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  1. Again, this is making excuses for him. I didnt say we should shun him or cut him or anything crazy, just stop making excuses for adults. If this was Joe Schmoe in accounting, we'd all be looking at him like he was a real jerk, but hes a football player, on our team, so this always leaks into the back end of a comment. He is the best player on an NFL franchise, potentially the best player in an entire professional sports league, you HAVE TO be better than this. I dont care if he cursed you up and down Main Street, its some clown in a club, and you shouldnt be assaulting someone over some
  2. Its not a bad thing at all. In fact we should all be doing more of that these days. But unless these accusations are 100% made up (the picture of the guys face would suggest something happened) or AD was defending a helpless 3rd party (woman or elderly) or this guy was some how putting him in potential serious harm, there should be absolutely no defending what happened. Even if the other guy started it, and AD is completely clear legally (jail time/lawsuit) we shouldnt be sweeping things under the rug as fans. He most likely messed up, and we can acknowledge that fact, not condone this ty
  3. Lets not be those fans. Sure we can wait to see all the information, but Aaron Donald, the man who trains with knives*, shouldnt ever be putting hands on anyone. So unless this other guy was putting his hands on a woman, or was putting Donald/others in a life threatening situation, theres no excuse to do this, so lets not be apologists. You can still cheer for him, and admit he was being an idiot and was wrong
  4. I would agree, today. But thats why I project him, because I think he is bottom heavy. And I think he can sculpt up, and his movement skills at his current size traslate really well if he would work himself into shape
  5. I think in 3 years he could become a very good LT. Ive backed off of the "Top LT" stance (still think he has that potential) but I see him definitely taking over as a LT by the end of his rookie deal. I realize this is alot of projection for him, but I like the jumps in improvement Ive already seen each year, and the performance against highly valued rushers from the Big Ten. I also think he has a very sculptable body for the NFL, not that hes going to be Bruce Campbell, but he has room to transform a bit to help with his power and movement.
  6. I just don’t see any way that we start a Rookie at Center this year. And while Meinerz can be an NFL Guard, I think he will be a much better center (even right off the bat). And in the same vein, I think there are better immediate options at Guard. In the absolute best case, I am off on the run of Offensive Lineman coming in the first round, and Jalen Mayfield falls enough for us to get him. He is the perfect developmental LT, who could be a damn good RT immediately, and in our specific situation could be a good guard for a bit allowing Corbett to be the Center this year. But in a
  7. What Godzilla stans? This franchise is barely hanging on, there’s very little pull either way in this iteration. And anyone who does feel that way (a very small section) isn’t going to care what cheerleaders he has, they care who won the fights and how. If I was a Stan for either of these versions, I would be more appalled at the garbage we got from their human mouthpieces, and rather they all just shut up and give me more fights. It’s about how badass they are, how powerful and how much they can destroy, not how much some boring dialog they get about “he’s not a bad guy”
  8. I mean I don’t really care enough about this movie one way or another to get all that deep into this, but it’s pretty obvious that the Human element is always the worst part of these movies. And the portion you pointed out, the “pushing the Kong narrative” wasn’t done well either. That could/should have been chopped down too. If done right, they have the previous films that all the fans have already made up their mind who they are rooting for. And then they battle, and battle again, and then... the 3rd man reveal that they team up against. This isn’t hard, especially if they th
  9. But did they? I dont think anyone watching ever would have thought Godzilla was ever truly the bad guy. Or if they did, Even Better! Thats the type of twist/reveal they should have been aiming for The way they did that plot was just bad, and feels like they were forcing her into the movie for when they needed her for the press tour pre-covid. I feel like they could have gotten it across just as well using only Brian Tyree Henry's character, maybe his podcast as a voiceover type thing, see him snooping, and even trying to run down Kyle Chandler's character or something. Al you need is
  10. They arent taking Jones, theres just no way. And you definitely dont trade up to 3 to do so. And while they wanted to keep up the charade for draft drama's sake, his underwhelming Pro Day really hurt that/ Justin Fields is getting quite disrespected around here, and I would not be happy if Shanahan has that weapon at his disposal
  11. haha well yea, I was joking about the "Cosby" portion Should continue to be fun having a guy this online while or Front Office has been so good at being secretive
  12. It will probably turn out just as well as the last time he was calling for a player to be added to this roster
  13. Maybe its just an opening day thing, but as I threw out there, Yadi is hitting 6th. Edman - 2B Goldschmidt - 1B Arenado - 3B DeJong - SS O'Neill - LF Molina - C Carlson - CF Williams -RF Flaherty - P Really feels like its going to throw a wrench in this entire lineup construction
  14. But with Carp locked in, Rondon doesnt really have a spot, atleast sosa can provide backup support elsewhere that we dont really have from anyone else
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