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  1. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    I get it, I do it all the time. Im just pointing out , that "What If" might actually come down to 1 year of Josh Donaldson (and no extension to Carp) vs Trading for and Locking up Goldschmidt. Kind of a no brainer there
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Ive expressed my thoughts on the first part, but its alot easier to say "what if we signed Donaldson" than the reality of actually getting him in here. As soon as we added Goldschmidt (which was the top priority) and we already had Carpenter/Gyorko/Munoz on the roster, there was no chance we would land JD. He was looking for playing time and at bats to rebuild his value. That was no longer an option here.
  3. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Of all things complained about this year, Hypothetically not enough September at-bats for Carlson may be the most absurd one I have heard yet.
  4. Because you guys still underrate the International Box Office. Its still important, it still counts as money made (sure not the same as Domestic) and every argument started about it you guys pretend like its Monopoly money and doesn't count at all. You have to atleast admit they love to tout that International total, and it is mostly the sole reason Venom is getting a squeal. I dont know if we will ever get the real story of how this is going down right now, but to just assume all fault on Sony here is a really Marvel fanboy-ish stance. You think that Disney/Marvel is just standing there like the bully took their toy and left them on the playground with nothing? It seems more likely to me that the juggernaut that is the MCU wanted more, more money, more control, more everything Spidey. I dont blame them, and I dont blame Sony for wanting to hang onto the one big hit they have with a death grip either. But after the very lack-luster Phase 4 announcement, Losing the possibility of Spider-Man is going to hurt the MCU too
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    This really means absolutely nothing at this point. As soon as they got into the season they werent going to resign him, and with him not proving anything last year, they werent going to extend him before the season. Not to mention he has moved on from Boras, so we can have legitimate negotiations this offseason compared to last. Spotrac is on drugs, hes not getting close to a $100m contract. He would have had to be in the hunt for HR champion for something like that. The QO will probably be $18m and I dont think anyone is even giving him that much on a long term deal. Others are projecting him more of a Reddick or Pollock contract, which is much more realistic. Ive seen short term, Marwin Gonzalez comps thrown out there for him .Dont think hes that low, but with another extended injury this year after last years debacle, plus the up and down offensive production (even with the power surge back) He's not a blockbuster Free Agent. A 4y/$56m is a realistic range for him. And with what we have given up to get him, they arent just going to let him walk without trying to sign him. Id love for him to take the QO if we slap it on him, short term/high dollars is fine, its when you give out long term money to guys who dont deserve it where you get in trouble (Fowler). If we wanted more dollars, a 2 year/$34m could be a doable deal, but hes not going to have alot of teams willing to give 5 year deals, and those that would arent champing at the bit to give him those high dollars. (especially if we give him a QO)
  6. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Dont think you can cross off Ozuna at this point
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    And what a waste of a decent outing by Wacha (phenomenal by his standards these days)
  8. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Even though we are right back in the WC spot, and deep in the hunt, I still find myself looking forward to what next years team will look like. And while I have an outlined offseason plan that I will share later, I keep getting stuck on WHY did we extend Matt Carpenters contract? Before the deal we were only committed to $16.75m more to Carp ($14.75 for '19 and $2m buy out for '20) With an option for another $16.5m for '20 if we wanted him for his year 34 season. But now we guaranteed that option, tacked on another year at the same price ($18.5m) for '21, committing ourselves to him through his year 35 season, and gave him a chance to vest into another $18.5m for '22. Which isnt an unlikely scenario, because if we are a competitive team, and he stays healthy, and hits leadoff in 2020 he could rack up nearly 700 PA. Then he would only need 400+ PA in 2021, which would give us a 37 Year Old Carp trying to play somewhere other than 1B with a near $20m price tag... Which brings me to my point; Do you think our Front Office knows, or at the very least is speculating/hedging that the NL will implement the DH very soon (as in before the 2021 season)? Since it was already on the table for this year, and they were able to push through the Singular Trade Deadline so quick, anyone think that Mo & Co think we may see that DH as soon as next year? (I still think thats why we hung onto Jose too)
  9. Keeper help

    Im just going to piggy back on one of these Keeper threads; Ive got a decision to make. 10 team league, PPR, 6pt Passing TD I can either keep Deshaun Watson in the 11th or Tyler Boyd in the 13th or Tyler Lockett in the 13th The rest of the league keepers is Mahomes late and then a bunch of RBs
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Im the one nitpicking? You doubled down on it, but its just tongue in cheek... sure ok got it
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Yea but he was also a GIDP machine in big situations (much like Albert before he left) for many of those years, but he was a "great contact hitter" so people overlooked it. It may have been a joke, but Ozuna's been the only consistent power hitter (you could even say hitter period) this year, and you picked on a Double play he hit in the first inning. Seems pretty fair to be called out for, especially after he mashed another HR
  12. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Yadier Molina has been doing this for a decade, but people praise him because "he always makes contact" . Get this nonsense out of here.
  13. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    I even cautioned against a Bo Hart situation earlier. But the guy just posted a 7/13 series at the plate while starting at 3 different positions. Hard to argue with that right now
  14. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    You wanna admit you spoke too soon now orrrrr???
  15. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Im actually starting to wonder if we could, and maybe even should be looking at resigning Marcell Ozuna? That almost feel blasphemous at this point, but with that report the other day that he would "prefer" to stay with us, got me thinking... All of these OF prospects have not turned out how we thought, I know we have both Arozarena and Carlson on the cusp, but unfortunately both O'Neill and Bader have been disappointing thi year. As hard as we had to work to find a couple of Middle of the Order bats, it feels weird just letting one walk at this point to take a chance on a bunch of Rookies. This change on heart took me by surprise as well, But I think re-signing Ozuna and flipping Fowler for something other than an OF would be my Top Priorities this Offseson