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  1. Mosley was signed as much for his leadership and locker room presences as for his on field play. Did we over pay - most likely. But as @KingOfTheDot stated his first 3 quarters where unreal and how that D changed when he left tells a big story.
  2. Whatever - sorry you took offense but that proves my point. We can differ in opinion without taking it as insult .. that is what is great about freedom of speech. And I never handed out nor received a participation trophy nor invented it. I only received trophies for my or my teams success.
  3. IDK ... has created a generation of people who feel like they should be reward for doing the bare min... I am an employer and employees feel like you owe them because they show up for work (Have many friends who own business too that support that). Additionally sends the message that the competition does not mean much. Life is not fair and even less fair if you don't put in the effort - this generation is always expecting a reward even if they did not earn it .... just IMO
  4. I think Jamal and his generation would frankly. No offense to any millennials on the board but the generation of participation trophies are not to good at problem solving and emotional intelligence IMO.
  5. Exactly. A lot easier for the fan base too forgive a player for holding out because he outplayed the contract, is the best at his position and wants to be paid. Personally, I was upset with Revis when he held out but was excited when he came back.
  6. Revis also did not demand a trade as I remember. He also did not public bid farewell to his teammates and fans. He also did not submit a list of teams to trade him to. I don't recall Revis saying much publicly but let his agent do so.
  7. Just my opinion .. but I think that would mean he sits out the 2020 season or the 2020 season is cancelled. I think the latter is more realist then the former.
  8. Agree with you about Dak the player ... middle of that pack QB that with an great OL and weapons can be made to look like a top 10 QB. But here is my question ... did Dak ***** and moan about his contract or his agent like this? I do't' recall anything. One thing to want money now other to go about it in such a destructive and counter productive way.
  9. I don't know much about Dak's situation or how negotiations or his contract has gone ... besides him just signing the tag. I know you are in Texas ... do you see any relevance to the agent?
  10. If he dose look at it that way .... I would agree his is not being intelligent. His agent would be to blame that not for the deal but for not making Jamal understand WHY he got him 14.8 million up front. Perhaps the agent failed in getting Jamal to invest a large chunk of that money so he actually made more than that 14.8 and 22.25 million over the 4 years. But if your assumption is correct ... HOLY S*%$* is all I have to say.
  11. I think everyone here has acknowledged his is a special and talented player. I think everyone here would welcome him staying on the team. I also think most here realize that the NFL is a salary cap league but is also a team game where one player does not equal winning. This is not the NBA. So you need to build a team both on the field and financially that can be successful for a long time. Paying any position 40% more than the current highest paid player is just not a good business decision on any level.
  12. Yea no player is going to the love the team as much as the fans for the most part. There are exceptions but this is the rule. Look at Tom Brady - There is no NE fan wants him to finish his career in Tampa? But you would expect that while under contract they adopt the team and locker room and brotherhood mentality. When they don't you clearly have a non team player who is me first. We all seem to know this about Jamal. I am sure he wants to win .. you don't play a game not to win.... but Jamal wants to be paid above all else. The question would be if we did sign him to an extension,
  13. Which may explain the Davis pick. Move Maye to SS, Davis at FS and perhaps the plan was to have Adams play the hybrid monsterback roll.
  14. I am not going to blame Mac for this situation nor should anyone. Sorry everyone was lauding JA until he took his crazy pills 8 months ago
  15. It is a mess because Adams is a mess not because he is a S. I don't disagree about some positional value in the draft. But at the end of the day, we have ti get good football players I would have taken Watson BTW
  16. Well here is what JD tweet last night to Jamal and I love it Edit nvm it was a parade account I saw
  17. Ahhh. Found the real reason why Jamal is acting a fool.
  18. Yea but not the way to do it. JD is not going to take less than he was offered last Oct.... if he does everyone will be screaming for his head. So if Jamal wants out this is not that way to do it ... it is the way to get traded to bad NFC team (Lions) or a team not known to pay their players (Cincy).
  19. I hear you. That would lend credence to Jamal's whining .. would not justify it but lend credence. I don't think anyone under contract will sign a big money extension this summer. Just my gut. I think a guy like Clowney is going to have to take a one year deal for lower than what he was offered in the past well.
  20. Which tells you what a moron he is ....
  21. Its called COVID 19. If Jamal can't understand that, which he obviously can't, then he is just plan unintelligent. COIVD has changed a lot for millions of people.
  22. He is actually talking like the Jets have either said ok we will trade you or they have already traded him. Unless he knows something that we don’t and has not been reported the dude must have a mental illness.
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