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  1. I vote for Option X—do not replace the Kicker position. A lot of these teams are struggling to find players worth starting some weeks. There’s a pretty big gap between the top and bottom thirds of the league. Smaller rosters helps the newer owners recover from their previous owners.
  2. Immediately transition to FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) for waivers: YES 2) Immediately transition to a Live Draft format for 2019 Rookie/Unclaimed Vet Draft: or NO 3) Migrate league hosting site from FleaFlicker to Sleeper (if other preference please indicate) before the start of the 2019 NFL Season: Abstain 4a) Remove the Kicker Position for 2019: NO 4b) If you chose to remove the Kicker Position: Option X: Remove the K position, and drop from 11 weekly starters to 10 weekly starters (rosters of 20 will be maintained) YES or NO Option Y: Remove the K position, and replace with a fourth FLEX (RB/WR/TE) that will be replaced by a WR3 after the 2020 season YES or NO 5) Increase the number of keepers from 10 to 11 for the 2020 NFL Season (a NO vote will indicate you prefer to remain at 10 keepers): NO 6a) Potential Live Draft Dates (Please Indicate YES or NO for each date) June 16th (Sunday) YES June 26th (Wednesday) YES July 21st (Sunday) YES July 30th (Monday) YES August 13th (Tuesday) YES August 18th (Sunday) YES 6b) Please list any known date conflicts: Known Conflicts: none
  3. Bumping this to the top cuz f those other leagues.
  4. I’m in, you all suck. Yes to the bid system. Rewards a better draft and you cheese wheels draft kickers in the 5th. No to a live draft. That’s DOOM for leagues like this. Guys miss the draft, throw in the towel because butt hurt.
  5. 2020 Needs and Free Agent List

    Let's just say we have 30 Million to spend for now and worry about it after the season.
  6. 2020 Needs and Free Agent List

    As @Packerraymond pointed out, I was wrong. We have 13 Mil in cap space at the moment. I had read 1.3 Mil. So 37 Mil in cap space at the moment. Indeed, I didn't put Clark or RFA/ERFA on that list because it's a given.
  7. This is Football's Future. Packers 2020 Free Agents: Blake Martinez Mike Daniels Bryan Bulaga Dean Lowry Tramon Williams Mason Crosby Geronimo Allison Mercedes Lewis Kyler Fackrell Jason Spriggs 24 Million in Cap Space. + Rollover (13 Mil atm) Who we want back and what will our needs be? I grayed the players I'd invest 3 year deals on. The rest are replaceable AF.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

  9. 2019 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Gaines went in the 4th.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Preston Williams. Nothing but the most questionable of character guys from now on.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Lions got Hockenson, a mediocre LB, and another mediocre safety.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Wilkerson there is mutual interest reported. Tre Boston door slammed.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Cardinals long time passing connection is Murray to Isabella. Yuck.