. I find it good news. I was concerned that CJ fired him and not Gase. Gase firing him does not close the door on Gase being fired by CJ. CJ has to fire someone on black MOnday!
  16. I agree. He gave up a huge 1st down today in the 4th. You basically need to have Adams as a monster/joker back in addition to a 4 man secondary.
  17. Media sucks and looks nto stir the pot. But we should not drive decisions based on them. Agree to disagree on the timing of Gase being canned. At least we heoth agree he needs to go.
  18. I think you are misunderstand what I mean or I am not being clear. Sam clearly needs to play better and not make bonehead mistakes and he owns his play. I am simply saying I don't think Gase has teh abilty to help fix that for Sam and I think he has his hands tied (i.e. not allowing him to audible to a play of his chosing at the line), Example: I played baseball in HS, college and after college. My varsity HS coaching seeing I had power to the opposite field planted in my head "you should hit everything to right field". So much so, I worked on being able to hit pitches middle - in to
  19. Did you watch the presser? The asked him that stuff too. "What happeend on the pass to Crowder?" They ask the other BS stuff too which again is another reason to get rid of Gase now. lol
  20. He might suck. But yes I think Gase has the kid thinking not playing. I am sure if you played a sport at any level you know exactly what I mean. There is zero reason to a keep such a horrible and toxic HC around this team. Zero.
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