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  1. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Yea, I do actually. Especially if he is cheap. I agree that he shouldnt be the #4 or 5 or even 6 option on that Lakers team, But as a Shooter off the bench, to be a gunner with the 2nd team I think they would be really smart to grab him. He is one of those guys who still has legs and can soak up minutes during the regular season. Then come real playoff time, he is like your 7th/8th man, who has good playoff experience with LeBron (other than one Meme HOF gaff) who can give you 10-12min and some buckets. Honestly I still think J.R. has it in him to go off and win you a playoff game. They need a few of those guys on this roster. I think J.R. and Korver are the shooters off the bench for this Lakers team.
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    I know I love looking forward to this as much as the rest of you. but sadly, like my earlier comment, I dont see us doing anything crazy this deadline. We dont have anywhere to put a bat at this point. And our BP has come together alittle bit, even with losing Hicks. Sure we could add someone, but we arent "on the verge" of a championship that its really worth giving much up for another guy at this point. Obvious spot to improve is the Rotation, and now if they are seriously going to leave Carlos as the "Closer" then we lose that infusion that would should have been getting after the ASB. Unfortunately I think many are going to connect us to Bumgarner, even though I think hes more washed than many want to admit. And since hes a "face of the franchise" guy, the Giants are going to need him pried away. Pass on that. Just dont see a magic fix out there while this team continues to be middling
  3. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Why would J.R. be all that bad? Especially if he comes cheap? They need A) Bodies to fill out the roster to complete in the regular season and B) Shooters around LeBron/AD. J.R., even diminished, is both of those things
  4. Toy Story 4

    Yes it is a strawman, because I never once brought up Avengers or any other movie outside of the context how previous films in major franchises influence the number of the next installments opening weekend. So you by introducing Avengers and fan boi mocking it is exactly a straw man. But I never said it was a failure, I said it came in below the expectations, a fact. Ive actually gone out of my way to say "anything over $100m is nothing to turn your nose up at" and that "no one is abandoning ship" but you like to ignore that too And if you want to get to a more comparable state, adjusted for inflation, TS4 actually made less than TS3 opening weekend. But Im sure that will be countered by something referencing the original Avengers to Engame in some lame mocking rebuttal
  5. Toy Story 4

    Once again, this has nothing to do with what Im saying, but keep beating that straw man if it makes you happy. If you cant understand the very simple numbers in my last post, then I cant help you.
  6. Toy Story 4

    It has absolutely nothing to do with Avengers, or any other film. It has to do with expectations, and even the most recent, most mitigated expectations were $140m domestic opening weekend, and it fell decently short. And thats not even comparing it to the $200m number that was thrown out there a few months ago.
  7. Toy Story 4

    So it under preformed opening weekend? That was the point I was making, and I till think people have fallen off this train. Im not saying people are abandoning ship here, but just that some people had concluded their Toy Story adventure and didnt need anymore
  8. Boston Celtics Thread

    Ha, never thought of that. Ive got no team allegiances, so I just like to see fun results around the league.
  9. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    No, youve been ignoring those bad moves an trying to say his good ones are some miracle moves that no one else could have done. At this point he has out pitched the Knicks and James Dolan for LeBron, and mostly bid against himself for Anthony Davis. Yes he has two of the best players in the league, but how hard was that realistically? The fact that you cant even admit Zubac is a legitimate asset tht he just GAVE AWAY for Mike Muscalla? This is the HEIGHT of Homerism. He'd be pretty nice right about now to play the 5 so AD doesnt have to. Or even better (arguably) would have been an easy asset to attach to the final year of Deng's contract so someone would take him. And that is a terrible argument about Lopez. Who cares if he would have changed the fortune last year? They spent nearly $30m on KCP+Rondo+Lance+Beasley+Jevale. Youre telling me Brook wouldnt have been a better use of dollars? Ive conceeded to split that blame with Magic, but its still really bad. And as good as he was last year, they could have flipped him for another asset when they knew it was time to shut it dowm. But you posited that RP has been planning for another Max Cap guy other thanAD for this offseason. This move flies directly in the face of that. If it truely was all about 2019, then they would have told Deng too bad, suck it up, were moving you in the offseason and you can get bought out then. It is a business after all, and they were paying quite handsomely Ive already stated many times I am on this side. So now you are just arguing for the heck of it. It still doesnt mean he didnt get fleeced in this deal, because he absolutely did. Outside of a Portland or Denver swoop in, they were the only real offer that Griffin had. The Knicks package was pretty unappealing, and the Celtics were never going to give a serious offer with Kyrie running out the back door. So if he sticks to his guns, Give them #4+Ingram+Ball and probably throws in the 2022 pick (or the Top 8 2021 that turns into it) then he still has Hart for the rotation and a couple more useful 1st rounders to grab some other players. The Lakers are in an amazing spot in spite of all of this, they dont really need you to defend them. but RP has alot of hardwork to do in order to make this roster for for this year and next (no matter if they go with another Max or not)
  10. Toy Story 4

    I knew what point you were trying to make. And my point is, comparing things now to how they were done 10-20-30 years ago doesnt always make sense. Used to be Jan-Feb were just the dumping ground for movies that studios had no faith in. That has changed alot in the past couple of years. August used to be the same way, its also changed. There are still your biggest times of year to make money (Christman. Start of Summer, etc) but you can make money in just about every month now.
  11. Boston Celtics Thread

    Obviously not sure what it would take at this point, but I really feel like the Celtics would be alot of fun with Jrue Holliday at Point. And could really be the best path for Brown and Tatum to shine.
  12. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Seriously? Yes we know, the whole issue was that Magic was never there to put in the work. MAYBE you can split the blame on last summer Free Agents, but everything other than that, falls squarely ion RP's shoulders. The good (AD, Bullock) and the bad (basically everything else)
  13. Toy Story 4

    Why does it matter compared to other June releases? The Box Office landscape has severely shifted in the last decade and even more in the past 2-3. And as we have seen, openings of Franchise installments are all based on the popularity of the previous film. Just look at the fluctuations in the X-Men franchise Again, it fell short of the lowest, mitigated expectations.Going up against basically nothing, movie or even other entertainment wise
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Dude, come on. Can you really not admit that he has made bad moves? The Deng Stetch was short sighted, and as an expiring this year could have likely been moved easier, and they would have the extra $5m needed for that final Max deal. The Zubac trade was just indefensible, absolutely no reason to make that move. No matter what you think of Zubac's NBA future, he was an asset that they could have used. And while I am in the camp that doesnt believe that Rob "just didnt know" about when to trade for AD (site the portion where the 3rd team traded for that pick) he still got severely out maneuvered there, even thought he was bringing in one of the best players in the NBA. Thats on top of the AWFUL signings last summer, while letting Brook Lopez walk. Dude is by no stretch of the imagination a good GM, and at this point, calling him anything North of Incompetent is a compliment for him.
  15. Toy Story 4

    Well ofcourse, anytime you break $100m its nothing to turn your nose up at. But it fell plenty short (15%+) of the most conservative expectations, which were already corrected for the low Summer Box Office we have been seeing. The most common reaction i saw from people who arent major movie buffs was "Really? Another one? I thought they already finished this franchise."