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  1. Post Playoff Exit Mock

    Adams is also the type of WR you should put dynamic alternatives around.
  2. Post Playoff Exit Mock

    Reagor is currently the only player I'm sure I'm okay with at 30 who I think will be available. Replaces MVS' opportunities deep and he'll put on some YAC. I don't have interest in Tyler Johnson if he isn't a plus athlete. We have enough average athletes. They don't win you ball games.
  3. I think I will enjoy this football game.
  4. The only thing I plan on being happy about once Rodgers is gone. No one else in the league does this.
  5. Other- He will elevate Dak, which should increase offensive output overall. He will elevate Cobb, who now becomes FAR more likely to be back in Dallas. He will elevate WR play. Offense never got production out of TE or RB position consistently. Zeke’s value falling there production wise, maybe not. He never had anything close to Zeke in GB. Classic case of frustrating time outs and poor clock management. When his offense misses, it can lead to 20 second three and outs which makes his own defense tire. Won the turnover battle BIG in his best GB years, thanks to his QBs ball security. His defense is whomever you hire as DC. He will not be hands on Defensively. That’s between Jerrah and the DC.
  6. SNF: SF at Sea(Quest for the 1)

    Sf not ready for this one.
  7. SNF: SF at Sea(Quest for the 1)

    Seattle gonna our the best down on SF. They aren’t readyyyy
  8. 2019 WR Corps

    I’m ready to talk about the 2020 WR corps. Tae still every bit as good as 2018. Love that he’s paid, and should therefore be able to say “Forget me, we’re gonna win this thing during this contract” . MVS still a 9 route or not open/targeted. I understand he works out with Moss. I want to see improvement the second half of the season. Get open on outs and ins. Guys should be afraid of that speed. Geronimo is a 1-8 route guy. LaFleur also seems to have identified him as a worthy motion man. Works with Rodgers well in the scramble drill. Can’t be counted on to blow the top off a defense alone, tons of injuries including concussions I’ve lost count of (anyone know?). Jake Kumerow took the long road here, but has established himself as smart route runner with fine hands. He seems to be a 1-8 route guy as well who has done well enough in a limited role to be notice. Like G-Mo and Tae, he’s N*Sync with 12 on the scrambly whambly. Allen Lazard also is connected to Rodgers (I want to point out Rodgers seems to have a lot of donnections with the depth of our WRs). His hands and size have transferred over from college. His foot speed seems to have improved. He’s a 1-8 route guy as well. Darrius Shepherd failed as both a WR and KR/PR this regular season. He looked oversized and overmatched. Now on the Practice Squad looking to regain form from the preseason that should remind us, for now, the preseason sucks and doesn’t matter. Equanimeous St. Brown I have no clue how to feel about. I had him as a 2nd rounder coming out. Obviously a bad injury to be IR’d before this season even began. Could use some opinions here. Malik Taylor, Kabion Ento. Athletes getting redshirted on the PS right now.
  9. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    I’m not unhappy with his performance. I’m saying he’s overpaid at the moment. Nature of the beast when you are paid the most—highest expectations.
  10. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    I don’t care about the stats. I care about the performance. He doesn’t look the same.
  11. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    Only Mahomes is gonna reset the market. He’s top 5 paid through 2021.
  12. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    If I pay you 105 Million to play 48 games and you can only play in 34 games it’s exactly like I paid you 105 million to play 34 games. Availability is important. I get that people can’t put emotion aside, but he hasn’t been an MVP candidate the last two years, doesn’t look like one this year, and he’s been paid more than anyone in that span. You are talking about pay, production has to match it. It’s the NFL.
  13. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    Those aren’t MVP numbers, he’s missed half of each of the last two seasons, yeah. That’s another knock on his value, not a positive. He’s overpaid because he’s not producing as his contract would dictate he should be.
  14. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    His 33.5 Mil annual cap hit is third most in the NFL behind Wilson and Roethlisberger. No one is expected to top his deal this coming offseason either. He’s paid like an MVP, but he’s been averaging 21 TDs a year since 2016 ended. He has game manager stats.
  15. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    He’s overpaid. But you do have to know your audience.