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  1. He was there for how many recruiting sessions? And youre telling me he just couldnt find one, not one single QB to be somewhat innovative with? To be closer to how football is played everywhere else in 2020 than he is doing it closer to 1990? Or is that a choice? That he still thinks you can actually win that way? Id say its pretty obvious that he is putting himself in that position, not that he couldnt find the talent to change it. Hes at Michigan for goodness sake, not UAB. Ill say it again, his success, that was burning bright and fast, and he had outworn his welcome with NFL guys
  2. People like to forget that Harbaugh was handed a pretty good team when he went to the Niners. They were the prohibitive favorites in the NFC West the year before he took over, its just that Mike Singletary was THAT bad. I didnt say he would be a disaster of a hire or anything like that, just that he would be mediocre in whatever tenure he has. His NFL success was like a decade ago, and the game just isnt the same, and he has shown nothing but stubbornness while at Michigan to adapt to the new style of football, on the level that its easiest to make that change. Some give him credit for sw
  3. As one of the new guys, I’m not going to pretend to know what the McCaskey’s will do, all of you have repeatedly told me to expect the worst, but there really are some coaches out there I’d be really excited about for this team. Not that it’s even on the table, but a combo of Flores as HC and Joe Brady as OC would be amazing. Feels like that could accomplish brining an identity back to the franchise with Flores at the helm (he never fit the candyass style in Miami anyway) all while putting our young franchise QB and offense with intriguing talent in better hands than it was (hopefully wi
  4. Not that he's some ultimate authority, but Buster Onley droped his Top 10 at each position, and its interesting to see where each Cardinal landed; Arenado and Goldschmidt both ended up as the #3 3B and 1B respectively. A 40 year old Yadi snuck onto the list at #9 for Catchers. And Tommy Edman got a nod as the final Honorable Mention at 2B. As expected, no mention of a SS. The Outfield is alittle more interesting if you ask me. Right Field is absolutely stacked, Acuna, Soto, Harper, Judge and Betts is a stupid good Top 5. But it is interesting to see Carlson be his second Honorab
  5. It it wasn’t just last week, it’s been half their season. And if you can’t get up for your biggest rival, with your playoff hopes on the line, your team probably just doesn’t have it
  6. Id very rarely be mad about short term money (or low AAV) so wouldnt hate that
  7. As much as I hate that OK State got the raw end of the deal in Ames, they do have that loss on their resume. And in the end Cincinnati doesnt. Not to mention, Cincinnati still has the better win (ND over OU) and what would be their secondary wins (Houston/SMU) are probably on the same level or very close to OK States 2 Baylor wins.
  8. Who saw all that coming? Michigan just bullying Ohio St, a Points fest to start Bedlam, and Alabama pooping down their leg in the Iron Bowl. Now sure the Tide pulled out a mistake assisted win, but if you watched that and still want to peddle the sham that they are a great team, you are part of the problem. If that team (even at 11-1) was Ole Miss, or Tennessee, or Baylor, we wouldn’t stop pointing out the blemishes, and saying they don’t deserve it. Oh wait, we did exactly that this year for Wake Forest. Regardless of that little rant, we are down to 6 going into Championship weekend, just li
  9. Dont need to be over paying relivers though, thats how we keep getting ourselves into trouble. And we found a bunch on the street last year, cant count on a whole bullpen of that, but they can obviously be found
  10. Wheres my Championship Week thread?
  11. Ive heard speculation that they are just expecting to use 6/7 guys in the rotation this year, that there will be absences (even semi planned stretches) for guys like Hudson, Waino, now Matz and Mikolas. There is a theory that we are still going to see early fatigue from the Covid Year from players who arent your established top end veterans. Who knows, but it would be an interesting approach, and a bit outside the box.
  12. I like having a Lefty in the Rotation. The $11m AAV is fine, not prohibitive in any way, even with a 4th year on the deal. But he doesnt really make the rotation all that much scarier to me, just lengthens it
  13. And they still have plenty of time for that
  14. I understand why you would reflexively put Bama ahead of Oklahoma St. It just feels natural. But please point to me where Alabama has done anything impressive this year? I assume youre going to point to the Mississippi schools, and while Ole Miss is a good win, its not great (atificially inflated by the committee to make Bama look good), and State was one of their few blowouts on the year but looks less impressive as the season continues. Speaking of that, the close wins against Florida and LSU dont look great, and the "good loss" to A&M at the time should no longer be consider that. Not t
  15. Well we knew that one chair at the table would be swiped away, and a couple others had been teetering for weeks, although only one other actually fell. So 2 weeks to go, 8 teams still technically alive (unless absolutely everyone loses) 7 of them fighting for 3 spots as Georgia is already locked in at this point. Just how we drew it up right? It is a relief that Oregon finally dropped, because we all knew the reality, that they were mostly smoke and mirrors at this point in the year. But I will say, the other big loss (MSU) makes you pause a bit. Ohio St was impressive, but more so Sparty was
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