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  1. And it would be for a QB (even if falling) so other teams would be interested, so bump that value of the pick even more
  2. I’m reading back through this, and man assuming he hasn’t let himself go, Warford might be the exact thing this OL needs. I’m not sure we’re going to see Pro Bowl level, but even just under that would allow Rob to not worry so much about who’s next to him. And I am with you as well that Corbett should be better at Center, although not sure he’s a long term solution, he would do for now. If I’m looking in the draft, Vera-Tucker would be a great fit, but will likely be long gone, and the absolute best fit for me is Wyatt Davis. If he slips even alittle, I would give up a good chunk to grab
  3. What does that have to do with what I just said?
  4. What!? All you guys keep complaining about are Goffs “bonehead” plays. And now you say he should throw it deep to covered guys just because? And this nonsense that he isn’t making reads, and has no football smarts is just flat out lies. Keep saying this stuff to make you feel better to place all the blame onGoff, but it’s just not factual in any way. Yes he makes dumb passes, but it’s usually because he is trying to make a play. When he should likely throw it away or take the 3 yard scramble, or even the sack, because that’s whT good QBs do. But hey, most of you guys would rather watch a
  5. McVay is the wunderkind, the offensive genius. He could supposedly work magic with Wolford. How can all those takes be out there (and they are all definitely here) but he can’t adjust what he is doing to better suit the things that Goff does well and limit what he doesn’t? Sean Peyton has done it with a shell of Drew Brees, he did it for Taysom Hill. Bruce Arians finally gave in and did it for Tom Brady. Stefanski did it for Baker, Taylor was doing it for Burrow, Shanny has done it for all his QBs. At what point does the guy in charge of the offense take ANY responsibility?
  6. No dude you are. You can’t even admit that completely changing the offense from when it was its best has an impact on what we are doing. You just keep saying “Goff doesn’t look deep”. No he doesn’t throw deep right now because he doesn’t have anyone open. It was already pointed out there were plenty of time this year that he was looking to go deep with a ton of time but no one was open. Just because Wolford threw it downfield some doesn’t mean it was the right play. Most of those were the wrong decision. Again as pointed out, other than the 2 completely blown coverages, he only had 1 comp
  7. All I’ll say is this, so far the “reporting” on this feels a lot like tabloid stuff more than anything concrete. McVay should be disappointed at some stuff that went on this year. And Goff should be fiery after he was healthy enough to be active but didn’t start. Goff made stupid decisions this year, some that cost us games. And McVay also left him hanging out to dry with his play calling at times as well. And that’s not to mention Snead left them both without a Deep Threat after trading away Cooks. They are all culprits in some way, and they all need to get on the same page,
  8. I thought that would be to move too, but McVay passed on him last year too. Guess he just doesn’t feel like he’s ready/capable of being in charge of an entire defense
  9. Yea that’s what I’m saying. If he gets a HC job for 2023, that would make him our DC for 2 seasons
  10. There’s a chance that we are gambling that it take 2 years for that to happen and we get another 3rd round pick for him getting a HC spot in 2023
  11. I’m very serious. Go see what all the other average QBs did against those awful defenses. Trask owes anything he has to Dan Mullen and Kyle Pitts. He’s an average SEC QB, not NFL caliber
  12. Ah yea, read it wrong, he’s a RFA in 2022 Good to know we have a kicker for a few more years if we wanted
  13. I know we started this conversation elsewhere, and while I’ve come around to likening this idea for a move, I’m just not sure McVay signs on for something like this. I don’t see it with Wolford, to me he’s a fun little gadget 3rd QB, but Sean seems to think he can make some magic with him. And while Minshew is a better version, no debate there, I could see McVay being so headstrong that he says “why give up an asset for something I already have” The other pickups are very solid, it will all just come down to who is available and doesn’t have their market driven up like crazy, becau
  14. Not going to get into the discussion about using our first pick on a QB, but I can say I’ve seen enough of Kyle Trask, and without one of the best TE prospects we’ve seen since like Vernon Davis, he’s garbage. That might be alittle harsh, but he is an average SEC/College QB, no thanks.
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