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  1. For real. I was like... What?? He hit on a young tight end that we've long coveted. Why give up on him
  2. Boys, it's almost time. I'm amped. Maybe due to the radical skadattle Bang I just drank
  3. Good post. I agree with most of it. I'd also comment that the Packers did have a first round bye last year and beat Seattle in the divisional round. For what it's worth. However, the Bucs smashed Green Bay off their most recent bye
  4. Quickest release off the line in all of football.
  5. Noted. I'll take that into consideration going forward lol
  6. He's not overrated. Rodgers can do that though, yes. And maybe he will be. Who knows
  7. They're not similar receivers except for their size, like that dude mentioned. They don't play remotely the same style at all. Whatever though.
  8. I have no problem with you saying that about Ramsey. He's a baller. But for you to say they're the same type of receiver is pretty outlandish. Makes me think you don't actually watch them play. And to say he's a great route runner. He's not that great of a route runner. He's definitely good. But I wouldn't say he's great. He's no Adams, Diggs, Allen, etc. What makes Hopkins so great as a receiver is his hands and ability to make contested catches. Not to say he doesn't also get open. He does. But not like Adams
  9. No he isn't? D Hop could never dream of running routes like Adams. Adams is a finesse player who can play big. Hopkins is a physical receiver period
  10. Majority of posters seem to not be interested in Aaron Rodgers winning it. Why? Genuinely curious. Is he unlikable in your eyes or what
  11. Correct. Honestly, even though we scored 10 early points in that game, those drives looked uncharacteristic as well. We didn't look right in that game. And I thought Rodgers looked noticeably different. Some reason I do strongly believe we'd beat them down if we play em again
  12. Should've bought Rodgers that Aston Martin. Karma Bakh, karma.
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