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  1. That haul from the Yankees would need to be atleast Andujar+Frazier+Sheffield and probably more for the talent/control we would be giving up in Carlos
  2. I still think a contender would love to slot him in at 2B. Especially some of these teams after Machado, just looking for a MIF Bat. Like the Dbacks can shift the Infield and slid Carp right into 2nd. Were not getting Peak Value for all of our guys, or else we would be a contender. I understand trying to hang onto Pham, but I think you either have to commit to him or move him, dont play this in the middle any longer, its only getting worse. And of course the Relievers arent bringing much back, but we arent hanging onto them either. Id just like to try and reset the culture, and some of these Vet relievers arent doing us any favors. And like I said, Cecil is just moving his money out.
  3. I think you're right, plus in their presser Mo and Dewitt used "hit the reset button" terminology a good amount and didn't shy away from the rebuild questions. I feel like alot of teams are about to be disappointed in the Machado sweepstakes, and one of those teams with some positional flexibility (i.e. the Dimondbacks) could be interested in Matt Carpenter. Plus he would cost a whole hell of alot less in a trade than Manny, with one extra year of control. I also see some AL teams who could really use a bat that would be real smart to jump on Jose Martinez. The Mariners seem like a great match, especially since we have been partners on 'better fit" trades recently Most contending teams have their CF, but a fringe team could always use an OF Bat, and a cheap ($) Pham could be interesting, could really help that terrible defense in Colorado. After the start to the season that Mikolas has had, he could bring back a pretty decent package, as it looks like the Starting pitching market is next to nothing this deadline. (Wacha could have been in the same boat, but with the injury he isnt close to ready) The bullpen trio of Norris, Cecil and Holland could be of interest (as PB arms always are at the deadline), but the returns would be minimal. I would really just like to get out from the $15m remaining on Cecil, and just give me whatever back. Kolton Wong and Carson Kelly should both be moved, but they seem more like offseason/winter meeting moves. Surprisingly multiple contenders need Catchers, so maybe we see something there? Id like to hang onto Jedd until we have secured a longer term solution at 3B, but if someone really wants him, it wouldnt hurt to part ways. And Dexter Fowler is just a situation that has no good answer right now.
  4. I really wish we could just clean house at the deadline. Honestly dont care if we are taking .50 on the dollar for some of these guys
  5. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    I dont know how close you all follow, but Tyler flipped what looked like a boring 13-0 vote Sam out to tha 7-6 vote Steve out that we saw in under 24 hours And yes, the sides will figure out that he is in the middle, but currently the only ones talking to everyone is Tyler who is puppetting most things, CJ that no one believes/trust/takes seriously, and Scottie who everyone knows is Swaggy's little rat informant. At this rate, by the time the sides figure out what Tyler is doing, they will have taken out enough of each other (Probably Swaggy/Bailey or Fessy this week, and possibly a retaliation of Winston/Brett or Angela next) and those sides will suddenly be smaller than the middle group of floaters that Tyler looks to be putting together. Obviously alot of game to play, and with the WildCard Kaitlyn as HoH, anything is possible. But it seems like Tyler is the only one already trying to put a plan in place.
  6. Rams OG Jamon Brown suspended 2 games

    I still have no idea where you're getting that he showed anything last year, much less well. But Blythe, Noteboom, Demby, Eldrenkamp, even Brian Allen could get a shot. They tried Havenstein at Guard last preseason and he was actually OK, (while Brown couldnt handle the RT spot) so Noteboom could also potentially slide into RT if thats the best lineup This take is wrong. He is the lesser of the Oline, but he is an above average starter. Very capable, just nothing spectacular.
  7. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Most of this is pretty spot on, but just a few things The way he has played it, Tyler winning the first HoH has been a master stroke of game play. Im usually also on the "why would you put that on yourself" train, but Tyler knows this game, and he found two people that no one will really miss or actually feel all that bad voting out. And instead, the nominees have just caused drama between two sides, which he is playing both of them pretty well so far. Having that 2 week HoH has let him build a TON of little connections, and I think he is building a sleeper alliance in the middle who will just facilitate picking off each of the other sides until jury. I think your read on Winston and Brett is flipped. Winston cant get his bro self out of the way to play the game. Brett has shut it down and while possibly annoying to us as viewers, the house all seems to love him. And thats all due to his "dumb frat boy" persona, and not a single person thinks he is smart at all, which will allow him to take advantage of everyone. While Winston has only put a target on himself Youre WAAAY to high on Faysal. Yes he took that Veto, but he is so booty blinded that he is basically useless in this game. Haleigh has been great at manipulating a bunch of the guys, and having really good relationships with enough of the girls. She could be protected for a long time Outside of night one/comp one that we saw, Angela has been a complete dud, but at the same time painted herself as the most threatening woman in the house, not a great move if you dont win that first HoH. She has a terrible social game, which really hurts her as a strong woman in this game.
  8. Which is why, for the most part, Id be looking to dump the salaries, and not worry as much about the prospects coming back. Maybe we could find an AL team that needs to solidify their lineup and we can package Carpenter and Jose for a decent little return. If Pham can turn it around for a bit, MAYBE we get something good for him Dex is just a dump I actually might hang onto Jedd for this year, and try to move him in the offseason Mikolas or Wacha could bring us he most in return at this point.
  9. It would have to be a kings ransom for me to move him. I’d hang onto him like the Mariners did with Felix. If we have a true ace (which I believe Carlos can be) and potentially 2 of them I’d Reyes can get healthy, that rebuild is only 1-1.5 years instead of 3-4 years
  10. The last time we had a Top 10 pick was what 1998? (JD Drew?) Its almost a miracle that we have sustained the franchise at this level for that long without one Top of the Draft prospect coming through (look at what the Astros & Cubs had to go though) Especially since we lost Oscar. If we could essentially sell off this team for scraps mid season (while retaining as little money as possible) it would be the best thing for us. Give away this season, go with a young squad next that can scrap, and really shoot for 2020 as the year we contend again. As far as "Vets" go, Id hang onto Carlos, Yadi (even though he may not like it) Ozuna and DeJong. Ship out the rest (including Wong and Jose) and lets run the youngsters out there for 3+ months to find out what we really have. Bader - CF O'Neill - RF DeJong - SS Ozuna - LF Yadi - C Voit - 1B Garcia - 3B Schrock - 2B Pitcher - P I feel like I could get behind, and have alot of fun with that team (obviously knowing that we are just young and Scrappy now, not expecting to be contenders the rest of the year) and heck, it could be an even quicker turn around through Free Agent moves if we can move big chunks of the contracts that are currently holding us down.
  11. Can’t remember I I said it here. But I just don’t even like this team. I like some of the guys. And the young pitching is always enticing. But I’m just sick of so many of these guys, starting with Matheny
  12. Oh, Im not even pretending to look where we could send him. Youre probably right though. Man do I wish we would have spent that money on Josh Reddick,
  13. Im going to enjoy watching us pay our 4th OF $16.5m for the next season and a half until Dexter finally complains enough to force a trade.
  14. 2018 Expansion Draft - Rams

    This is sort of a tough time to do this exercise. For one every team is currently at 90 players, so its pretty easy to throw some of those guys. And for two, we just made the moves to get rid of most of those contracts before the draft. Question would be, how are soon to be Restricted Free Agents treated? Could they be part of the pool? But Ill go with guys who are likely(ish) to be on the 53 man roster Mark Barron LB - We've all been OK with cutting him all offseaon, he has alot of money left on the next few years of his contract Justin Davis RB - We drafted a backup RB, this leaves Davis as expendable even though some were excited about him Mike Thomas WR - Still hasnt done much, and what he has was disappointing, probably will never crack the top WRs Temarrick Hemmingway TE - 3rd TE, some might even say Higbee here, but very expendable Tanzel Smart DL - Some would disagree, but I think this draft pick is a miss, he isnt what we thought he was After doing that, you would have to expand this to a list of 8-9-10 players for most teams (especially if RFAs could be added) for an expansion team to get any real talent.
  15. No chance? He almost caught it. People are acting like he dove for a ball 20ft in front of him. Ill take the Gold Glove outfielder trying to make a play to end the game on the road every single time.