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  1. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    I'll be the contrarian- the fake punt wasn't a bad idea. If you think you have a play on that will work a high percent based on your scouting, and you (correctly) know the game is going to be high scoring with very few defensive stops against KC (which it proved to be), then you know a 24-7 lead is nowhere near safe in that spot. Possessing the ball becomes of the utmost importance in games like that. The Texans didn't execute well enough there, so it's easy to say it was a bad idea with hindsight, but the way the game played out proved that with KC's offense those are the kinds of risks the Texans had to take and succeed at if they wanted to win. If they'd punted it 40 yards instead, the ensuing 7 drives suggest the only difference on KC's next possession would have been a few extra plays to score a TD. If the Texans succeed there they not only prevent Mahomes from scoring in the only effective way (keeping him off the field) but have a chance to go down a build a more secure lead before KC starts their inexorable comeback. Sorenson made a great individual play to stop the conversion- major props to him. However not instantly going for it later 4th and short shows a serious BoB blindspot. No defending that.
  2. Za'Darius Smith v. Danielle Hunter

    Well the question is in the present tense. Not "Who has had the better career?", but "Who is the better player right now?" At least that's how I took it.
  3. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I think you're reading way more into the article than is there- at the very least you've chosen an extremely pessimistic take based on the raw prose we both read. Just because you don't know who some of the people in his life are don't mean they are bad influences. If anything the article you linked gave me the impression he's got a good head on his shoulders. You know what is more of a scam? Giving a professional agent a traditional cut of a rookie contract that is all-but-set by the CBA rookie-payscale. As far as the 'concentrated on football or..." narrative, I don't tend to buy that in most cases. Look how far this young man has gotten in football at this point in his life. Further than almost anyone else in his peer group. Saying these guys should be machines that have no life outside football isn't healthy and doesn't necessarily make better football players.
  4. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Based on what?
  5. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Maybe I'm missing some sarcasm here? I don't see how this shows anything but intelligence.
  6. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    Maybe we can trust the players to answer for themselves, though.
  7. Please Stop the Jimmy Graham Disgruntlement Thread

    If you're the kinda person that bangs the table for free agency and you also think the Jimmy Graham signing was a bust you have a wildly unrealistic idea of free agency.
  8. Week 16 GDT Packers @ Jets "I Believe That Gute..."

    We want to shut him down so he doesn't tear an ACL or break a collarbone or do anything that might endanger next season. I don't think many people believe Philbin wants him shut down. Philin is auditioning for a HC job somewhere so he wants the best players on the field regardless of if it's good for the future of the franchise. Sure it's not ideal to have to 'quit' at this point in the season, but if you sell it right it shouldn't be that big a deal. It's not too hard to understand there is nothing to play for if you can't make the playoffs. Sit and IR the vets and important players. Let young guys and bubble guys put out some NFL film as an audition for next year whether on the Packers or another team. They should appreciate the opportunity. Rodgers IS above the rest of the guys on the team, like it or not. He's paid $30m/yr for what he does and there isn't a player, coach, or groundcrew in 1265 that doesn't know that already.
  9. Bears Drive Killers w/ Gifs

    I can only conclude one of two things, and neither is great. If the bolded, I'm worried about what that says about AR's confidence in his arm. Even if he thinks the underneath LB there is sitting on the throw, it's one he should be able to make in his sleep pre-2015, so not attempting for that reason makes me worry about the way his body is aging post-surgery and post-age-35. The other option is that his mind is in full back-yard mode, and he thought he could get the corner to bite on the pump and have Davante run 'go' behind for the TD. If that's the case it's just as worrying because I don't know how you fix a 35 year old QB with that mindset before his body quits on him.
  10. Bears Drive Killers w/ Gifs

    Not really relevant to AR's decision making here as he flushed to his right well before Graham comes open.
  11. This team needs a 2nd round WR/TE/RB or equivalent FA

    Yeah something like that- trying to get Cunningham's Law to work for me. The film breakdown guys here (including you increasingly over the years even though I wouldn't necessarily have called you that when I first saw you posting here) do a great job - but sometimes it feels like I see just as many or more film breakdowns in response to misleading narratives or takes than I see just posted on their own (I did like the threads AG and you made earlier in the year that more or less stood on their own though I think they might have been motivated in large part to respond to certain widely circulating claims about the offense and AR in general).
  12. This team needs a 2nd round WR/TE/RB or equivalent FA

    I'm thinking of starting an A22 trash-takes Packer twitter account just to get more high quality insights from this board.
  13. NFL News & Notes

    Yeah the conventional wisdom is that WR/secondary is a quick twitch game, which falls off sooner in general, whereas line play is more push/pull strength which tends to peak and decline at a later age (again in general).
  14. NFL News & Notes

    Yes. From Determinants of Success in the National Football League's Postseason (Also titled How important is Previous Playoff Experience?) by Dr. Joshua Pitts published in the Journal of Sports Economics in 2014.