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  1. A) Youre assuming everyone stays healthy, thats alot to ask B) I imagine we take advantage of the 10 day like we have been C) We should go 6 man and stretch them out an extra inning or so the way our BP has been (but we wont) D) It will likely be Weaver or Flaherty going down for some work until needed
  2. Good thing we havent log-jammed ourselves in the OF at the Major League level
  3. Im glad we arent messing around with that Bullpen nonsense with Reyes. Thankfully Mo has said he will be inserted into the rotation
  4. Ahhhhh I read that as "a potential playoff tiebreaker" my bad
  5. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I dont think its so much the post credit scene, but how everyone evaporated just wouldnt make sense. We watched them be erased from the universe, piece by piece (or flake by flake) Many commented on how they could feel it happening. Thats a pretty clear sign of who was being killed off. Had they just disappeared suddenly, then sure, it would be a completely mystery of what group was actually dead and gone.
  6. Rams 2018 offseason

    I believe @jrry32 already called this scenario like a month or so ago
  7. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Yea, but those misdirections are coming while a film is in production, and during press tours. Not out more than a decade
  8. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I have a very hard time seeing Rocket being one of those to go. He and Groot are what make GotG and I imagnine Gunn as big plans for hose guys in Vol. 3 I do think Drax goes, he and Nebula being ones who sacrafice themselves to take out Thanos. No one hates the Big Purple Raisin more than those two. Not even Gamora. But clearing our Drax & Nebula (and possibly Mantis) really opens up the team for the next Vol. They have been telling Sebatian Stan since he signed on that he would eventually become Captain America. The Fight for the Shield is a guaranteed blockbuster hit. They are just going to pass on that easy pay day. Maybe it doesnt happen right away, but Id be within 5 years of Steve Rogers dying off, that someone else is holding that Shield with the title of Cap.
  9. Honestly, right now Id throw Ozuna jump on that 10 day DL and see if whatever is bothering him (shoulder/elbow) rest and see how he feels after some rest. Then make the choice in a week or two
  10. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    There’s a stick because people can’t get a name right, or your pipe dream of the X-men is futile? Either way I’m just correct on both accounts, so there’s no stick here. You all wouldn’t go around calling it Coppola’s “The Godfathers” would you?
  11. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    This has been a pet peeve in this tread, and I just realized this thread has it wrong in the title; its Avengers: Infinity WAR not ‘wars’. It’s a singular War currently. Get it right. It’s not happening. Stop thinking it will
  12. Deadpool 2

    I’m not sure how people see this as better than the first. Now I like it a lot, it was a blast and I was laughing all the time. But it’s not better than the first for me. The first one had SOOOO much more heart. This one had some, and when they made the cold open kill, that was surprising, but from then on I didn’t feel it with Deadpool and the Kid, I just felt it from Deadpool trying to avenge. Also like Brolin as Cable, but teddy bear thing didn’t pay off as well as it could have. They can make fun of the “Martha!” thing as much as they want, but they did the same thing (much like many comic movies have) I hate that Rebel Wilson’s “fat Amy” garbage comedy is popular over here, because that about all Julien Dennison gave us. Just from a 15 y/o boys view. It is impressive that in a movie full of **** and fart jokes that juvenile boy comedy falls completely flat. Speaking of, and this isn’t political at all, I wish they would have just cut Weasel from this film. Almost none of his jokes landed, and it felt like he slept walked through the whole thing. Loved Zazie Beats as Domino, could have used even more of her. Needed more Morena Baccarain and Brianna Hilderbrand, because Reynolds plays best off of them. Ps. The Pitt cameo was probably because he was in the running for Cable at one time
  13. Justice League

    You are in the VAST minority