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  1. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    Last year they kept 4 RBs, 1 FB, 3 TEs. They could go with 3 RBs, 2 FBs, 3 TEs without affecting the roster otherwise. Abdullah is redundant if Boone is RB3, and Blasingame has outperformed whoever would be TE4 (Hikutini or Dillon). Plus Blasingame has been playing special teams so he’d be worth making active on game day.
  2. The OL was pretty good today. Cousins mostly had good pockets. One pressure was on a stunt where there was some miscommunication and another was on Rudolph. Bradbury's holding penalty was cheap. Hill's was legit, he tackled the guy. Samia took a holding penalty too, I think, but the announcers talked over the ref's call. Dozier and Jones were solid. Udoh gave up a pressure on a 3rd down where his technique was poor. He was otherwise very good, quite a bit better than Norton. Cousins missed a couple of throws. He should've laid the deep pass up for Diggs to run under but instead he fired it. And the sideline throw to Beebe was just a wild pitch. He also suffered bad drops from Diggs and Beebe and had a pass to Beebe that missed because the receiver stopped running when he shouldn't have. Mannion was mediocre. Sloter was excellent, again. It's crazy that Sloter isn't getting a chance with the second string. Beebe had a drop and again had a mental mistake in route running. I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt based on positive reports from camp / practices but he hasn't been good this preseason. For the other depth WRs, Bisi Johnson was great. He's clearly on the team as he played Thielen's spot with Thielen out. They still need a slot WR, which I guess is Beebe, and a backup for Diggs, who I bet is Zylstra. The game plan weirdly didn't feature much of the signature Kubiak play action, screens and bootlegs. TEs were hardly targeted with the ones. The one screen Cousins was in for got sniffed out and almost picked. In the second half, Conklin dropped a tough but makable catch but then caught another one. Cook looked explosive on the TD. Abdullah was OK but Boone was better as a RB. Boone had a decent KR. Both made a tackle as a punt gunner, but to me Boone's was more impressive. Ham again didn't contribute as a receiver, while Blasingame made another excellent catch (over his head) and run for the TD. The starting defense was good except for Rhodes. There was a deep completion against Waynes but he played it perfectly, just got beaten by a perfect throw. Kearse, Harris and Alexander were good. The LBs made some plays. Run defense was good. They generated some pass rush, and played some contain. Griffen showed up. Rhodes though looked terrible. I've been saying he could be the odd man out in the CB depth chart next year. I really don't want to see them lose 2 or 3 of Waynes, Alexander, Kearse and Harris while keeping Rhodes at top 5 CB money if he continues to decline. DL depth was up and down. Odenigbo was great. Jaleel Johnson didn't do much. Mata’afa had one nice pass rush. Backup LBs seemed to have a good game, especially Downs. Secondary depth was poor. Boyd had a terrible game and got picked on repeatedly. Meadors and one of the other safeties gave up what should've been a long TD except that Hundley missed the throw. I didn't notice Epps. Vedvik wasn't especially close to making the 43 yarder. He didn't miss the 54 yarder by much but it goes down as another miss. I don't understand what they're doing with the position.
  3. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Do we? We still don't have the kicking position figured out. They traded for Vedvik apparently without a clear plan for how he'd be used. Meanwhile Carlson might be in the league for 10 more years. I just watched him go 3/3 against the Packers including a last second game winner. He hit his last 30 kicks in a row last year and he's now 11/11 this preseason including XPs. I didn't want them to trade up to draft him, but once they did, they should've gotten full value. Instead, they gave him away for nothing. And now they've sunk another pick into the position, and it's still not clear if they're any better off.
  4. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Bailey was only on the market because the Cowboys released him, and they released him because his accuracy fell off a cliff after he returned from injury in 2017. There was no reason to expect him to continue to be the second most accurate kicker in the league. That would be a misperception, even at the time. That seemed unlikely to me at the time, and his performance for the rest of the year proved otherwise -- he was nearly flawless for the Raiders. Only the 3rd kick was a disaster, and I'd put that in part on the coaches. The first two kicks Carlson missed were from nearly 50 yards (48, 49) in a stadium where long kicks have historically been difficult. Over the past 10 years, visiting kickers are 12/28 from 48+ yards at Lambeau: http://pfref.com/tiny/RlREc -- that's 42%. The third kick was a terrible miss, and an NFL kicker should definitely have made it. Instead of getting mad that he’d missed 2 fairly difficult kicks (again, visiting NFL kickers over the last 10 years are 42% from 48+ yards at Lambeau) earlier in the game, the coaches should’ve been talking Carlson up in overtime so he didn’t miss the much easier 3rd one. Instead they left him sitting there on the bench, stewing in his own head, and that led to him missing a kick that cost the team a win, and eventually a playoff berth. I think that miss came down to poor coaching, more than any flaw in Carlson’s character. With time and experience, and in a better situation, I think Carlson would have been able to do better. The fact that he played well for the Raiders last year is a very good sign going forward. Carlson later identified a flaw in his kicking technique and addressed that before signing with the Raiders. The Vikings hadn't spotted that. They didn't have anyone working on his technique. If the team had managed to get Carlson to the level of performance he reached in Oakland, they would’ve had a better kicker last year, and would be in great shape going forward, with one of the better kickers in the league on a rookie deal for 3 more years.They wouldn't have had to invest another pick in Vedvik either. Any comparable rebound in performance from a Vikings drafted player who’d struggled but then left and succeeded elsewhere (say, Patterson had become a WR1 after leaving the Vikings, or Hodges had been one of the better LBs in the league after being traded to the Niners) would be rightly considered a mistake by the Vikings in terms of player selection and development. Carlson should be no different. I think he’ll have a good career. It’s a shame the Vikings wasted their investment in him.
  5. What might the KSO look like?

    I really hope so. The main value of a FB is as a receiving target. Ham is OK as a lead blocker (not great though) and short yardage back (though Blasingame’s TD shows he can do that too), but he offers next to nothing as a receiver. Blasingame moves much better and is much more natural catching the ball and turning upfield, plus he’s shown good YAC ability. I could see 2 FBs and 3 RBs, since last year they had 5 total between the 2 positions (1+4). Rather keep Blasingame as a 2nd FB than either Hikutini or Dillon as a TE4 (especially since Dillon could go to the PS). Blasingame might also be able to take some of the snaps that might go to depth TEs, line up as a wingback or in the “sniffer” position, like Morgan has the last few years. And he’s been very good on special teams.
  6. What might the KSO look like?

    The passing stats and personnel usage are worth looking at in more detail. Vikings QBs are collectively 47/58 (81%) for 519 yards (8.95 YPA), with 5 TDs and 1 INT, for a passer rating of 125.5. Those are absurd numbers: Brees led the league last year with a record 74.4% comp%, Mahomes' YPA was 8.8, and Brees' rating was 115.7. It gets better: because they've taken zero sacks, the Vikings QBs' NY/A is the same 8.95 (2018 Mahomes 8.13, Brees 7.65) and their ANY/A is 9.90 (Mahomes 8.89, Brees 8.47). The passing game has put up elite production with the following distribution of targets by position (58 in total): WR: 25 (43.1%) TE: 23 (39.7%) RB: 5 (8.6%) FB: 5 (8.6%) -- all to Blasingame Contrast that to last year (560 targets excluding one where Cousins caught his own batted pass): WR: 376 (67.1%) TE: 89 (15.9%) RB: 81 (14.5%) FB: 14 (2.5%) RB/FB combined is basically unchanged, around 17% of total targets. But the WR:TE ratio has moved from 4:1 to 1:1. The main recipient of this extra work is Irv Smith, who leads the team with 11 targets despite only running 30 routes as a receiver. Conklin (4 targets on 12 routes) and Rudolph (3 on 11) have similarly high usage. The only TE across the league with more targets than Irv is Tanner Hudson with the Bucs, who has 15 targets on 67 routes. Noah Fans (8 targets on 20 routes) is the only TE I can find with heavier than 33% target rate per route run. Blasingame is the other standout. 5 targets on 7 routes run, and an absurd 6.86 yards per route run, one of the highest totals for any receiver at any position this preseason. If the TE/FB heavy pattern of usage continues, with Dalvin Cook getting worked into the mix in the regular season, it's not hard to imagine the WR3 ending up 5th or 6th on the team in targets (after Thielen, Diggs, Rudolph, Smith and maybe Cook), and the WR4 being 8th or 9th (after one of Conklin and Blasingame).
  7. What might the KSO look like?

    Only 2 games, and preseason doesn't count, and most of this is backups against backups, but the offense has been excellent so far. They haven't put up huge points totals but that's mainly because they haven't had many drives. On a per-drive and per-play basis, they've been very productive. Game scores have been closer than they should've been thanks to the pick 6 vs Seattle and the fumble in the red zone in New Orleans, so I think the degree to which they've dominated on offense has been under-recognized. Here are the numbers, with context comparing them to the top offense in that category last year: Total yards: 866 (433 per game). #1 offense KC: 426 First downs: 48 (24 per game). #1 offense KC: 25.1 Yards/play: 6.8. #1 offense KC: 6.8 3rd down %: 16/25 (64%). #1 offense IND: 49% Here are their drive stats: 16 drives (excluding end-of-half and end-of game) 7 TDs (43.8%), #1 offense KC: 40.5% 2 3-and-outs (12.5%), #1 offense LARM: 10.9%, #2 NO: 14.2% Yards/drive: 49.25, #1 offense KC: 41.53 Points/drive: 3.69, #1 offense KC: 3.25, #2 NO: 3.21, #3 LARM 2.79 Drive success rate (1st downs made per set of downs): .842, #1 offense KC: .798 Only downsides are punts on 6/16 drives (37.5%), comparable to last year where they were 15th at 38.9% (#1 offense LARM 24.6%), and turnovers on 2/16 drives (12.5%), worse than last year's 10.9% which was 13th and comparable to the Eagles 12.6% at 21st (#1 offense GB at 5.7%). Again, super small sample size, and it's preseason, but the offense has been very effective so far.
  8. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    So stupid they gave up and released him instead of coaching him up.
  9. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Gary’s injury didn’t look too bad. Might be a stinger or a mild concussion. He walked off the field, was carted to the locker room, but walked in. Didn’t watch closely but didn’t see him make any big plays before he got hurt. Might have produced a pressure on a stunt where he looped through the middle. ... The game was in Winnipeg and turned into a fiasco. The CFL goalposts had to be moved and that left a hole in each end zone which for whatever stupid reason wasn’t repaired. So they played on an 80 yard field, with the 10 yard lines as the goal lines and the end zones ending at the goal lines. Bush league stuff from the grounds crew in Winnipeg, but it’s amazing the NFL didn’t bother to check the field early enough to catch the problem and fix it. Game was sparsely attended as tickets were originally way overpriced (price was later lowered). Packers sat 33 players including all their starters, so the few handfuls of Canadian fans who dropped hundreds on tickets got to watch Tim Boyle vs Mike Glennon, instead of the expected Rodgers vs Carr dress rehearsal.
  10. Why isn't Elflein working out?

    Jones played mostly at C in 2017, but did play a couple of games at LG including one as a starter. He’s played all 3 IOL spots over the years including in preseason but mostly at C. Last preseason he played C and a little LG for the Vikings, this year he’s been at C with a little RG late in the Seattle game.
  11. Why isn't Elflein working out?

    Elflein is still the weak link: The scheme is much better and the offense has been successful. Small sample size, but Elflein is still struggling despite the position change and the healthy offseason. They might want to try Brett Jones at LG with the starters. He's been great as the 2nd string C. PFF named him as one of the top 5 OL this preseason: https://www.pff.com/news/pro-top-five-offensive-linemen-through-first-two-weeks-of-the-2019-nfl-preseason
  12. The WR battle of 2019

    I get the idea of roster tiers. In recent years when they’ve kept 6 WR, they’ve kept the 1st and 2nd string 3 WR sets, and no one lower than that. This year, that would be Treadwell, Zylstra and Johnson for WRs 4-6. With Treadwell on the block, they might only keep 5 or add someone from the 3rd string as the 6th. I guess that’d be Badet given that he’s useful as a returner. The post I was replying to originally was VR saying he was struggling to see a WR worth keeping beyond Beebe and Bisi. My point was that I don’t think we can ask for a better game from a depth WR than what Zylstra did vs Seattle. He’s in that second tier with Johnson and Treadwell, and Treadwell is probably gone. He’s playing well. I think he’ll make the team.
  13. The WR battle of 2019

    5 YPC does move the needle when those 5 catches produced 3 first downs, a successful red zone play and a TD: 10 yards on 3rd and 9 4 yards on 3rd and 2 4 yards on 1st and goal from the 6 15 yards on 1st and 10 4 yards on 2nd and goal, TD