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  1. 1 game played in 3 seasons. Ouch
  2. Based on his stats for the game, multiply it by 16 (full season) and he'd have 5,500+ pass yards, 48 tudders, 0 picks since the one that happened was a clear penalty that wasn't called, and a 68+% completion percentage. He missed a few opportunities in the game, as does every quarterback ever. Not sure how 'last year's rodgers' returned. He played with so much damn heart yesterday and you're too damn spoiled to appreciate it. He shouldn't need to do everything right all the time.
  3. Aaron Rodgers was not perfect yesterday. And... I'm not ashamed to say, if/when Rodgers leaves Green Bay, I will be a fan of whomever he goes to until his career is over. Once he retires, I'll return to Green Bay. But not until that happens. I am tired of Rodgers needing to be perfect. Not perfect so that we win a game, but perfect so that we have a chance at a late game comeback. Because even if he's perfect, it's gonna be tough to win against the good teams. I am tired of there always being a weird, inexcusable play or two at the very worst times of every playoff game. I'm not ask
  4. Weirdly enough, Brett Favre used to go for jogs throughout Green Bay while completely naked during the snow. 🤷 And yes, it was huge.
  5. That's fine. He's 350 lbs. Make him deal with the no huddle anyway.
  6. I mean I guess when I see the word "obvious," I take it at face value. Even with the Packers throwing often on first down, you still will have a hard time knowing pre-snap if it's a throw or pass. If we're basing it off tendencies, that's more like a guess. Nothing about this offense is predictable nor obvious
  7. Another issue is that there aren't many "obvious" pass downs for GB. Their run plays and pass plays all look the same. Then they mix in constant motion pre-snap. I think they ran a motion on like 70% of their plays last week. So once again, its all about the LOS. Keep the Packers in 3rd and long situations, and your plan may have the effect you're lookin' for. Packers are one of, if not the best, on 3rd down.
  8. A lot of teams have tried that against Davante the past 2-3 seasons. He can be contained for sure if you're committing two or three defenders to him every snap like you suggest. The problem is that it will be completely moot unless the Bucs dominate the LOS. That's their best strategy to stop Adams. If you're rooting for the Bucs, the LOS is everything in this game. Only way to stop GB is to not allow them to even run their plays. Because if they do run the plays they want, they're going to gash Tampa. Especially if you're now playing 8-9 vs 10 (if they utilize your strategy).
  9. The world has always wanted Rodgers vs Brady in the Super Bowl. This is now the next best thing. This game will be special. Big Packers fan here, but regardless of what happens, I hope it's competitive and filled with clutch moments.
  10. For real. I was like... What?? He hit on a young tight end that we've long coveted. Why give up on him
  11. Boys, it's almost time. I'm amped. Maybe due to the radical skadattle Bang I just drank
  12. Good post. I agree with most of it. I'd also comment that the Packers did have a first round bye last year and beat Seattle in the divisional round. For what it's worth. However, the Bucs smashed Green Bay off their most recent bye
  13. Quickest release off the line in all of football.
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