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  1. Week Three - Other Games

    Fed Ex Field in the rain — wonder how Rodgers’ knee will hold up.
  2. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Josh Allen, professional QB experience to date: Preseason: Week 1, vs Panthers: played 2nd half. 9/19 for 116 yards, 1 TD. 1 sack (-6). 29 yards on 3 carries Week 2, @ Browns: played 2Q and early 3Q. 9/13 for 60 yards, 1 TD. 1 sack (-6). 18 yards on 3 carries Week 3 vs Bengals, started and played 1st half. 6/12 for 34 yards. 0/0. 5 sacks (-39). 3 yards on 1 carry Regular season: Week 1, @ Ravens: entered game trailing 40-0 with 11 min left in 3Q. 6/15 for 74 yards. 0/0. 3 sacks (-16). 26 yards on 4 carries. Week 2, vs Chargers: started. 18/33 for 245 yards. 1 TD, 2 INTs. 5 sacks (-36). 32 yards on 8 carries. Last minute drive trailing 31-13 produced 72 yards and a TD. So Allen’s only experience on the road was late in a blowout in Baltimore, plus a preseason game in Cleveland. He’s never played in the kind of noise he’ll have to deal with at US Bank. His starting experience consists of a preseason game in which he put up negative net yards (lost more in sacks than gained in passes) and last week vs the Chargers where he had 137 net passing yards with 2 INTs while the game was in doubt. His completion percentage right now is an even 50%. Allen will need to have by far the best game of his short career if the Bills are going to make a game of it.
  3. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Zimmer’s going to take every first down his defense allows to the Bills on Sunday personally:
  4. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I'm not so sure -- his footwork is conventional in the first gif I posted on the last page (the 3rd and 16) and it looks like he did that easily enough. Here's a throw where he spins and puts all his weight onto the left leg as he delivers. Short throw but perfectly accurate and the throwing motion looks natural. Doesn't look like he's favoring the knee at all. Again, not saying his knee isn't injured, or that it's not painful, but that it doesn't actually seem to be limiting his performance significantly. He was 30/42 but with 4 throwaways and a couple of drops (Adams). That's excellent accuracy, more like 32/38. Several of his non-dropped incompletions were perfectly accurate too -- hit Graham in the hands (Gedeon uncalled DPI), Adams in the hands (Kendricks PBU), and Adams again in the hands (Rhodes forced him to the sideline in the end zone and may have tipped it). PFF graded him at 88.5 as a passer -- which would've been his best single game grade in 2017, 5th best in 2016, 3rd best in 2015 and 4th best in 2014. He was effective moving in the pocket too, scrambled for a first down and had another positive play (beating Barr to the sideline). He moved really well in the pocket, avoiding pressure. He didn't have many more quick passes than usual, had a similar percentage of dropbacks under 2.5 seconds as Cousins did in that game. Consensus should be that Rodgers played great on Sunday even by his standards. No need to give additional credit to the Packers offense as if the knee stopped him from playing even better than that.
  5. The Packers brought a rusher off the edge at the moment of the snap. Pre-snap: At the snap: In that second image, Weatherly (91) is blocking GB35, Gedeon (hidden) is blocking GB44 (who's hiding him) and Ham is blocking GB54. Harris in the backfield doesn't end up picking up a rusher. Wilson (50) was originally designed to block Allison (GB81) but peeled off to take Jackson (GB37), leaving Allison to come free and make the block. Seems Harris was supposed to slide over and pick up Allison once Wilson moved to the outside rusher. Even if Wilson is supposed to stay with Allison, Harris is probably supposed to run across and react to Jackson coming off the corner, but he didn't. Maybe just didn't see him. Images from Arif's article on the Athletic, which is well worth subscribing to.
  6. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    It was pretty obvious that Rodgers injured his knee in the Bears game. The mechanism of injury was typical of an MCL sprain. He's been able to play well wearing a brace that supports the knee against giving way when the MCL is damaged. There was a later report that he also has a bone bruise. It's very possible that he suffered a bone bruise at the same time as the MCL sprain. Bone bruises are painful and can lead to long-term degenerative problems but they don't necessarily affect the use of the knee much as long as the pain is manageable. I'm sure Rodgers has a bad knee. I don't think it's actually limiting him much right now, wearing a brace and no doubt taking some painkillers. I think his performance in the Vikings game was much closer to 100% than 70% or "on one leg". It's hard to think of a throw he missed or a play he left on the field. There is a reasonable concern about the long-term effects on his knee in terms of recurring pain and swelling, chronic cartilage damage and arthritis. I don't think his knee injury was ever that bad (compared to say, Sam Bradford) so I don't think he's at great risk of permanent problems given that he continues to play on it. As far as this season is concerned, I think his knee is working well enough that the Packers are still getting the benefit of a QB who's the best in the league at the top of his game.
  7. Compton hasn't made many mistakes aside from the one play that Buckner swam by him for a quick sack in week one (Buckner was in on 2 more sacks but they were longer developing plays, not really Compton's fault). He hasn't had a lot of great blocks either but he's not too bad at getting to the second level. A lot of the negative run plays have been DL working through Jones, and interior pass rush through Jones and Remmers. I'm pretty happy with the OL so far. Pass blocking has generally been good. Run blocking not so much but even there I think they've been better than the stats suggest -- they've had a few decent run plays called back for holding, including a couple of pretty cheap calls. Looks like they have 7 competent OL: the current starters, Elflein (assuming he does eventually come back healthy) and O'Neill (assuming his impressive performance in GB wasn't a mirage). None of them are stars but they can be a league average group this year. Have to see if they can hold up against elite talent in the Rams and Eagles games but if they get through that stretch OK I'll be optimistic for the rest of the year.
  8. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I thought Rodgers was moving pretty well during the Vikings game. I'm sure the knee is painful but he wasn't really limping or favoring it much. The brace would help with instability if he has a MCL injury, limiting the knee's tendency to give way, but wouldn't lessen the pain from weight bearing (loading the knee vertically). So for him to move as well as he did throughout the game makes me think the bone bruise isn't that bad, and obviously however bad the MCL sprain is, the brace is enough for him to deal with it. I made some gifs of Rodgers' footwork: For all the talk from the Packers side that Rodgers was at 70%, or fans saying he was "playing on one leg", it's hard to see any significant limitation in his movements there, right through to the end of the 4th quarter.
  9. All abouts the wideouts

    3rd fastest ball carrier of the week at 20.48 mph (by NextGen stats) at the moment he caught the deep pass for the TD.
  10. Mostly joking but yeah. CFL allows a wider range of numbers across the various positions.
  11. Should've gone for his old CFL number, 77
  12. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Any PPG stats for the defense at this point should be adjusted for the blocked punt TD allowed and the extra time played in overtime. Of the 45 points allowed by the Vikings so far, the defense itself has allowed 38 points in 2.167 games (16 + 22). That's 17.5 PPG (PP60 technically), equivalent to 35 points over 2 60 minute games. Teams allowing 38 points or less: LAR 13 WAS 27 DAL 29 JAX 35 NYJ, BAL 37
  13. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    Well they should at least beat the Packers...
  14. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    Lions gave up 30 to the Niners after allowing 48 to the Jets. They're tied with the Bills for most points allowed after facing Darnold and Garoppolo, 2 QBs with less than 10 games starting experience between them. ... Stafford has 99 pass attempts in 2 games despite missing some of the Jets game. That's on pace for 792 in a full season. Only one QB has ever had more than 700, Stafford himself with 727 in 2012 (next most is Bledsoe with 691 in 1994). Adding in Cassel's 6 attempts in week one, the Lions are on pace for a breathtaking 840 pass attempts this year. ... Frank Ragnow is now PFF's lowest graded OL in pass blocking, and the 3rd lowest graded OL in overall grade (worst is another if-only-we'd-drafted-him, Chargers guard Dan Feeney). No idea what happened to Ragnow, he was good in the preseason. ... Matt Patricia screwed up time management before halftime vs SF: ...and the story has a punchline: ... On deck: Patriots, @ Cowboys, Packers, and then @ the (surprisingly good so far) Dolphins after the bye. Could easily end up 2-4 or 1-5 by mid-October.