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  1. Hate to trade JA but this really was the best outcome based all that has transpired over the past three months. Adams has lost his mind. I would be shocked if Seattle signed him next year. I think they will franchise him and then let’s see how he handles that. this compensation is well above what I would have expected at this point. 2 firsts, a third next year and a good SS. CRAZY! JD is starting to build a quality rep. Gotta hit this picks next.
  2. Adams talked bad (not as overtly) about Bowles at the end of 2018 as well. The only correlation is Adams says what he wants to get his way.
  3. He is under contract for TWO more years. We are not looking to trade him. We are looking to extend him at what we feel is the appropriate time as the employer. He has TWO years left on a contract. We don't have to address this until after the next TWO seasons. This is typically the norm for this industry. And guess what, we can franchise tag him after the next two years. Why are or should the Jets be held to a different standard than all other teams? Just because the player says so? Come on ... Jets are 100% in the right, have done nothing to disrespect JA or provoke him to act
  4. 100% disagree. The NYJ did NOTHING to cause the issue with Jamal from what I have seen. Jamal is immature, self center and a non team player .. he is a me first player. "These are the Jets" comment is just an excuse ... we have a GM that seems to finally get it and is bringing stability. Jamal will cause issues for the rest of his career .. especially if we cave and fire Gase or give him a contract now. But no matter where JA goes he will be a malcontent ... he has proven that over the last two years.
  5. I don't like either of these guys! LOL
  6. Not a Gase fan and did not like the hire. But you can't let a player determine the HC. Period. JA has really taken this to another level now .... If I am JD I still don't trade him. Make him walk in that room and face the music. EDIT: I am not against firing Gase ... just not at the request of JA.
  7. Need more information and evidence. But this really seems out of character for Woody. Not saying he is a great owner as he has not been but he is a good man from everything I have read and seen about him over the years. I personally will be giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  8. I agree .. the bribing, for the NFLs future, is the bigger story. The cheerleader stuff is the bigger humanity story and legal issue if true.
  9. WOW!!! I will say the bribing of refs has not worked for their W/L record ..lol
  10. Agree. I don't like 20 m for a safety either.
  11. You assumptions on JD may or may not be correct. This is the reason I like him because he plays close to the vest and sealed the leaks so far at Florham Park. For the most part I am with you on positional value. But there does need to be some consideration for special players. Jamal is special. I don't agree with his tactics nor do I think this is the off season he HAS to be paid but I do believe he is a special talent. Where JD values him dollar wise, I am not sure, but I am sure where ever that falls there will be very little wiggle room. Therefore, if he knows JA "demands" and JD
  12. We shall see ... Jets giving us season tix holder options to opt out for this year and come back with same seats next
  13. Speaking of Eagles - you all see City of Philly is not allowing fans for Eagles games??
  14. We don't know if JD talked to JA's reps or not for sure. Adams is upset he is not getting extended now. Could that be the following scenario: Intermediately after the season and Pre draft/covid ... JD to JA "we are going to address/talk about your contract and future with the Jets after the draft". After the draft and middle of covid - Joe to JA "Want you a Jet for life but we can't commit to and extension this off season, let's revisit after the season." ..... JA does not like and says they lied. Quite possible but no specifics have been said by JA or JD... not going to get them from JD
  15. I live in the real world where I do my own research. There are going to hot spots occasionally, this is a virus and like other things will spread. I live in NY and we had that spike a while back. But I don't think IMO it means the world ends and that there is not end in site. My county has had a dramatic drop in cases as an example. People should be smart and protect themselves and their loved ones the best way that feel they can.
  16. Ton of good news. Critical cases have dropped world wide from 5% to 1% of cases. Death rates have a decreased and the number of deaths per day in the US have dramatically decreased. Testing up. Known cases up. All good news. Moving closer to a herd immunity.
  17. Well it is because NE best players keep the contract stuff separate ... so it is chicken / egg argument. Best to not answer about other players contract but I would not expect any player to say another player is asking for too much money.
  18. Bell played under a Tag before he sat out though. Think that is a big difference.
  19. So I assume he is "answer" fans and talking heads.....my man has to grown up!
  20. Can't wait to see the details on the mechanisms for the $477 million in guarantees ..
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