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  1. It happens when contract talks break down. Have trade requests followed that? Sure, but we are a competing team, we dont have to panic move him, we would likely get a 3rd/4th rounder Comp Pick for him in the future. So thats the floor of the return for any trade. But the insinuation that some team is going to trade for the final 10 games of his contract without being a contender themselves just doesnt make sense, they could just wait till the offseason and get him for nothing but money. So if they are a Contender, they likely arent giving up anything of value to us, so that would then be a draft pick in return, which doesnt help us right now. And its not like JJ's salary is a hindrance for adding some other trade (like Peters was last year) so its not that type of move.
  2. As fun as all that speculation is, it coud just as easily (and more likely) have to do with Contract negotiations. PS - His Jersey is on the NFL Shop, its on the first page of Rams Jerseys (depending on your settings)
  3. I dont like what Ebukam is doing out there either, but have you ever given a thought that he still might be the best option? Is there even the slightest chance in your mind that Polite/Patrick are even worse? Just saying Ive seen alot of crying out for other guys to take his snaps, but Ive never seen a reason why they should, none of those guys have ever been all that impressive to me either.
  4. I honestly hate being right about it. Because I with that thinking last year, but we need the young guys out there more, it just makes the offene more dynamic. Id still like to see a bunch more sets in this offense that BOTH Henderson and Akers out there, either both in the backfield or one split out.
  5. Well what they claim the impact of COVID will be is not yet known. But on a normal year to year basis we should be able to put out a team payroll of $150m+, with the ability to stretch into the $175m range for the right mix for a year or two. But that already locked in money is why I think we are now just looking to wait for Arenado to opt out after 2021 and make our run at him with all that freed up payroll (really only Goldschmidt, Mikolas and DeJong with committed dollars)
  6. I honestly think they lean on the "Covid" excuse and use the "Cardinal for Life" crutch to re-sign both Molina and Waino for one more year (basically taking up the same amount of money they are right now) to bridge the gap of 2021. I will continue to assume they are going to "punt" on next season while their bad contracts run out, until they prove otherwise. And now the absence of Hudson and the uncertainty of Mikolas makes this even more likely in my eyes. So if you call 2021 the farewell tour of Cardinal legends, Waino and Yadi, and they get somewhere in the neighborhood of the $25+ mil they made this year, then we would have over $100m coming off the books going into 2022 (especially if we also add a one year rental bat) with the Core of Goldschmidt, DeJong, Carlson and you may even throw Knizner in there. Your Starters of Flaherty, Mikolas, a returning Hudson and Reyes is a nice foundation as well. Plus you then have Gorman and Liberatore likely knocking on the door amongst other prospects. So my prediction for 2021, as we sit here today, is they spend the money to keep Yadi and Waino. We run basically the same lineup back out there, but throw a bit of low risk cash at Puig for a 1 year deal with a player option for a 2nd year. And they call those "big moves"
  7. Well lets look at it from who is locked in C - Could this be a spot for improvement? I personally dont think we let Yadi walk yet (for reasons Ive broken down before) but even if we do move on fro there, feels like it would be given to Knizner, and then a rotational veteran. so even if AK takes a 10% leap because of stability and consistent at-bats, hes only a bit of an upgrade over Molina this year 1B - Locked in with Goldschmidt for 4 more years 2B - Cant imagine we dont pick up Wongs option, going into 2022 might be up for question, but with his potential in his bat, his option is a must SS - DeJong is one of the best deals in all of baseball for guys not on a rookie deal. He may be boring, but he is solid, and at a pretty high level 3B - Obviously a big question mark, although we still have $18.5m committed to Carpenter (cant just pretend thats not a factor), dont love giving a ton of money to any of the aging free agents , and I still think our connection to Arenado is real, do you try to swing a deal again? Or do you wait for his opt-out going into 2022? OF/1 - We will just take each of these slots one at a time; Lets just give this first one to Carlson and call it a day. OF/2 - This one I think is still pretty locked in with Fowler. I wish we could just move on, but $16.5m is nothing to sneeze at. OF/3 - This is the spot that should be completely open, but we all know in reality it isnt. Id imagine that we have one of the "potential" guys here for 2021, but its atleast an opening that we could fill DH - Im just guessing this is her to stay, and it is another opening we could use. Carpenter, Fowler, O'Neill, or even a re-signed Molina could be here, but its also the perfect spot to grab a one year, high upside option. So looking at that we have potentially like 2.5 spots open in the lineup. Doubt we fill them all from the outside, but atleast 1 bat could be added here; Unless we unexpectedly swing for the fences with Realmuto, or Springer some how ends up out in the cold looking for a rebuilding year (like Ozuna, speaking of hes not an option) We are likely out of the biggest bats. Could we look to move DeJong over to 3rd? Its never really been suggested, but with Semien, Didi, and Simmons (although he doesn't really help the offense) out there a year before one of the best looking SS classes ever hits the market, their deals may be a bit dampered with teams looking to 2022. And while looking at Infielders, Youve got LeMahieu, La Stella, Marwin and Turner who could all take over at 3rd, but feels like they will all get over paid there. And if we are going to drop the bag for a 3rd baseman, Id rather wait a year, take our shot at Nolan, with Kris Bryant also likely out there and 2 more guys probably trying to get out of the final Club Option year of their deals in Segar and Jose Ramirez. But if one of them comes cheap and on a short term deal Id be open to it. When it comes to the OF, do you really want to be in the Joc Pederson bidding war? For a platoon player? Sorry no thanks. Do you take a short term (likely one year) flyer with one of the old guys? (Kemp, Maybin, Joyce, Reddick) Maybe Gardner or Eaton get their Club options declined, but not likely. DO you give a couple year deal to one of the high upside guys? Jackie Bradley Jr., Villar, Pillar, Canha or Enrique Hernandez just to name a few. But is that really any better than just sticking with one of the potential guys we already have for much cheaper than those guys would be? Personally I go try and grab a one year guy to play DH for us. Id shell out a pretty substantial one year deal for a guy like Nelson Cruz, or maybe even the injury risk Michael Brantley. If not one of those guys, Id be willing to roll the dice on Cespedes or Puig for one year as a DH.
  8. I mean I doubt you really believe that, but f so, then you can never complain when people call you out for BFIB stuff, you have to completely own it.
  9. Oh I definately agree that we had a bad game. Its actually encouraging that we were able to pull out a bad/sloppy game (and I was never all that worried). But coming out flat, especially as an offense, is always a risk if we go with a more vanilla playbook. Thats something that McVa needs to learn to balance out.
  10. You can voice whatever you want, but you should also be aware of what it looks like to everyone outside. Literally the only thing worse than Cardinals fans acting like the BFIB are the Yankee "27 Rings" guys. You may be frustrated with Mo, but just remember this is what you are frustrated with; In just the last Decade 7 Playoff Appearances 5 Championship Series 2 World Series 1 Championship 4 Division Titles 4 more 2nd place finishes in the division (other two were 3rd place) Five 90+ win seasons without a single sub 81 win season Just about every team in the league would Kill for that, other than maybe a handful. Thats not even to mention that stat which was brought up in the playoff series, where we have had only like 16 games that didnt matter because we were still in playoff races all the way down to the last day most seasons. I dont like some of the moves that Mo has made, his insistence that Bader is the best of the OF ClusterF we had is indefensible, but he has consistently put a contender on the field without ever having a Top 5 payroll, and most of the time not even a Top 10. That is his job, and we take if for granted way too often
  11. I think many of you are looking way too deep into this game. It feels as simple as McVay isnt pulling out the bag of tricks against the bad teams anymore, allowing more tape for good coaches to study. Wouldnt be shocked to see another similar game this week against WAS. Something methodical, a 24-13 win or something like that where we just ball control, and have 200+ yards rushing split among 3 Backs (plus a few more receiver end arounds) for a pretty ho-hum game. I get the feeling that he is keeping alot close to the vest for when we have to come out of the bye week with Seahawks, Bucs, (healthier?) Niners, Cards, Patriots
  12. This is why people dont like us as a fanbase. We are so spoiled
  13. This is not a 7 game series where you have time to make adjustments, Im not saying Bader has to be the one to move out of the lineup (although yesterday would suggest you should), but Miller is a good hitter at PetCo and Id get him in there. Using game 58 as justification for Bader is pretty weak. Just because he isnt hitting sub .100 anymore like in July doesnt mean he is hitting well. Other than that last game (where his HR was inconsequential) he has only 4 extra base hits in the last month, he is hitting under .220 in that time and under .200 in the past 2 weeks. Yes he had a nice last week of the season, but 5s in one game, were he looked no where near any of those pitches, is inexcusable for playoff baseball. But then again, this is the sport where Ozuna (who I really like) just went 1-9 with 5Ks and is getting a stroke job for 1 HR when the Braves were already leading.
  14. Oh its definitely bad game play, not arguing with that. But if you know deep down that you really dont have a shot (which I think he does once he knows he is on the outside of the big alliance) it becomes a great move because they are all there to win money (no matter what else they try to spin it as) and he had a Guaranteed $10k, the 4th highest prize out there right now after the other $10k was split, and the way he is playing it up, possibly being the last outsider from the Committee, who fans hate, he could also score himself some AFP votes And lets be honest, in an "All-Stars" season, there hasnt been that great of game play, and the play that is out there has been really messy
  15. I dont know, I think its a pretty great move. He feels really safe next to Kevin, and probably rightfully so And if he doest see a path to the end game (1st or 2nd) why not cash in some money
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