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  1. He has accomplished so much more than Adams. But Jamal won't see that.
  2. Need to add a LOL button with the like button ..lol
  3. I agree we should pay Jamal but there is no reason to now. I think you would agree Patrick Mahomes has had a greater impact on his team then Jamal on ours, right? Same draft class. Not signed early. Rest my case. Next year is appropriate.
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong. Last time we grabbed a supplemental draft pick if any significance was Rob Moore. Right?
  5. Exactly. Each sport has a system for the financials. Frankly in most sports the vets end up being over paid at some point. Baseball is really the best model for that .. Pujols is a great example of being under paid as compared to perform while in St. Louis and being grossly overpaid as compared to perform in LA. I do recognize that NFL players have a lower life span and a chance to get seriously injured before a big pay day. But this is not Jamal frankly. He is going to bring in over $12 million the next two years on top of the guaranteed money he received his first 3 years (I know h
  6. Yup .. that is why I ended my post with.... Doubt it.
  7. Really makes no sense ... let's examine. Reasons 1. NY Media. Come on. Really JA does not like his name on the back page and his ego fed by reporters wanting to talk to him? Please NY media is tough but they really make players because of the attention they get. 2. Coach and GM that drafted him are not here. Hmmm so this is the same coach and GM after the 2018 season he basically blasted and gave a vote of no confidence too. And now he has an offensive HC - fails to mention he has a DC that made him last year. New GM - one that says JA is a core player and wants him to be
  8. Couldn't agree more with that statement. With that said, if JD is not trading him prior to the 2020 season they need to sit down and talk. Just to clear the air if nothing else. I highly doubt Jamal sits the year. You need to give him a bit of "save face" moment in that fact you talked to him and we cleared the air. The rest is up to Jamal - meaning he then needs to do and say the right things (this will be a big challenge). JD can do this without promising anything then what he already had said - Jamal is the one that needs to followup the meeting with "I am good". Doubt it.
  9. That is a big prediction. I like Cam (always try to get him as QB in fantasy ..lol) but that is a stretch given his injury history. Plus I think TB would be better in that offense than Cam.
  10. Cam is not TB and a very different QB. It won't be the same Offensive system so you have to see how the rest of the team adjust. This is why I believe BB waiting so long to pull this trigger.
  11. He needs to eat some humble pie for sure
  12. Perhaps. Davis has to play a down in the NFL so I can't determine if he is starter material or not yet. Most likely has some growing and learning to do. Looks like a promising prospect but let's temper expectations until you we see him play an NFL snap ...;-)
  13. LMAO .. said the fans of the team that has their franchise QB on a tag.
  14. Because this is the Jamal Adams trade thread ..lol
  15. Good read. Like how they say Jets have done nothing wrong in the situation and can't be blamed.
  16. Read about that this morning. For what it is worth - 49ers fans seem to have as much belief in this beat writer as we do in Manish.
  17. Yea it could be that .. its a weird thing that can be taken a few ways out of context to say "you never mess with a guy's contract". Leaves a lot to the imagination without hearing the entire dialog. It can infer the Jets are messing with the contract. It can infer what you said. Need the context to understand what he meant though. Personally like @Bobby816 indicated I would have liked a little different response if I am Gase, JD and the Johnson. Something like. "Jamal is a stud football player and leader on D. I don't touch talking about guy's contracts since I don't have the res
  18. LOL. GW has always been known as a players coach and for stuff like this. Reminds me of something Rex might have said as a DC. Also could be good cop / bad cop stuff. Who knows.
  19. I don't think they felt Robby was a long term solution at WR. Don't think it was the money - don't think Gase or JD believe he is a #1.
  20. I get you .. I just don't think given JA has put himself in the same class as Brady and Donald that he is looking to be teh highest paid Jet. I think he is looking to be one of the highest paid Defensive players in the NFL. That is why I don't think Mosley's contract is even in his mind. But who knows.
  21. If Jamal is asking for 20+ then I say Mosley's contract is not a factor.
  22. On the surface I agree about Jamal. But his actions speak of a non competitor. He is unwilling (despite lip service when drafted) to dedicate himself to change the NYJ franchise after only 3 years and not fulfilling his first contract. Being a competitor is not just running around full speed and making plays on game day it is much more. Refer you to "The Last Dance". Jordan did not abandon the Bulls because they were under .500 his first three years and he was not happy. He became part of the solution not the problem. Become the leader, changed his game and lifted his team mates. I'
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