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  1. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    The 9 mil is in two payments, which means none of it is guaranteed.
  2. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    I want to remind people that the punishments the league hands down are approved by the NFL Players Association. Or at least—that result is collectively bargained for by the players. They are HAPPY to let the NFL appear to be the bad guy even though it is their union members getting in trouble. Cut and dry policy is not the best policy for these things. Each situation is different. We don’t know all the facts.
  3. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    No one pressing charges. He had a team backing him and wasn’t the top headline for WEEKS leading up to this email coming out. Even if she is gold digging, AB did himself no favors in the public eye recently. The Patriots have him for one year. No real ties there yet. He’ll probably play out the year there while this is in the system. If I was AB, I wouldn’t be worried, because my ego would have me high AF. This women is gonna get paid tho. The emails are too good of evidence. He doesn’t want to turn busting a nut on a Thot’s back into the public knowing more about his life. He needs control, and when you’re insane and rich that’s gonna mean privacy.
  4. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    He brags about busting a nut on her back twice.
  5. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    Not admissible in just about any court of law.
  6. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    It’s honestly doesn’t look good for Brown. Regardless of whether he did it or not, we’ll never know for sure. The email was pretty bad. If they supplied it, it’s because they knew it would come out eventually. Which means it’s legit his email. And why bring up busting a nut on her back in the email if it wasn’t because he knew she would be upset by it? All he did was try to hurt her feelings in the dumbest ways possible. Which means he’s not misunderstood, and is indeed a rapist.
  7. Pats sign AB

    Tell Tom Brady he better watch his back.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    Here should be the official take on NE from everyone: Tom Brady is the GOAT. The mans lived every 10 year olds dream. Super hot wife with a bunch of rings and stats to back it up. Nice. I applaud you, Tom. I eagerly await to see how your sexual predator owner pays you after you are done playing, because me thinks it’ll be a 50 million dollar lifetime contract to essentially have circumvented the salary cap on a technically legal but morally wrong way. Bill Bellichick is the GOAT*. He consistently said F U to everyone every step of the way—league, players, rules; all of it. But guess who’s cashing checks above everyone? The hoodie. He could take all this stupid *** drama on this forum that I had to read and turn it into Moby **** banging a football playbook. He’s the staple of a gosh darn modern dynasty, and he did it in with his nuts swinging against New York’s chin. Boston’s a beautiful American city, but its Sports fans won’t find any sympathy when their chips are down.
  9. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Y’all too young. I’ve been using this forum for 14 years. Them guys are all PMT.
  10. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    Hes a rookie 4th string TE. Nothing he does is "critical" right now.
  12. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    We used all offseason to collect the best 100 players we could. Now everyone wants to go off page? We invested in these guys. They know the playbook. They are our best option for a couple weeks, minimum. Only thing replaceable now is K/PR
  13. Packers Cuts Thread

    Dumb. Backup returner. It better be a competition.
  14. Packers Cuts Thread

    Davis has zero instinct as a WR. He's physically improved, he isn't a wire frame anymore. He's just not a difficult cover yet and he's in his rookie contract year. We have 4 WR above him on the depth chart that were either undrafted or drafted later than him in both terms of draft year and pick. Shepherd's entire game is instinct. If he can develop, he can be a 40 catch slot rotational piece that also returns punts and kicks.