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  1. Would not be afraid to play those guys in the playoffs.
  2. Anyone convinced by my Brice argument?
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Montez Sweat, EDGE, Miss St. 6'6" 242 LBS. Watched Sweat vs. Arkansas, Ole Miss, Alabama. ~ Tall, long armed EDGE. Uses full length. Hands and feet stay active. Uses outside speed rush to set up an inside move. Is familiar with stunts. Capable of getting skinny to apply pressure. Runs arc a little wide and needs to get lower and bend into the OL more. But the athleticism is there. Can change directions well. Keeps his eyes on the QB. Does a good job holding the edge. Doesn't really shed though. Effort was good. Genuine excitement for teams success. NOT a power move guy. Frame struggles to win leverage wars. Large Guards swallow him up. Didn't see a coverage rep in three games. Overall: Classic long EDGE with a lot of intangibles and athleticism. I'm not positive that any of his game will translate super well to the Pros and I definitely don't see a Pro Bowler. Will watch more of him but this isn't a guy I want to spend a 1st on.
  4. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    I think of them as the same style but I do think Jones is the more likely of the two to develop thanks to some decent size advantage. There’s great hope there for both of them. I just don’t want either of them covering the deep third. But I do understand you can’t hide them either. So until one of them develops that, we’re gonna take lumps.
  5. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Like half the league tries to avoid their SS covering the deep third. We know that either he or Jones needs to develop cover skills. They are both physically gifted guys. It’s gotta come down to who has the instincts to turn and cover deep and take the correct angles and make the right decisions on which route they need to help on. I haven’t seen either of them do it.
  6. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Regarding Brice, I think we saw what he’s great at and what he’s bad at in two weeks. Attacking between the sticks is a strength. You’ll see him on both sidelines, he’ll be there to hit somebody. Being the single high safety is an issue. He doesn’t have incredible vision of the field. I had hoped he’d be improved there. He isn’t. His ceiling isn’t much higher than where he’s at imo. I want to see Josh Jones.
  7. I try to keep this short, sweet, and open for debate. I try to highlight guys good or bad based on expectations. Stock UP: RB Jamal Williams hasn't been pretty, hasn't been super effective, but for a 2nd year 5th round RB, he's been developing. WR Randall Cobb is still very valuable. WR Geronimo Allison has shut down any talk of being upended by any rookie. DL Kenny Clark may very well be our best defender. CB Jaire Alexander is a future Pro Bowler, possibly All-Pro. CB Josh Jackson was pro ready, I didn't see that. P JK Scott is gonna be here a long, long time. Stock DOWN: QB Deshone Kizer just needs to start out by refusing to turn the ball over above all else. RG Justin McCray's first two games this year were both below average, needs to be more consistent. OLB Clay Mathews is on pace for 32 tackles, zero sacks, 16 fatal mistakes, and 11.2 Million dollars. And he hasn't even gotten injured yet. CB Davon House won't be on the team next year. S Kentrell Brice is an attacking safety, which is what people say to politely tell everyone he's a liability deep. Not a long term starter. Anyone I missed?
  8. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Good game guys. Instant classic.
  9. Please tell me someone can go back to get a recording of Lane Taylor skull tricking Kendrick’s when his helmet comes off.
  10. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    Okay so heres what I REALLY FREAKING WANT SOMEONE TO MAKE: Youtube this video but voiceover "Bruce Wayne" with "Aaron Rodgers" and "Bane" with "Barr" and "prison" with "minnesota" and "raz a ghoul" to "mike zimmer"
  11. How the NFL should get to an 18 Game Schedule

    Would you sit Rodgers this week if we had these rules?
  12. Bulaga stoned Mack on 3rd and 10
  13. Should be Ty on KR Alexander on PR. ST TDS tonight.