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  1. I appreciate the apology. Let’s leave it at that.
  2. My worry about the defense in this game is the tackling, more than the coverage or the pass rush. The Vikings CBs didn't make any plays vs GB but a lot of the throws were pinpoint perfect. Rivers will hit a couple of those, but he's usually pretty inaccurate especially deeper downfield, and he puts the ball in harm's way. The safeties and LBs should have chances to come up with an INT or two even if the corners are still struggling. I'm sure the pass rush won't be good but Ngakoue has had some success previously against Costanzo, so hopefully he gets home once or twice. Rivers is mu
  3. You're quoting RpMc's roster there, FWIW. I appreciate that you (among others) thought it was possible or even likely before the game that Samia might not have been active for week one. It was a totally reasonable idea. They might have activated Jones so they had a backup who could play any position. But now, after the game, when Jones was left on the practice squad and Samia was active as the only backup IOL, I think that projection didn't hold up. The Vikings were evidently comfortable with Samia active and Jones inactive, or they would have managed the roster differently for tha
  4. LOL I actually wrote a line that went something like "Is this a butterfly effect thing? The universe is so mysteriously unknowable that anything might have happened if the initial circumstances were different?" ...but I deleted it because it seemed too snarky. I'm sorry man, I like to discuss things that are actually happening with the football team I follow, not hypothetical scenarios that might happen in alternative universes. In the real world, Dru Samia started the season as the Vikings first choice backup IOL. Of course, all sorts of things might have changed that fact
  5. What do you think Samia's chances of being active for last week's game would have been, given what we know of the Vikings roster, if only 7 OL had been active? I say it was 100%. If you'd say less than that, what 2 backup OL do you think would have been active instead?
  6. You said I read that as saying, "if it weren't for the new game day roster rules, Samia might have been inactive". I think that's a fair interpretation, since when I replied that Samia would have been active even under last year's system you said I don't think that's accurate. Samia was the only active backup IOL for the Packers game. He was evidently their first choice to be in that position. If they wanted someone else "with more versatility", they would have had that player active instead. I have no idea how you can imagine that having 8 OL active, not 7, would h
  7. The Packers had a better record than the Vikings in 2019, won the division and both head to head games, and went one round further in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Vikings had a better points differential (by 41 points) and therefore expected win rate (10.6 to 9.7), better DVOA (by over 10% -- 7th ranked GB was closer to 16th ranked ATL than to 5th ranked MIN), and better team PFF grades. GB clearly deserved the division because of the head-to-head wins, but they weren't much better than the Vikings overall, and they were arguably worse in some ways. The 13-3 record wasn't a fraud, bu
  8. Hey I was there too. Opposite end zone, don't remember what row but nosebleed seats (best we could get through a tour company from Canada). There was something like 10 seconds left in the half and the Vikings were 3rd and long on their own side of midfield. Culpepper danced around before throwing deep to Moss, sort of like a Hail Mary but well short of the end zone. Moss made the catch surrounded by Broncos, so it didn't look like he'd score. The play seemed to take forever even as Culpepper launched the throw, so my first thought as Moss came down with it was to look to the game clock a
  9. I don’t appreciate your personal comments about me. It’s not “noncontroversial” to say Samia would’ve been inactive last week under the older roster rules. The Vikings have at least one backup interior OL in every game. There was only one backup IOL on the roster last week (unless you count Cleveland as the other). That was Samia, and he was active for the week one game. There was no scenario where Samia would have been inactive if only 7 OL had dressed for the game. Jones wasn’t on the roster, so he wasn’t an option. So Samia didn’t only get activated because of the new r
  10. Yeah, not sure Cleveland is even still practicing at guard.
  11. You could literally say that about every team in the league. What does the Packers roster look like in a few years if Gary, Savage and Sternberger don't develop, or Jordan Love doesn't turn into a franchise QB? The Vikings are paying fair contracts to a bunch of blue chip players, most of them in their primes. Barr is the only one who's arguably overpaid, plus Cook if you don't believe in paying running backs. Smith is 31 but his game is aging well so he may have a few years left. Rudolph and Thielen will age out before long but they already have Smith and Jefferson on board. The q
  12. Sure we know. Samia is the only backup IOL on the roster unless you count Cleveland as a guard. They weren’t going to go into the game with Hill and Udoh as the only active backup OL, when neither of them have played anything but tackle in the NFL. The 8th OL active was the 2nd backup tackle, not the 1st backup IOL.
  13. I think it’s as much of a coaching / development problem as purely to do with player selection. They’ve drafted a variety of athletic profiles with different levels of college success, including a number of prospects who graded very well in college and/or won awards, but most of them have disappointed, some of them dramatically so compared to expectations (Elflein most recently, Clemmings was another one). Packers fans may not realize how bad the OL play has gotten across the league in recent years, and how rare it is for a team these days to be able to plug in late round or UDFA talent a
  14. Samia would’ve been active last week under the old roster rules — he was the only backup IOL active for that game.
  15. Cook, Rudolph, Reiff and Elflein were all added before the 2017 NFCCG and before Cousins. The additions since 2018 on offense were a mid-1st OL (Bradbury) and later-1st WR (Jefferson), three mid to late 2nds at OL and TE (O’Neill, Smith Jr, Cleveland) and the last pick of the 2019 3rd round on RB, Mattison (who went outside the top 100 picks, not exactly a premium investment). That’s not much draft capital in 3 offseasons especially since they had an extra first round pick from trading Diggs. Aside from swapping in a new WR for Diggs, the big project had been trying (and so far most
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