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  1. Whoever answered that question was being shortsighted. I agree, home runs are much harder to hit outside of the top 20. But if you can hit doubles (Clark, King, Randall) you can put together a really nice defense. And our defense didn't really change much once Rodgers went down. Still pretty lousy but getting a few turnovers with individuals shining from time to time.
  2. That is the most short sighted thought process. Nowhere else in Sports is a single player as paramount as NFL QB. You build the entire offense around that players skills; all of it. That player never comes off the field. That player makes all the final decisions with the ball. The obvious response is: yeah, the better the QB, the bigger the "gap" looks when they are gone. Teams rotate through garbage QBs all the time and it doesn't make the team around them look different. The team still looks like garbage. Never has this theory been more obvious that Green Bay. Your ceiling on offense always is and always be as high as your current QB can go because everyone else relies on that player. If you need an example. Randy Moss. Most deadly WR of all time. Tom Brady at QB? Record year. Kerry Collins at QB? Becomes a Kerry Collins caliber WR. Players around a QB aren't made by a QB. They are given the opportunity by a QB. Its like Jordy Nelson. Among league leaders this year until Rodgers goes down. Was his ability tied to Aaron Rodgers collarbone? No, his opportunity was. But suddenly, Jordy's lost it. The only truth that is revealed when a great QB is gone is how much better he was than his replacement.
  3. Ted doesn’t have emotions, so worry no more.
  4. If you lose your franchise player, you get a pass. If Philly loses out, are they suddenly talking about jobs over there? No. If the Patriots lose Brady and lose out does B.B. get fired? No. It’s cause and effect. Anyone paying attention saw this was a 4-1 team with Rodgers, we were developing at our weak spots (and still have) to get ready for a Super Bowl run. Its not even like anyone got exposed. Hundley was a total wildcard. We knew that. We had faith the team could survive 12 missing a month. We had no idea if we could survive 8 weeks. We beat some horrible teams and lost to some middle of the road or better teams and survived, so Kudos to the staff. Yes, it was ugly, but I don’t care. Apollo Creed won a lot of rounds too but eventually Rocky Balboa was pretty much fathering his children.
  5. Okay then let’s say Ted sucks at drafting. Still average draft position of 27.5 of 32 teams. The draft order is the NFL saying here’s worst to first based off the games last year. If you want to say 5th place isn’t good enough, I’ll agree it’s not ideal. But you don’t fire that GM, which is the argument the Anti-Ted fascists are really trying to make. You discuss what we need to do to get over the hump from this spot, not if the GM needs to go. Based off last years issues, Ted did well to address the hump. Marty Bennett was a good try. Our CB spot is wayyy better. Martinez appears to be what we’ve been wanting at ILB. The RB group has been our savior. Im not sure what people want.
  6. There’s more to returning kicks than your return average. While Cobb is laying down out of bounds and grabbing the ball to get us the ball at the 40, Davis is standing on the ten yard line calling a fair catch as he backs up.
  7. Okay let’s zero in on recent performance. We were in the NFC Championship last year with LaDarius Gunter trying to cover Julio Jones because we lost Shields, Rollins, Goodson, and Randall’s seasons n turned out to be Tae Adams sophomore season—injured to the point of just being a warm body we could get up. There is honestly NO position on this team we are less talented at than that team, and we are now a team with this list of fears below:
  8. LMAO Literally had a paragraph explaining why this was a bad counter argument. I can sum that up pretty quick: Rodgers was his pick. The entire offense revolves around him because, you know, he’s the best player in the world and the best strategy on offense when you have the best player in the world is to set it up for maximum best player in the world. This isn’t hard stuff for people to understand. We set our offense up to go only as far as the best player in the world can take it. He got injured. Coaches scrambled and kept us in position to make the playoffs. Now we get to see the best player in the world again. I almost miss AJ Hawk discussion at this point.
  9. Okay, so without Free Agency, as in, the only way talent is being added is through the draft and develop method, we've finished 5th out of 32 teams on average since we won the Super Bowl. Think about that information. 5th out of 32. His drafting has led us to 5th place out of 32 NFL teams. This is the hardest league to win regularly in on the planet and we've been 5th out of 32. How does that NOT equate out to being an elite drafter? You say he's ignoring Free Agency, but we've been in the final 4 twice in the last three years. Do you understand why that appears to conflict with your statement?
  10. 5th out of 32 since we won a Super Bowl. Why are we having this discussion? "But we're wasting Rodgers" Ted drafted him. And we aren't close enough to the end of Rodgers' career to pull resources from future years to try to catch one more ring in any individual year. We want Rodgers to win three more, not just one.
  11. I think everyone is overlooking the fact that Rodgers hasn't had any scan on that injury yet. Doubt they look until Monday next week. Trying to give him the best chance to heal.
  12. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    He’ll go after Cousins. Makes Denver an immediate contender. That’s what I’d do too. And I wouldn’t shy away from a 1&2 to do it. Maybe throw Lynch in too. Simean the backup.
  13. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    Elway will look to make a big splash in FA at QB. If he fails, he will find himself out of a job before the 2020 season.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Feeling good this morning, just gotta say, I called JuJu being the next Dez. dudes a stud.
  15. Lots of people will crap on McAdoo, but if you remember, Eli was just about done before Mc got a couple more years out of him.