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  1. So just wanted to reign in on this... I don't think Rodgers was happy Gutekunst traded up to draft a QB without discussing it. He wants to know where he stands long term and that's fair. It seems he is privately pushing an ultimatum that Green Bay either commit to him long term via an extension or trade him to his new long term home. There IS supposed to be a level of professionalism from players to honor their contract. But the human side of this dictates Rodgers' opinion is as important as anyones in Green Bay. Its the nature of the position, and when you are a three time MVP you should
  3. Also should be noted he dropped 3 long balls last year. I know a Packers jr. Twitter warrior has him down for 1.5 but I counted 3. KC, CHI, NFCCG. All were 6 points. Cant say I’m disappointed in MVS and a year 3 jump is probably more likely than the year 2 jump we expected. But he better take a step forward. Rodgers gave him crazy opportunities. We can’t set up play action with the run game and then NOT hit the payoff downfield because MVS needs a body catch. That’s not a starting NFL caliber WR.
  4. I’d never pay for news. One of the reporters had it on Twitter. It was a quote from the DB coach who looks vaguely computer generated.
  5. Far more likely they aren’t signing him because he doesn’t want to go through all the camps. He doesn’t need them. Same defense he’s got like 5 years experience in. Just needs to be ready. Also kinda suspect he won’t be back... Kevin King is actually asking for slot reps for what that’s worth.
  6. 6’ 200 lbs with ball skills. Age 24. Some NFL experience. He has a chance. I still think he’d be way better being a zone boundary corner but he has a chance. Development can happen anywhere along a rookie contract. Some are late bloomers. His 2017 was awesome. I’m wondering if he was on the roster hurt last year.
  7. Thoughts: Coach looks like a madden sideline character for sure. If we win the Super Bowl this year, it’s because this secondary is the best we’ve had since we lost Nick Collins. I have to take a timeout to say losing Collins was devastating. He was headed to the Hall of Fame. Didn’t have the immediate impact like Sterling did but got dam. Alexander-King-Amos-Savage is the most talented combination I can remember in our secondary across the board. Whomever the opposing QB is, Rodgers will have less to fear in the throwing windows. I wanna know the 3rd corner righ
  8. Welshman here. It’s true. We got off that potato island they called Ireland. We did it. Then we got to America and we’re like “Yeah this is cool”. True story. Don’t underestimate us.
  9. 1. No. 2. No. 3. Yes 4. 1 more year 5. No. 10 keepers has been good for keeping the league balanced. 6. Abstain. 7. Open to all. Really flexible. 8. awesome
  10. Prince is the best. He really took one for the brand. All that great music PLUS crushed Minnesota fans hearts. Low key day 2 pick.
  11. 6’5 215 EQ has the size we like to run block with. 6’1 195 isn’t the same tool bag to ask him to even start blocking. There is still a major role for an ARSB in this offense. Is just one thing out of twenty that isn’t a check mark in his game. He has high marks plenty of other places. In my dream world we collect all three, and continue the breeding process locally (bring in Venus and Serena) and create super soldier WRs that allow us to abandon having to discuss a WRs blocking ability.
  12. St. Brown won’t be a Packer. Absolutely can not run block for the life of him. Maybe he shows improvement there this year. But I don’t think he has the physicality EQ has.
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