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  1. DC Movie Universe

    To his credit Ayer has been saying this since before the movie was even released. That his vision was uprooted and turned into whatever the music video style that they threw on top of his original Trailer (the neon and spray painted stuff) Now, the Leto Joker was really bad, because he was bad (which was also obvious from the horror stories that were reported from the set). But much like the Snyder Cut boys have been clamoring for years, I bet there was also a much more coherent movie from the original cut of Suicide Squad. But like Ive been saying about the SC, that doesnt make it a better movie. The one thing I could never shake about SS was that it never seemed like we got anything close to the original idea. Not saying they filmed anything different than what we got, but like the studio got to the script even before that. The final showdown never made any sense, the big bad of Incubus (plus the Midway monsters) just seemed tacked on so we could have some fight scenes. And it always felt like Leto's Joker was shoved in because someone who kinda knew about comics was like "if we have Harley Quinn, then we have to have the Joker in there" and some old fart realized "yea, the Joker makes money. Lets add some random stuff with Batman too, kids love Batman" It should have been much smaller, a Heist Film crossed with Battle Royale that has Amanda Waller as the true "villain", using this group to get her hands on things that the real Special Forces wouldnt do, because they would be against those missions
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I just can’t see them wasting the first year of Carlsons service on this abomination of a season. Especially if it were to get cut completely short due to some outbreak. The 60 games would count for a full year. Just don’t see that happening
  3. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Strong Disagree No longer giving the other team basically an automatic out 2 or 3 times a game actually ups the strategy needed. You still have the strategy of bunt (dumb), hit an run, etc. but now with 9 actual hitters. The like 3 times a year we are surprised by a Pitcher putting one out isnt worth giving up an actual hitter for an entire season
  4. DC Movie Universe

    I mean sure?? But once again, this was in response to someone saying only “10%” of Snyder’s version was used. Which many also scoffed at here. ill say it again, we had like 2 trailers and Comic Con footage to compare the final version to, and it tells the same story, with many of the same reskinned beats/scenes that we got. I have always said it will make more logical sense, fit together chronologically better, and have more details around some characters (mostly Cyborg and Flash) but it’s still the same story, and when it comes down to it, the same movie with fan service. but then again that’s a lot easier to do if they are going to give him 3-4 hours to tell it, where he doesn’t have to cut anything. And one last thing, the $20-30m more to finish it, proves that there wasn’t ever a Snyder “cut” because it was never finished. It was a Vision, which has been the point from my side all along. The people at WB weren’t handed a completed film, said no thanks, shelved it, and had Whedon start over. Which is has basically been the narrative that the #SnyderCut fanboys have always been pushing.
  5. General Season Talk

    I’ll say the same thing to you that I’ve said to the long line who has tried this before on FF. GTFO with that nonsense. Quit pretending that you watch film or can break it down better than anyone else out here. Its the clearest sign that you don’t have a real argument when you go to that play so quickly. You’re the one who just questioned the base line work ethic of a franchise NFL QB, saying he doesn’t watch film. But I’m the one going overboard here??? You May have some good points, I don’t agree with any of them from that previous post, but you say a guy doesn’t watch film, with literally nothing to back it up, and you lose ALL credibility. Sorry, that’s just nonsense
  6. General Season Talk

    I’m not sure I really agree with anything you just said. But how in the world can you even make that statement? There is no way you could know that, and it’s kinda ridiculous to make that assumption/accusation. and this is just not recognizing how the NFL world works. Especially with 3/5ths of the line on Rookie Contracts (and a 4th just barely over the Vet minimum).
  7. General Season Talk

    yep, slipped on that, I knew he had 4638 and mistyped it. Still 3rd in the league
  8. General Season Talk

    It wasnt as simple as "why dont we make him actually read the defense". If that were the case, every other coach/DC in the league would be an absolute moron. It was that Bill effectively disguised his defense pre-snap. All teams try to do that, but Goff was very good at figuring it out that season, Bill threw him the cureveball, and he couldnt adjust on the fly. BB has done that to just about every single QB in the league for the past decade, including some all time greats. (but lets just ignore the 2 TDs Goff threw that a certain WR who wasnt strong enough to hold onto either of them, although Ill give him a pass on the one he was Interfered on) These absolute Cherry-picked stats that PFF uses are why no one should trust them. Was Goff correctly moving on from his first read, were those second/third reads open, did they lead to throw aways, or drops, or just bad passes from Goff? They also say he was Top 10 on first reads, were they just wide open, was he throwing into tight windows on those, should have have moved on from that read...? There are so many unanswered questions when you are basing statistics off of just one very limited criteria. When it comes down to it, Goff had a down year in 2019. There is no secret there, and no one is denying that. But even in his down year he threw for 6300+ yards (Top 3), with a middle of the road Comp% (62.9) while leading the league in pass attempts (626), with the least amount of sacks taken from any QB who started 16 games (which includes less than Lamar and Dak, considered more elusive guys). And he still won 9 games, which should have been atleast 10 as he drove for the game winning FG in SEA that Im still convinced was good. He did all that with an Oline who was riddled with injuries, and average on their best day. As well as a weapons regiment who wasnt at full health all season long. As long as he is with McVay, this feels like near the floor for Goff's success/effectiveness, and as they grow together, the offense (as long as the line is serviceable) will be at contender level
  9. DC Movie Universe

    Man, this legend just keeps growing. Soon Snyder will have shot and completed an entire trilogy in this filming, have 15 hours worth of material, and we never saw a single frame of it in Whedon's cut. We know thats not true because of the trailers and sneak peaks we received before Whedon's name was ever even mentioned.
  10. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Yea, hes definitely a possibility. But with Gotham and BoP, I just find it hard to see him getting another iteration this soon. Especially since he really doesnt have anything special about him. And honestly, a straight up serial killer, without anyone pulling strings behind the murders, feels like a very flat story. And Id be pretty disappointed in that. Also should be something Batman, even a young one, should solve that pretty quickly
  11. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    OK, so Ive been thinking about this movie, and just want to throw a question out there... Now I dont think this is spoiler territory, as this has been described a detective noir style film, and that there is a string of murders, which Batman will be investigating. So my question is a simple one; Who is the Murderer? Now, many have started to propose it will be The Riddler, who we know is in the movie. I dont think it will be so straight forward, and Dano's Riddler will be more of a foe to Pattinson's Batman when it comes to figuring out the mystery. Maybe Riddler already knows and is taunting Batman (maybe he has even set up the murders) or he is able to get to these crimes before GCPD and leave taunting riddles. If the killer is a hired one (by Riddler, or a political/criminal rival), we could end up with any number of the hired guns in Batman's history. Deadshot, Copperhead, Headhunter, Lady Vic, The Blonde... that list goes on and on. Could we already see some seeds of the League of Assassins again with David Cain or Lady Shiva? Doubt it due to the comparisons it would obviously draw to the Nolan Trilogy. But maybe its the first seeds of The Court of Owls? Any one (or multiple) of their Talons could commit these killings. Would be exciting, but I dont know if they will have enough runway to introduce the Owls, and Joker, and the others we know about in what is thought to be a Trilogy of its own. Or is it just a stand alone serial killer with a specific vengeance in mind? (Black Spider, Electrocutioner, Firefly or even Flamingo) and just so happen to benefit someone else who Batman first suspects. If it ends up being a straight up Gun for hire, a twist on Tally Man II would be fun, we never know who he is, but Batman still has to figure out who he is working for. Or a malleable killer like Cypher, who you could make whatever you wanted (spin it to whatever group instead of CEOs). But if it was just a straight up crazy killer, either a new twist on Killer Moth, like a Silence of the Lambs inspired psycho. Or Id be really impressed if they somehow pulled off Jane Doe, who is real creepy and would be a great puzzle for Batman to figure out. My ultimate dream is its a secret adaption of The Long Halloween, and it ends up being Holiday. Unfortunately I dont think even Reeves would be able to convince WB to be that bold
  12. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Big fan of how smart walker is. Not just a toolsy guy that we re hoping it clicks for some day. Seems like a worker who could really pay off in the long run
  13. And THATS the point, X2 stands the test of time.
  14. What you said was, that 8/12 of the X-Men films were good to great, that’s two thirds of the films. You were clearly counting the original X-Men among the pluses of the franchise. You then just said “Im not saying it’s a great movie, but it’s solid and enjoyable”. You also compared this all to The Godfather franchise, a comparison that really makes no sense, but by your calculations, only 2/3 are worth holding in any regard, and the most recent was clearly the one you were calling bad to make your point. So in order to highlight your nonsense comparison, I took the description of what you are calling atleast a “good movie” if not great, that falls into the 8/12 you are touting, and want to then know which of those Godfather installments you consider “not great, but solid and enjoyable” . . .
  15. So which one is not a great movie, but solid and enjoyable; The Godfather or The Godfather pt II??