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  1. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Graham hasn't been good since 2016. I watch the Seahawks regularly -- he fell off significantly in 2017. He wasn't any better last year. He rarely beats coverage -- his big plays last year were almost all created by scheme (play action) and/or defensive lapses (as with the big plays in the home game against the Vikings, where the DBs lost him on a couple of wheel routes). He's not fast enough to be a matchup threat and he doesn't produce YAC unless he's wide open. Rodgers hit him with a couple of pinpoint throws in closer coverage (TD in the Pats game, for one), but that wasn't the rule -- Rodgers avoids throwing into coverage. Graham can still produce as long as he runs a lot of routes and the offense schemes him open (and/or if Rodgers changes his spots and becomes less fastidious in deciding when to target covered receivers), but just about any TE put in the same position would produce as much. He wasn't worth his big contract last year, and I doubt he'll be much more valuable this year.
  2. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Graham was 9th in receptions and 9th in receiving yards, for TEs. But he played nearly 800 snaps on a pass-heavy offense with Aaron Rodgers at QB. He was 3rd in the league in routes run and 7th in targets, for TEs. He was was 29th in yards per route run (out of 40 qualifying TEs), and 31st in passer rating when targeted. You can put some of the blame on Rodgers or the offensive scheme but PFF graded Graham as mediocre: 59.4 overall (31st of 41) and 59.9 receiving grade (28th). That wasn't a one year blip either. Graham graded at 66.0 overall in 2017 (20th of 51) and 65.3 receiving (23rd). That was by far his worst year until that point. Until 2016, Graham graded no lower than the mid-70s in any single year. He had 2 years grading in the 80s (including an 85.4 in 2016) and another just above 90. So his last year with Seattle was a major downturn, and he took another step back in 2018 in Green Bay. I've watched Graham pretty closely for the last few years -- he's declining. He turns 33 in November. I wouldn't expect too much from him this year.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    It's $23M not $30M. The cap will go up by at least $10M. Projections are for ~$204M. One way (contract voids) or another (he's released or renegotiated for much cheaper) Griffen's contract will be gone, saving most or all of $13.9M. Those 2 events alone would bring them under the cap and allow them to sign rookies. If Cousins plays well, they can extend him in such a way as to lower his 2020 cap hit. They won't go into 2020 with him on his current deal unless they're moving on from him in 2021, in which case the 2020 cap situation is easy (they can push money to 2021 since they won't have an expensive veteran QB that year). Beyond that, I expect Linval Joseph to be renegotiated, or maybe released, assuming Jaleel Johnson develops as hoped in his 3rd year and Shamar Stephen stays healthy. I expect Rhodes to be released or renegotiated, unless he bounces back to Pro Bowl form. I don't think that's likely -- I think he'll start to lose snaps to Hughes by the end of the year. I doubt the Vikings will let Waynes and Alexander leave in favor of retaining a declining, aging Rhodes. There's a chance they will re-extend Smith this year in a way that will lower his 2020 cap hit, which would open up space for Harris and Weatherly to be extended. Reiff has lived up to his contract. They don't have a viable replacement for him aside from moving O'Neill to the left (which just creates a similarly bad situation at RT). Hill is unlikely to be back next year. Unless Reiff drops off dramatically this year, I think he'll be back in 2020 on his current deal.
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    They're not going to go into the draft without a left tackle, and be forced to draft one who'd have to start as a rookie. Why would Reiff take a pay cut? He's a starting NFL left tackle, not a great player but good enough. He's paid what's he's worth. Unless he falls off considerably this year or gets injured, he'll be worth keeping next year on his current deal. They do have Shamar and Jaleel who can both play nose tackle. If one of the young 3-techs steps up (Jalyn, Herc) or if Armon Watts does anything, the DT depth chart will look pretty good even without Linval. Why not? Waynes was selected by Zimmer, unlike Rhodes. He's 3 years younger. He'll be cheaper. He played better last year.
  5. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Don’t think there’s any way they cut Reiff, unless Udoh or somehow Collins looks like future starter material. They’d be down to O’Neill as their only legitimate starter at tackle. Joseph and Rhodes are much more likely cap casualties. They may be able to get Linval to renegotiate for another year or two at lower pay. I think Rhodes is likely gone no later than 2021 given his aging curve, and I think they’re quite likely to move on from him next year in order to be able to keep Waynes and/or Alexander.
  6. Sure, he was good on special teams. But he didn’t do anything that’s overly hard to replace. Sherels is the classic indispensable special teams ace but he was a returner and a gunner, not just a punt/kick coverage guy. PFF graded Ham as the 4th best Vikings player on special teams, behind Brothers (another guy I think they might move on from this year), Wilson and Gedeon. Ham was credited for one special teams tackle and 3 assists. Ham was better in 2017 on special teams: 2nd highest graded player on the team (behind Wilson), credited with 12 tackles and 2 assists. If the Vikings have 13 non-QB skill position players on the roster, should they keep Ham for his role on special teams even if he offers little on offense? He was the 2nd lowest graded player on the offense last year, behind Treadwell and ahead of Elflein. His receiving grade was basically the same as Treadwell’s and his run blocking grade was only ahead of Elflein and Brett Jones. Those grades match what I thought at the time — he didn’t play well I think they should give Ham’s snaps on offense to a TE (Smith) or FB (Blasingame) who can offer more as a receiver. And I wouldn’t roster Ham if he’s only able to contribute on special teams.
  7. Fair enough. Ham was solid on special teams but it's not like he did anything so specific (like being a returner, or a gunner) that he should get a roster spot for that reason alone. If they can get by with an H-back as a lead blocker, they might prefer to keep a 6th WR or 4th RB or 10th OL, even someone for developmental purposes (like Udoh) who would otherwise have to go to the PS. I wasn't impressed with Ham on offense last year. He was a mediocre lead blocker and added little in the passing game -- had a number of targets that he either dropped or caught for basically no gain. Ideally, a Kubiak FB can be an effective receiving target, especially for screen passes. Smith (as a H-back / F-back) seems like the most obvious player to put in that role. Maybe Ham will do better at it this year. Another option at FB would be Khari Blasingame, a UDFA rookie this year. He's a LB converted to RB (in college) and now to FB. I think @battle2heaven originally compared him to Kyle Jusczyzk of the Niners. Jusczyzk is more of a TE size while Blasingame is a big RB (like Ham). Blasingame like Jusczyzk is a great athlete and can be very effective as a receiver on screens, at least as far I can tell from his college highlights. The speed Blasingame shows here is unlike anything we’ve seen from Ham:
  8. What might the KSO look like?

    First half of this film room look at Niners TE George Kittle is an excellent breakdown of the Shanahan system of wide zone runs, play action bootlegs off those runs, and throwback plays off those bootlegs. Mike Shanahan of course developed this system in large part with Gary Kubiak, as his OC with the Broncos for a decade starting in 1995, and that coaching tree includes Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay. Vikings offense under Stefanski/Kubiak will likely have a lot of the same elements shown here.
  9. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I think they’ll keep 4 tight ends, including Morgan (and Conklin). If they’re playing a lot of 2 TE sets, they’ll want to have more than one backup. There probably aren’t a lot of snaps for Morgan on offense, if Rudy and Irv are healthy. He might be able to get some work as a lead blocker (FB / H-back), or as an in-line TE in 3 TE sets (which they may use occasionally). I think they’ll give Conklin first chance to be TE3, since he’s a better receiving target downfield (Smith’s role) and can also play inline as a blocker. He does play some special teams a little but he might end up as a healthy scratch some weeks. Morgan’s going into the last year on his rookie contract. I don’t expect him to get an extension.
  10. The “top 10 takeaways from the offseason program” article on the Vikings site has some interesting details: https://www.vikings.com/news/top-10-takeaways-from-vikings-offseason-program 1. They kept the OL teams together, using this depth chart: So Collins is being used as a tackle, not at guard, and the day 3 drafted rookies are so far on the 3rd team. 2. Kubiak and Stefanski are “blending ideas” to come up with a “Minnesota offense”, which is described as Kubiak in a recent interview mentioned Stefanski having other experience with West Coast concepts dating back to Childress. 3. Taylor and Beebe are the front runners for WR3, no surprise. 4. They’ll use a lot of multiple TE sets. Smith, Conklin and Morgan all missed time this spring (it was announced Morgan had arthroscopic knee surgery) but are expected to be ready for camp 7. Beebe, Taylor and Holton Hill are mentioned specifically among the many players trying out for the PR role. KR is never mentioned as a battle, which I guess means it’s Abdullah’s job to lose. 8. RB depth chart is “stacked”. Abdullah is given the spotlight here. He did play ahead of Boone later in the year last year so I guess the RB3 job is his to lose, especially if he’s the KR. I wonder if they’ll keep Boone too. Maybe they’ll keep 4 RBs and not keep a FB, if Smith and Morgan can lead block for the few times they’d need Ham to do it (he averaged 9 snaps per game last year, and contributed basically nothing in the pass game).
  11. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    More reason for optimism on Beebe making the team and contributing: https://www.vikings.com/news/3-observations-from-minicamp-no-2-beebe-wrs-shine-in-red-zone-for-vikings That sort of elusiveness is very difficult to deal with in man coverage, as he’d mostly see playing the slot on obvious passing downs. Beebe’s name also came up first when Maalouf was asked about punt returners: https://www.vikings.com/news/notebook-maalouf-evaluating-vikings-returners-of-all-shapes-sizes
  12. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    Taylor started a couple of games for the Broncos in 2017, if that makes you feel any better. He's not bad, an upgrade from Zylstra. I have high hopes for Dillon Mitchell. He runs good routes and was super productive in his last year in college. He's young too (a predictor of NFL success). I think he's probably Diggs' backup this year. Bisi Johnson's also very promising on his college tape, he could be an upgrade from Zylstra at WR6, if they keep 6. They drafted a couple of real WRs this year, not just athletic guys who don't know how to play the position (like Rodney Adams).
  13. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    Beebe was really good last year, both in preseason and the little work he got in the regular season. Not sure how much more he could have done with the opportunity. I wouldn't write him off at this stage. The Vikings could absolutely use a possession slot receiver, even if he's undersized -- a Jamison Crowder or Cole Beasley. If he stays healthy, he's going to have an NFL career.
  14. Beebe's making the team: Zylstra, Taylor and Badet were out today, to put that in context. No mention of Treadwell.
  15. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    Oh OK, I see what you mean. I doubt that'll factor too much into the decision. If Smith is playing 600+ snaps, they won't need to be too picky about roles for the depth WRs as long as they have backups for Thielen (Taylor) and Diggs (Mitchell or Zylstra). The main focus should be getting guys on the team who can contribute. Beebe is lethal on whip routes. He's an ideal possession receiver for 3rd downs and in 2 minute drills, get him matched up against the nickel and move the chains. That kind of trump card is valuable, and worth rostering, especially if he can also find a niche as the punt returner (where he was good in preseason last year).