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  1. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I actually think those type of contracts are more Ownership imposing their will. And I kind of get it. It sells more tickets in this market than winning does (Carp excluded, that was all on Mo trying to hedge)
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    If they are willing to pay Weiters along with Molina for the next couple of seasons, with Herrera pushing his way in sometime during the 2022 season, Id be all for it
  3. General Season Talk

    Which is why, along with not counting toward the Comp Pick formula, I am all about bringing Tree back at a reasonable price tag
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I wonder what we can get for Knizner now? Im not positive that I personally would give Yadi another year (especially not another 2) but I could definitely see DeWitt wanting to. And if thats the case, we are wasting him, especially with a talent like Herrera moving his way through the system with some very impressive talent
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Color me shocked that you completely overreacted and didn’t actually wait to find out what really happened For those of you who still live in reality, he just waited for the next inning to have a “clean frame” to work with. Stuff apparently looked good, needs to work on control, but for the first session out off an injury, not too bad. Long road ahead still
  6. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    The cowl is pretty obviously not the same quality of what the real suit will be. Just seeing the Costume test you can tell these are different, this one set to provide much more free movement for doing stunts. And I believe the gauntlets are Eastern Warrior inspired (likely functional weapons as well). Assuming thats the inspiration I really dig it Also, how do you guys see that and not immediately see that were getting a legitimate Bat-cycle??
  7. DC Movie Universe

    Exactly, he has had ideas for Batman, his version of Batman long before he got this role, and long before Snyder was ever involved
  8. General Season Talk

    There are a couple ways to do it, the most complicated is an extension (basically total renegotiation) but that is the rarest. The one you cite here, with a roster bonus, is the easiest way to do it, and does nothing to the player other than tie them to the team longer with guaranteed monies. So when a guy has a Roster Bonus in his contract, on a specified date in the contract, that money is paid out in full, and that total amount hits the teams Cap Number in the specified year. But the little accounting trick is to convert said "Roster Bonus" into a "Signing Bonus". The player still gets the exact same money, at the exact same payout date (or there abouts) but as far as the cap goes, those dollars get spread out across the remaining years of the contract (it can be less, but typically its just spread out over all of them). So for example; Jared Goff is due a $21m roster Bonus in a few weeks, if we leave it as a roster bonus, all $21m of that will hit the 2020 Cap. But if we were to "restructure" his contract, and convert that money into a new "signing bonus" that $21m for 2020 would change into about $4.2m for 2020. SO it would create $16.8m in new cap space, all while Jared still gets his $21m this year. The signing bonuses are just an accounting trick But remember, we still have to account for that $16.8m we moved around in future years cap. So for 2021, Goff's cap hit is scheduled for $32.5m, but right now he has only $15m guaranteed left, which would be his Dead Money number if we were to cut/trade him while saving the $17.5m against the 2021 Cap(this gets complicated with his future roster bonus guaranteeing, but lets ignore that right now for this example). But with this Restructure in place, we add the $16.8m that we pushed off into his remaining Guaranteed money. So instead of a $15m dead cap in 2021, he now has $31.5m in dead cap against the now $36.7m (the new increased cap number by spreadin out the new Signing Bonus) number he is scheduled to receive. Like Ive said a few times, its basically an accounting trick, where we are robbing Peter to pay Paul, creating more room now, while taking up future years Cap Space. Locking us into players longer (which is why you really only want to do this with Franchise Cornerstone players)
  9. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    It would be. It would also be interesting to see how he got that gun... Thomas Wayne style or Grim Knight style
  10. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Anyone else think the bat symbol looks like it’s partially made out of pistols? Its not all that much, but I do like it, especially if this is a work in progress suit
  11. General Season Talk

    The Jeff Fisher thing was part of the orchestrated plot to move the team from St Louis to LA, nothing more, nothing less. He was literally asked about moving the Oilers from Houston to Tennessee in his interview for the job. Now the notion that McVay is in any sort of trouble is also absurd. But Fisher's tenure has no impact on that.
  12. General Season Talk

    The way we put contracts together is actually very helpful for moving money around. But the unfortunate side effect are these issues with trading guys away. But again, look who you called out, basically franchise corner stones, and the only reason they have even been brought up in these fantasy trade scenarios is due to injuries. But again, they are not ever really looking to trade these guys in a normal circumstances, and injured they arent really worth anything useful. Those might be bad gambles, but thats where they have saved some important dollars in current seasons for some guarantees in later years
  13. Todd Gurley's future with the Rams

    They had meetings with him last year throughout the offseaon on how to plan his rehab and how they would handle his workload. This isnt something new
  14. Todd Gurley's future with the Rams

    Yea no offense @RamRod but there was a reason that this convo stuck in the General thread. Its just dead time click bait fodder. Anyone who actually looks at the Financials and even thinks about what it would take to make this move for just one second, realizes that its just not feasible in our current cap situation. And the report of the "meeting" was so bogus, they happen every year. There just isnt anything to actually talk about here.
  15. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Yes, from one of the worst teams in the League, sure. But that seems to be what they are being crowned off of. Yea its solid, but I dont see anyone in that rotation that scares me. Gray was good last year, but even with the ERA he had, Ive never been worried as he takes the mound. They have a group of #2s and #3s, which is very solid, but I think thats all the Rotation is. Sure Moose was a very good get, but I dont think Castellanos is all that great, what he put up the second half of last year was the best he will ever do in my eyes. And Vatto is getting an awfully big pass for two straight major declining seasons. If they made these additions to a 2016-16 Joey Votto I would be worried, but with likely a slow start from Suarez due to his rehab, I dont fear this offense either. Yea I think they are a very solid team, but I dont think they are some juggernaut to be worried about. The Cubs were supposed to be that last year and just never got it going, I was much more worried about that squad