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  1. Black Panther

    Ill have to go watch it again, but a few things. Are you talking about a trailer closer to the release hat featured more of his charachter? Or one like this where they are clearly trying to keep MBJ's charachter under wraps at this point? And you just sited one of the villians in the MCU most thought of as wasted. Was it because of his actual performance? Or was it because we already knew everything about him? Honestly Stall just seemed like he was playing generic bad guy to me.
  2. Black Panther

    Thats fair. Was just wondering what you were looking for while we are still 4 months out from the release?
  3. Black Panther

    "I've waited my entire life for this" - dont see anything wrong with that line nor the delivery. Seems sincere, and if you know anything about the Killmonger/N'Jadaka character, it makes complete sense that we would hear this as part of his motivation speech. "The world's gonna start over" - 100% agree, when presented out of context, it makes no sense and the way it is delivered seems corny as hell. But I will say, we have seen plenty of lines of dialog in trailers that arent even in the final film, and we have also seen alternate cuts used and lines delivered very differently from one to the next (for better and for worse) "I'mma burn it all!" - Sorry, but damn, this was a great delivery with the little clip we get to see of him saying it. Power/Pain/Anger all conveyed in a quick snippet. With nothing else in context of this line, its hard to see anything but the true villain right there. As I pointed out, I agree that one of the lines was bad. But the other two were good and great to me. Wrap that up with a really cool look as both Erik Killmonger as well as what will be the Golden Jaguar, not sure how much better they could have portrayed him without giving him his own trailer, which would have likely spoiled alot of things. Please elaborate, which ones get a bad wrap? I wont disagree that they have pulled some darn good actors to play those guys, but that is probably why they have been sooo disappointing, and often downright bad villains. None of them have ever really ruined a movie, but it took a while for any villain other than Loki to ever have an impact on a film. Not to mention the constant Mirror Image villain Marvel goes with in just about every Origin Film; Ironman vs Iron Monger (and honestly every other Stark-centric marvel film) Thor vs Loki The Incredible Hulk vs Abomination Captain America vs Red Skull Ant-Man vs Yellow Jacket Doctor Strange vs Kaecilius Black Panther vs Killmonger (especially in the Golden Jaguar suit) I actually really liked Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stain, but once he is Iron Monger he is just generic bad guy again. Almost like they pulled him back in to do that last part after he was completely done with the character.
  4. Favorite Halloween Movies

    He said Halloween movies, not Christmas movies
  5. Black Panther

    What? he says exactly 3 lines (one of which was delivered like a badass), that are all clearly chopped up from different parts of the film and are being fed to us completely out of context. And if there is anything from Marvel that you shouldnt be giving the benifit of the doubt to, its their Villains...
  6. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I mean its not, for me atleast. I was saying it last off season Pham has the tools to be our everyday CF. I did not expect him to hit like he did, but he we by far the best defensive CF option. And I know the injury historym but we had a glut of CF prospects, (that were all used this season) I do not remember that being the conversation until after we signed Fowler, and then we had to figure out what to do with Carp because Fowler was a Leadoff Hitter, and with Fowler being the bat we added, we still didnt have a MOO bat. But the limited time we have ever seen Carp hit anywhere but leadoff, he hasnt been good. That was known, so either it was a reaction move to signed Fowler, or its an even dumber decision if we wanted to move him out of that spot.
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I dont disagree that I like him right now, and Im sure he will be worth his contract for the next couple of years. But what about years 4 & 5? all with a NTC. Mostly Im not convinced that he is going to quietly take a demotion to LF. He was quite vocal mid season that he is here to play CF.
  8. Are the Rams the best team in the NFC?

    It seems really weird that we are even asking this question. But it isnt crazy to think it. We have made some major leaps in one offseason, but lets also be honest with ourselves, the NFC has come crashing back down toward us as well. I think its better to talk about "are we the most well rounded team in the NFC"? Because right now that is likely what will have the most success this season.
  9. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    a couple things... Fowler was barely a CF, as proven throughout this year. Our internal options were always a better defensive option than Fowler (dont want to be that guym but I was beating the Tommy Pham drum since the middle of last season) And we needed a Bat more than anything. And yes Fowler is that, but we already had a leadoff bat, so why to force another similar asset into the lineup rather than a complimentary one.(i.e. Reddick) Not to mention we would have saved $3m annually, for one year less commitment, and one less albatross of a NTC (that we have been handing out like candy) for a player a year younger. I understood the Fowler signing when we got him, I didnt like it though. its was just more of what we already had.
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I believe we attempted. He just wasnt really interested in going anywhere but LA I still wish we would have paid Josh Reddick rather than Dexter Fowler.
  11. Favorite Halloween Movies

    Scream and Hocus Pocus are at the top of the list. Cabin in the Woods is a newer favorite
  12. Justice League

    I guess thats more of what I am saying. I figured that quote would be part of it, and the story would be talored to it. Instead we got something worse. It really is amazing to me that it took WB so long to put a Comic Book person in charge of all of this.
  13. Justice League

    It absolutely could have. Even if Bruce starts out with the intention of killing The Superman, he could then come to understand what he is and what he represents to so many people. But even with that Bruce still feels threatened and concerned about the power Superman wields. He could then prove to him there are powers greater than Superman, that he could kill him right there with that Kryptonite spear. And standing over that fallen man, boot on his throat, spear to his face, it would have been a massively compelling speech at the apex of their encounter to show not only the power a man can still hold over a god, but also the mercy he can show someone he once perceived to be his greatest enemy. . . . . . He tosses the spear, picks up his boot, extends his had, and they together go defeat the evil that Lex has created, in order to save both Gotham and Metropolis. Boom . . . Dawn of (the) Justice (League)
  14. Justice League

    They sold the idea of BvS on that speech alone. it is a very important part to the relationship between Batman & Superman.