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  1. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Whiteboard session with Cousins and (eventual Giants drafted) QB prospect Kyle Lauletta, diagramming and discussing the classic Coryell play 525 F post. Cousins' turn at the board starts at 3:50. He seems really smart. Stefon Diggs is impressed:
  2. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Where is that? I can see a few full games ("classics" like the SB loss to the Raiders or the 2009 NFCCG loss to the Saints) on the NFL site, but nothing on the Vikings page, which just shows the same content as the video library at the vikings.com site.
  3. One of the PFF guys on the Purple Podcast (Eric Eager?) suggested there was a scheme change at App State in 2017 which hurt Gossett's numbers. He scored especially well on zone blocking run plays, and continued to do so in 2017, but they didn't run as many of those plays so his overall grade suffered. His best 2 years in their grading scheme (2015-2016) were rated as high or higher than a number of the IOL who went much earlier (Corbett, Daniels, Price, Braden Smith). I watched a couple of Gossett's tape cut-ups followed by a couple of Isidora's from last year, and Gossett looks quite a bit better. If they end up with a RG-RT pairing of Gossett-O'Neill in a year or so, Dalvin Cook should have a lot to work with running outside zone to that side.
  4. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    Sorry yeah, forgot about that. Looked at the same OTC page (where the guaranteed money is written in text but not included on the chart) and made the same mistake. In any case, the only reason Robison takes a pay cut is if the team was willing to release him otherwise. Suggests they think they could live without him this year, which in turns implies they're expecting one of the younger guys to play a larger role.
  5. Deepest Team Rankings

    This is interesting work, thanks for posting it. Trying to understand your scoring system. There’s 10 positional categories, and in theory a team could get 10 points (5+5) in any of them, but am I right in guessing that it’s hard to score better than 8 or 9 at any single position? I can imagine a 5+3 or 5+4 (Pro Bowl starter with a slight or manageable dropoff to his backup), a 4+3 or 4+4 (future Pro Bowler with slight or manageable dropoff to his backup), or a 3+5 (average starter with no dropoff). 4+5 (future Pro Bowler with no dropoff) seems unlikely, and 5+5 (Pro Bowler with no dropoff) impossible unless you’ve got Steve Young backing up Joe Montana. Flip side is that it seems it would be harder to score much lower than 4 (3+1 for average starter with severe dropoff, or 2+2 for below average with significant dropoff, or 1+3 for low level starter with manageable dropoff) at any given position. If I’ve understood correctly, it’s nearly impossible to score much higher than 85, or lower than 40, so the Eagles 78 is truly superb and the Cards 49 is pretty terrible. Can you share some of the highest and lowest graded categories for at least some of your teams? Or highest graded teams at each position? Were there any 9s or 3s?
  6. Let's Delve Into Dalvin Cook

    Cook was hardly used in short yardage situations. Only had 6 carries with 3 or less yards to go: 10 yards on 3rd-1 vs Saints no gain on 1st-goal from the 1, then 1 yard TD on 2nd-goal vs Bucs 3 yards on 2nd-1 vs Bucs 4 yards on 2nd-1 vs Bucs 4 yards on 2nd-1 vs Lions Half of those carries were 2nd-1, which isn't really a short yardage down. Of the other 3, he had a no gain, a short yardage TD, and a 10 yard gain. That's nice production, but it's a super small sample size. I expect Murray will get most of the work as a goalline / short yardage back this year.
  7. Nothing unreasonably optimistic about Remmers being both the best RG and RT on the team. If anything it’s a criticism of how bad the other options at RG seem to be. If you think Hill is terrible, not sure why you think O’Neill has no chance to beat him out. Collins played guard in preseason last year. That’s probably his position going forward: he’s not as long as they like their tackles to be. He took a few snaps as the 6th OL in run formations last year but that doesn’t mean he’s about to win the job as the backup swing tackle.
  8. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    https://kfan.iheart.com/featured/vikings-blog/content/2018-05-15-brian-robison-restructures-contract-to-return-to-vikings-kfan-1003-fm/ Robison took a pay cut to come back. Terms haven’t been released yet. He’d already renegotiated his contract last year, down to a $5M cap hit last year, and $3.5M this year. Got most of last year’s money guaranteed, but nothing this year, so there’d have been no dead cap hit if he was released. Its interesting, because he played 562 snaps last year, and $3.5M isn’t way too much for a guy with that large a role. Yet the team was willing to release him to save cap space. Makes me think they’re planning to give a decent chunk of Robison’s snaps to one of the young guys. Hopefully that’ll be Bower.
  9. Impressive highlight reel, makes a lot of difficult blocks. Gossett is the RG in all the plays in this video.
  10. Heading into the draft, I was hoping to upgrade Easton but at this point I think they'll keep him as the starting LG. I believe Gossett played exclusively on the right side (RG and RT), so he's not the easiest projection to LG as a rookie starter. Easton's main competition at LG might be Compton, though I think Easton will have the advantage there. I predict the day one OL will be Reiff-Easton-Elflein-Remmers-O'Neill. If O'Neill falters, I think they'll kick Remmers outside and play Compton or one of the young guys at RG.
  11. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    Bower is my favorite, I think his ceiling is very high. Have to think Holmes makes it. That would be 8. I don't expect anything from Weatherly at this point. Odenigbo just had the one preseason so far, not sure where he's at. Aruna is so raw that he seems like a practice squad guy unless he has an amazing preseason. I have high hopes for Mata'afa but who knows if that will work. He'd probably be very good at special teams, and maybe they'd go with just 5 LBs and keep him as an extra (9th or 10th) DL. So: 4 starters, Robison, Johnson, Bower, Holmes, Mata'afa. Practice squad Aruna and maybe Odenigbo. Weatherly released.
  12. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    Robison tweets he's back for one more year: Counting Robison as the 5th DL and Jaleel Johnson as the 6th, looks like there are ~3 spots open for Weatherly, Bower, Odenigbo, Aruna, Holmes, Bradley and Mata'afa.
  13. Good review. Agree that Hughes should be a good corner but using the pick on the OL would've done more for the team in the short run. O'Neill might end up starting even as a rookie. Even before the draft, reports were that Remmers was moving to RG. If he does, O'Neill just has to beat out Rashod Hill at RT. He has limited play strength but some upside blocking in space (outside zone, screens). The Vikings played Elflein last year as a day 2 rookie with similar pluses and minuses, losing too many 1-on-1 battles for lack of strength but making some very positive plays on the move. Gossett has a good chance to start if Remmers stays at tackle. RG would be between Gossett, Isidora (last year's 5th rounder, struggled in limited snaps as a rookie), journeyman Tom Compton and Eagles PS claim Josh Andrews. Either way, they probably have a rookie starting OL who isn't as good in his first year as Berger was last year. So the Vikings OL group should be at least a little worse off from the only-OK level they were at last year. They reportedly didn't consider Hernandez a scheme fit, but maybe Corbett or Williams or Daniels would've given them more immediate return on investment for their round 1 pick. Holmes is moving to DT. He played nickel DT on pass rush downs for OSU and he'll probably have a similar role with the Vikings. I guess he looked bad in the Senior Bowl drills, but he was good in the game itself, for what that's worth. Aruna is probably staying at edge/DE. He played out of position as a 3-4 DE last year and his production cratered, but he was better the year previous in a 4-3. Aruna's very raw and they already have a long list of late round developmental DEs (Weatherly, Odenigbo, Bower) with 1-2 years in the system, so he's probably a practice squad guy this year.
  14. I was agreeing with you on this point. Again, Harris retired for medical reasons. He played well the one year he was starting in Minnesota. Not sure that says much about the quality of their OL coaching (it was different OL coaches anyway than the current group), but it's not like Harris washed out of the league for lack of quality play. Not really, though. Only the Packers have a consistent track record of developing multiple 4th round and later draft picks into above average OL. If you look at the list of OL drafted in the 4th round or later since 2005 (start of the Ted Thompson era in GB) -- http://pfref.com/tiny/DvK6H -- and sort by AV, the Packers have: 2 of the top 5 (Sitton, Lang) another in the top 10 (Bakhtiari) 2 more in the top 25 (Newhouse, Giacomini) 2 more in the top 50-ish (Linsley, Barbre at 53) 3 more in the top 100 (Meredith, Moll, Tretter) Of the top 100 names on that list you'd expect ~3 per NFL team, Packers have 10 -- by far the best in the league. Vikings look respectably average there with Sullivan and Fusco in the top 25 and Clemmings at 71. Point is, if your standard for success for late round OL is based on being a Packers fan, you expect players who get a decent 2nd contract (or better, Pro Bowl / All Pro consideration), but there are very few cases where that happens around the league. "Career journeymen and league average guards" is realistically all you can expect in the 4th round or later. I don't think it's a major knock against the Vikings drafting O'Neill at 62 that Yankey drafted at 145 was a bust, or that Fusco drafted 172 only developed into an average starting guard. He's not doomed to fail just because Minnesota hasn't developed multiple Sitton/Lang/Bakhtiari quality players with later picks. They picked 62nd, not 60th, FWIW. Agree they could've traded a 5th to move up and take Oliver, but I doubt they could've expected Oliver to be there. Again, Hughes won't likely be "buried on the depth chart" even as a rookie. And eventually, he'll be their CB2 across from Rhodes. You're arguing the point as if we're disagreeing, but I've said repeatedly that they've have been better off in the short term addressing OL in the 1st and making do with their existing CB group plus a mid-round rookie. I think they can still be better off in the long term, as long as O'Neill eventually develops into a starting tackle. I watched a lot of Spriggs coming out in 2016, since I was wanting the Vikings to draft OL that year (to replace Kalil who I wanted cut), and I like O'Neill as much or better. His main limitation is play strength, which should be easier to fix than Spriggs' technical problems (balance, lunging / waist bending). O'Neill's definitely a project, but I think he has a decent chance, and he was reasonable value in the late 2nd.
  15. Fusco got $12M/3 from Atlanta this year. He was good in 2013-14 before he got hurt. Agree that he's basically a JAG but he's an NFL starter and has far exceeded his draft position. Berger was pretty good. Harris was pretty good the one year he got to start -- he didn't "wash out", he retired because he was found to have a cerebral AVM (sort of like an aneurysm). Agree that Beavers, Clemmings, Yankey etc were/are busts. Agree that the Vikings OL though improved remains mediocre, 22nd is a fair ranking. Agree that the Packers are much better at developing mid-round picks into very good starting OL. The Packers are easily the best in the league at that process, so any team is going to suffer by comparison. Mistake or not, the Alexander pick evidently hasn't worked out. Maybe he can turn it around if he goes back to playing primarily outside, but for now the team doesn't seem to expect him to contribute much. It doesn't make this year's draft class any worse if the Vikings acknowledge the weaknesses of their existing roster. The Waynes pick worked out OK but they need a third starting quality corner and they need a long-term starter from 2020 onwards. "CB savior" or not, I would bet on Hughes developing into at least a good starting corner under Zimmer. Hernandez, Williams and Oliver were all off the board before pick 62. There was no way the Vikings could get 2 of them without trading up. I agree that they would've been in better shape this year with a plug and play starting OL at 30 (probably that would've been Williams or Corbett) and a competition at NCB with Alexander trying to improve, Newman hanging in at age 40 and a rookie drafted sometime on day 2 or 3. They should've been able to get by with that CB depth, and the OL would've been better from day one. Having said that, if O'Neill turns into a decent starting tackle in a year or so, the long-term value of this draft class will be very good, with 2 (including Hughes) starters at premium positions. I understand if you don't think O'Neill can reach that level, given the Vikings track record with OL, but I think he's a better prospect than Jason Spriggs was coming out (picked at a similar position late 2nd) so it's not obviously bad value at that point in the draft to take a project at tackle.