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  1. Week 1 Indianapolis Colts Sunday September 10th Los Angeles Coliseum Its not the ideal situation to start the season against a team that is perennially picked to win their division at the start of the season, and has the best young QB at the helm. BUT let me ask you this, do the Scott Tolzien Colts scare you at all? Because that very well may be the team we are up against. Im not counting on Luck to be on the field week 1 at this point. He may well make it, but he is not going to be 100%. These Shoulder surgeries are not something that are quick recoveries. and honestly not
  2. Had to get DFA'd to make room on the 40 man for Bader
  3. I hope Thanos looks better on screen, his fave looks so dumb on that poster. He is supposed to be THE threat. At least he could look menacing, if not downright terrifying. Instead we get this guy looking dumbfounded by what he is holdong.
  4. Aside from it making perfect sense, I would bet its not the last time we see Nymeria in the show. Arya is traveling back through the Riverlands, retracing her steps to Winterfell, so having the run in with Nymeria is the logical course of events.
  5. Exponentially more beards in the MCU these days
  6. We have actually had 3 giants die at or south of the wall
  7. If you honestly think MoS and BvS are bad movies, and really bad movies at that, then you are mistaken. Again they are not great, each have their issues, but they are good movies. You may not like it, it may have done things you wouldn't have, but if you think you are showing any objectivity in any of these assessments you are more blind to your own hubris than is even worth discussing any of this further Please continue your pretentious lessons on how to measure the quality of film. If you you were comprehending, I pointed out the dollars as the measure that people liked it, not
  8. Poor imitation, as per expected. I never said they were great, I never even said they don't have issues. But thousands and thousands really like them. The dollars make that clear. You said the films were "horrors", yes that makes you an illogical hater. Quoting imdb scores? I might as well go down to the local school yard and poll them.
  9. You guys are really jumping the gun with Flashpoint right now. How many times has the DC Slate changed already? Yes there are different people in charge now (for the better it seems) but we can even say the same for the lauded MCU. Looking at this from a reasonable standpoint, not being an illogical hater of this universe (the horrors? Really? Get over yourself) Flashpoint looks to be their escape hatch if needed. The last point they can pull the ripcord and parachute out of the current timeline without scraping the entire universe already established. Wonder Woman was the best of
  10. That because he is very good at hitting high pop flies, perfect for Wrigley
  11. Hmmm, Not something I thought we would see coming. Marco was at best going to be a BP arm, and I like the things I am hearing about O'Neill. Even if TON never amounts to anything, getting that type of talent puts us in a better situation moving forward because Marco was blocked as a SP
  12. Color me shocked here. Unfortunately this just bungles up the roster construction even more without any other corresponding moves (aka, shipping someone out for good)
  13. My guess is that Fiege knows what they are doing at this point, Im sure there was some struggle at some point, but they have this Universe so planned out, It would shock me if they have something as big as Captain America still up in the air. They will leave the future ambiguous to us at the end of Avengers 4, but they have to have a plan. I do like that idea for a story, almost like a Man from UNCLE situation (some didnt like that movie, but the dynamic is really all Im talking about) where they have the same goal, but have different morals to do it by, and continue to get in each others
  14. I said on the old forums, I dont know what that market is anymore. JD Martinez went for almost nothing, while the White Sox got a good 1st round OF prospect back, they gave up (arguably) the Top 3B on the market, and 2 really valuable BP Arms. Seems like an underwhelming return. I thought for sure they were getting Clint Fraizer for that. The way Oh and Rosie have been pitching lately, I dont know what we could even get for them. And we have Rosenthal under control next year, its still unclear but I think we still own rights to Oh going forward, but most importantly we dont have the BP de
  15. I think the way they have set up the relationships in the MCU, Sam is only there because of Steve. Bucky is in this fight now to atone for his past misdeeds. So if Cap would actually die, and they both survive, I think it makes more sense that Sam would hang up his wings (his true wingman is gone and he would be lost with out following Caps lead). Where as Bucky would probably feel like it was somehow his fault that his childhood friend was ever even part of this war to begin with. So the chance to pickup his shield, and continue to carry that flag into battle would be his new mission
  16. There were actually 3 living Giants. Dongo died outside the attack on the Wall, Mag the Mighty died inside the tunnel under the Wall where Grenn held the gate. And then ofcourse Wun Wun who died after BoB at Winterfell. if that march was taking place in real time (not a vision of Bran's) then there is no way those could have been the Giants we met in the show.
  17. It could work (and has in the past) but they really dropped the ball with this situation. They should have elevated the secondary title to supreme importance right away, but Vince has never show he has a clue how to do it. Its only ever been individual stars that have been able to pull it off (Cena, Bryan, Miz)
  18. I mean these guys can say just about anything right now and everyone would freak out. As pointed out, we have already seen "everyone die" and we will likely see it all happen again (Time Stone). I kind of hope they actually use Hella as the stand in for Death in this storyline. But as far as going forward in the MCU, they are going to have to scale back down for the Rebooted universe. We started with Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye to make up the Avengers. I would be surprised if we get much more than that once the reset happens, because as of right now we are looking a
  19. I almost always go opening night to these films (Marvel & DC, no discriminating here) at the very least for the atmosphere. Its always entertaining to be among those crowds. Its nothing like it was back when TDK came out, where they were truly Midnight showings, and only a few theaters had them, now its spread across the entire night.
  20. I think you have the right idea, but I could see the timeline being a bit more accelerated. If we are out of it, I cant imagine he doesnt spend the entire month of September as the starting C. Save some time on Molina (especially after playing in the WBC this year), get him some games at 1B to start feeling it out again. Then next year, I would hope we see something like a 55/45 split at the Catcher position. That would give Yadi about 100 games at C, throw in another 40-50 at First and he has his full season, and keeps him happy for now. That lets Kelly take 70ish games behind the plate at g
  21. Just got signed up. Liking what I'm seeing so far. As for Kelly, I'd love to see him up, but until we slide Molina to First, which means we are shuffling Carpenter, it's just not going to happen
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