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  1. I guess I just dont understand this line of thinking? I know its not usually via Free Agency but in the past like 6 years, they are constantly going and getting a big name. This is the list of names they have added from outside the orginization sincer their last World Series appearance Nolan Arenado Paul Goldschmidt Marcel Ozuna Dexter Fowler Mike Leake Jason Heyward Jhonny Peralta And on the tier just below that, there are still some other names they went out and spent money on; Kwang Hyun Kim Andrew Miller Miles Mikolas Gr
  2. The SEC defenses, as a whole, are no longer Elite. How is that even arguable at this point? They have come back to the pack, and others have caught up. This isnt Bama/LSU 9-6 or anything even close to it
  3. I dont disagree, never said they were anything other than that. Actually never made any argument about OU Sure they have plenty of great talents, but the defenses arent Elite, and havent been for a Long Time. This isnt 2011 anymore
  4. Please continue to just spout nonsese. Not an OU fan, never have been, never will be
  5. No further comment? You used possibly the best college football team ever to try and make your point here. SEC hasnt played High Level defense in a while now
  6. If Texas/OU move somewhere together (assuming SEC at this point) then the rest of the conferences would be right behind them to set up their own 16 team super conferences. And at the same time, claim the 4 byes in the new 12 team playoff format. They could hold that power if they put together that setup. Im assuming, despite their best efforts, the Big12 will fold in this scenario. So we have the SEC at 16 after adding Texas/OU, so that leaves 2 spots for the ACC, 2 for the BigTen, and 4 for the PAC. The biggest fish left in the pond at that point would be Notre Dame. They would almo
  7. I dont think Missouri is ever standing in the way of anything the SEC wants to do. They will let A&M have that fight, but they got the one-up on Texas as making the SEC move first, I think they are just happy with the possibility of making more money. Dont let the idiot fans on the internet and their distain for Texas influence you here. If they go to a full 16, it would likely be 4 school pods for Football (OU/Texas/Arkansas/Missouri) with some rotating of the other 2 pods for 9 conference games. Eventually leading to a 4 team bracket for the SEC Championship. They will keep squee
  8. I think he’s fine most of the time, but I don’t ever see him elevating the talent he has. Honestly there aren’t many guys out there who can anymore as analytical as the game has become, but the “manager of the year” thing from a few years ago looks worse and worse. It was more of an indictment on Matheny than anything positive about Shildt.
  9. And to be clear, Im not expecting this to be some World Series contending team right now (with all the injuries to the rotation) But I think its fair to expect us to be Average+ with all the talent we still do have active. And that means being atleast competent against teams similar to us, especially ones like the Cubs who have clearly already waived the White Flag. We just took 4 of 6 from the NL Leading Giants, so we are decent atleast. But we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot against the teams we should be racking up wins against
  10. All the problems started WAY before the 9th inning, Ill even let him have the quick hook on Oviedo (which should be questioned) but that means you then have to cover 4 more innings with your bullpen. And you have a multi run lead, so why are all these relievers just pitching one inning? ESPECIALLY if you are claiming that you are trying to save Reyes & Gallagos (I.e. not "burn them for tomorrow" which is a completely different gripe I have). So fine, Cabrerra gets through that 6th, but he walked 2 guys in it so he probably needs to come out (although it was only 20 pitches) as he wasn
  11. 101 has been a mess for awhile, and I include Bernie's time there But I very much disagree with this. he messed up a bit in the question, but his point behind asking it was sound. The Managers of the Cardinals have thought they were above the consequences for their actions for far too long. And he had no good/sound reason for his moves last night. So getting mad at a question, when he screwed up last night, is just another tactic from the TLR/Cardinal Way playbook to distract from the real issue. This way people will talk about the dumb/bad media in St Louis, when in reality its o
  12. Youd have to go WAY back to get any season like that. They have been implementing twists from basically the beginning, Some have been hits (coup d'etat) and others have failed miserably. And we dont get some of the most iconic moments without the twists in the game (like Dan's Funeral). I just laugh when this type of clamoring comes up, because its really nostalgia and just misremembering
  13. And don’t get me started on the completely pointless double switch Why is Sosa coming in if you won’t even let him bat for himself? They need to do an Allen Craig and just get rid of Carpenter so they are never tempted to use him. Such a bad at bat there
  14. I’m putting this Blown save on Schildt. Didn’t make a single good move in the last 3 innings. Why did Helsley and Miller only pitch one inning? Both were pretty much rolling. Then he waits to get Reyes up in the middle of the at bat before he come in. When he probably should have never been brought in the game in the first place (was never a “save” type game) and then he does the same thing, and doesn’t get anyone up until Reyes is in the middle of the at bat that he officially blows the save on. When he never had control in the first place bad job all around but he has to be
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