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  1. General Season Talk

    Agree with all of that. I was just pointing out that we may have a completely different roster going into next year. And theres a chance that maybe a few guys get traded away if we do win the SB, in order to upgrade in the long term. Ring Chasers and guys looking for 1 year prove it deals for their big cash in are going to be critical in building out the next few rosters.
  2. General Season Talk

    Guys, Goff's favorable "Rookie deal" is basically over after next year. We dont know what his 5th year option will be right now, but we can ake a very educated guess by the previous Top QBs 5 year options. 2013 Draft didnt have any of those top guys hit their 5YO, 2014 Bortles had a $19m 5YO, and 2015 Winston is getting almost $21m for his. Goff's 5YO is going to be atleast $22m, probably $23m. Even regardless of that 5YO, Goff can start negotiating his new deal during this offseason (going into his 4th year) and now he has a Super Bowl appearance, and a possible SB Win under his belt (and he lead them in the Saints game, not Gurley). This year was the window, and then maybe they squeeze one more year next year, if they can convince Goff to wait. More importantly, other than the Goff Extension, we may not even be in control of keeping most of this roster together. Like I said, old guys retiring (Whit, Sullivan, maybe even Talib) not in our control. And then all the free agents, who are now going to cash in being on a Super Bowl team, we arent going to hand out long term deals to those guys. My point being, the rest of the roster needs to be built back up, and if some team wants to give us a 2nd rounder (or even late 1st for a SB desperate team) for Marcus Peters, Ill take that in a hot second. I dont see us paying him long term, and we wont get that (at best) 3rd round Comp pick until the 2021 Draft. Grabbing a bunch of young cheap talent is the next step for this roster to build around Donald and Goff, not adding a ton of long term high priced vets.
  3. General Season Talk

    If we win the Super Bowl, Theres a chance we could see a Florida Marlins-esue purging of this roster... Id think a decent amount may be retirements (Whitworth, Sullivan) and walk year guys (Suh, Joyner, Fowler, Anderson), but I could also see some moves being made to recoup some draft picks, especially if most of those cornerstones make it known that they are done. Could be just as interesting of an offseason this year as it was last, but in a very different way.
  4. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    That play right there (along with plenty of others today and in the run up to this game) completely validated the trade for Fowler. Who knows what that Draft Picks could have been, who knows if we try to re-sign him at all, but a trip to the Super Bowl is worth whatever we gave up to get all of these guys (Fowler, Cooks, Peters, etc...)
  5. True Detective Season 3

    I think that most agree that S1 of True Detective was a work of Fukunaga's visuals and the skill of McConaughey/Harrelson to pull off some iffy dialog (you can see how off it is with the other characters) Season 2 had too much story going on, so the bad dialog showed through, even though you had 4 very good actors giving it their all. SO it remains to be seen if the story is focused enough, and Ali/Dorff are good enough to make us forget how bad Pizzolatto is at writing human interaction. (not completely knocking him, he is great at writing out an actual story, and leaving clues and strands to bigger ideas. Its just like he has no real friends and doesnt have a clue how people actually interact.)
  6. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Which is exactly why A) he wont be on Michael Thomas and B) we will have someone over the top to safe guard against that Hopefully we are actually baiting that throw very deep, where Brees looked alittle shaky last week, for an early turnover on an under throw
  7. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    As was pointed out earlier, the NFL will never say they are wrong or change the assignment. BUT maybe all this media attention gets in Vinovich's and his Crew's heads alittle bit, and maybe we get an early call or two so they can "prove" they are unbiased. I doubt it would be a whole game thing, but if there is a questionable PI or Roughing the Passer scenario, maybe it breaks our way in the 1st Quarter... Its the NFC championship, ill take whatever little edge we can get
  8. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Ned is just Bones now
  9. True Detective Season 3

    I just re-watched it. Unless the parents are playing with Raggedy Ann type dolls (which we have a whole diffent show) the peephole was into the little sisters room
  10. True Detective Season 3

    No it was into the Little Girls room. I believe we see some toys and books and a doll when we see West's POV through the peephole
  11. True Detective Season 3

  12. True Detective Season 3

    Maybe some, but he is a crime writer, it is just in his nature to leave bread crumbs. Im sure there will be red herrings. But there will be plenty of clues to the truth if you dig deep enough But think about Season 1, he showed us the Killer, straight to our face, and no one picked up on it.
  13. True Detective Season 3

    Its kinda already too late for that Its actually a D&D guide created specifically for this show, not just some old book that was actually around in the 80s. Its about as direct a reference to the Yellow King and Carcosa as you are going to get unless they flat out say those names again (which would automatically connect this case with the S1 case). The Poem his future wife is reading also has some loose references to Carcosa. Pizzalato has always been influenced by Lovecraft and that clan, so its going to keep coming up, but in this world, when you are referencing something "Yellow" like that its going to have a direct line drawn to the first season.
  14. Spiderman: Far from home

    I saw the idea that possibly when Spidey finally fights Mysterio, that Beck's use of the Water Elemental illusion/powers that they may create Hydro-man?? He was originally created as collateral damage from a Spidey battle, why not just modify it a bit and let it be against Mysterio...
  15. Spiderman: Far from home

    Exactly, they are a deeper cut set of characters, that other wise would probably never see the light of day. Which is why the first thoughts were Hydro-man (with other villians as well, like Molten Man or even Sandman) would be the other villains in FFH. But if they are just illusions or some type of movie magic/VFX created by Mysterio, and not actualy the Elementals, that would be a cool swerve. I really hope this movie open up Spidermans world. I was excited when the Rumors of a potential Black Cat appearance in FFH, but those seems to have been deunked, although Im still holding out hope. Especially if Fury has Pete going on stealth missions, that would be the perfect avenue to introduce her as she beats Peter to the punch.