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  1. We have heard absolutely nothing from this production since the one teaser trailer. If anything, they are doing exactly what youre asking for. Just look at this tread, its been like 9 months since anything was posted, and basically a whole year since we actually talked about this movie. The Teaser was at the last FanDome, 14 months ago. Regardless, Im very pumped to see this new trailer tomorrow, as we are now just outside of 4 months from the new release date
  2. If routinely bringing in some of the best players in the league is a "problem"... Ill keep that problem around
  3. You are probably right, just someone who will play the way the Front Office envisions it is really what I was getting at
  4. He seems like a players guy who will do whatever Mo & Co. tell him to
  5. I think alot of the comments point toward Oquendo
  6. If you sign Albert Pujols, hes coming to be atleast a rotational DH. Which limits anyone else youre going to get as the other half of that Platoon. A Kyle Schwarber caliber guy isnt coming to be a part timer
  7. I’m still interested to see if we are serious about moving the fences in at Busch
  8. So we were average or below at SS? Thats middle of the pack, which means on a Championship team, its not good enough. Not to mention, where else are we upgrading this lineup? Especially for the 2022 season? Not at the corners, not at Catcher, not in the OF anymore. It has to be the middle infield. The answer is still the DH, which I will address in a second, but you are so weary on counting on our young arms, yet you are just assuming Gorman is just going to be given 2B (not his natural position) for the next 5 years? Seems like a stretch Youre right, we didnt have it, we shoul
  9. Wait... $6m total is what you are worried about? Also Jack isnt signing anything till he is a Free Agent, hes made that QUITE clear. They will offer a fair price, they arent looking to save anything with his salary slot, but he is also a guy who only made 15 starts this year (not all of them real starts even) and had a almost 5 ERA last year. Jacks not breaking the bank on this team. But that ONE Shortstop plays EVERY DAY... Your Starting Pitcher is once every 5, so at most like just over 30 times a season. Yes we need pitcher, but Im of the belief that we have plenty of pitchers
  10. Jack’s getting a huge bump for missing the whole year? For a guy set on “letting the process play out” that would be surprising and if you are going to call out adding $25m to SS as an issue (not accounting for the ~$6m that would be moved by Trading DeJong in a corresponding move) then why isn’t it an issue to add that kind of money to the rotation? You already have $40M+ tied up in your top 3 paid starters (assuming your JF number) not sure how you can justify throwing $20m more at that by your logic? Especially with Hudson returning, running Reyes out there as a starter (already b
  11. You keep saying this but have yet to provide any reasons why
  12. You can’t blame it all on Shildt when the heart of our order went 2-19 but it is quite concerning that he can’t learn from his prior mistakes. Ill say it again… Reyes is not a reliever, he does not have the mentality and can not handle coming into a game mid inning with runners on. (because he’s a starter) so of course we bring him in for that exact situation in the do or die game of the year hes going to keep costing us games as the manager
  13. Id imagine he has an extensive bullpen today
  14. Back on the W train. Lets stay hot an sweep the cubs on the way into the Wild Card game
  15. Cant imagine Brady is going anywhere else as an OC, feels lik hes in Carolina till he gets a Head Coaching gig, which could be this year
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