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  1. 1 hour ago, abstract_thought said:

    As for his reluctance to innovate - I don't think Michigan is playing 90s football. It's definitely a run-heavy scheme. But they run a lot of plays from shotgun/pistol formations and they lean on read option at times. They don't throw the ball like OSU, but they don't have the right QB to play that way.

    He was there for how many recruiting sessions? And youre telling me he just couldnt find one, not one single QB to be somewhat innovative with? To be closer to how football is played everywhere else in 2020 than he is doing it closer to 1990? Or is that a choice? That he still thinks you can actually win that way? Id say its pretty obvious that he is putting himself in that position, not that he couldnt find the talent to change it. Hes at Michigan for goodness sake, not UAB. 

    1 hour ago, abstract_thought said:

    With that in mind, it's hard to see Harbaugh as a coach with a 9 win ceiling. An 8 win season was his floor with an injury-riddled 49ers team. He's won more at Michigan than any coach since Carr. And he's brought along multiple NFL QBs (Luck, Smith, Kaep). When he has talent, he wins a lot.

    Ill say it again, his success, that was burning bright and fast, and he had outworn his welcome with NFL guys in just 4 years. He wasnt fired due to job performance, it was because guys couldnt stand him. In his heart he is a college coach, the rah-rah guy to being all the young impressionable together. That doesnt fly in the NFL, it didnt in 2012, and it really wont in 2022 where players are more empowered than ever.

    Sure he recruited Luck to Stanford, and not saying he didnt help him at all, but he is legitimately a once in a generational player, that Harbaugh was lucky enough that he was also a goofball nerd who loved football as much as him. Smith didnt get any better under Harbaugh, hence benching him, that didnt happen till Andy Reid got ahold of him in KC. And sure he made CK work, but he also knew there was a ceiling as soon as the league caught up, one of the other big reason I think why he was so amicable to leave the NFL for Michigan (which was in the works for months during the season) and and again points to what I believe to be his biggest strength, knowing when to bow out and cash in his chips for a better opportunity. 

    He'd be fine as a HC, but I wouldnt expect it to be all that long term, I think Id be disappointed in what we churn out (alot of just above average) and I was thinking 16 game season so as a correction it be 8-9-10 wins and maybe winning a down division without Rogers for a few years. And ontop of all that, theres a better chance than not that we are in a bad spot once he does leave (both the Niners and Michigan suggest so). With finally having a real talent at QB, Im just hoping for something better, and if Rodgers does leave, taking a strangle hold on the division with the best QB, not stuggling in a Rock fight for the next handful of years.

  2. 1 hour ago, abstract_thought said:

    Can you elaborate? Harbaugh's time in the NFL saw multiple deep playoff runs and he got the absolute best out of Kaepernick with an offensive system that heavily featured Kaep's run/pass ability.

    People like to forget that Harbaugh was handed a pretty good team when he went to the Niners. They were the prohibitive favorites in the NFC West the year before he took over, its just that Mike Singletary was THAT bad. I didnt say he would be a disaster of a hire or anything like that, just that he would be mediocre in whatever tenure he has. His NFL success was like a decade ago, and the game just isnt the same, and he has shown nothing but stubbornness while at Michigan to adapt to the new style of football, on the level that its easiest to make that change.

    Some give him credit for switching over to Kaepernick, but in more rewriting of history, Alex Smith was not considered good enough by nearly anyone. He was splitting time with Troy Smith at one point. It was questioned when they Re-signed him in the first place, and on the path to be one of the all time Draft bungles taking him over Rodgers. Smith has had some decent years that have buoyed the perception of him, but most Niners fans were begging for KP from his first season and if anything Harbaugh drug his feet some. I vividly remember, even being a fan of those pitiful rams teams, not ever being scared of a Harbaugh/Smith team, but just hoping he never figured out what KP could do in the NFL

    And coming to the Bears, and the specter of the "Defensive Minded Franchise" would only give him more of an excuse to lean back into his 90's style of play. I dont believe thats how you win in 2022 and beyond. Its fine to have a defensive HC, or even a Running Offense, but not how Harbaugh does it. It has to be innovative like SF or even how Baltimore did for a bit. And Jim Harbaugh is the complete opposite of that, his time at Michigan only proves it. His best ability has always been knowing when its time to go.

    If you are happy enough with 7-8-9 wins every year, maybe edging out the rest of a bad division, and wasting offensive talent, then yea, Harbaugh is a good hire. I personally have higher hopes than that

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  3. As one of the new guys, I’m not going to pretend to know what the McCaskey’s will do, all of you have repeatedly told me to expect the worst, but there really are some coaches out there I’d be really excited about for this team. 

    Not that it’s even on the table, but a combo of Flores as HC and Joe Brady as OC would be amazing. Feels like that could accomplish brining an identity back to the franchise with Flores at the helm (he never fit the candyass style in Miami anyway) all while putting our young franchise QB and offense with intriguing talent in better hands than it was (hopefully with the setback in Carolina it would keep him around through most of Fields rookie deal)

    But if not, I still think Daboll would be a good choice, wouldn’t absolutely hate Doug Peterson, and still say Eberflus would be an inspired choice. 

    If it ends up being Harbaugh, it wouldn’t be the worst thing, it would bring some stability, but it will just be the express train right back to the middle. Maybe that’s enough if Rodgers does leave GB, but might as well just trade off Fields and not completely waste that asset. 

  4. Not that he's some ultimate authority, but Buster Onley droped his Top 10 at each position, and its interesting to see where each Cardinal landed;

    Arenado and Goldschmidt both ended up as the #3 3B and 1B respectively. A 40 year old Yadi snuck onto the list at #9 for Catchers. And Tommy Edman got a nod as the final Honorable Mention at 2B. As expected, no mention of a SS.

    The Outfield is alittle more interesting if you ask me.

    Right Field is absolutely stacked, Acuna, Soto, Harper, Judge and Betts is a stupid good Top 5. But it is interesting to see Carlson be his second Honorable Mention. Nice to see as he continues to put things together.

    Even more surprising though is Center Field, behind anther stacked list (including Trout, Springer, Robert, Bellinger and Buxton) is the first Honorable Mention of Harrison Bader. I guess a 30%+ drop in Strikeouts and a Gold Glove will do that for you. 

    And while I championed him for a few years, even I would say, the most surprising is in Left Field, where Tyler O'Neill is lister as the NUMBER ONE player on his list. Thats over Benintendi, Ozuna, Christian Yelich, and even every BFIB's favorite Randy. 

    Again, not saying these are the definitive rankings in any way what-so-ever, its just a crazy long way from where we were with these 3 guys going into last years Spring Training time.

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  5. 9 hours ago, agarcia34 said:


    I put last weeks performance for Bama on them looking ahead and they really should have lost that game cause of that. Saban is gonna get those guys ready and up for this game. He will get to play the underdog card and use last weeks performance as a way to wake up the team


     It it wasn’t just last week, it’s been half their season. And if you can’t get up for your biggest rival, with your playoff hopes on the line, your team probably just doesn’t have it

  6. 6 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

    Let's say Bama wins. Who gets left out? Cincy or Ok State?

    As much as I hate that OK State got the raw end of the deal in Ames, they do have that loss on their resume. And in the end Cincinnati doesnt.

    Not to mention, Cincinnati still has the better win (ND over OU) and what would be their secondary wins (Houston/SMU) are probably on the same level or very close to OK States 2 Baylor wins. 

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  7. Who saw all that coming? Michigan just bullying Ohio St, a Points fest to start Bedlam, and Alabama pooping down their leg in the Iron Bowl. Now sure the Tide pulled out a mistake assisted win, but if you watched that and still want to peddle the sham that they are a great team, you are part of the problem. If that team (even at 11-1) was Ole Miss, or Tennessee, or Baylor, we wouldn’t stop pointing out the blemishes, and saying they don’t deserve it. Oh wait, we did exactly that this year for Wake Forest. Regardless of that little rant, we are down to 6 going into Championship weekend, just like we all said we would be last week. One spot is locked up, another contender’s resume is complete, and we have 4 very different Championship games that will decide who makes the playoffs.

    Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

    Ohio St Buckeyes (10-2), Oklahoma Sooners (10-2)


    SEC - 2 Teams

    Georgia Bulldogs (12-0) SEC Championship

    • Locked in for about a month now, all that’s left to see is if they will be #1 going into the Playoffs. Now you cant underestimate Saban, but unless Alabama has been holding back something major all year long, seems like they will take care of business here, and be the Undefeated SEC Champion, and heavy favorite to win the National Title

    Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1) SEC Championship

    • How many times can they tell you that they just aren’t the same ol’ Tide? If they struggled moving the ball for nearly 50 min against Auburn, how are they going to attack the best defense in the country? If they couldn’t shut down a hobbled backup? What is a competent QB/offense going to do to them? Most already think that the spread is too high, but I think there is a chance that its not high enough

    BigTen - 1 Team

    Michigan Wolverines (11-1) BigTen Championship

    • Hats off to Michigan for one of the most impressive performances all year. Did not see that coming, thought if they were going to win, it was going to be an ugly 17-13 game or something like that. But they aren’t there yet, while Wisconsin fell flat on their face, is it that hard to imagine the Wolverines and Harbaugh stumbling all over themselves against Iowa with everything on the line, just within reach? I hope they don’t, but Ive seen this movie before.

    Big XII - 1 Team

    Oklahoma St Cowboys (11-1) BigXII Championship

    • Very strange first half, but the Cowboy defense we have seen all year resurrected in the second half and won them their biggest game of the year. And man they were impressive to finish out that game. One more win and they have for sure one of the best resumes in the country, but they could get left out in the end because of whatever the reason that the Committee looks down on the BigXII this year. Heres hoping everything falls right, and we get to see Gundy in the spotlight alittle longer this year.

    AAC - 1 Team

    Cincinnati Bearcats (12-0) AAC Championship

    • Step one; beat IU and ND (Check), Step two; go undefeated in the regular season (Check) Step three; win the AAC Championship (   ) That’s what we laid out in front of Cincinnati to get their bid into the College Football Playoff at the start of the year. And while it hasn’t been some masterpiece to watch (close/ugly wins) or even the quality we though it would be (IU sucking) they have risen to the challenge thus far, and you have to commend them for that, and in the end reward them for it if they can finish it off against a Houston team thats no joke

    Independent - 1 Team

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-1) N/A

    • Can you imagine a team making the playoffs without its HC or its DC? That is on the table, and Im here for it. They have a very solid resume, not crazy impressive, but in this year of mediocrity, that’s good enough to have your hat in the ring.

    Obviously the huge game is the SEC Championship, both teams could make it in, but I honestly think this may end up being a defensive snoozer and a huge letdown of a game. It will be interesting to see where they put these teams if Alabama can pull one out though. Im very excited for the AAC Championship, I still think Houston is for real, and is much better than where the Committee has kept them down. The Bearcats are not out of the woods yet (but that true home game is nice). I don’t know how to feel about the BigTen Championship game, the Michigan/Iowa match up just feels so weird. This should be an obvious Wolverines win, they just do everything Iowa does but better than Iowa does it. But if suddenly the Hawkeyes find a turnover for a TD or two? Could be a disaster for the BigTen. And finally, the rematch in the BigXII title game, should be more of what we got last time, but it’s a neutral game, and Baylor is starting to feel themselves. Do some of the rumors with Aranda cause some distractions? We shall see

    My Playoff Rankins for this week:

    1. Georgia Bulldogs
    2. Cincinnati Bearcats
    3. Michigan Wolverines
    4. Oklahoma St Cowboys
    5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    6. Alabama Crimson Tide

    Georgia is the undisputed #1. I would have slid Ohio St up over Cincinnati with stacking impressive Wins over Michigan schools, but with the Wolverines only having the one banner win, I leave the Bearcats at #2. That leaves Michigan at #3 with one very impressive win, and then Oklahoma St is at #4 with a bunch of solid wins/impressive performances over lower tier teams, and a very good win over Oklahoma, its just not as much as what Michigan has (still wish they got a fair shake at ISU). And I am going to continue to penalize Alabama for awful performances, and bailouts over much inferior teams. Notre Dame hasn’t been that impressive, but they sure have made me feel better about them than what Alabama has put on the field this year. Defense is back in college football and I love it, time to give to a Heisman to that side of the ball, thats where the best players are this year.

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  8. 4 hours ago, kgarrett12486 said:

    Robert Murray of FanSided reports that reliever Luis Garcia is in serious talks with the Padres. 

    Damn, that would be a disappointment to loose him after what we saw once we acquired him. He was great. 

    Dont need to be over paying relivers though, thats how we keep getting ourselves into trouble.

    And we found a bunch on the street last year, cant count on a whole bullpen of that, but they can obviously be found

  9. 1 hour ago, kgarrett12486 said:

    I really don't think this signing takes us out of the SP market. He just doesn't eliminate our need for IPs. It may take us out of the Scherzer/Stroman range, but we could see another mid range guy like Jon Gray.

    Ive heard speculation that they are just expecting to use 6/7 guys in the rotation this year, that there will be absences (even semi planned stretches) for guys like Hudson, Waino, now Matz and Mikolas. There is a theory that we are still going to see early fatigue from the Covid Year from players who arent your established top end veterans.

    Who knows, but it would be an interesting approach, and a bit outside the box.

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  10. 10 hours ago, holt_bruce81 said:

    Looks like we signed Steven Matz to a 4 year deal worth $44 million. With a chance to make $48 million. 

    Not a bad signing, I think he’ll do decent here. 

    I like having a Lefty in the Rotation. The $11m AAV is fine, not prohibitive in any way, even with a 4th year on the deal. But he doesnt really make the rotation all that much scarier to me, just lengthens it

  11. 7 minutes ago, THE DUKE said:

    You're right that it's more reflexive than anything.  I don't know if i've even seen Ok St play this year outside of a couple highlights. I suppose that it's the Saban affect, and i've seen Ok St piss away opportunities before plenty of times.

    And they still have plenty of time for that

  12. 23 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

    I just can't buy that. 


    23 hours ago, THE DUKE said:

    Best ranking and reasoning I have seen.  I would have Bama over OK St but If Georgia takes care of business then a 2 loss non-conf champ Bama is out if it were up to me.

    I understand why you would reflexively put Bama ahead of Oklahoma St. It just feels natural. But please point to me where Alabama has done anything impressive this year? I assume youre going to point to the Mississippi schools, and while Ole Miss is a good win, its not great (atificially inflated by the committee to make Bama look good), and State was one of their few blowouts on the year but looks less impressive as the season continues. Speaking of that, the close wins against Florida and LSU dont look great, and the "good loss" to A&M at the time should no longer be consider that. Not to mention this week when they once gain needed some Zebra assistance against the Hogs (Arkansas fans are going overboard with it, but still the Tide have been benefiting)

    Where on the other side, Oklahoma St also has a close road loss, but were on the wrong side of the awful college officiating, so they still get the benefit from me there. And since that game, they have been DOMINATING teams. Sure its not the stiffest competition, but they have given up exactly ONE offensive TD in the past 4 games. Dont care who you are playing (as long as they arent NAIA schools) that is very impressive. Sure that could all come crumbling down this week, but Im only going on what Ive seen infront of me


    As a side note, a win over Oklahoma this week would only strengthen this argument for OKst, as taking down a Bo Nix-less Auburn doesnt really stoke Alabama's resume for me. But to be clear, if they can take down Georgia, it would be the best win of the season, and would catapult them way up in the rankings. That is even if Oklahoma St takes down both Oklahoma and Baylor. This type of ranbking makes sure to not let a "close loss" be a benefit to Alabama, as the actual committee is trying to set up. Although, this would be quite the argument for a one-loss, Big12 Champoion Oklahoma St vs a One-loss (to Bama) Georgia without a Conference Championship. But thats a wild scenario for another time.

  13. Well we knew that one chair at the table would be swiped away, and a couple others had been teetering for weeks, although only one other actually fell. So 2 weeks to go, 8 teams still technically alive (unless absolutely everyone loses) 7 of them fighting for 3 spots as Georgia is already locked in at this point. Just how we drew it up right? It is a relief that Oregon finally dropped, because we all knew the reality, that they were mostly smoke and mirrors at this point in the year. But I will say, the other big loss (MSU) makes you pause a bit. Ohio St was impressive, but more so Sparty was sort of embarrassing, especially when they were ranked Top 8. Does that mean were in for more of this in Ann Arbor? Sure hope not, that was boring even as an impartial fan. Really wish the Committee would put more into their rankings than just ordering the Undefeated/1-win teams. Bama is going to be #2 again this week, and they were unimpressive vs the Hogs, and Ohio St looked like the only other contender, but they will not be ranked that way.

    Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

    Michigan St Spartans (9-2), Oregon Ducks (9-2)


    SEC - 2 Team

    Georgia Bulldogs (11-0) @Gerogia Tech

    • Just running out the clock here. ND dominated Georgia Tech, what will the Bulldogs do to them? As stated above, UGA has one of the spots locked up, its just will it be #1, or will Bama rise to the occasion and knocked them off (yet still in the playoffs). I have my doubts.

    Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1) @Auburn

    • Again, disappointing from the squad that the committee has been ranking as the #2 team in the country. That little extra Zebra help didn’t hurt either. I wish Bo Nix was still able to play, so that the Iron Bowl would mean something here. And by saying that, if this game is even close, the Tide should be embarrassed.

    BigTen - 2 Teams

    Ohio St Buckeyes (10-1) @Michigan

    • Wow, talk about a whoopin. It sure was impressive, but ill say it again, makes you wonder a bit about the entire level of the BigTen, if the Top team can do that to the supposed #2/3 team. (I will be saying the same thing ig Georgia does this to Alabama in two weeks). If they do this again to Michigan, Ill even bump them up over Cinci in my rankings, as that bundle of dominance would outweigh what I still think is one of the best Wins in College Fooball (CIN@ND)

    Michigan Wolverines (10-1) vOhio St

    • They made it to this week with a chance to control their own destiny. Didn’t always seem like they would, but it makes this game even bigger than it usually is. Some say its overrated due to the other sides dominance as of late, but even if so, its still one of the biggest games every year. Im hoping for a good game, its just hard seeing them to be able to put up enough, even if a great defense can slow the Buckeyes down some. Although I will remind everyone, Wisconsin still likely waits in Indianapolis as one final test before the Big Ten cashes its ticket to the Playoffs

    Big XII - 2 Teams

    Oklahoma St Cowboys (10-1) vOklahoma

    • Im glad Oklahoma held on last week, gives another bump to OKState if they take care of business. Its also very fun to see them do this in such a different way than we expect a Gundy Cowboys squad to do it. Honestly I think it might actually be fun to see Defense Dominate the Playoff this year. If they add a OU pelt to their wall, and another one over a surging Baylor team in the Big12 Title game, and their only blemish was a questionable one on the road… Its going to be hard to keep them out.

    Oklahoma Sooners (10-1) @Oklahoma St

    • I called out the potential last week that OU might just pack it in ans spiral to the finish line, and they nearly did against the Cyclones. Thankfully not, and they are keeping the remaining Big 12 games meaningful right now. Although it would be an absolute longshot, if they can rally and take down OKState twice, they could be standing there at the end, with an ugly resume just like Notre Dame, and possibly Alabama.

    AAC - 1 Team

    Cincinnati Bearcats (11-0) @East Carolina

    • I hate that I get to them so late in the post, but it is very interesting to see some of the take-smiths try to dance out of this one. They have been unimpressive for most of the year after they took down Notre Dame on the road., and SMU has been the best they have played since, and the Bearcats finally came out and utterly dominated them. Hard to see them having any issues this week, but they have flirted with disaster all year. I really hope we get an all important AAC Title game against Houston.

    Independent - 1 Team

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish (10-1) @Stanford

    • Still hanging around. And while they should take care of Stanford, he Cardinal did already ruin Oregon’s season (without that loss, the Utah loss wouldn’t have ended it for the Ducks yet). But at this point, you cant not look at this resume and be just as impressed with it as pretty much all the other one loss teams. (maybe that says more to how unimpressive all these resumes are). But 11-1, only loss to the Undefeated Cincinnati, that’s got them right in this. If they had beat Cincinnati, they would be ranked #2, so with the best loss on the board…

    To recap, were down to 8 teams, Georgia has one spot locked up, and we will almost definitely be down to 6 teams after this week, looking ahead to Championship weekend. This Rivalry Weekend is one of my favorites all year, as we have bad blood starting Thursday, a bunch more Friday, and then the biggest games of the week all on Saturday. Start it off with the most important game of the weekend with OSU/Michigan, take a peak at the Iron Bowl in the afternoon, and finish it off with Bedlam, and maybe even take a peak if theres any magic brewing out at Stanford.

    My Playoff Rankins for this week:

    1.     Georgia Bulldogs

    2.     Cincinnati Bearcats

    3.     Ohio St Buckeyes

    4.     Oklahoma St Cowboys

    5.     Alabama Crimson Tide

    6.     Michigan Wolverines

    7.     Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    8.     Oklahoma Sooners

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  14. Another week, more frauds get exposed. Texas A&M really ruined the SEC intrigue, as we are now all but guaranteed a Georgia/Alabama matchup in the Title game. I think we all expected Oklahoma to fall sooner or later, and while this all but eliminates them from the Playoff, if a bunch more lose after them, and they rally with 2 big wins over OK state, maybe a one loss Big 12 champion has a chance over potential 2 loss other conference champions. I thought we’d have a bit more carnage here, but in a way I guess we do, as there are 10 teams still looking at a chance for the playoffs. Some have tried to argue that Baylor played their way back in, not me, not with that TCU loss and a decisive loss to OKState.

    Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

    Texas A&M Aggies (7-3)


    SEC - 2 Team

    Georgia Bulldogs (10-0) v Charleston Southern, @Gerogia Tech

    • Feels like Tennessee was the final test for Georgia, and heading into the SEC Title game undefeated, playing a hyper inflated Alabama, theres just no way they don’t get one of the 4 spots. SO its 3 spots left for 9 teams to fight over.

    Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1) vArkansas, @Auburn

    • Basically a bye week doesn’t tell us anything, other than they have beat up on nobodys and are being rewarded for it. They likely take care of Arkansas, and will get massive kudos for beating a then 4 loss team. It’s a house of cards that we can all see being built, but cant do anything about. Just wait for the Iron Bowl I guess

    BigTen - 3 Teams

    Ohio St Buckeyes (9-1) vMichigan St, @Michigan

    • They survived the buzzsaw that is Purdue! But in all seriousness, their real tests start this weekend. One team will be officially eliminated from Playoff contention this weekend. Id expect it to be the Spartans, who don’t match up all that well with the Buckeyes, but you never know. Heres hoping we get another great matchup with massive stakes Thanksgiving weekend.

    Michigan Wolverines (9-1) @Maryland, v Ohio St

    • Give Michigan credit, PSU is a very solid win, a better win than MSU has outside of their matchup. But as Ive said H2H has to mean something, and as long as they are mostly even (one? Better win or a bad loss doesn’t separate teams, it would take multiple of both) the winner of a matchup will continue to get the edge. They should take care of the Terps this weekend, but its never a sure thing when you go on the road with a bad offense.

    Michigan St Spartans (9-1) @Ohio St, vPenn St

    • They have to win out to even be considered, and theres a chance they could go the complete opposite way, finishing the regular season with 3 losses. And I haven’t brought it up with the BigTen yet, but just assuming any of these 3 are going to beat Wisconsin for the Conference Championship, as their 3 losses aren’t bad at all, are on a 6 game winning streak, and are just rolling these teams now. They could be a big last minute spoiler for the Playoff.

    Big XII - 2 Teams

    Oklahoma St Cowboys (9-1) @Texas Tech, vOklahoma

    • Im glad Ive been banging this drum for as long as I have, especially now as more people are coming around. They are a legit team, who are still being slept on. The loss at ISU still bothers me that they had the chance to win/tie it up taken away by bad officiating. As Ive said, the committee are too big of cowards to make a statement about officiating, but I will continue to call it out. I actually am starting to think OU losing to Baylor too could help the Cowboys, that way they aren’t doubling up on the Sooners in back to back weeks. Seeing a different opponent ot beat (although a repeat) could help in the mind of the committee, but we’ll see.

    Oklahoma Sooners (9-1) v Iowa St, @Oklahoma St

    • We all knew it was coming, the question now is do they try to scrap back and have a long shot at the Playoff? Or does it all come crumbling down and they even drop this week to Iowa St? I think its somewhere in the middle. But they are who we thought they were (shouts to DG) and that is a pretender all along.

    AAC - 1 Team

    Cincinnati Bearcats (10-0) vSMU, @East Carolina

    • Ugly once again, but… still a win and still undefeated. This week against SMU doesn’t look as good of a spot for a banner win as it once did, but its still a nice one to have. Getting a really good Houston team in the Championship game is much mor important. And the Committee not ranking the Houston Cougars at all is just as big of an atrocity as putting Alabama at #2. Its just wrong. They are for sure at Top 25 team, and should be Top 20 (maybe 15) by the time we get to the AAC Championship (assuming they win out to there). But we can all se ethe writing on the wall cant we? They are getting screwed again.

    PAC-12 - 1 Team

    Oregon Ducks (9-1) @Utah, vOregon St

    • They have kept us entertained late night, but in the end they keep winning. And as long as their resume is even close to Ohio St, the Ducks will still be ranked ahead of them (Fresno St + Ohio St is plenty close to Penn St + Purdue). But this is the week they need to get thought. Going to Salt Lake, at Night, in the fog… it aint going to be easy

    Independent - 1 Team

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-1) vGeorgia Tech, @Stanford

    • Lingering… just lingering. They will be sitting there at the end of the year 11-1, only loss to the (potentially) undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats. They might be at #6 or higher before Conference Championship weekend, with Alabama, Big Ten East representative, Oregon (if they are still there) and Cincinnati all potentially that could lose and fall behind them.

    Here's the week that could come with chaos. It will probably end up only knocking out one team, but I can see a whole lot of scares happening all day. A good amount of games to keep an eye on throughout the day (OU@ISU, NDvGT ARKvBAMA and UM@MD for sure) and a marquee game to watch in each of the time slots. MSU @ Ohio St at Noon, SMU v Cincinnati at 3:30, and Oregon @ Utah at 7:30. Hunker down, fire up the grill, order some pizza, Should be a fun.

    My Playoff Rankins for this week:

    1.     Georgia Bulldogs

    2.     Cincinnati Bearcats

    3.     Oregon Ducks

    4.     Ohio St Buckeyes

    5.     Oklahoma St Cowboys

    6.     Alabama Crimson Tide

    7.     Michigan St Spartans

    8.     Michigan Wolverines

    9.     Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    10.  Oklahoma Sooners

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  15. We all already knew it, but the Committee once again confirmed that they are frauds and cowards. Bama at #2? Not a chance, they haven’t beaten anyone. We can have other qualms, but when it’s a sham at #2 the rest aren’t even worth discussing. But one week later and we have knocked down the Number of teams with Playoff hopes still alive from 14 down to 11. (Could be 10, but there is a wild scenario out there) and while we know that the Committee will just throw the same crap against the wall as last week, any ranking with integrity should be taking a long hard look at their lineup, especially as the phrase “Eye test” keeps getting thrown around. No one outside of Georgia should be referred to any higher than “good”. No impressive, no very good, and definitely no one else in the Elite category,

    Teams that fell out of the Playoff Chase:

    Auburn Tigers (6-3), Baylor Bears (7-2), Wake Forest Demon Deacons (9-1)


    SEC - 3 Team

    Georgia Bulldogs (9-0) @Tennessee, v Charleston Southern, @Gerogia Tech

    • Rolled Mizzou as all assumed they would, and its just hard to see anyone else on the schedule testing them. Fully Expecting them to be the #1 seed in the playoffs at 13-0. Yes these other SEC schools have a chance to push their way in by clipping them in the SEC Title game, but just seems unlikely. Its UGA vs the field right now

    Alabama Crimson Tide (8-1) vNew Mexico St, vArkansas, @Auburn

    • Yet another disappointing performance, that some will excuse because it’s a “rivalry game” against LSU who is mostly dead in the water. The blatant favoritism is egregious at this point, and that’s coming from a fellow SEC fan. Some still say :these original rankings don’t matter” but if you cant see what they are doing, Ill spell it out for you. They are setting it up so Bama can lose in the SEC title game and still make the playoff. They will keep pushing A&M higher so the loss looks better, and falsely inflating th other SEC West teams to make their ho-hum wins look better.

    Texas A&M Aggies (7-2) @Ole Miss, vPraire View A&M, @LSU 

    • Last week was loser leave town, and because of that Auburn is out of the Playoff picture. But they will still have something to say about the playoffs as they host the Iron Bowl. But for now the Aggies are just along for the ride, hoping that the Tide trips up and they get to slide into the SEC title game, with a chance to have the 2 best wins in the country and lock in a Playoff spot. Going to Oxford isn’t a guarantee, but if they are for real (*and they look it recently) they will take care of that, and finish off their season in Death Valley, then sit and wait.

    BigTen - 3 Teams

    Ohio St Buckeyes (8-1) vPurdue, vMichigan St, @Michigan

    • So much for the most dangerous team. Yet another week they held on, and looked utterly beatable. I had hope they were going to burst out these couple of weeks, and put a strangle hold on another playoff spot, but now it looks more and more like the Big Ten might just completely cannibalize itself. They can still pull this out of the fire, but now Purdue is a giant killer, and nothing we saw out of Lincoln this weeks makes you confidant taking on the Michigan schools to end the year

    Michigan Wolverines (8-1) @Penn St, @Maryland, v Ohio St

    • I mean hey, they did what they were supposed to this week, and will continue to rise as long as they keep winning. I still have them behind State in my rankings because of the head to head, but I might change that if they can beat Penn St this week on the road, as it would be the first decent win either team would have outside of their game. We shall see though.

    Michigan St Spartans (8-1) vMaryland, @Ohio St, vPenn St

    • They had the world in their hands, but couldn’t handle West Lafayette. The letdown spot everyone saw coming took them down. But they aren’t completely out of it, as they still control their conference destiny, and at the end of the year, wins over Michigan, Ohio St, Penn St and Wisconsin (possibly) would be a nice little resume if we have a complete mishmash of teams fighting for the final playoff spot. But again, they need carnage in front of them at this point

    Big XII - 2 Teams

    Oklahoma Sooners (9-0) @Baylor, v Iowa St, @Oklahoma St

    • Is a week off what they needed to reset? We shall see, even though a Baylor win would look solid, is less impressive since their loss to TCU. This is still their toughest run of the season coming up, and feels like were staring down a double matchup with OK State to end the year, and possibly decide who gets that final Playoff spot.

    Oklahoma St Cowboys (8-1) vTCU, @Texas Tech, vOklahoma

    • One of the few teams outside of Georgia to actually show us something this week, after giving up a long FG driver to start the game they completely shut out WVU. Ill keep saying it, their only loss was on the road, and aided by the officials, so they deserve to be one of the Top one loss teams. If they are able to win out, with that questionable loss as their only blemish and either get 2 wins over OU or possibly avenge their only loss, Id welcome them into what could be a defense dominated College Football Playoff

    AAC - 1 Team

    Cincinnati Bearcats (9-0) @South Florida, vSMU, @East Carolina

    • What do you want me to say, they aren’t winning pretty, but again, outside of Georgia, who is? If you want to keep saying “eye test & level of competition” you better take a closer look at the rest of the Playoff rankings. Alabam is struggling with not very good to even bad teams, but because those teams have SEC next to their names we are giving them a pass. Same with Oklahoma, and there could be a case made that the Big12 isnt any better than the AAC. And plenty of you have already dumped all over the Pac12. And while I think the BigTen is a solid conference, they haven’t really dominated any top out of conference competition. The Bearcats deserve to be in this year, and saying anything otherwise is just showing bias.

    PAC-12 - 1 Team

    Oregon Ducks (8-1) vWashington St, @Utah, vOregon St

    • They took care of business, they covered the spread, and ran for over 300 yards on Washington. Its not flashy, its not electric like were used to, but they are doing what they are supposed to. And if they win out, they deserve to be in, and yes that is still over Ohio St, whos potential “major wins” are looking worse and worse by the week.

    Independent - 1 Team

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-1) @Virgina, vGeorgia Tech, @Stanford

    • Im telling you, they are just going to keep chugging along, and if some of these conferences keep taking each other out, they are going to be sitting there, with their only loss being against one of the last undefeated teams, and its going to be hard to justify a 2 loss (or worse) conference champion over them, Especially a 2 loss non-conference champ


    Not a big week coming up here, Mostly looking to see if Texas A&M, Michigan and Notre Dame can keep pace in order to set up their opportunities for an end run, But the Purdue Giant Killers are taking their shot to ruin the BigTen, and Baylor looks to end OUs perfect season after they stumbled.

    My Playoff Rankins for this week:

    1.     Georgia Bulldogs

    2.     Cincinnati Bearcats

    3.     Oregon Ducks

    4.     Ohio St Buckeyes

    5.     Oklahoma Sooners

    6.     Alabama Crimson Tide

    7.     Oklahoma St Cowboys

    8.     Texas A&M Aggies

    9.     Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    10.  Michigan St Spartans

    11.  Michigan Wolverines

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  16. 2 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

    That's disappointing.

    Its already been reported that we arent out on him. Obviously he going to be looking at all option, and likely wants to look for somewhere that hes go a path to the majors. But it keeps him out of the Rule 5 draft, and lets him make his own decision on his future

  17. 22 minutes ago, kgarrett12486 said:

    Mike Schildt is one of the (3) finalists for NL manager of the year lol. How ironic would it be if he won. 

    All this shows is that the National voters dont actually pay attention, just look at standings and headlines (i.e. winning streak) Because his actual managing was atrocious for 95% pf the season

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  18. 7 minutes ago, MWil23 said:

    This is my EXACT fear as well.

    "Well, Alabama lost to the consensus #1 team in a Conference Title Game and that game should never be used to penalize anyone" logic...AKA "That second loss doesn't count", even though we've seen teams penalized for 2 losses in the past.

    Everyone should be the biggest Auburn Fans in the Iron Bowl this year

    Id love to say LSU this week, but I have no faith in them

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  19. 3 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

    And, again, a vastly weaker resume but thanks for playing.

    You keep saying this, when it just isn’t true. The best case scenario for OSU in a Big Ten Title game is Minnesota again, but according to your own logic, that’s not impressive because a double win for Oregon Vs Utah wouldn’t be good enough. And if it’s Wisconsin, they aren’t any better than who Oregon plays in their title game 

    So now we’re down to 3 “legitimate” Big Ten wins, one of those I’m guessing you’re counting Penn St? Who already has 3 losses (Utah says hi) and if that’s the worst they are, they will eat into the other wins you are counting on (MSU and UM). 

    I’ll give you Michigan St, let’s say Ohio St is their only loss (knocks down PSU more). Call that a marquee win if you’d like. But theN You are counting on Michigan holding their stance as a top win. Which with another loss to OSU at the very least, starts to drop.

    So at best you are talking 2 top tier wins (if Michigan holds on to that level) to Oregon’s 1 by your measure. And again, that 1 win is against Ohio St.

    Doesnt separate them enough to over come that game

  20. 4 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

    And, yes, Ohio State still plays a team ranked as high as they got so they indeed CAN get a win as good as themselves.

    Youre clearly just talking about where teams are ranked when they win. That’s just lazy. Thanks for telling me all I need to know. 

    But as you’re calling out in your scenario  (which you are clearly having a BigTen bias compared to the PAC-12 atleast), Oregon will still have the Best BigTen win among the two of them. The best win. The same amount of losses. Both a Conference Championship. And oh yea the HEAD TO HEAD WIN. 

  21. 10 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

    I'm completely on board with Oklahoma being on the outside looking in going into the first rankings.  But if you're going to ding Oklahoma for a weak schedule and not playing well, shouldn't Cincinnati be in that group too?  But going back to Oregon, I think you're putting too much weight on a singular win and not enough on the Stanford loss or California win.

    I will fully admit that I put more weight on best wins. Because those are the hardest to get. Yes, surprising close wins are dings, but only small ones because you did get the win. And to me even a bad loss, doesn’t cancel out a great win.

    And to answer your Cincinnati question at the same time, they have the second best win of all these teams. That is what is boosting them. Compared to Oklahoma, Cincinnati only has 2 close wins, both on the road. That Indiana win, which I said didn’t boost them at all, and the other week at Navy. Which I fee like any time you get out of Navy with a win, that’s all that matters. It’s just a different sport. While OU on the other hand, it is a clear pattern of play. They have been playing this high wire act since week one at home vs Tulane, then again vs Nebraska, again vs WVU, at KState, vs Texas, and at Kansas. The only convincing wins that Oklahoma has are at home vs Western Carolina and TCU. That’s it. If that was the resume that Cincinnati was putting together, escaping nearly every game, most of them at home, your best win being against a 5-3 Kansas State? They wouldn’t even be considered a Top 10 team yet. 

  22. 8 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

    If Ohio State wins out, their resume blows Oregon's out of the water. I'm not putting all the weight on an early September matchup as if it matters so much more than the entire body of work. 

    Blows it out of the water? I don’t think so at all. Michigan and Michigan St are currently ranked so high due to the inflated false narrative of being Undefeated. If you’re assuming they are both losing to Ohio St, and they had done it in week 3 or 6 instead of Week 11 or 13, they wouldn’t even be Top 10. They have hollow resumes themselves. I don’t think they are that much better than your suggested Utah wins would be, maybe one rung higher. And when it comes down to it, Ohio St could NEVER have as good of a win as over themselves in this situation. 

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