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  1. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    busy in good ways. Barely been on here for a while. just checking things out.
  2. Packers fire Associate Head Coach for tweet (allegedly)

    He follows me on Twitter. Whatcha wanna DM him?
  3. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Is have no issues with the changes.
  4. Same spot as last week-- can our broken front 7 get a stop for us.
  5. No one on these fields have the career strength to make business decisions.
  6. Aaron Rodgers is your QB... This isn't over. But it TD + 3 n out time. Get the last possession with time to operate.
  7. Disagree. Never should've been Williams making first contact with the defender. Spriggs whiffffed
  8. I don't know how you guys haven't figured out how to ignore the stuff that is annoying or stupid on this site. Took me like a day to realize I don't have to respond to bad takes.
  9. That was a FANTASTIC defensive call there. Cover 3 is the bomb in the red zone. Defenders get to attack!
  10. Decisoin temi losers. We winning or naw? I say yes.
  11. Good Davis returns the ball 12 yards. Bad Davis leaves a great return opportunity out there.
  12. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    I will die with him on my “Dead to Me” list. I think we figured out who benefitted most from the scheme change. Lots of coverage sacks aka hustle sacks (I’m giving a lot of credit here). We’ve seemed to have pulled the reigns back on our OLBs. We lead the league in sacks by different players. Pettine has dialed up the pressure at the right times. The cover guys have been far superior. It’s been an up year at defense and Fackrell has done his job well. Kyler Fackrell in Dom’s defense stunk. Kyler Fackrell in Mike Pettine’s defense doesn’t because the entire play isn’t reliant on him to get to the QB with more than just hustle.
  13. Jimmy Graham

    Vehemently disagree. Tonyan is the new Jeff Janis. Just wait. He’s not ready. Jimmy’s still a massive mismatch. Rodgers knows it. Jimmy knows it. New NFL practice rules suck. They never had time to gel and Jimmy was still on pace to break the franchise yardage record. Davante should write Jimmy a thank you letter for all the red zone targets.