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  1. Where does Jameis go now?

    https://www.bucsnation.com/2020/3/23/21191530/report-buccaneers-search-for-quarterback-tom-brady-jameis-winston According to this article, the team was scouting QBs after the London game in October last year.
  2. Bucs resign LB Kevin Minter

    Nice. It's good to keep continuity on defense. Minter's played well when given an opportunity.
  3. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    They may be able to get Matt Peart in the 2nd if the tackles they want are gone by 14. His tape is very good and he tested well at the combine.
  4. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    Can't you just see Gruden losing his mind over Jameis's hijinx?
  5. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    This is an incredible statistic. Especially when the 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns are considered. They played only 16 games. How does he have time to do all of that? As I said in another post, JW is the most enigmatic football player I've ever seen.
  6. JPP- Got Paid

    Great news for him and Shaq Barrett. They complement each other really well. I don't believe Shaq gets 19.5 sacks without JPP on the other side. Now for Suh; let's get him on board.
  7. New Uniforms in 2020? CONFIRMED

    In a wild case of hiding something in plain sight, the collage at the end of the tease clip is the new helmet logo.
  8. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    He saw well enough on all those good throws.
  9. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    If he signs for that much or something similar, I think it proves what he's always said about being a team-first guy. I'd think he'd want to stay with this coaching staff and allow the team to keep its stars. He's got to know (I would hope) that asking for the moon is only going to ruin any chance of him being here. And being here is QB heaven with these coaches and weapons. I've gotten as exasperated as anyone with his poor plays, but I would not be a bit surprised if we see a leap next year. Not saying that it will definitely happen, but that would be great. And by leap, I don't mean passing for 6,000 yards. I mean less than, say, 15 interceptions. A backwards leap INT-wise. The Bucs would be on the rest of the league like a rat on a cheeto. If, IF, another year with this coaching staff can correct, or reasonably limit, his sometimes bizarre choices, then, with a rapidly improving defense, these Bucs may be the best version of this team we've seen in a long time, if ever. Or, I may be full of crap. BTW, I keep reading from on boards all over the place that Jason Licht is to blame if Winston doesn't pan out, since Licht drafted him. But didn't Lovie Smith have final say on personnel decisions, including the draft, in 2015? It doesn't really matter now but, if this is true, Licht shouldn't have to be responsible for that one, either good or bad.
  10. Prospects to keep an eye on

    Depending on what is decided QB-wise, I'd be very happy with Delpit. He's certainly a great talent. If he's there, I say jump. You can never have too many good players at any position.
  11. Prospects to keep an eye on

    FWIW, the announcer at the Alabama/Michigan game says that Tua told him that if he isn't able to work out for teams before the draft, he'd come back to Alabama. The timetable for his being able to work out is April.
  12. BA's postgame interview

    Not a lot of warm fuzzies from BA toward Winston in that interview. One reporter asked, "Is Winston fixable?" BA said, "I'll have to evaluate that." BA just sounded generally noncommital about Winston being here next year. Jameis is truly one of the most enigmatic players I've ever seen. From play to play, you just don't know what's going to happen.
  13. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    He's been saying that for five years.
  14. BA didn't miss coaching "that much?"

    I agree completely. I don't want a coaching change either. I want BA to stay and be successful. I was just saying that we won't improve without more consistent play from the QB position.
  15. BA didn't miss coaching "that much?"

    I'm afraid that is the only way this team is going to go anywhere, with or without BA.