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  1. Pat Mac’s Graphic Design Team with the ShAHT AhT to this forum using “Superb Owl Odds” on their graphic.
  2. I can actually sum up the ST woes by listing all five “specialist” jobs and a single meme. Long Snapper, Holder, Punter, Kicker, Kick Returner
  3. I am as well. And I can report back only that his mother died of cancer when he was 8 so I’m an a-hole. I looked at 5 places no mention.
  4. Ima say he’s half Hispanic (mothers side) and half white. But I promise to learn about it and that makes talking about this acceptable.
  5. I just want to know if Steven Jenkins killed his tattoo artist for his lack of geometry understanding on those stairs.
  6. Lol was just thinking something similar. Best option is to go the the FA pile and see who’s available or we’re putting Lazard back there.
  7. Pass blocking is easier than run blocking as a unit. We gotta keep scoring. All gas no brake.
  8. I don’t remember the rule but if they can move the kickoff back 5 yards that would mean a return and nope.
  9. Watching the game a second time at half speed is amazing. Joe Bucks call of the OBJ TD sounds exactly like GOTHIM! Meme. You also get to see who gets off the ball best most downs.
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