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  1. Justice League

    Like you, I believe that to be true. But at this time I dont think it has ever been fully confirmed. But doing side films through affiliates is a really smart Idea. It probably give them a bit of flexibility that they wouldnt have if they had that WB stamp on them. I wouldnt be shocked to see Justice League Dark under New Line if we ever get it. And (fingers crossed) if we were to one day get a Lobo film, it would make alot of sense to keep the WB brand off of it.
  2. Expectations for Jared Goff

    People are really starting to harp on this now, and I am not buying it. I know they arent great (this isnt the Broncos D or anything) but they were seen as good enough that the Raiders are considered as Super Bowl contenders. And its not like Goff just had a decent drive, He made the Raiders starters look Silly. It should have been an even better performance if Sammy can pull that one in like he should have. Im not saying we are all set, and there is nothing to worry about or anything like that. But just like we saw with the first half of the Saints game last year, this is one of those impressive flashes many of us are really excited about.
  3. Tavon Austin

    This issue was brought up in the Sammy Watkins trade thread. But its definitely worth exploring more. I think its quite obvious he is WR #4 right now. Watkins and Woods are both better talents (to me) and were both hand picked by this coaching staff. Kupp isnt as gifted as Austin, but he is already a better receiver than anything we have ever actually seen from Austin. Honestly I think he can still be a dangerous weapon in this league, I just dont think that will be with this team. At this point I would imagine he will be treated as a gadget player, with special packages for him. And he isnt going to like that. Best case scenario, a contender has a Receiver go down early in the season, and we pick up a late round draft pick just to shed him and the rest of this years contract.
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    I guess it's convenient to just forget how good he was for the first half of the year
  5. Preseason WK2: Rams vs Raiders

    Yep. Unfortunately they are too blinded by hate for Kroenke to ever be able to rationally look at a Goff
  6. Preseason WK2: Rams vs Raiders

    It won't. I was sitting watching with some, they just acted like it didn't even matter
  7. Justice League

    Well let's start off by saying, you are making an awful lot of assumptions off of like 5 min of trailers. Not sure how Flash's costume looks bad? He built it himself. It's plating that protects him from the forces on his body. It's clearly a very early version of his character, he even says all he has done so far is push people and run away. There are seeds of a great Aquaman, let's hope they don't screw it up. Did you even watch Wonder Woman? It's not like all she does is use her gauntlet blast. It's her big power move. She does a ton of other fighting. We see that in the trailer even. I think through two movies she has done the gauntlet blast like 3 times? And one of them is when she learned how to do it by accident. That's like saying Hulk should stop doing the jumping two handed hammer smash. Or Cap should stop throwing his shield, Ironman needs to stop using his blasters, Thor needs to stop the Mjolnir uppercut or throw. Batman is great not much to say there. I just hope they have some nods to some of his classic gadgets, and not just new ones that all need to be explained. Really looking forward to his interaction with Gordon. I know people aren't that excited about Cyborg and I get it. I think he is already way too much CGI. They should have done an early version of him where like just a leg/arm and a hand/foot were the robot parts with one of his eyes and then elude that some of his internal parts are cybernetic. Then his "suited up" form is where the Motherbox attaches to him to make him the full on Cyborg. But think about all timeline they went with. A Cyborg type character is really the only one who can fit story telling wise as the 6th member right now. We already have to do major intros for both Flash and Aquaman, not to mention the Villain Steppenwolf, and likely all of Atlantis. To try and squeeze another major character in this move would have been tough. Cyborg is really a simple one to explain, AND he wraps into the mcgoffin of the movie. Honestly I think he will be Villain fodder for the JL, if not in this one, then in the next JL film. Mostly because he can be "rebuilt" at anytime. Plus don't forget, we will be getting the return of Superman as well in this film. Having a main member of the league be bigger than Cyborg would be tough to squeeze in their story. Wouldn't be surprised if we get another member at the climax though as a segue to their movie in order to tell their story. Unite the Seven...
  8. Justice League

    Actually I don't believe if we know that or not. At one time the Black Adam movie was believed to be a stand alone outside of the universe. But even after it was said Shazam would have a "tone unto itself" I think WB stated Shazam would exist in the same Universe as the a Justice Leage. And honestly with the entire shuffle with the DCEU, I don't think we know where it will land at all. All we know is it will be the most "lighthearted" film. And in all of those reports it is referred to as a DCEU movie with Geoff Johns in charge of it
  9. Expectations for Jared Goff

    What Smoke? That the Redskins completely botched their relationship with Cousins, and every "report" had him immediately linked to the Niners and Rams? Hmmmm you mean the two teams with brand new HCs, that just so happen to be his last two OCs? Also dont forget, the other "report" was the Detroit Lions . . . these are all pure speculation, even coming from Schefter
  10. Justice League

    So moving on from the unanswerable will he/wont he of Batfleck; There are a few things in the Comic Con teaser that still keep nagging at me. I have seen them brought up before, but not really addressed around here. So I figured Id ask you guys what you think of each of these; Who is the Villain that Wonder Woman seems to be taking down at the beginning? Coming into the court house (again) with that briefcase that seems like it might be a bomb (again) from another shot later in the trailer. They wont show the leader of the gangs face, which makes me believe that he is supposed to be someone we know from the comics. The outfit (black jacket/black gloves) really gives off a Black Mask vibe, but that doesnt necessarily fit with WW. Any guesses? We all peeped that Black and Silver 'S' symbol on the bridge across the bay. And Cavill has hinted the black suit. How much of the black suit Supes do you think we get? Also, does he have the Beard? The Mullet? I kind of hope they steer right into that, and give us some evil-ish Superman for awhile in the film. We get a really cool looking BoomTube with the Motherbox in Themyscira. Im hoping its not the only one we see. But the real question is, with all the rewrites/reshoots do we ever actually see Darkseid? I have seen some of you guys complain about Aquaman and his bro/rocker attitude. That it isnt "barbarian" enough. But we also see that he probably isnt yet the "King of Atlantis" at this point. The line is so thin between badass rocker, and barbarian warlord, I think he could even end up being a blend of the two. If this is his "rebellious phase" and we are seeing his first real battle that ends up hardening his character, I think we will all really like him at the end of JL. I really liked how they added so much depth to the Batman mythos in this world with just one little comment from Alfred. Just like seeing the robin suit in the Batcave, the Wind-up Penguins comment makes this world so deep. With Batman being so established, I hope we see many other nods to his rogues gallery. We actually hear the news report of the Bat being nowhere to be found, and crime on the rise, which is what lead me to the Black Mask thought. So what side characters would you like to see get a nod in this movie? I would think Barbara Gordon is on that list. The massive battles outside all have that Red hue to them. This is an obvious reference to Red Sky Events. So i am wondering is it just a nod? Or do we think we are actually going to be seeing a Multiverse Event in this film? And of course, Alfred's ending clip. Before we even get to who the reveal could be, It just seems so weird to me that Alfred is just hanging out in a garage (you can see trees behind him at one point) tuning up an old car, and enjoying a glass of scotch, all while the world is falling apart around them? Then we see those Jurassic Park tremors in his glass, accompanied by what seems to be some other worldly sounds (maybe like another BoomTube being used). Its really an odd situation, is the league fighting Steppenwolf on another World? Is that fight already over and we are seeing the actual after credits scene? Is this maybe not a true ally and Alfread is in real trouble? People get so caught up in who he is taking to, that no one really questioned the situation he is in. And of course, Who is Alfred talking to? Supes is the obvious answer. Many have speculated Hal Jordan, others say Nightwing (the longest shot to me) and some are even hoping its Martian Manhunter. But no one around here has really brought up one of the newest theories I like, maybe its Shazam? His movie is coming up, the Red shouolder fits, and he is a Omega type power that could fight off Seppenwolf, or even a rogue Superman. Any other theories out there?
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    I think the obvious answer is a guy we have looked into before; Josh Donaldson. He is a guy who will likely be somewhat available this offseaon (to what level is debatable) and with only one season of control left, I think the deal could be done without giving up either Reyes or Kelly. Just adding him completely changes the complexion to this lineup. And most importantly he is a guy who i think we would want to lock up long term, and would get that done once he gets here. But I wouldnt stop with that. I think there are Free Agent bats who could make the same type of impact. There are a few other 3B if we couldnt swing Donaldson, that change what we have in the lineup. And if you cant we could go get a J.D. Martinez. But assuming we could make that Donaldson deal, I think signing a guy we should have traded for this year in Jay Bruce would be that second move to sure up the lineup. So my plan would be; Trade for Josh Donaldson [for a Luke Weaver centered package] - sign him long term Sign Jay Bruce to a 2/3 year contract Trade away Matt Carpenter, Jedd Gyorko, & Randall Grichuck to start to recoup/rebuild the farm system Tell Yadi that what is best for the team (not his dainty ego) is him to start playing some 1B This allows to still have some roster flexibility, but does so with pieces that will compliment each other, and not be so redundant that we fall into the massive skids we have seen this year. We would have 3 MIF options (Wong, DeJong, Diaz) and the best guys play with the other being the utility man, likely Diaz right now. Signing Bruce also lets you shuffle the lineup, as he could be the other half of the 1B platoon with Yadi. Which also lets you play both Piscotty and Pham enough to justify keeping both on the roster. Platoon Breakdown=> 1B: Bruce 100g/Yadi 62g, C: Yadi 90g/Kelly 72g, OF: Fowler 150g/Bruce 40g/Piscotty 145g/Pham 145g, DH: Bruce 10g Yadi - 152 games Bruce - 150 games Fowler - 150 games Piscotty - 145 games Pham - 145 games Kelly - 72 games Obviously not taking into account any injuries that would come up, that is how you split up platoons, not the jumbled mess that we have gotten ourselves into. I would even overpay Bruce a bit to take on the 1B duties, and take only a 2 year deal. That way next season you drop his total games some (to around 140 or less) and Yadi's as well so Kelly is catching the majority of the time (90-100 games). These additions to the lineup really add some stability and pop that we have been searching for all year long, even looking like a lineup to be feared; Dexter Fowler CF Tommy Pham RF Josh Donaldson 3B Jay Bruce 1B Yadier Molina C Paul DeJong SS Stephen Piscotty LF Kolten Wong 2B Pitcher P I mean, the difference in what we are trotting out there right now and that lineup? Honestly, depending on who is hot and how they feel in each slot, you can change around Pham, DeJong, Piscotty and Wong however you see fit. Plus then you still have Diaz, Kelly and O'Neill (or which ever OF prospect isnt traded for Donanldson; Bader/Sierra) as the next 3 up if you do run into injuries
  12. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    I'm not saying we ahould be out there getting a superstar, I don't think we can responsibly go get one of those right now. But there are some. Are out there that would change the make up of this lineup. Because right now it's one big amoeba of the same hitter. Then you can use some of these redundant talents to start and restock the farm system. Because while they won't bring top of the system talent, these guys we have still have value
  13. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    Oh, I am not disagreeing with you. But what I am saying is "something drastic" needs to happen. This roster needs an overhaul, and this offseason is the time to do it before we are stuck with this same team for the next 3 years
  14. Aaron Donald's holdout

    Except when a team cuts a player, they pay them everything they are guaranteed due, on the spot. Its not the same situation, teams would have to be cutting guys and then withholding the monies owed from the rest of the contract. I'm not saying it's wrong for players to hold out, but comparing the two is a false equivalency
  15. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    You are probably right. We will just have Diaz, Kelly and Grichuck as the Bench guys or getting reps down in Memphis till someone gets hurt or nosedives like this year. All while not adding any Bat to this lineup. That is the most likely route we take. Unfortunately, we have seen that team. We have watched it all year. And that's not a very fun, or really a very good team. I guess if we are content with trying to scrap for the Wild Card, the Ok. But the Cubs and Brewers aren't going to stand still for next year.