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  1. I'm concerned with Suh's attitude. We all know he chases the money and if he's not motivated, he's going to give little effort, especially if the season is not going well. I believe Arians wanted an ill-tempered, nasty enforcer on the D-line, and Suh certainly fits that personality profile. But that only works if Suh gives a crap. If BA, Bowles, etc. can keep him interested, they will have a Gargantutron. He seems to be able to switch it on for the playoffs, so there may be hope if they (the coaches) can find the key to unlock it for the long term. Otherwise, I can easily see all kinds of locker room drama.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Who do we have at off-the-ball LB except Lavonte? A couple of guys, but none like White. I see the logic.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    At least it wasn't Gary.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    My pet peeve is when the pick is tipped before it's announced. I've never really watched NFLN's coverage, but ESPN was infamous for it. Then, a few years ago, they said that they wouldn't do it anymore. And guess what. THEY STILL DO IT. It's little less brazen now, but they get their "scoops" in. I'm on Roku now so NFLN isn't an option. What I've taken to doing in recent years is muting the TV until his highness is at the podium. Then it's mute city until he crawls back out. My wife likes football and watches the draft with me, and I'm sure she got tired of me screaming at the TV all night. One year, I said "F" it, went to the other room and followed the draft online. No commentary. No superfluous BS. Just the picks.
  5. Guess the 1st Rounder Challenge!

    Green Bay has 12 and 30. Trade down with them. Maybe they want a shot at Devin White or someone else who is unlikely to be there at 12. Or - they drafted Rodgers when Favre had a few years left. Maybe they like one of the QBs this year.
  6. Guess the 1st Rounder Challenge!

    Pick 12 - Christian Wilkins Pick 30 - Nasir Adderely
  7. 2019 NFL Draft thread

  8. Are there any players who the Bucs could legitimately draft in the first round (either at #5 or a trade down) who you would not have wanted them to take? I think mine is Rashan Gary. Not enough production. He tests great, but lots of "freak athletes" don't live up to their billing. Who are yours?
  9. Offseason Rumors

    Quite right. My bad.
  10. Offseason Rumors

    Unless it's for a kicker lol. Now THAT was ballsy. He did trade up into the late 1st to pick Doug Martin. But you're right, it is rare for him.
  11. 2019 Prospects thread.

    This guy is a good-looking prospect that could move up boards as we go along. LB Khalil Hodge from the University of Buffalo. Same school and first name as Mr. Mack in Chicago. Can't miss right? Really, his film looks very good and I think he might be a solid prospect.
  12. NEW JERSEYS!?!?!?!?!?

    I've never liked the numbers on the new uniforms. Too hard to read. And they don't fit the image. Nothing says "pirates" like digital readout numbers.
  13. 1. Q. Williams 2. D. White 3. Jonah Williams 4. J. Allen 5. Trade down and nab Ferrell, Wilkins, or maybe the kid from B.C. (Zach Allen)
  14. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Ferrel has the look of a 3-4 DE. We could use some stouter ends if we go to a 3-4 under Bowles. I think 5 may be a hot trade spot for teams wanting to jump ahead of the Giants for Haskins. If we do trade down a few spots, I wouldn't mind us landing Devin White from LSU. That guy is a monster. Non-stop motor, smart, mean, hits like a speeding Brinks truck. He's all over the place every time you put on his tape. Very impressive inside linebacker. There's just something about him that screams "Draft me and I'll lead your defense for 10+ years."
  15. I really wanted Aguayo to make it, but it just didn't come together for him on the field. Another kicker could be brought in since both Folk and Aguayo have had an up-and-down camp. I don't look down on Licht too much for drafting him where he did. Look at what Aguayo did in college. He's the guy Licht wanted and he went and got him. Maybe another team was considering him in the 2nd and the trade was made to ensure we got him. Not all picks work out. Licht has drafted pretty well overall. Hindsight is 20/20.