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  1. Jrry32 Likely Penultimate Mock Draft

    No, this is just me challenging your claim. Youre allowed to see him that way, I dont, and thats why I think its a reach unless we trade back. One other Pick I like is Stanley Morgan. I think youre spot on there. The better versions of him who i would also love to get my hands on (that we wont because we dont have a 2nd rounder) are Kelvin Harmon and Riley Ridley. I think we look to replace Robert Woods pretty soon as his guaranteed dollars run out soon. And he is the most replaceable component of this offense.
  2. From the first bout with Batroc the Leaper... You get GSP, you know youre getting a good fight scene. They could have done alittle better with Agent 13 (not bad, but its been an MCU problem) but I quite enjoy the Brock Rumlow stuff. And I still get chills during the opening, from the first "on your left" because its just such an awesome way to set upthat relationship. Not only did they make a great movie, but they also did a really great job of World Building, and tying it back to The First Avenger which many people dont love. Its the same reason Im higher on Iron Man 2 than most. Sure Whiplash is a garbage Villian, but Justin Hammer and the US Government are actually really great adversaries. (love anything that Sam Rockwell does) and as we push out to Black Widow, truly getting War Machine, some real interaction with Nick Fury and his Avengers initiative... We really get a look at the expanding universe. Just wish we would have gotten the Demon in a Bottle storyline they were actually setting up.
  3. Jrry32 Likely Penultimate Mock Draft

    I actually like the rest of the draft though. If this was a trade back to like Pick #40 or whatever, I think Id love it. Question though, I originally said I dont love the Safety class, and I still dont really. But when I went back to look at them, Im quite intrigued by Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, what are your thoughts on him? He could be gont before us too, but if hes there, Hes one of the handful I might not trade back if they were there.
  4. I'm not sure I trust a list that doesnt have Winter Soldier in the Top 5 (and Im being generous there). If you are talking about your favorites, thats fine, no real arguments there for prefrences, but if were talking about Best Films in the MCU, I have a hard time seeing an argument outside the Top 3, definitely not the Top 5. And seeing these lists, some of you need to take another watch of Iron Man. Everything about that film is so crisp, and everyone was going for it. I even like Paltrow in it, and I dont think I can say that about any other of her performances.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    You've gotta factor in Goff's new contract that were about to hand out
  6. Jrry32 Likely Penultimate Mock Draft

    I have major reservations about this claim. I think he would for sure be a plus at all those spots. But Honestly, if that were true, he'd be a Top 15 pick. Would like Risner on this Line, but only after a trade down. Obviously it would depend on the board, but from everything Im looking at, I would have a very hard time believing he would be the best Value at Pick #31 (and Im being generous there) unless all 4 QBs dropped a LONG way
  7. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 31 - LA Rams

    Center is certainly his best position, but I definitely dont see it as his only possible one. In many schemes he would be a very solid Guard, but he is seems like he'd be a great Center just about anywhere Also, as a Starter, one who looks like he should be a long time anchor, we wouldnt need to be looking for "versatility" there, just our 10 year leader at Center
  8. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 31 - LA Rams

    I think you, and many in the Rams forum have been putting too much stock in that, we havent been picking this late ever under Snead, so trying to apply our previous strategies seems like a fools errand to me. Garrett Bradbury is a great fit, and honestly an amazing value, He should be the pick. Theres a good chance that we didnt meet with him becasuse we never expected for him to be there, but we for sure have done our homework.
  9. 2019 Schedule

    My Initial reaction is 11-5/12-4 fighting for a first round bye. I think we dominate the West for one more year (if we go less than 4-2 it would be disappointing, Im expecting 5 wins out of the division). Really like our December, ARZ twice heading into the playoffs, a match up against the Boys that could deceide who gets the First round Bye, and possibly some built in rest weeks for Weeks 16-17 if we are already locked into a seed.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    But I also wouldnt just go with Seniors. Snead has drafted Underclassmen as well, but later round guys will likely be SRs.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    Hmmmmm that still feels too high for Risner. I feel like he would be a target after a trade down into the early 2nd. Likely just too much value to be grabbing him at #31. I keep salivating at these mocks that have Bradbury slipping a bit to #31. He is my ideal pick at this point.
  12. Avengers: Endgame

    The whole point of the BP movie was to make him move out of Wakanda, to insert himself into the Global fight. I dont see them having BO retreat back into Wakanda after that. Which as some one mentioned is why making him and Shuri as the Stark/Fury type of leaders to the team more likely, as he wont have as many of his own big bads to go against. But some have hinted that Killmonger might be back in BP2, obviously he could always go up against Mbaku again, and the way they have set it up, White Wolf is increasingly unlikely. My guess is we are going to get Namor wrapped up in both a Black Panther and a Doctor Strange movies. As more of a clashing ideology than a true villain, and a way to enter into the mutant-verse. Regardless of where they go, it will feel a bit odd. But if they are really headed "Cosmic" like Fiege has hinted, Cap and Iron Man wouldnt completely fit there anyway. I think the Earth Avengers will be left alone for a bit after Endgame. And we will be more exploring the Cosmic spaces with Guardians, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and hopefully some others (like Nova) as well as the introduction of the Fantastic Four
  13. Avengers: Endgame

    Except the fact that Endgame trailers played roughly 8000 times durring March Madness on Live TV? Regardless youre either missing or ignoring my point.
  14. Avengers: Endgame

    *heaviest eyeroll imaginable* Thats alot easier said than done. And it was more of a comment on the film industry in general; All trailers show too much stuff, and there are way too many of them. Honestly when we got a new x-men movie, and all we ever saw was cuts of visuals of the new actors playing our main characters, a title card that said X-Men, then a date, and absolutely nothing else... That would build so much buzz and anticipation, much more than the 5th, 6th and 7th teaser/trailer/sneak peak would.
  15. Avengers: Endgame

    I really wish they would stop showing us stuff. I dont think there's a single person left that needs to be convinced to see Endgame. Normally Im on the other side of that argument, that the type of trailers/sneak peaks arent for us, they’re for casuals,. But after 21 films, there really arent any actual casuals left. At this point, either your in on Marvel, or you live under a rock. STOP SHOWING STUFF