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  1. At this point I'd be cool with Chili as the next DC.
  2. Adams, Rodgers, Jones. Best players with the TDs.
  3. Love the energy. Score another TD an no way in hell Rams can come back.
  4. I did not expect k-pop during an NFL broadast.
  5. How is picking something that almost never happens a safe bet?
  6. I don't penalize Henry for 99 yarder. What I meant is that Henry looked to be quite ineffective while given plenty of carries in the beginning of the season (Lewis had much better stats the first three games). It doesn't look like Henry's situation was anywhere near Aaron Jones's. where a productive runner was given very few carries until late in the season. It looks more like Henry suddenly became productive in the last 4-6 weeks. I didn't watch a single Titans game though so it's all "box score scouting".
  7. The first three games of the season Henry averaged over 15 carries per game (10, 18, 18) for a total of 139 yards (3.0 ypc). The Jags game really screws all the Henry's stats this season.
  8. It's neither, but K-Bob is for sure the best spelling of kebab I've ever seen.
  9. I don't think I can trust Glazer after such a blatant lie.
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