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  1. Id very rarely be mad about short term money (or low AAV) so wouldnt hate that
  2. As much as I hate that OK State got the raw end of the deal in Ames, they do have that loss on their resume. And in the end Cincinnati doesnt. Not to mention, Cincinnati still has the better win (ND over OU) and what would be their secondary wins (Houston/SMU) are probably on the same level or very close to OK States 2 Baylor wins.
  3. Who saw all that coming? Michigan just bullying Ohio St, a Points fest to start Bedlam, and Alabama pooping down their leg in the Iron Bowl. Now sure the Tide pulled out a mistake assisted win, but if you watched that and still want to peddle the sham that they are a great team, you are part of the problem. If that team (even at 11-1) was Ole Miss, or Tennessee, or Baylor, we wouldn’t stop pointing out the blemishes, and saying they don’t deserve it. Oh wait, we did exactly that this year for Wake Forest. Regardless of that little rant, we are down to 6 going into Championship weekend, just li
  4. Dont need to be over paying relivers though, thats how we keep getting ourselves into trouble. And we found a bunch on the street last year, cant count on a whole bullpen of that, but they can obviously be found
  5. Wheres my Championship Week thread?
  6. Ive heard speculation that they are just expecting to use 6/7 guys in the rotation this year, that there will be absences (even semi planned stretches) for guys like Hudson, Waino, now Matz and Mikolas. There is a theory that we are still going to see early fatigue from the Covid Year from players who arent your established top end veterans. Who knows, but it would be an interesting approach, and a bit outside the box.
  7. I like having a Lefty in the Rotation. The $11m AAV is fine, not prohibitive in any way, even with a 4th year on the deal. But he doesnt really make the rotation all that much scarier to me, just lengthens it
  8. And they still have plenty of time for that
  9. I understand why you would reflexively put Bama ahead of Oklahoma St. It just feels natural. But please point to me where Alabama has done anything impressive this year? I assume youre going to point to the Mississippi schools, and while Ole Miss is a good win, its not great (atificially inflated by the committee to make Bama look good), and State was one of their few blowouts on the year but looks less impressive as the season continues. Speaking of that, the close wins against Florida and LSU dont look great, and the "good loss" to A&M at the time should no longer be consider that. Not t
  10. Well we knew that one chair at the table would be swiped away, and a couple others had been teetering for weeks, although only one other actually fell. So 2 weeks to go, 8 teams still technically alive (unless absolutely everyone loses) 7 of them fighting for 3 spots as Georgia is already locked in at this point. Just how we drew it up right? It is a relief that Oregon finally dropped, because we all knew the reality, that they were mostly smoke and mirrors at this point in the year. But I will say, the other big loss (MSU) makes you pause a bit. Ohio St was impressive, but more so Sparty was
  11. Another week, more frauds get exposed. Texas A&M really ruined the SEC intrigue, as we are now all but guaranteed a Georgia/Alabama matchup in the Title game. I think we all expected Oklahoma to fall sooner or later, and while this all but eliminates them from the Playoff, if a bunch more lose after them, and they rally with 2 big wins over OK state, maybe a one loss Big 12 champion has a chance over potential 2 loss other conference champions. I thought we’d have a bit more carnage here, but in a way I guess we do, as there are 10 teams still looking at a chance for the playoffs. Some hav
  12. We all already knew it, but the Committee once again confirmed that they are frauds and cowards. Bama at #2? Not a chance, they haven’t beaten anyone. We can have other qualms, but when it’s a sham at #2 the rest aren’t even worth discussing. But one week later and we have knocked down the Number of teams with Playoff hopes still alive from 14 down to 11. (Could be 10, but there is a wild scenario out there) and while we know that the Committee will just throw the same crap against the wall as last week, any ranking with integrity should be taking a long hard look at their lineup, especially a
  13. Its already been reported that we arent out on him. Obviously he going to be looking at all option, and likely wants to look for somewhere that hes go a path to the majors. But it keeps him out of the Rule 5 draft, and lets him make his own decision on his future
  14. All this shows is that the National voters dont actually pay attention, just look at standings and headlines (i.e. winning streak) Because his actual managing was atrocious for 95% pf the season
  15. Everyone should be the biggest Auburn Fans in the Iron Bowl this year Id love to say LSU this week, but I have no faith in them
  16. All they were doing with this is trying to set up both Georgia and Alabama to make the final four regardless of the outcome of the SEC Title game Trash. We should demand all these discussions be public, it will never happen, but thats the only way they are ever going to be held accountable
  17. You keep saying this, when it just isn’t true. The best case scenario for OSU in a Big Ten Title game is Minnesota again, but according to your own logic, that’s not impressive because a double win for Oregon Vs Utah wouldn’t be good enough. And if it’s Wisconsin, they aren’t any better than who Oregon plays in their title game So now we’re down to 3 “legitimate” Big Ten wins, one of those I’m guessing you’re counting Penn St? Who already has 3 losses (Utah says hi) and if that’s the worst they are, they will eat into the other wins you are counting on (MSU and UM). I’ll give you M
  18. Youre clearly just talking about where teams are ranked when they win. That’s just lazy. Thanks for telling me all I need to know. But as you’re calling out in your scenario (which you are clearly having a BigTen bias compared to the PAC-12 atleast), Oregon will still have the Best BigTen win among the two of them. The best win. The same amount of losses. Both a Conference Championship. And oh yea the HEAD TO HEAD WIN.
  19. I will fully admit that I put more weight on best wins. Because those are the hardest to get. Yes, surprising close wins are dings, but only small ones because you did get the win. And to me even a bad loss, doesn’t cancel out a great win. And to answer your Cincinnati question at the same time, they have the second best win of all these teams. That is what is boosting them. Compared to Oklahoma, Cincinnati only has 2 close wins, both on the road. That Indiana win, which I said didn’t boost them at all, and the other week at Navy. Which I fee like any time you get out of Navy with a win,
  20. Blows it out of the water? I don’t think so at all. Michigan and Michigan St are currently ranked so high due to the inflated false narrative of being Undefeated. If you’re assuming they are both losing to Ohio St, and they had done it in week 3 or 6 instead of Week 11 or 13, they wouldn’t even be Top 10. They have hollow resumes themselves. I don’t think they are that much better than your suggested Utah wins would be, maybe one rung higher. And when it comes down to it, Ohio St could NEVER have as good of a win as over themselves in this situation.
  21. They why do we play games? It’s one thing to debate completely different resumes with no crossover even. But an actual head to head game? That the road team won? Without the best Prospect from either roster on the field So even if for some reason you think it doesn’t matter, what Ohio St win are you putting up against Oregon’s? Penn St? That isn’t on the same level. Wasn’t won as impressively. And was a home game.
  22. I definitely understand that. But Oklahoma has not impressed me one single time this season. They have gotten lucky multiple times to get away with a win against below average teams. And while it may be a bit of recency bias, being that close to Kansas is never excusable. Oklahoma has more impressive wins in front of them, if they do in-fact win those, which would catapult them ahead of Oregon who only has one above average potential win left before the PAC-12 Championship. When it comes down to it, being undefeated doesn’t mean you have to be ranked highest right now. The polls alw
  23. We are getting the first College Football Playoff rankings tonight as we head into the home stretch with just over a handful of weeks left in the season, and by my count we have (by the most realistic reaches) 14 Teams with a chance left for the playoffs. One Team is as near a lock as their could be. Then 4/5/6 more who could control their own destiny (they all dont actually, its just depending on what the committee will do) and then a decent group left with a prayer, needing some outside help. This is just alittle personal exercise for myself as we go into the stretch run, Ill break all these
  24. And as I’ve said, I don’t agree. I think Bill DeWitt will loosen the purse strings more than normal, as he knows he has a cash cow on his hands with the final summer in the sun with those two (plus possibly Pujols) and will be trying to go for it with possibly the best talent on the team since the MV3 days, where he can sort of ride off into the sunset as well. But those dollars only continue to roll in as long as this team stays competitive Not saying that he will Go for broke and we will be throwing $200m around for ‘22, but saying we only have $30m to play with is also disingenuous,
  25. Well I don’t see our payroll as limited as you do for 2022, so $2m for a bench bat isn’t all that much to me. The question is, would that be better than Nootbar? Is a Brett Gardener type worth it? Or more importantly, even an upgrade at this point?
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