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  1. New Lunatic Mock - The Les Edition

    Hes got the Titans with $45m in cap space in his back pocket, who will pay him basically whatever he wants. If he doesnt get what he wants from us, he will get it from them. He is setting his own market. It might not be for the length of deal and overall dollars he wants right now, but he will be getting his money for 2018. Thats why I suggested this short deal with a Player option
  2. New Lunatic Mock - The Les Edition

    Because it takes more than 3 guys to run out there... Should we not have any depth on the team at all? And if you read what I said, SUh is a short term move, he is likely just a 1 year guy and we have Settle there in the middle as the starter after that.
  3. New Lunatic Mock - The Les Edition

    On Cushing, sure maybe. I just think we pay what it takes to get someone with experience into this LB corps. But on Suh? Thats an AAV of $17.5, he was getting $20 on his last contract. You think he is actually going to settle for like $12m per year?
  4. New Lunatic Mock - The Les Edition

    I am, and baker could definitely go higher, its where he falls in my personal mock. But 11? Miami? I think they are much more likely to Ride one more year with Tannehill in a make ore break year
  5. Wanted to throw another one out there, this time with alittle extra Les Snead flair on it. Roster Moves CUT Mark Barron LB - $7m 2018 Cap savings I think this is still coming, but nothing triggers more guaranteed dollars, so hang onto him until we are sure we have the replacement. This is likely where the money for our Draft picks will come from. EXTEND Rodger Saffold OL - 4 years $22.5m ($3.5m 2018 Cap Savings) I dont like that we basically have 4 starting Linemen that will be looking at hitting Free Agency after this year. And for sure all 5 of them in the next 2 years. (hint hint) So locking up a guy who should still, at the very least, be a solid/steady veteran is a smart move. Plus we free up alittle more cap space for this year to push toward Donalds deal. EXTEND Aaron Donald DL - 7 years $140m (Extra $15m 2018 Cap hit) Time to get the man Paid, we have some leftover money to spend in 2018, lets start this going and it will smooth out his cap hits for 2019-2021 before he is looking for a new deal once again. Free Agency RE-SIGN Connor Barwin LB - 1 year $1.25m ( $1.25m 2018 Cap hit) I still think he is coming back. I think we were just wanting to see if any of the other options (who are probably upgrades) were reasonable and interested in coming here. So far doesnt look like it. Some of those guys got stupid money (Murphy) so we probably let this secondary market reset the expectations, and get him back in here to team up with Longacre, Ebukam and whoever else we add via the draft. SIGN Ndamukong Suh DL - 2 years $35m ( $15m 2018 Cap hit) I think this will end up being a short term deal for Suh. He probably has one big contract left, but he is also working with a limited market place this year. I think the appeal of getting back into the market either next offseason or the one after would be even more appealing than a 5 year deal he has to bargain between like 3/4 legitimate teams. This deal would be a $10m signing bonus with the $10m base salary this year guaranteed. And next year would be a player option to guarantee his $15m base salary for 2019 if he exercises it. Or he can walk out into a full market after one season. SIGN Brian Cushing LB - 2 years $8m ( $2.5m 2018 Cap hit) While I actually think Littleton will have a bigger role than most of us here expect, I think having one veteran in the middle of the defense is desirable for Wade. Most of his guys Wade would have liked to have brought in have been overpaid this offseason, so he makes due with a guy who used to be extremely talented. Cushing still has a bit left in the tank, but now has his limitations. This is a 1 year deal in reality, and we will pay him $1-$1.5 when we cut him next year, but he would be a really solid bridge guy as we bring some younger guys into the fold. 2018 NFL Draft Round 1 TRADE: Rams send pick #23+4th to Cleveland for #33+#64+2019 5th I still think the Browns might be duping everyone, and they dont come out of Picks 1 & 4 with a QB. So they are still needing that future guy to sit behind Tyrod for a minute. We are sitting in the sweet spot for teams to jump up and get that guy. Im banking on the Browns having a great draft this year finally (I actually really liked what they did last year) and they come up to get Baker. Round 2 TRADE: Rams send pick #33+#87 to Arizona for #47+#79+2019 2nd I see an unfortunate drop for Lamar Jackson. I like him and he is going to be a nice QB, but I could see an eerily similar draft day to Teddy Bridgewater for him. But the Cards need a guy, and even though they are a Division rival, the Draft picks are worth letting them make the move (because we arent taking him). So we drop back a bit in the 2nd as most of the guys left are equal in our eyes, plus we move up in the 3rd, and ofcourse the key to this deal; a nice future 2nd rounder to replace our original. R2: #47 Tim Settle NT Virgina Tech After the handful of guys who are really worth us going after come off the board early in round 1 (Edmunds, Vea, Davenport, Payne. etc.) we focus in on Settle being or guy to come out of the Top 50 picks with. After dropping down to #33 we see that many of these other more traditional DTs are still on the board so we feel safe dropping again. I know we picked up Suh, and he will be the starter for this year, he is a short term guy, and honestly we need 5-6 really good Lineman to make this system work. So going with the 3 All-Pro types as starters, we could have a really nice second group revolving around Settle as the more true NT (who still is more than just a 1 gap plugger). He is just one of those guys that make you say "Humans that size shouldnt be able to move that well", and Ill take as many of those guys as I can get. R2: #64 Martinas Rankin OL Mississippi St I hinted that I am worried about the future state of the OL. I think Rankin is my favorite OL prospect in some years. His size, IQ, Footwork, Technique and Versatility make me drool. He is not really a Tackle in the NFL, but he could spot start if needed, you would just have to protect him, but on the inside he could be a darn good player. I dont really see a potential All-Pro in there, but I do see a 10 year starter. Which might be more valuable at this point to anchor our OL for our Franchise QB. And when it comes down to it, I see Rankin's best spot at Center, especially in this OL system. I would expect Rankin to be the 6th Lineman this year, covering where he is needed. Then next year he would be a starter, depending on how Sullivan is holding up he could cover the RG spot or already take over at Center, then be our Center moving forward. This line will be in transition over the next couple of years, doing it one piece at a time is the way to do it rather than a set of wholesale changes. Round 3 TRADE: Rams send pick #79+6th Rounder to Miami for #73 We have all those 6th rounders, so we will probably be moving around with some of them. But the more I think about it, we will need to use some as well. (we need to bolster this roster) But throwing a few around to make sure we get our guys is likely to happen with Les. We know that we are looking at Edge rushers, just makes sense. and I think we are OK with a handful of these guys on Day 2. Hubbard and Carter go early in the 2nd, and then Key finally gets snatched up at the end of round 2. So as we see a run on Edge guys start; Armstong, OG-OK, and Holland go in quick succession, its time to move up and grab the guy we want. R3: #73 Josh Sweat EDGE Florida St Some have pushed Sweat as high as a Top 30 player in their rankings. I have him in the 75 range in a bundle with all those other Edge guys. I think he may have some of the most potential, but I also think he has the most concerns. Yes the medical will always cause me to pause with Sweat, although he seems good to go right now. But the biggest thing that holds him back from the rest of that group is he is currently a one dimensional player. Now he is darn good at that pass rushing skill, and bends the edge really well when he wants to, but as a complete player he leaves alot to be desired. It seems to be more of an attitude thing than an ability thing, which could be worrisome, but thats why he is a 3rd round pick. I see him occupying the same type of role that Quinn was in this defense right away, but I do believe he could grow into that complete player. I say hes worth the risk here, because at the least, he is a rotational rusher who could possibly put up 8-9-10 sacks in sub packages if he only peaks as a pass rusher. Round 4 R4: #111 Hercules Mata'afa LB Washington St I started this conversation in another thread, and the more I watch him the more I am convinced that Hercules' best spot is as a 34 ILB. All his best sills and most importantly instincts translate best there, rather than moving him our to the edge. He can help stuff up front as well as rush from the middle. No mater where he lines up it will be an adjustment, because he just cant play DT anymore. If you have him out on the Edge, he can survive, but I think he ends up as JAG. But if you bring him inside of a 34 front, help cover up his lack of burst and highlights his quickness and ability to sort through the mess to find and attack the ball. I had this similar thought with Ryan Anderson last year (thx @jrry32), and still think Im correct on that one too. Round 6 R6: #176 Toby Weathersby OL LSU I know this isnt a flashy name to really anyone, and the Senat's, Cappa's, Harrison's and Parker's of this draft really get guys drooling in their Mocks. But those guys are lottery tickets to me. One of them is going to hit, and the rest likely wont have any impact at all. Plus they are all going to be over-drafted because of it. I agree that we do need to find a future LT at some point, but I dont think we need to force one this year. But I am very bullish on bolstering the OL, especially its depth, right now. Weathersby is built like your ideal NFL Lineman, like most LSU guys are, and definately plays that way. Well balanced, and what I like described best as "athletic enough". He doesnt do anything at an "Elite" level, but does everything well enough. He has the tools to improve all of those skills, but is likely capped at above average. Which honestly I am completely OK with. We need a good swing tackle these days, and he looks comfortable on either side. With a resigning and a couple of draft picks we suddenly are very deep along the line in addition to a few guys that will stick around. R6: #183 Jack Cichy LB Wisconsin Many of you have been all over Jack, and I have been eyeing him up for awhile. But man does that medical scare me. If he is still sitting here when we get to our glutton of 6th rounders, then absolutely lets take a chance. He would be a good addition to this budding LB Corps that we are building, but would have to work to get some snaps right away. He has that talent, but its hard to trust that he could always be out there. I would love to get that production out of him while we can though. Maybe behind Settle/Brockers he could hold up alittle better. R6: #194 Tray Matthews S Auburn Ill say it again, I just love Tray, he is just a football guy you want on your team (got a few of those guys in this draft). I think he is going to be very limited in the NFL, he just doesnt have the top speed or coverage skills to be a splash guy. But as a Special Teamer, a backup SS, and even possibly some coverage for a Barron type if you need that in a defensive package, he is a good guy to have. I think fillinf out the roster with "Football Guys" is the new strategy I like. We have hit on alot of high potential guys throughout the roster, so lets make sure their backups have high floors, and the drop off would be mitigated if needed to step in. TRADE: Rams send pick #195 Rounder to Miami for #227+#229 When you make a move with a GM, its likely that you will keep going back to that well for a while. The one with the Dolphins was pretty fair, so I think a few more with them throughout the draft are likely. Every team always has that one last guy they want, so we swap with MIA so they can get their guy while we have a couple of fliers we want to take at the end of the draft. Round 7 R7: #227 Roc Thomas RB Jacksonville St Oh boy do i like watching Roc. There isnt that much out there of him but that is also one of the pluses to him. He oozes talent, good size, speed, agility. I often really like his vision, but other times I think he is running blind. I think that has more to do with his impatience rather than actual vision. he can juke for days, and his jump cuts make him look like he is a magician at times. He is probably limited to a change of pace back (hey! thats what we need!) in the NFL, but I feel like he could carry a game or two during a season if need be. Never had to give much effort on Pas-Pro, so its a negative but not sure how to grade it, has the size and balance that he should be capable. R7: #229 D.J. Myers WR Midwestern St Just kind of a stab in the dark with this pick. We worked him out, he looked good apparently, but there isnt much out there on him. He has good size, decent speed and beat up on low level talent. The one thing I really did like about him was that he usually is a hand catcher. You dont see that all too often in lower levels of football. Thats a good sign, especially if he is also a good route runner. Probably ends up as nothing, but decent attempt at finding a diamond in the rough.
  6. The myth of NFL parity

    You are making a claim about the two leagues, calling it fact, but also refuse to actually make the effort to backup that statement? Calling it the "Common Definition" because that what the Wikipedia blurb you found says is quite indicative of your entire argument. You have yet to provide a single FACT to prove any of those people wrong You have yet to even attempt to address a single one of my concerns, even though I came to your side of the chess board and let you play by your rules. it is fine that you want to have this opinion, you clearly are not the only one. But to then try to slap us in the face and tell us we are wrong when we have pointed out things from concerns with your thesis to straight up fallacies to your argument. Gotta do a better job than that.
  7. The myth of NFL parity

    Ad populum . . . Im glad you are determined to hit every bad argument tactic just in this thread Not to mention I got through like 3 of those articles and they all suffer from what you do, No true definition of what they are calling "Parity", which is why you have imposed your idea of it into those articles. Yes you can have different definitions of it. Consistency, Equality, Gap from top to bottom of the league, these are just a few ways to interpret (and some of your sources have). Once again, I conceded your definition, even though I dont agree with it. For the sake of this discussion, I said lets go with that as the measuring stick. But the problem then is what you are measuring does not correlate. Because even in your perfect world of "parity" who makes the playoffs doesnt really matter, those would be decided by basically coin flips and tie-breakers. What is more important to your thesis is how close are all of these teams to each other. So the same 12 teams could ALWAYS make the playoffs for a decade, only those teams representing playoff appearances. But if they are only getting 8-9-10 wins to make it, while the rest of the league is getting 6-7-8 wins and a few outliers with only 4 wins or less each year, that is an EXTREMELY high level of Parity according to your definition. But if we are seeing 75% turnover in the playoffs every single year, and those playoff teams are getting 12-13-14 wins, while the rest of the league is sitting around 4-5-6 wins, that means we have No parity in your definition. These are clearly extreme scenarios, but those are the things you have to ask when making these statements. Which is why your criteria needs to be more defined, in order to guard against these easy deflating arguments. No league is every going to be at parity in the way you have defined it. It just doesnt work like that. But the NFL has done just about everything possible that doesnt turn it totalitarian in order to set up the most equal playing field for every single team. That is why people say the NFL has the most parity. And yes, the best run franchises take better advantage of that system in place, but that is what happens when you introduce the human element into these playgrounds.
  8. The myth of NFL parity

    You really are just running through the Rolodex of bad argument strategies. No one here is saying we need a dissertation, but you didnt set up a question and then try to solve it. From the jump in the OP you clearly had a point you were trying to prove, attempted to hide it as a question ('where is all this parity people keep talking about?') and have been trying to bully your way to people agreeing with you ever since. You were the one who claimed that parity is equal talent distribution (again, I and most everyone here disagree with that), so his question to qualify what that is, is really the only logical response to that; How do we define equal talent? Im sorry that you dont like it, but your definition of Parity and the measure you are using to disprove its existence do not correlate. Because according to you, if all talent is equal, then we shouldnt see any differentiation in record across the league, everyone should be 8-8, 41-41, 81-81 (man we have too many games in these sports). So the proposed metric of comparing teams that fall into that range (using some number of standard deviations from .500) will get you the actual answer to your question, given the perimeters of how you defined 'Parity' It seems the real question you wanted to disprove, and call out the NFL and their fans for, is really "does everyone actually have a chance to win the Super Bowl?" because that is what they sell to fans every year at the draft, everyone is 0-0 today and all it takes is that great draft to get you there. Unfortunately for that question, most of the NFL Playoffs this year prove against your argument there as well. Small sample size I know, but their was a 2/3 turnover in the playoffs, and the NFC playoff teams who averaged 11.5 wins this year, average 7 wins in 2016. Two of this years Playoff teams were picking* in the Top 5 last April.
  9. The myth of NFL parity

    Actually he's not. He is projecting an assumption onto the future state of the MLB, when in reality we have no clue how it will actually work out. The new debilitating luxury tax rules are just coming into place, and actually arent even hitting these teams yet. They are all just trying to get back under the tax for this year (or next) to reset their clock on Luxury Tax spending. For years now the Yankees and Dodgers and Red Sox and others have been freely spending over the Luxury Tax and happily paying the relatively small amounts to do so. We have no idea if this year's neutered Free Agency in baseball is the anomaly as teams gear up for the new rules, or if this will be the normal future state of baseball's off season. We dont know what the actual impact of these new Luxury Tax rules, we can all make an assumptions, but if it just leads to shorter higher dollar contracts for players so the big market teams can dump those salaries every few years in order to reset their Luxury clock, that doesnt really fix anything, it just creates small gaps in the much bigger issue. You cant look at what is at best a weird MLB offseason and say that its proof that the MLB has now implemented what is basically a real Cap. They said that about the NBA too, and the more you looked, it had even more loopholes than the previous CBA did. And trying to compare vastly different leagues, with completely different schedules, rules, and individual player impacts by just using playoff appearances? Thats not going to work, and is frankly just lazy. (especially when you have decided to use "equal talent distribution" as your definition of parity, not sure why but you went with that)
  10. Rams 2018 offseason

    You are really tied to this Cam Meredith train arent you? Not sure why we would even think about trying to spend any of that money on a guy coming off that Knee injury? Especially when the Bears will just match it (like they did with Fuller) and tie up our cap for a few days for good measure.
  11. Rams 2018 offseason

    This is just an awful argument. Reynolds was a Rookie Receiver, picked in the middle of the draft. Clearly a project with potential that we didnt exect a single thing from this past season. Thats how drafting players works. If he was ready to be a day 1 impact player, with his measureables, he would have been a 1st round draft pick. Which by the way, thats what Sammy Watkins was. He was the more talented WR, and had the bigger reputation (they just traded future assets for him) he was going to be the guy in that role. Reynolds was the backup, this is a futile argument to have if you cant get pass that. Sure lets only improve the best part of our team, I hope you like the Vikings and Eagles running the ball down our throat for the next couple of years. Hows that shiny new WR going to help when he is standing on the sideline for 2/3rds of the game? I wasnt saying he was going to be some stud, but he is on this roster, and he is going to be part of this offense for atleast one more year. Deal with it.
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    I feel like you think this is US against YOU for some reason. Its not, but you are taking quite a hardline stance that we WILL be taking a wideout. We have no idea what is happening at #23 or especially a later pick. Who would have guessed we trade down with Zay Jones or especially Forrest Lamp on the board for us last year? And I would caution you on your "source" of that so called isit list there. I can also guarentee you that we have talked to 5x or even 10x more prospects (even outside the combine) so one possible UDFA and a middle round guy does not make me think we are for sure taking a WR at any point
  13. Rams 2018 offseason

    I have said many many times. I am not saying Josh Reynolds is Sammy Watkins when it comes to raw ability, but I do think he could definitely be the same Receiver that Sammy was in this system. Then "things that Sammy did that went unnoticed" is alot of coach speak to keep Sammy happy. Sure some of that is true, but alot of it was Sammy quitting on clear out routes, not knowing what the plays were (Goff & Woods had to line him up pretty often) and yes also pulling some extra coverage his way. And to start the year, Reynolds wouldnt pull the same respect, but also we will have another year wiser for Kupp & Woods, plus adding in the TE aspect to this offense. So if Reynolds is in that Sammy role from last year, and in the first 6 weeks, he has 20 catches for like 350 yards with 5 TDs because he is the one getting the favorable lone coverage on the outside (becomes the fantasy darling) which then pulls more coverage his way and evens out the offense? Cooper is still a nice piece, Tavon is going to be on this roster and has an elite skill, and sure we can upgrade over Mike Thomas, but we are talking about a 6th WR that will likely not really ever see the field. Sure more depth is always good, but this Offense does not need a superstar weapon.
  14. Rams 2018 offseason

    You are aware that McVay wasnt in charge of any of those drafts right? Hes not even necessarily in charge of these drafts. This is much more of Snead's show than it every has been before, the last two offseason moves make that pretty darn obvious. McVay is the HC, he clearly has a heavy influence but he isnt making the draft picks or the free agent signings. I wouldnt say a WR isnt an option early in the draft (early is relative since we dont have a 2nd round pick) but I he proved he can do very well with basically the same WR group we currently have. Yes Sammy Watkins' reputation is much higher than Josh Reynolds', but is it crazy to think he could be the other outside weapon and put up? Take away the TDs, what Sammy gave us was 3 catches for 40 yards on average each week. And if those 8-10 TDs are spread among Reynolds, Everett, and then Kupp... I think that is a pretty likely scenario
  15. Rams 2018 offseason

    This is saying we gave up the 5th MOST rushing yards in the league If you go Avg yards per rush, we gave up 4.7, thats tied for 2nd WORST For a team that won 11 games (i.e. teams arent killing the clock on us) that is HORRENDOUS. We has the 22nd most rushes against, and gave up the 5th most total yards. Also, only 3 teams gave up more Rushing TDs than we did.