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  1. I agree that Deguara was a reach. However, it became evident last years draft was MLF’s draft. He got three wishes and came away with Love, Dillon, Deguara, plus 3 OL including Runyan all in the 6th. You can’t discount Deguaras potential value though. We want the best athletic tight end / h back group in the league—it’s a sneaky way to continually create mismatches.
  2. He’s, for all intents and purposes, a rookie taking care of odds and ends. One of these times we’ll get some Tom Crabtree level production outta him.
  3. In an offense thread? I don’t have someone else even on the radar to give up on. Sternberger made it after the preseason. It’s a solid team. Lucas Patrick on an expiring contract played well enough for me to wonder why we invested a 2 in a C today but his career is up and down and frankly we’re trying to win it all this year so if he turns to crap in January I will give up on him due to inconsistency. Not that we’d be paying him regardless. This is footballsfuture. I’m talking about snaps being reduced for a football player in the future. We want to win this ***** this year. We can’t have
  4. Can’t help but miss Jaire… Kenny Clark playing worth every penny. Amos too. Kevin King ready to come play his best stretch of games being forced into #1 role. Stokes looks like a 2-base hit of a draft pick already but rookie lumps. Gary is gonna be worth a second contract. Preston Smith can come asking for his money back next year. Campbell playing like Ray Lewis if he didn’t have the motivation of running from a murder case. Barnes clearly a better player than Burks, Summers. Jaylon Smith for depth and pass heavy times. Savage showing all the reaso
  5. I’m gonna take a moment to point out the one problem this offense hasn’t been able to overcome: Equanimeous St. Brown. Absolutely done with this guy. I am 100% all in on him being this years first member of the “addition via subtraction” team. We should draw another WR off the pile and give him this guys spot. He never seems to be aware enough to actually execute. If he’s involved in the play design, things fail. Blocking, receiving—I think he probably rode to the game with Crosby today. Enough is enough. Did LaFleur recruit him at Notre Dame or something? He’s had 4/5 chances.
  6. Disagree with both PI calls on Stokes. He’s looked like the game is slower for him than most rookies.
  7. Something I hadn’t thought about—our defensive coordinator has as good of an understanding of SF and LA offenses as anyone.
  8. Preston Smith is what we wish Nick Perry was.
  9. First live action as a unit in a new defense ends in a FG. Okay. 3-0 NO Offense goes 13 yards in 7 plays. Saints take 15 plays to score a TD. 10-0 NO Offense goes 8 yards in 5 plays. Saints take 15 plays to score a TD. 17-0 NO Packer FG to half. 17-3 Packers INT. Saints get 15 yards in 5 plays from their own 40. Packers INT. Saints go 12 yards in 3 plays for a TD. 24-3 Saints. Packers turnover on downs Saints go 21 yards in 4 plays for a TD. 31-3 Saints and it’s over entering the fourth quarter. I agree the defense was horrific. The 15
  10. Its a shame how close the previous defense was to working out at times. Always felt a cylinder off. I wasn't around for the 70s or 80s but I'd love to see a truly dominant defense in Green Bay for more than two seasons or a single playoff game at a time.
  11. This is what I was worried about as in OP. But I think Rodgers having won an MVP last year pretty much means he's as big of a believer as anyone. If he's had anyone to point the finger at for the last two NFC Championships its himself. So whatever flew into his man bun it isn't the offensive scheme. Also nice that Hackett is on the same page as me. You need to improve your guard play Nathaniel! Get it together!
  12. Mahomes contract is extremely palatable because he had two years left of a rookie contract to spread the bonus over but was otherwise a top of market contract for the years past the first two. Yes, wait until you find out what the 2023 cap is going to be. The inflation of NFL contracts is just about to recategorized as hyper inflation. That 17th game is more than a 6% increase in revenue. The top third of the players will see over half of that. Legalized gambling is an additional revenue with UNTOLD possibilities. They are trying to rip up TV deals to get more. It’s a great time to s
  13. If 1 happens we’re again right there at the end. If 2 happens my respect for Gutenkunst drops from probable to questionable. No thanks.
  14. With Rodgers, Adams, Jones, Bakhtiari, and Turner on veteran deals we are over 30% and that's only five players. Rodgers and Adams are 23% of our cap alone. If they are gone we have all the money we want for everyone else. But we also lose all championship hopes in the process. Tonyan is the next clear player who will be paid. Thankfully tight ends don't make crap. Kind of one of the a few things this offense has going for it--RB and TE are cheaper dates than WR across the board. Nearly all NFL rosters are top heavy like that on both sides of the ball. I imagine most teams will fall a li
  15. You can pay whomever if you aren't carrying Rodgers contract. Its 27 Million in cap space. It's almost better for Love to sign MVS and keep the offense intact. Next best thing to not being in development of your QB is to not be in development anywhere else. I will be clear though, MVS walking does not directly mean a 1st rounder on a WR. Amari Rodgers may be able to get over the top. Lazard gets wide open off scheme downfield too. It's just the ideal conditions call for 4.4 or less speed. We definitely don't want to be trotting 4.6 Allen Lazard out expecting him to outrun safeties gettin
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