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  1. Giants Training Camp

    What's the deal with that RB situation? I didn't think Perkins was anything special coming out and Vereen is usually hurt. Any chance Gallman is the starter by years end?
  2. You're a real Richard Butkus sometimes.
  3. 3.2 The Baylor Football Program selects Wayne Gallman, RB, NYG. @Lieker is back up.
  4. I am currently OTC for 3.2. Making my pick shortly.
  5. I'm aware and I'm working on it. Didnt expect a couple guys to be here that are, so I'm researching.
  6. Mack was a good pick. Probably penciled in starting for Indy in 2018.
  7. @Cadmus is up. Early money is on Jeff Janis.
  8. Pretty happy to get a solid contributor right away. Safe pick. Like my stable of RBs now with Gurley, Howard, Lynch, Ajayi, and Duke Johnson. Don't think any of them will be Super, but all except for Johnson should be pretty reliable scorers. Then again, I wouldn't be shocked if any of them flop.
  9. 1.11 The Baylor Football Program selects Marshawn Lynch, RB, Oakland Raiders.
  10. Yeah it's not a money league. I'll give him some time here. I actually have 2 guys I really like anyway.
  11. Obviously, the obvious guy is it for me. I'm torn on if I should fire at 5:01 if he hasn't picked or if I should grant him some slack. What do you guys think?
  12. 99% sure Persiandud will be crushing my soul with his pick.
  13. How Can We Improve the Packers Forum?

    Told ya'll, gotta get "AJ Hawk" on the blocked words list.
  14. OFFICIAL Training camp thread

    Hows Zay Jones doing? Also, Micah Hyde was a great player. More of my favorites. Highlights from the last four years.